Summer Camp

Big Dicks

Many different skills are learned at summer camp. Some learn how to play sports, others how to weave baskets. My experience was a bit different. It was at a small, artsy summer camp in the woods of Connecticut that I explored my bisexuality.

I knew I was bi before my third summer at camp, and when I arrived was ready to meet anyone, male or female, who might satisfy my curiosity. And I met Sarah. She was a little sprite of a girl – very short, with long red hair, a body that suited her petite frame but had surprisingly large breasts, and the most intoxicating smell. Even now, just remembering the way she smelled makes me wet. She had recently discovered her attraction to women, too, and was happy to join me in my exploration.

We went to a dance together, and I remember it was my first time grinding with anyone. I was bigger than her, and held her delicate frame close to me, my arm easily wrapped around her waist as our hips rubbed up against each other. After what seemed like hours of dancing together, I walked her back to her bunk. I was trying to be respectful, but was dying for a kiss. I leaned towards her, bending down to her slightly so I could take in the scent of her hair. She took my hand and grinned up at me, “Wanna come in for a little bit?”

I nodded and tried to seem aloof, “Yeah, that would be cool.” I followed her into her room, sitting on the lower bed of the bunk bed, our fingers interlaced, smiling shyly at each other. A lock of hair fell into her face, and I used the opportunity to brush it out of the way, as I leaned in and kissed porno her gently. Her lips yielded to mine; it felt like we were melting into each other. Soon, we heard voices, and the evening bells, and knew it was time to part, bedtime at camp. We kissed goodnight, and I joined the crowds of girls going from one room to another as they shared last pieces of gossip and plans for tomorrow on their way back to their beds.

The next day, I met with her for breakfast, and we spent the whole day talking, laughing, sharing jokes and secrets as we got to know each other. Sarah was so innocent, looking up at me with doe eyes, and yet she was completely comfortable with whatever I would do with her. It was soon common knowledge that we were very close; we were almost always holding hands, except when I had my arm around her or she was sitting in my lap. Once the sun set, we would sneak off together, kissing in the bushes, our tongues caressing each other. Soon we were relaxed enough to try more, our hands running over each other’s breasts. She would squeal when I pinched her nipple, and then take mine in her mouth to nibble on it. Her soft flesh was irresistible to me, I always wanted my hands on her, feel her yield to my every desire. Yet, every night we had to part ways and go back to our own beds in separate rooms shared by other girls, nice girls, but not the one I wanted.

Then one night, after returning late from brushing my teeth, the lights in my room were off. I could hear the other girls sighing softly in their sleep, and so I quietly slipped into bed. anime porno I almost jumped back out when I realized that my bed wasn’t empty, until I realized that it was Sarah. She had snuck into my room, and was now lying in my bed, completely naked. I held her close to me for a few moments, and then we started kissing. Our tongues played in each other’s mouths, and I squeezed gently on her breast as I took her tender little bud between my thumb and index finger, tweaking it slightly to make her gasp. She nuzzled against my neck, sucking and biting on my tender flesh, making me writhe with arousal as she left her mark on me.

I ran my hand gently down her flat, smooth stomach, caressing her soft flesh from her midsection all the way down her inner thigh. She moaned softly, thrusting her hips towards me. I grinned at her, “My bunk mates are sleeping, you’ll have to be quiet, pixie.” She nodded and bit her lip as I started to stroke over her smooth mound, my finger sliding easily into her slit. “You’re soaking wet!” I whispered, “You really want me, don’t ya?”

She blushed slightly, then hissed back, “Well, you want me, too!” She pulled my flimsy nightgown up slightly, and slid a finger into my juicy entry. I bucked my hips against her hand, wanting her deeper inside me. All too soon, she removed her finger, and, still wet with my fluids, brought it to her lips before sucking it into her mouth. I rolled on top of her, pressing my lips to hers, probing her mouth with my tongue so I could taste what she was tasting. Then, I took arap porno her tiny wrists in my hand and held them above her head as I started to work my way down her delicate body. Starting by kissing and sucking on her neck, I soon elicited sighs and moans, her body writhing as pleasure moved through her and she was forced to stay quiet. Slowly, I licked my way down to her soft orbs, nibbling gently on the sensitive, rosy buds. Flicking my tongue over her nipple, I brought my hand down to her nether lips, sliding easily into her entry.

Continuing to work her slick cunt with my hand, I slowly kissed and licked my way down to her hairless mound. My tongue found her clit, and made her body jump with the overwhelming pleasure. I found her taste and smell completely intoxicating; this was the source of that aroma that had hypnotized me from the beginning. I lapped greedily at her juices while penetrating her with my fingers. Her gasps and moans became harder to conceal, as she grew closer to climax. As her body writhed, I felt the walls of that sweet pussy squeeze tight around my fingers. I continued to suck her cunt until her spasms passed, then kissed my way back up her body, until our tongues mingled once again.

I held her close to me; her small frame nestled easily in the crook of my arm. Our breathing fell into pace with each other, as her heartbeat finally slowed down. I was still wet, and knew it would be hard for me to fall asleep, but I also knew that she wasn’t ready yet – but that she would be soon. She nuzzled her face against my neck, falling asleep in my arms as her sweet aroma wafted over me. I lay there for hours, savoring the feel of her body against mine as she slept, living through the many fantasies of what we had in store with each other, the many orgasms still yet to come…

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