Taking Wife to Her First Gloryhole


I have been to gloryholes many times when I’m out of town. I have always wanted to take my wife to one but she was never with me on my trips. I love the idea of her getting a first hand experience of what it would be like. Also the thought of her being topless with her small breasts exposed catching the cum that dripped from her mouth. As luck would have it I was able to take her with me on my next trip which was scheduled to last a week. The first two nights were boring. But on our third night I asked her if she wanted to have some fun? She asked me what I meant. I told her that we could go to the local adult bookstore and see what was happening. Since she was bored she agreed to go. I asked her to put on tight blue jeans with high heels a button up shirt and to leave her bra behind. When she returned I told her that she was almost ready. I told her that she needed to put on makeup that would make her look like a little slut. She went to the bathroom and when she returned she looked like a little slut. I asked her to unbutton her shirt so her little breasts would be visible and gaziantep escort she did.

We had a few drinks and I made hers a little stronger to loose her up. We went to the car and I drove us to the adult bookstore. When we arrived it was perfect not crowded but just the right amount of people. As we walked in I noticed that she was being checked out. We browsed around for a half hour because I wanted everyone to see her. I went and got some tokens and we went to the video booths in the back of the store. We found a room and went in once inside she noticed other holes in the walls and asked about them. That is when I told her the purpose of the holes. I told her that the person next to us could watch, or put his cock through it expecting a hand job or blow job. I asked her if she wanted to leave and she said no. I told her that when a cock comes through the hole it was her decision on what to do I was fine with what ever she decided to do.

So I put some coins in the slot and asked her to pick the movie. As she was doing this I unbutton the rest of her blouse and took it off her. I could tell that she was excited because of her hard puffy areolas. I started playing with her breasts and gently stretching her nipples out knowing it made her horny. We both heard someone enter the booth next to us. I was kissing her neck and told her to put two of her fingers through the hole and she did asking why. I told her that it was a sign for the person next to us to put his dick through it. I told her that it was time to make one fantasy come true. I told her that I have always wanted to see what she would do it another man’s cock. She went and put her fingers through the hole and I knocked on the wall. When she removed her fingers she was surprised to see the biggest black cock come through the hole. She was amazed by the size and looked at me. I told her that it was hers to do anything she wanted. she finally placed her hand on it a d started stroking it and rubbing it across her hard nipples.

I got behind her and started pulling on her nipples again and told her to go ahead and suck on it. She told me that it was to big and I assure her that it would fit into her mouth. I told her lick it first which made it look shiny. I told her to put her lips on the head and slowly started pushing her head forward watching it start to disappear between her lips. Her mouth managed to take in more and more. She started bobbing her head up and down on his black cock. I was so excited and turned on watching my wife finally sucking another man’s cock. I told her that she was a beautiful little cock sucker. The stranger knocked on the wall and told her that he was ready to cum. I told her to let him cum in her mouth. He finally started to cum in her mouth. It was more cum than she could handle and it started to run out of her mouth down to her small titties. I asked her to swallow it which she did. When he pulled out another cock came through the hole. This happened six more times and by the time she was done she was covered with cum.

I gave her blouse back to her and she put it on but left it open. You could see that her chest was covered with cum. She told me that she wanted everyone to see her. When we finally left and got back to the room I stripped her and started fucking her with other men’s cum covering her.

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