Taken by the Boss Ch. 03


Chris was taking his time in the shower that morning longer than usual. He woke up with a hard on and it wouldn’t go down. He disliked the idea of wasting his semen of the floor of the shower when he had such a pretty new mouth he could empty himself in. He had a feeling Emily was submissive long before they started playing, but he wanted to take it slow with her. Explore her desires completely, no rushing things, that would only scare her. He’s been watching her for a long time, and making up his mind should he start anything with her, of taking her at all. She had no experience in that area, as far as he could tell. He saw the way she was watching him when she thought he wouldn’t notice, he saw the interest and the lust in her eyes and the way she carefully tried to suppress it but failed miserably.

When he saw her going into the toilet the other day and heard those moans his mind was set.

She was perfect for him – obedient, beautiful, smart and hardworking. He wanted to see what was hiding beneath those layers. Her most intimate fantasies. He started planning what to do with her today and his cock just kept getting bigger and bigger, in the end he finished himself off thinking of his new little slut, waiting for him to deliver his punishment.

When he got to work he could see her seated at the table, going through emails, preparing everything he needed for that day.

“Good morning, Emily. Please join me in five minutes.” – He just passed her table to his room without a second glance. He went inside his office and took his bag, he pulled out a little butt plug from it. It wasn’t too small, but not to big either.

She stepped into his room, exactly five minutes after he told her to. She kept her eyes directed at his desk and she bit her lip in anticipation. There were little drops of sweat coming down her forehead.

“Look at me Emily.” – He directed -“Good girl, I like seeing that innocent slutty look in your eyes. It makes me hard. Do you like seeing me hard Emily? Does that excite you? To see how hard you’ve made my cock just by looking at you? Answer me.”

“Yes Sir. It does.” – She said shyly.

“What else? Tell me…what do you feel right now?”

“I feel excited, nervous, happy, and proud to have made you hard Sir. “

“Nothing else you wish to share? Don’t hide anything from me Emily.” beylikdüzü escort – He said and approached her, putting his hand underneath her skirt, pushing her panties aside and sticking his finger slowly inside of her.

“Horny. I feel horny Sir. And wet.”

“Good. I like feeling you wet. I like having your juices run down your legs because you wish to please me Emily. Now, be a good girl and clean my finger. “- he removed his finger from inside of her and offered it to her lips. She immediately sucked on it. He smiled.

“Now, turn around and present your ass to me. Lift your skirt, and remove your panties.” – Once she did as requested he slapped her ass, hard. He took the butt plug and ordered her to lick it, to salivate it good. Her eyes got bigger when she saw what he had in his hand, but it also excited her. She loved every second of their meetings. It was like she could finally let herself fall and someone would be there to catch her and guide her. Once her saliva starting hitting the floor and the plug was shining from it, he took it from her mouth and placed it at the opening of her anus. She had a sweet little hole. It was closed completely; he couldn’t wait to spread it. He placed one finger inside of her ass, and gently stretched her a little, just enough so that he could insert the plug. He started pushing it in slowly and when she started breathing erratically, he pushed it all the way in.

“There, perfect. As for your punishment my little slut, I think this should do. You are to wear this the entire day you are in the office. No panties for you, don’t you dare have it slip out. If you need to go to the toilet let me know. If not, you are to come back here at 5 pm sharp. You will present your ass again to me, and beg me to take out. Understood?” –

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Now go on. “- he said and slapped her ass again before letting her return to work.

Emily spent her following hours nervous like hell. She could feel every moment of that plug stretching her ass, when she got up, she could feel it slipping out of her, so she did her best to try and squeeze it back in. She was thinking to herself that this was madness, she didn’t have any panties. Chris took them and placed them in his desk drawer. She was mad. How can she work like beyoğlu escort this? Maybe she was wrong in wanting this at all. And then she saw him step outside of his office to go meet with a client and the look he gave her made all of her insecurities melt away. She wanted this man. She needed to learn to trust him and let go.

When 5 pm came, she took a deep breath; she managed to do everything he asked of her. She knocked on his door.

“Enter.” – He was sitting behind his desk, calm and collected. He nodded at her and she began walking slowly towards him, she didn’t want to risk the plug dropping out of her when she was this close. She came around his desk, and saw that he had his cock out of his pants. It was so obscene watching it so hard and beautiful popping out of his pants with him fully dressed.

“Eyes up Emily, I didn’t remember saying you can stare.” – She immediately looked up and blushed. She turned around, and presented herself to him just like he asked. The plug was still inside of her ass, he slapped her ass a few times, making her moan, and then gently patted her. She was so wet it was embarrassing, and with nothing to cover her up.

“Please, Sir, please remove the plug from my ass.”

He removed the plug from her making a pop noise as soon as it left her hole. He stared at her ass for a few moments, making her feeling nervous.

“Good girl, now go underneath my table, on your knees and take my cock in your mouth. Make me cum.” – he moved with his chair a little bit so that she could place herself under his table. When she did so, he moved back up, shielding her from view if someone were to enter the office. She remembered suddenly she didn’t lock the door this time nor did he ask her to. She quickly forgot about that and started licking the length of him, drooling all over him, putting him deep inside her mouth and relaxing her throat. She was startled when she heard a knock on the door. She was about to pull his cock out of her mouth when she felt his hand stopping her movements and pushing himself even deeper inside of her warm mouth. He felt even harder and bigger than before. Did he plan this? Oh my God, surely he didn’t mean for her to get caught like this.

“Stay quiet and do not stop!” – He whispered to her

“Come bizimkent escort in.” – Emily was mortified when she heard him utter those words, even worse when she heard the voice of Mark, their accountant. She tried her best to keep sucking him and not letting Marc know that she was there. She found herself getting excited with the idea of getting caught like that.

“Where did that pretty secretary of yours gone to? She is the best part of coming here.”

“She isn’t here for your entertainment Marc. Do you have those papers I need?”

“Sure do.”

“Good, let me have them and we’ll talk about the numbers tomorrow, I need to review something”. – Emily could hear Marc approaching the desk, she knew Chris couldn’t just stand up and take those papers from him, but she also knew he won’t be pleased if she disobeyed his order, so she took all of him in her mouth and kept sucking him with long movements, stretching her lips on his length, stopping herself from moaning or slurping while Chris took the papers out of Marc’s hands like nothing was going on. They nodded at each other and as soon as Marc left and closed the door, Chris put both of his hands at the back of her head and started fucking her mouth hard. He had a wild look in his eyes and she took him hard all the way in, she tried not to gag while he used her mouth with no restrain. At the last moment he pulled out and came all over her face. He smiled at her and started scooping pieces of his semen from her cheeks and nose and offering them to her, she quickly opened her mouth and licked it all.

“Good girl.” He said while patting her head. He opened the desk drawer and gave her back her silk panties. “Come here. Give me your leg…there, let’s get that pretty little pussy of yours dressed.” – he slowly pulled them back, first one leg than the other, he was doing it so erotically and she never felt more excited with a man actually dressing her back up. When everything was in place, he gently massaged her buttocks.

“I want you to take a personal day tomorrow. You will stay home and masturbate. You will play with yourself any way you desire. You can picture anything you’d like. When you finish I want you to write me an email. I want every little detail. What you did, how it made you feel, what you imagined and how many times it made you come. I want that email by 4 PM sharp Emily. Don’t disappoint me.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it, Sir. I’ll do everything you asked.”

“That’s my girl. Go home now. “- he gently slapped her ass, and she went outside. He was left watching her ass as she was leaving the office, his mind spinning with ideas. He smiled to himself – she was a delicious treat, and he was still hungry.

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