Hello you lovely deviants! I’m back with a new story, a new territory for me personally. This isn’t like my usual interracial romps and is a fun foray into fetish territory. This story will feature elements of feederism and food play, with the usual interracial goodness I provide. Considering this is my first fetish story I would appreciate any constructive criticism you can give. With that being said please enjoy (and rate)!


The act of setting up date night had consumed CJ for the last couple of hours. The curtains had been drawn closed so tightly that no light escaped. Walking over to the base of the steps he started to sprinkle rose petals, creating a makeshift path that curved along the back wall of his living room and ended at the head of the dining room table. The unassuming wooden Windsor chair had been replaced with a much more elegant black oak chair. This one had no arms, giving whoever sat on it the ability to move freely, while bright red upholstery was attached to the seat and back. The back of the expanded out from the base of the seat until it created a shell-like shape that could even cover CJ’s wide back. “Still worth the $200,” CJ laughed to himself as he ran his fingers over the intricate black ladder design. Pivoting his attention to the table, he smoothed out the white cloth, ensuring there were no bunches. Running his hands over the white linen he stopped just as he got to the base of the brass candlestick holder. Grabbing a lighter he lit the candle and allowed its warm glow to illuminate the room. Scents of vanilla rose through the air, and CJ took a settling breath as he pridefully acknowledged his work. Glancing over to the stove he saw the two pots he had were still bubbling on low. Walking over to them he placed lids on both of them and killed the fire, hopefully, they would stay warm throughout the night until they were ready to use. The doorbell chime tore his attention from to scene, and with a giddy chuckle, he went to answer it.

The ornate wooden door opened and revealed CJ’s massive shirtless form to the delivery boy. He was holding a pizza box with two containers balanced carefully on it, while his off-hand gripped a thick cup. “Um yeah I have a Lovebirds Special for CJ,” the teen said with a cracked voice as if he was asking more than informing CJ of his order.

“Yeah that’s me,” CJ said while grabbing his wallet from his gray sweatpants, “How much I owe ya, man?”

“55.75,” the teen said while struggling to keep everything balanced. CJ took the pizza box using his forearm as the ultimate server’s tray while extending five folded-up $20 bills to the kid. “Oh, how much change sir?” the driver asked eyes looking at the bill hungrily.

“Keep the change,” CJ said while memories of his days being a delivery boy danced into his head.

“Oh wow, thanks man, have a good night!” the kid said while pivoting on his heel as if he didn’t want to give CJ the chance to change his mind.

Before he could get off the step CJ called out, “Hey man my milkshake.” Embarrassed the kid turned and handed the man the carrier that had the cup. “Thanks,” CJ said while retreating back into his home, and using the heel of his foot to kick the door closed. Balancing the food much better than the teen had he brought them to linen covered table where he set them down in front of the black wooden throne. Picking up the drink carrier and the smaller container he placed the fridge nestling them on the main shelf for later. Bending down he grabbed a two-liter bottle of soda and placed it on the table right next to the food. With an excited twist, he turned and moved back towards the landing of the steps and called out, “Babe, ready!”

CJ stood in silence as he waited for the sound of his fiancee coming from their shared room. It felt like an eternity but he heard her soft steps right before he saw her descend down the steps, looking like a beautiful seductress. Her long auburn hair shined while framing her freckled face. Her bright blue eyes met CJ’s brown ones as she smirked at how wide his eyes had gotten. “See something you like?” she purred while stopping to allow him to get a good look. For tonight Kayla had chosen a pink babydoll with black rose patterns on the cups and along the hemline of the lingerie. A black bow rested between the cups and the sheer material split right under it giving CJ an unobstructed view. Kay swept her manicured fingers along the opening and allowed it to open so CJ could see the equally impressive underneath. CJ’s eyes scanned her body seeing the two hummingbird tattoos that were on her side and stomach. A third tattoo was under the string of her thong underwear, a black and white daisy. The matching thong had a flipped color scheme, black with a beautiful pink rose over her labia.

CJ reached out, starving for his fiance’s body. His dark black fingers rubbed against Pendik Escort the slight pudge of her tummy, settling over her pierced belly button. The tender touch tickled Kayla who giggled. CJ rubbed a little more while looking at the woman’s face. Her pale white skin beautifully contrasted with the red lipstick she had on and the bit of blush drawing attention to the set of freckles that peppered her face. “So is the food here?” she asked while bending down to kiss CJ’s face.

Offering her a hand CJ guided her down the rest of the steps and toward the kitchen, “Your seat awaits my love,” he purred as he planted a kiss of his own onto her cheek. Kayla moved first walking past the assortment of pictures from their relationship. Ones from when they were in college and she was more than a few dress sizes thinner. Kayla couldn’t help but glance at one distinct picture, one in which she had a bikini that showed off her flat stomach. There she had abs, thin arms, and a body that didn’t jiggle when she walked. Now years later there was more of her, more to love.

From behind CJ was allowing his eyes to feast. Kayla may have gained more than a few pounds in the years they had been together but she carried it well due to her natural height. Somehow she was blessed to have a lot of the fat settle in her hips and breasts, while weekly sessions in the pool and pilates class formed her doughy body into a sensual hourglass. As she walked Kayla’s lingerie flipped up revealing the softness of her ass. It took so much self-control for him not to reach out and start pinching her body, exploring her softness. As he remembered the feel of her body, he could feel his cock stir underneath his grey pants. CJ smiled a devilish smile as he promised himself that he would enjoy her body later. The two entered the kitchen and Kayla turned and threw a glance at CJ, “Isn’t the chair a bit much?”

“Not for you baby, now sit,” CJ said while slapping her ass and causing her to jiggle. His voice had taken a bit of a demanding tone and Kayla knew she was better off following his orders. Taking her seat she settled into the chair, feeling how soft it was. CJ left the room only to return with a pair of handcuffs. They weren’t the normal cheesy pair that broke if Kayla jerked too hard, no these were a very well-crafted pair of leather cuffs. Metal studs adorned the top and bottom of the leather, while a silver chain link connected the two ends.

Kayla eyed the cuffs and let out a snort that turned into a full-blown laugh, “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.” Offering her hand she allowed CJ to snap one of the cuffs around her wrist and then let her arm fall to her side. CJ left her sight but she felt him grab her other wrist and place the open cuff around it. Her shoulder blades flexed together forcing her chest open. The cuffs only gave enough slack so she wasn’t in pain while restrained. She would be able to move but not enough to avoid CJ. Now here she was trapped in the seat and at the mercy of her “creative” fiance.

Dark black masculine hands met her soft white face and clamped around it. CJ brought his lips to hers and gave her a passionate kiss, swirling his tongue in her mouth as she rubbed her thighs together. “Mhhm you taste good,” CJ laughed as Kayla glared at him with a hungry stare. “So how much did you weigh?” he asked earning a shy glance from his woman.

“Ugh 197 lbs baby,” Kayla answered, watching a grin crack onto CJ’s face.

“Yeah, we’re definitely getting you over that tonight, my guess is 200…maybe 201” CJ shot back in excitement. He planted one more kiss on her cheek before he turned to open both the containers of food that had been left on the table. “Pick on pasta or pizza,” CJ said while sweeping his hand over her options. As her boyfriend stepped to the side she saw her options in all their glory. The pizza was a medium-sized one capable of being shared amongst two people, but not so big that there would be leftovers. The pizza was a greasy vision of beauty with its brightly colored red sauce and cheesy surface. Contrarily the alfredo pasta was a beautiful white color with bits of mushroom and grilled chicken sticking out from between the strands of spaghetti. Pursing her lips Kayla decided on her meal.

“Pizza first baby,” she whispered as CJ nodded in understanding. He replaced the lid on the pasta and pushed it to the back. Now he brought the pizza close enough that Kayla saw the serrations in its surface. Her boyfriend’s hand reached down and broke one of the pieces away. Strands of cheese struggled to maintain a connection to the other slices, but eventually, they relented. Cupping his hand under the slice CJ brought it to Kayla’s awaiting mouth. She welcomed the slice and took a large bite, breaking strands of cheese and allowing flecks of sauce to pepper her face. She bit once then twice then swallowed, opening her mouth for another bite. CJ was all too kind to provide her with another slice of the Kurtköy Escort greasy goodness. Taking a quick glance over at the rest of the pizza she decided to take a bigger bite to get through the pizza a bit faster. This bite brought more grease onto her face and smeared some of her lipstick. CJ kept the piece close to her mouth signaling that he wanted her to keep eating at his pace. Making quick work of the food in her mouth Kayla proceeded to take three big bites in succession clearing the rest of the pizza quickly. Full of the first slice she chewed for a while slowly swallowing it until there was nothing left.

“Um baby can I get a drink?” she asked in a hoarse voice peering at the bottle of cola set near the food. Turning around CJ opened the bottle, and held it gingerly as he guided it to her lips. Kayla took it willingly, feeling the carbonated liquid slide down her throat. When a bit of soda dribbled out of Kayla’s mouth he took the bottle away and allowed her a moment to recover. “Napkin baby?” Kayla said before immediately burping. CJ dabbed one of the napkins against her mouth cleaning the sauce and grease before he brought another slice to her lips, poking at them until Kayla opened her mouth. This time Kayla leaned forward to take much more into her mouth before she bit it off. She chewed it with vigor before swallowing. With a sexy gleam in her eye, she vocalized her enjoyment, “Mhmm baby this is so good!” She opened her mouth wide enough that he got the message that she wanted another big bite. Keeping the pizza folded he brought it and watched as she snatched a decent-sized chunk from the slice. She chewed steadily before swallowing and bending back to finish the slice off. Two down, two to go.

CJ leaned back and just stared as Kayla ate. The crumbs that he had wiped off before were easily replaced by new ones from the slice she had just at. Grease covered her face making her lipstick-covered lips shine in the light of the kitchen. The gorgeous woman wiggled as she ate, her body shaking but especially her large tits. CJ allowed himself a moment to appreciate his woman. As she swallowed what was in her mouth, CJ leaned forward and kissed her lips. Swirling his tongue in her mouth as she leaned forward into the kiss, moaning softly as his fingertips traced one of her nipples. Breaking away the two were breathless as they stared into each other’s eyes. “Ready for more?” CJ asked, to which Kayla nodded. Her auburn hair waved around as she shook her head exaggeratedly. “Good girl,” he whispered as he took the last two slices and folded them on top of each other, making a pizza sandwich. The two slices didn’t fold nearly as easily as the first, so Kayla was left to accept them as is.

The fervor that she had when eating the first half of the pizza was slowly being washed away as she took a bit out of the presented folded slices. This combo felt thicker and a small ache in her jaw formed as she chewed through the bit in her mouth. She turned her head so she could grab a bit of the corner, taking in mostly air as her teeth snapped shut. When that portion was done she moved towards the middle taking another quick bite of the pizza sandwich. Just as before when the portion in her mouth was finished she focused on the next side. CJ diligently pushed the pizza toward her mouth, working in time to make sure she always had some waiting for her mouth to consume. Bite by bite she worked her way towards the end, eventually finishing off the pizza and leaning back. As her head relaxed she let out an exasperated sigh.

CJ could feel his dick flex as he stared at his fiance. Grease stained her mouth and some had even dropped into the valley of her cleavage leaving a messy sheen to them. Each breath causes her chest to rise and fall, pushing against the lingerie. Any normal man would have been content seeing the titties bounce, but CJ wasn’t a normal man. He let his eyes drift lower to her tummy. The decently taunt stomach now swelled a bit as the cheesy doughy mess of pizza settled. Thoughts of her stomach becoming a gut by the end of the night started to swell in CJ’s mind but then descended down with his blood to his rising cock. Fueled by his own lust he grabbed the bottle of soda and brought it to her lips. “Here baby something to wash it down,” he said while cupping her chin. Now guiding the fairly empty bottle to her lips, he didn’t wait for her to fully open and instead started a controlled pour.

Kayla’s eyes widened in shock as she realized the carbonated drink was being forced into her mouth. The first swallow surprised her and she fought hard not to cough it back up. The second swallow felt more like a desperate gulp as she felt the drink start to back up in her mouth. The third was the largest of all and she fought to swallow it all as the carbonation started to hurt. Panic set into her eyes, as she struggled to keep her mouth closed. CJ saw the struggle and tilted the bottle away. Kayla took the opportunity and Ümraniye Escort threw her head back forcing the liquid to go down her throat in one swoop. Glaring at her fiance she opened her mouth to curse him but all that came out was a deep burp. Her body jiggled and CJ found himself smiling. Reaching towards her he rubbed her belly. Small circles became big ones as the woman cooed at the attention. “Urppp!” another burp escaped her mouth as she tilted her head back once again trying to catch her breath. Putting the bottle down, CJ brought his other hand to her growing tummy and started to press in a little more firmly. He escaped into rubbing the belly feeling how it shook under his attention and forced Kayla to moan her appreciation. “Mhmm baby that’s nice,” she purred as she kept her head tilted back against the upholstered chair.

Bending down CJ planted a kiss on Kayla’s belly, then stopped his massage. Standing up he towered over her, blocking out one of the kitchen lights. With a wicked, plotting grin he asked, “Ready for the next course?”

“Ugh sure,” Kayla murmured. She was never one who was too excited about this whole “feeding” idea, she just did it because it turned CJ on to no end. A turned-on CJ usually meant she got the fucking of her lifetime. With the settling of the pizza and soda into her stomach she was starting to wonder if the sex would be worth the growing feeling of discomfort that was swelling in her stomach right next to the pizza. CJ had no care for her discomfort only his growing lust. Removing the lid from the pasta he tilted it for Kayla to see. The meal looked simultaneously worst and better. On one hand, it wasn’t a huge serving, something two people could eat and still have room for more. The thing is she wasn’t two people, and she was sure she didn’t have much room left.

“Open,” CJ commanded as he twisted some of the pasta onto the fork and topped it with a piece of chicken. Kayla obeyed dropping her jaw and leaning forward to envelop the food. Immediately she was hit with the taste of the creamy alfredo sauce and the savory flavor of the chicken. She moaned as she swallowed and opened her mouth for more. Her fiance was more than prepared and gave her another fork full. Once again she moaned as she swallowed the delicious offering. The chicken was so tender and juicy, the pasta was so savory, and even the vegetables burst with flavor as the food continuously slipped down her throat. For a moment Kayla forgot that she had just eaten a pizza, and was more concerned with consuming the food in front of her. She leaned forward ready to take the fork full of creamy veggies and chicken when CJ pulled the fork away.

“No fair baby!” she said with a pout. Sauce and grease decorated her face, dripping down her chin. A thin gleam of sweat hung over her forehead and trapped several strands of her hair against her skin. The woman looked sloppy almost slobbish, and CJ loved it. Bending down he captured her lip, poking his tongue into her mouth. Kayla moaned as she accepted to harsh embrace wiggling as she rubbed her thighs together. Flames of lust rushed through her body and she could feel a second hunger building deeper than her gut. CJ broke the kiss, seeing her face flushed red, and grinned. He was dealing with his own lust, and desire to stuff her even more. Scooping up more food he started to push it into her mouth, and Kayla gladly accepted. CJ forced more food onto the fork dropping some in the container as he kept shoveling food into the trapped woman. Kayla did her best to keep up with the pace, but the excitement of the taste had worn off. She now was dealing with CJ’s pace swallowing what was ever in her mouth only to have more replace it. Sauce dripped off of the utensil and onto her body as she performed this awkward dance with her man.

CJ pulled away placing the half-finished pasta down and picking up the soda. He held it up like he was inspecting some magical elixir. A little more than half of the bottle had been finished but enough of the cola remained. By the end of the night, Kayla would have the entire two liters inside of her; CJ made himself that promise. Untwisting the top he brought it back to her lips giving her a moment to adjust, and then he titled slowly. Unlike before when he was forcing it down her mouth, he allow her to set the pace. The stream of soda flowed from the bottle, into her mouth, and down her throat in one unbroken process. Kayla tilted her head back, encouraging more to flow into her. She felt like a baby being fed, and a part of her loved it. Enough of the soda had been consumed and CJ felt comfy pulling the bottle away and sitting it on the table. Kayla struggled to catch her breath as the sense of discomfort in her stomach had quickly grown. A pizza, over a liter of soda, and pasta had quickly taken up the space in her stomach and pushed against the confines.

CJ reached down and started to slowly rub her belly. Now it was bigger, filled with food, and barely able to contain anymore. Small circles turned into big ones as CJ worked to relax her, to soothe her body. “Urp,” a burp escaped from Kayla’s mouth. Bending down CJ’s lips met Kayla’s ear, “Baby you’re doing so well. Only a bit more. God, you’re so sexy like this,”

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