Taking Michelle’s Virginity


It was a warm San Diego, CA day in the summer of 1991. Michelle and her best friend Jeanette were laying out at the apartment swimming pool wearing the new string bikinis they had convinced Michelle’s mother to buy for them. They both loved the way the bikinis revealed their tan, teenage bodies and they loved showing off especially for Jack, the military policeman that lived in their apartment complex. They were chatting and hoping that Jack would come to the pool that day.

It was a little past 2:00 P.M. He usually got home from work a little before two and they had seen his truck drive by the pool about ten minutes ago. Most days he went straight to the gym after he came home and changed, but sometimes he came to the pool and swam a few laps instead of going to the gym. Jeanette liked to tease Michelle that any day Jack knew before hand that she would be at the pool laying out were the days that he skipped lifting weights and swam instead.

Jeanette playfully splashed water on Michelle’s ass and said, “I saw him glance over here when he drove by. He’ll be down in a little bit to get his look at you.”

Michelle pushed Jeanette into the pool and said, “Stop being silly. He doesn’t pay either one of us any attention.”

Jeanette pulled Michelle into the water with her and as the girls splashed and wrestled in the water, they missed seeing Jack walk into the pool area carrying a thick, purple towel and wearing only his khaki colored, Navy issue swimming trunks and a pair of blue flip flops. They stopped wrestling when they heard him whistle and say, “Careful, girls. One or both of you is liable to lose your top if you keep that up.”

They both stopped playing and looked up to Jack and said together, “That’s what you want, isn’t it? You always come down here to look at us while we’re laying out in our bikinis.”

Jack laughed easily and said, “Looking at you in your bikinis is one thing. I might get arrested if someone catches me watching you splash around in the pool with your tops off.”

To Michelle’s shock, Jeanette then said, “Why don’t you go get some beer and take us to your apartment? We can wrestle for you, and nobody will be able to see us there.”

Jack looked at her, surprised, and asked, “Just how old are the two of you anyway?”

Michelle sat silently in the water, her nipples growing hard as she watched what seemed to be a growing bulge in Jack’s swimming trunks. Then Jeanette said, “Too young to buy our own beer. But not too young for other things.”

Jack laughed again and said, “Why do I not believe that? Both of you added together would still be younger than my thirty-six. I think I’ll not be buying you any beer.”

“I admitted to being too young to buy beer, but not to being that young.”

Michelle surprised herself and Jeanette when she found her voice and said, “Yeah, we’re old enough for what everyone has in mind. Besides, I bet you already have a whole refrigerator full of beer anyway.”

Jack shrugged and said, “I do have a couple of six packs of Bud Light.”

“Thought Pendik escort so,” said Michelle. “Let’s back up for a second though. We might not look eighteen, but you sure as hell don’t look thirty-six. I had you figured for about twenty-five.”

Jack shrugged and said, “Rightous living I guess.”

Both girls giggled and said, “Bullshit. More like looks can be deceiving.”

“Maybe they can,” Jack said.

He then dropped his towel and without further conversation began swimming laps up and down the length of the pool. The girls went back up onto the side and rubbed tanning oil into each other’s back as they lay on their towels and chatted about what they’d like to do with Jack as they soaked up the sun’s rays. After about thirty minutes of swimming laps, Jack stepped out of the pool and said, “I do believe it’s time to drink a few of those beers.”

Jeanette rolled onto her back and said, “Hey, Jack. Come here.”

“What is it, Jeanette?”

“Come here. I don’t want to talk for the whole city to hear.”

Jack walked over to where the girls were laying, squatted down and said, “Okay, Jeanette. What do you want?”

Jeanette leaned closer to him and said, “We stole a couple of joints out of Michelle’s mom’s room this morning, but we need a place to smoke them. Can we come to your apartment and smoke them there?”

Jack shook his head in amazement, stood up, and as he was walking away said, “You girls are too much.”

As soon as he was out the gate, Jeanette was grabbing up her stuff and saying, “Let’s go.”

“Go where?” Michelle asked.

“Let’s go to your apartment and get the joints.”

“Why? We can’t smoke them yet. My little sister’s home.”

“We’re going to take them over to Jake’s place. Come on.”

“He didn’t say we could come.”

“He didn’t say we couldn’t come either. Come on! Let’s go!”

“This isn’t a good idea, Jeanie. He’s going to throw us out and he might even tell my mom.”

“He isn’t going to throw us out. He wants to smoke with us.”

“He can’t smoke with us. He’s in the Navy.”

“So,” Jeanette said. “I know guys in the Navy that smoke pot. So do you.”

“All right,” Michelle said. “But, I don’t think it’s such a great idea.”

Jack heard the knock at his door and sat down his beer. He opened the door without looking through the peephole and was not surprised to see Jeanette and Michelle standing there still wearing their bikinis. He looked past them and said, “Hurry up. Get inside before anyone sees you.”

As soon as they stepped into the apartment, he shut the door and Jeanette held up two already rolled marijuana cigarettes and said, “Got a light?”

“Yeah. Over on the table.”

Jeanette walked to the table, picked up the lighter and laid one of the joints on the table as she placed the other one between her lips and lit it with Jack’s lighter. She took a deep drag on the joint, took a second one, and then passed it to Michelle. Michelle took a long hit on the joint and then offered it to Jack. Kurtköy Escort Jack held up his Camel for them to see and said, “No thanks. These are the only cigarettes I smoke anymore.”

Michelle took another hit on the joint and passed it back to Jeanette. She then went and sat next to Jack and asked him what he was watching. “Just the news right now,” he said. “Nothing else is on.”

Then Jack rubbed the back of his neck and craned it from side to side. “What’s wrong?” Michelle asked.

“Long day is all,” Jack said. “My neck gets stiff sometimes.”

“Here. Let me rub it for you.”

“Uhhhhhhhh. I don’t know,” Jack said.

“Come on. I give great neck rubs. Don’t I, Jeanie.”

“That she does,” Jeanette said as she coughed and hit deeply on the last bit of the joint.

Before he could say anything else, she stepped behind him and began to work the kinks out of his neck. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh,” he said. “That feels so good.”

“Of course it does,” she said. “Lay down. You need a massage.”

“I don’t want to lay down on the floor,” he said.

“Then let’s go to your bedroom and you can lay down in there.”

The neck rub had felt so good that Jack thought nothing of being led into his bedroom by a teenage girl wearing next to nothing. As Michelle took Jack’s hand and guided him out of the living room, Jeanette took the remote to Jack’s television and sat down with the lighter and the second joint. Michelle softly pushed him onto the bed and had him lay face down as she proceeded to muscle by muscle work the knots out of Jack’s back. She finally sat astride his hips so that she could lean all of her weight into working the kinks out of Jack’s muscles.

“Aaaaaahhhhh,” he moaned. “You trying to relax me, or turn me on?”

She leaned down so that she could whisper in his ear, and letting her heavy breasts rest on his shoulder said, “Both.”

Rather than ask him if it was working, she rolled him onto his back so that she could see for herself the growing bulge straining to get out of his shorts. Without saying another word, he grabbed her by the arms and pulled her down to him. Their lips met and her hand went to his bulge. He slowly humped against her hand. She admired his control. A week ago, she had given a hand job to Jeanette’s brother, Wally, and he had come in her hand almost as soon as she took his cock out of his pants. But Jack just grew harder as she removed his dick from his shorts and began to stroke it flesh to flesh. His hands went to her bikini bottoms and swiftly slid them down her thighs. He nudged them past her knees down to her ankles and she quickly kicked them off. He began to kiss her breasts and nibbled at her nipples right through the material of her bikini top. She kept pumping his cock with her hand as he ripped her top off and began to suck and kiss her bare nipples. She moaned as his hand went between her legs and softly stroked the outer lips of her pussy. It felt so good when he did that. Not rough and clumsy like when Wally touched Maltepe Escort her. She’d intended to let Wally fuck her last week but he couldn’t get it inside of her.

Jack rolled her onto her back and kissed his way from her nipples down to her belly button still softly stroking the outer lips of her pussy with two of his fingers and gently rubbing her exposed clit with his thumb. He kissed his way back up to her mouth and whispered in her ear, “Have you ever been fucked?”

She whimpered and shook her head no as she thrust her hips up to meet his fingers. He kissed his way back to her nipples. He sucked them for a moment and then kissed his way back to her belly button. He kissed and licked her naval and then kissed his way lower. He began to trace her outter pussy lips with the tip of his tongue. Up one side, down the other and then back up the middle. Then he circled her clit a few times before he began to quickly flick the tip of his tongue back and forth across it. He looked up at her and asked, “Has anyone ever done this?”

Still whimpering and moaning, she shook her head no again. She saw no need to tell him about the night last winter when she and Jeanette got drunk and spent the night kissing, touching and eventually licking each other into orgasm after orgasm.

He continued to flick his tongue back and forth across her clit. Then he changed to slowly brushing the rough, flat part of his tongue over her clit with long cautious strokes. Just when she thought she was going to die, he positioned himself between her legs and she opened them wider for him. He delicately rubbed the head of his cock up her pussy lips and used it to brush and rub her clit. He then slowly tried to push the head inside of her, but she cried out in pain and fear. He leaned his lips to her ear and said, “Shhhhhh. It’ll be all right. I’ll go slow, and the last thing I want to do is hurt you.”

She moaned as he eased another half inch of his cock into her and then backed out so that only the tip was touching her pussy lips. He rubbed the cock up and down the length of them, feeling their moisture, and then pushed it inside again so that he had about an inch more in than he had had before. She gasped, moaned and pushed up her hips to meet him. At that point, he knew she was ready and slow eased about half of his cock inside of her. He then withdrew so that only the very tip was still inside. She caught her breath, whimpered and gasped again when he thrust deeply and fully penetrated her with the entire length of his cock. He slowly stroked in and out of her. Very slowly at first. Then less slow. Then quicker. Then even quicker until he was slamming in and out of her like a machined piston. She wrapped her legs around his hips and thrust up to meet him as she screamed and moaned and scratched at his back. The more she dug her fingernails into him, the harder he fucked. As he slammed into her and slammed into her and slammed into her, she finally felt herself rise until her lust was at its’ peak and she exploded and exploded and exploded until she collapsed beneath him. Moments later he came inside her and then collapsed himself.

They kissed and she said, “I hope you have something left, because there is no way you’ll ever get rid of us without you fucking Jeanette too.”

To Be Continued…

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