That Smile I Love


You are at work. You’re in the back preparing breakfast for a group of guys. You’re wearing your typical wardrobe; tank top with board shorts & an apron over top. It’s near the end of the day & you’re grateful for that, as it’s been busy.

You place the guys’ orders on their plates & deliver the food out to them. You genuinely smile at them as they thank you for the meal. You turn around & walk back into the kitchen.

You’re deep in thought when you hear another customer walk thru the door. You look at the time, huff & roll your eyes. You’re slightly irritated that they’re coming in 5 mins to close. But you take in a deep breath, let it out slowly & plaster a smile on your face.

I walk into your cafe with 5 mins to spare. Though really, I’d purposely come this late.

I walk up to the counter, like any customer would & wait for you to appear. You do after a moment or two. Your head is down as you round the corner. I know what you were thinking back there & I giggle to myself.

You raise your head. The look of surprise then almost delight crosses your face when you see me. Without saying a word, you wave me into the back.

I walk around to the end of the counter & go straight into the back. I am greeted by your well toned ass. You’re bending down to put some food products away. I lean against the entrance, grin & continue to watch you.

As if feeling my eyes wondering over your body, you turn your head & smile at me. I love your smile. It’s not often that it graces your face. However, by the end of my visit, I intend for that smile to be permanently locked in place.

We both know why I’m here. It’s never been openly discussed about where or when it would happen but we both know it would.

I continue to stand in the entrance, arms crossed over my large breasts, watching you do the last little bit of cleaning.

We chat about non essential things as we wait for the group of guys to finish their meal & head out.

We hear them leave, finally. We laugh. You walk past me, but not without me first lightly grabbing your hand & pulling you towards. I bring you in to where our noses are almost touching. You look at up me. And to my surprise, you kiss me. Even though I’d had all intentions xnxx of doing that myself.

Your lips are hot as I feel them press against mine. I hear us both intake long, exaggerated breaths. Our first kiss is slow & sensual. Each of us discovering how the other kisses & what they like. I bring my right hand up to caress your left breast. But as I do this, you break away from our embrace. You step back & w/out saying a word, you walk away. I watch as you veer towards the front entrance. Breathing a sigh of relief, I realize I’d not upset you by my advances, you’d just merely remembered at that moment that you needed to lock the door.

The door is now locked, & once again, so are our lips. I moan softly as I feel your tongue part my lips & find my own. Our kisses have become deeper, heavier, as has our breathing. I slide my hand along your hip & leave it there as I’m momentarily distracted by your hand reaching up to massage my breast. I moan again as your thumb & finger find my hard nipple.

You are making me want you so bad. The kinds of things I could do to you, are racing thru my mind, as I slowly walk you backwards. You gasp lightly as you feel your bare shoulders & arms touch the cool sliding door of the upright cooler. I pull back as you gasp & look down at you. There’s that smile again. It grows bigger & more mischievous as I press you against the door. I move so that the top of my thigh is between your legs, pressing against your warmth.

We begin kissing again. Pushing myself slightly harder into you, I feel you start to lightly grind yourself on my leg. I slip my hands up behind your back & undo your bra. I slide the straps down your shoulders, over your arms, & gently pull it down off you via the bottom of your tank top. Your nipples are erect & extremely noticeable thru the fabric of your top. You look so hot with your flushed cheeks & hard nipples.

I run my hands up the soft skin of you abdomen, catching your top between my thumb & index finger. I raise it to just above your breasts. I lower my head to you tits & draw circles around each nipple with my tongue. I then spend a good deal of time sucking, licking & lightly nibbling on each of your taught nipples. I can tell you like this. Your hips bakire porno have begun to move your pubic area a bit harder & faster against my leg. You’ve also let a couple moans escape your lips.

I lift my head & look into your eyes. They’ve got a slight glaze to them. I smile at you & kiss you again. I then spin you around so that your back is now to me. I pull your tank top fully off. And press my body against yours. My left hand rolls your left nipple as I kiss your neck & ear. My right hands pulls at the button of your shorts & then undoes the zipper. I slide my hand over your flat stomach & just to the top of your boy cut undies. You thrust your hips forward as if letting me know that this what you want.

You’re now using your arms to lean against the cooler. Your breathing has quickened as I slowly guide my hand under the elastic of your panties. My fingers touch your pubic hair then find the opening to your slit. I push two of my fingers lightly in. They make quick contact with your hard clit & this makes you groan. I smile as I continue down towards your opening. I spread your slightly damp lips with my fingers & use another to find your wetness. Once found, using 2 fingers, I draw your wetness up to your awaiting clitoris. I do this as I continue to play with both your nipples.

Now that I have you all ready, I begin to pay close & careful attention to your clit. I rub my fingers in a circular pattern over your hard nub. I feel you push your ass into my hips as I slowly speed up my fingers. I press gently and rub steadily on your clit until I hear your moans grow louder and your breathing quicken.

I pull you away from the cooler and let you body lean against mine, as I spin us around & allow myself to now lean against the cooler. Your legs are a bit shaky as I continue to manipulate your clit. Your arms go up and around my neck as you lay the back of your head on my shoulder. I kiss you neck, nibble on your ear & tell you how hot I think you are.

Pulling your body closer to mine, I dip my fingers deep into you wetness. I pump them in & out of you as my thumb rubs your clit. You turn your head towards me & we kiss. You moan & I can feel the vibration of it thru your tongue as bedava porno it dances w/ mine. I feel your hand come down off my shoulder & slip between us. Your fingers move along the top of my jeans until they find my button & zipper. You undo them & slide your hand into my very wet undies. You run your fingers over my clit, noticing how wet I am & stay there. I groan into your ear as you begin to play with my hard nub.

We stand in the kitchen, you leaning against me & me leaning against the cooler. We’re kissing & touching one another intimately. Your body against mine feels amazing. You are making me feel amazing. I can hear that I’m making you feel good too. Your moans & breathing have become louder. You must be getting close to cumming. Your hips have begun to buck against the fingers I have inside of you. I speed up my pumping & put more pressure on your clit with my thumb. I feel your fingers on my clit begin to match the pace I am going.

We’re both breathing hard now. I pull my fingers out of you & concentrate on your clit. Your fingers on my sensitive nub are making me groin. I grind my hips into your ass, which presses your hand harder against me. I can hear you almost panting as I circle my fingers quickly over your clit. I feel your hand on the back of my head. You turn my face to yours & kiss me hard. This sends me over the edge. I break from our kiss & let out a loud moan as waves of pleasure wash over me. Your fingers continue rubbing me until I’m almost finished. I try my hardest to keep up my rhythm on your clit as I can hear you reaching your orgasm.

You push your body hard against mine as you hit your climax. I’ve recovered from my orgasm now & I help you to enjoy yours even more. I kiss your neck & roll your nipples as your orgasm hits its peak. I keep the pace on your clit consistent but push a little harder. You groan as you go over the edge. I feel your body lightly shiver as your orgasm begins to subside.

I sigh & pull my hand gently from your shorts. You do the same of me. You turn around & look at me. There’s that smile I love. It’s plastered across your face, like I hoped it would be. I smile back & kiss you softly. We embrace for a moment, then doing up our bottoms, you walk me to the entrance of the cafe.

You unlock the door & open it for me. I kiss you one last time before saying good bye. Then I walk out the door. I turn around to wave good bye as you re lock the entrance. You look up, wave back & give me that smile I love.

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