Straight Roomies during Lockdown Ch. 01

Group Sex

College Roommates meet up their sophomore year while COVID and Monkeypox hits their campus hard causing a lockdown

Straight Roomies During COVID | Part 1


Me: today is the day bro! I should get on campus by 10:30 if my mom will let me leave

Chase: Monty! My parents are coming with me, I couldn’t talk them out of it

Me: shit, Im sorry man I won’t hold it against you, but I will make fun of you

Chase: they just wont stop, they are worried about me living on campus

Me: moms love me, esp the hot ones

Me: don’t worry, Ill make sure to take care of her baby boy

Chase: dude. Not cool.

Chase: We will all be there by noon, please help me bro

Me: i got you man

I felt bad for Chase, his parents wouldn’t let him move into the dorms earlier this year when the campus reopened. He and I had a lot of the same classes together and we appear to share the same sense of humor so even on Zooms we got along. We became friends when we were assigned to a group project for our Biology course. Though we never met in person.

Chase was scared to death to catch COVID. He lost both his grandmother and grandfather in the early days of COVID and so his family clamped down; they barely left their home – both his mom and dad worked from home. Chase was torn; he wanted to socialize but at the same time he didn’t want to catch COVID. I understand that and so I agreed to room with him and to test for everything before I came to college.

I think he was a bit of a hypochondriac. Not that it was uncalled for, as we have seen two classmates die of COVID. So we both fully supported the vaccination protocols and both of us got fully tested for everything before we came to campus. We also agreed in advance that we would mask while anywhere outside of our dorm room to protect each other.

I was only a few minutes away from campus. I picked up my parking pass last week and pre-registered so I knew my room and the hall we were assigned to – Magnolia Hall. We lucked out, we got the brand new dorm which had doubles with their own bathroom. It was built during COVID so they seemed to take that into consideration in building it. But, we had no idea what the rooms looked like other than they were new.

I rolled up and pulled into the unloading area. My Ford Escape was packed full. It was a high school graduation gift. It was a few years older, but my mom wanted a new car and this was paid for so they gave it to me. It worked. It gave me the freedom to do what I wanted, but at the same time it was during the worst of COVID so what did it really matter.

I made it up to Room 514 which was all the way down at the end of the hall. That should hopefully be good and a bit quieter. I unlocked the room, and wow! It was very sterile. Concrete walls. Walking in the door you walked right into the bathroom. A shower with only a clear shower curtain was to the right, and to the left was the sink with shelves on each side of the mirror. Beside it was a big closet that we must share.

The toilet was in a very small closet-like structure opposite the closet. At least we will have some privacy when we crap. Not much else though.

Once fully in the room, there was a small desk with a desk chair and our beds. The beds sat atop 4 drawers, stacked two high. Not a bad setup. Smelled new. Wow, we are not going to have much privacy. There was only about 2 feet separating our beds. Above the sink area there was a bracket that I could hang my TV from. That was a nice touch. So I decided to take that side of the room.

I piled my boxes on my bed, which was nothing more than two by fours and a foam mattress and then I headed back down to my car to get the rest.

After I had brought everything up and parked my car in our private parking lot, I started getting settled. I started with setting up my desk area and unpacking my toiletries. I got a ping on my phone from Chase. He had made it onto campus. Since he didn’t have a parking pass, his folks had to pull into the unloading area. I decided to keep putting stuff away until they made it up. I told him to come right up to 514, and we could go and get him checked in after he got all his stuff settled – not coincidentally, this would also have the benefit of pushing his folks to leave campus.

SHIT! I just realized that I left the case of Crown Royal that I got from my uncle sitting on my bed. That would certainly not impress his parents so I quickly shoved that under my desk and pushed the chair in front of it to cover it up. This was perhaps the single best gift I had ever received and I will be damned if some bible thumpers turn me in for having this on campus!

Just as I tucked my chair in under the desk, Chase came walking into the room with a thud, setting his apparently heavy boxes right in front of our closet.

“Hey, roomie! It’s so good to finally see you, bro!” Chase said as he walked into the room and pulled me into a bro hug which felt nice. Man, I kinda forgot what human contact felt like. Damn, ankara travesti this kid was huge, I knew he was tall but, man 6’2″ looks different when you are being crushed in a bear hug. Not used to hugging guys, frankly but this felt right. Hell, the first time meeting this guy face to face after a year of virtual classes together, more than a few class projects and the last 4 months planning on rooming together. It was nice. It felt, well it felt warm. Familiar.

“SO good to see you man! Where are your mom and dad?” I said, wondering if I could let down my guard yet or if I had to remain on my best behavior.

“Right behind me, help me get rid of them. Car has to be moved!” he said.

“Got you bro!” I said and winked at him.

“Mom, Dad. This is Monty. My roommate. He is the guy I told you about. He is Pre-med too!” Chase was clearly a bit nervous. I decided to take over and turn on my charm.

“Mr. and Mrs. Robicheaux, it is a pleasure to finally meet you! I am so glad it worked out for Chase and I to room together. We didn’t have to worry about getting some rowdy roommate,” I said as I offered his dad my hand to shake. I figured since he was rather old fashioned, he would respond well to this gesture.

Mrs. Robicheaux grinned ear to ear as she said, “Monty, it is a pleasure to meet you! You are from New Iberia, right?”

“Yes, that’s right,” I said. “Born and raised. Had my eye set on coming to college here before going to med school. Glad to see you guys made it in from Alexandria. I wish I could have gotten you a guest parking pass when I was on campus last week, but with everyone moving in right now, they just didn’t have any available.”

“That’s all right son, we know you tried. Mother, we need to get going before they tow us, besides, I want to get home before dinnertime,” Mr. Robicheaux said as he made a beeline to the door, seemingly uncomfortable.

“OK honey, let’s pray really quick!” They all huddled up and held hands. Chase was standing right across from me and they all bowed their heads. Chase looked up at me and rolled his eyes. His mom said a short prayer asking for God to watch over her one and only son. Then they all said Amen in unison (which was kinda creepy.)

“OK, mother, let’s go!” Chase’s dad said. Wow, Mother, he called her mother. Sheez that is weird, if my dad called my mom “mother” she would deck him. I sure don’t understand these religious folks, man no wonder Chase has been so pent up.

“Chase, you be good, you give Monty our phone number in case there is ever a problem and he needs to call us,” she said as she hugged him tight.

“I will mom, love you guys. Drive safe. Text me when you get home!” Chase said as they left. He walked out into the hallway and waved at them as they entered the elevator and headed down to their car.

“Bro! You saved me! Here, bring it in!” Chase said as he pulled me back into a bear hug. We had become rather close over the last year, even though it was all by text, Facetime and such. His hug felt so good. Normally I am kinda against hugs, but not with this guy. Fuck that is weird, normally I recoil when a dude gets close to me, but in the last 15 minutes this dude has hugged me like his life depended on it twice and… well I am ok with that.

Shit, I needed a drink, so I reached under my desk and I pulled out the case of Crown to show Chase. “Bro, a toast to getting rid of the parents and to an amazing year!” I said as I cracked open the case and the first bottle. I had two glasses on my desk that I brought with me. I dumped out my pens from the one, poured about two fingers into each of the glasses and handed one to Chase.

“No way, I have only tried Crown twice, you know my parents would shit if they knew about this!” Chase said with excitement steeped in ornery. You could tell he was ready to break out from under the weight of the ever watchful eye of his Deacon father and over-protective mother.

“To kicking ass, to freedom and to brotherhood,” I said as we clinked our glasses together. I downed the entire thing, feeling like I really needed this. Chase sipped his as I gave him a pointed look, “Down it bro!” He did,and then got the shivers. We both cracked up laughing.

“I am so glad we’re finally here! We gotta finish getting unpacked. I was just going to start putting away my clothes and making my bed. Hope you don’t mind that I took this side of the room, but we can switch if you want,” I said as I took off my shirt. I was sweating like crazy. “Bro it’s so fucking hot in here, we may need to go and buy some fans.”

I poured each of us another two fingers and set the glasses down on my desk making sure that Chase saw.

“Damn, me too! My mom was smothering me all year; damn, I needed out! So wow, this is the room huh? I’m so used to having my own room. This is going to take some getting used to!” Chase said as he went to check out the shower area; we had to practically hug each other as he walked between the narrow, less than two feet wide buffer zone, between our beds.

“Bro, it’s ok. ankara travestileri It’s just us. We’ll get used to it. Let me start by sharing some possible ground rules that will help us moving forward. First, close our door!” I said as Chase pushed our door closed; it automatically locked when it closed. “As you know I don’t really wear much around the house. So I don’t plan on changing that, and with the shower basically out in the middle of the room, we’re going to have to get over our modesty.”

“OK, I can deal with that. Being an only child I got used to being by myself, but I’m also nude a lot of the time, so we will get used to it. SO what about” he says as he makes the jack off sign. We both laugh.

“Bro, we both beat the shit out of our dicks, we have to be honest about that. But fuck, we have no privacy in here at all, I am open to suggestions, bro. But I will tell you what neither one of us is doing! We’re not gonna sulk off into that shit closet and stroke, that is for damn sure! That’s pathetic. There is no shame in getting off, and, shit, with all these damn diseases running around, it is so much safer!”

I handed him his glass and we both took a good slug.

“Well, bro, we will have to warn each other because I can’t have you stroking yourself while I facetime with my parents! But I do agree that getting some is going to be near impossible with everything you can catch these days! So, you’re going to have to let me get used to all this newfound freedom,” Chase said as he winked at me. See, we had agreed in advance that we were going to have our doctors run every test in the world on us to make sure we didn’t have anything. We knew we would be in close quarters and we didn’t want to have to wear a mask around each other or catch something in the shower or the like. We shared our test results with each other just two days ago and we were both in the clear.

“Deal, brother. Fuck, it’s hot in here!” I said as I dropped my shorts, leaving me standing there in super tight electric blue boxer briefs. I’m rather proud of my body. While I would love to be taller, I am 5’10” and about 168 pounds. Rather tight body, but skinny, not very muscular. While I do have a nice ass, my best feature is my almost 8″ uncut cock.

Before COVID, I was quite the ladies’ man, but since then I haven’t been able to “dip my wick” – it has been too fucking long and, shit, anytime the wind blows I throw a huge bone. I just didn’t want to ruin my life by catching something just to get my rocks off! These long haulers on COVID scare me! And now Monkeypox! No fucking way. Guess it’s going to be my hand and… maybe even some toys until we could figure things out.

I noticed Chase took a few looks at my body, and specifically my crotch. My underwear was very “cock and balls forward” as they had a pouch to hold and separate my balls from my cock. See, my other asset is that I have huge balls, and when I’m hot after practice or on a hot day, my balls hang rather low and I get tired of sitting on them. I wear bright colored underwear so that every inch of me shows through them rather well. I don’t like wearing black as it can hide your best assets, and I am a giver! Shit, the struggle of having a big dick is real. Never really noticed a dude checking me out like that, and I wasn’t sure quite how to feel about that.

As Chase put things away and we set each of our sides up, I noticed my roomie had a nice body. He was tight and fit. Shit, not an ounce of fat on him. He was wearing a loose t-shirt with the sleeves cut off that was terribly oversized for him, but you could tell he was super skinny. The t-shirt was so thin that you could see his dime sized nipples showing through. I only noticed because it was so hot in here, they looked hard and that seemed odd.

“Bro, bottoms up!” I said and we both finished our second glass.

He had to keep pulling up his shorts; they were clearly too big for him and the spandex compression shorts he was wearing under them were not helping hold them up. Dude was tall too, shit! He was at least 4-5″ taller than me. He had naturally dirty blond hair, kinda messy looking, like how you would expect a surfer to look. He had a beautiful tan as well. Once again, he had to pull up his shorts.

I finally had to say, “Bro, you’re cracking me up over there! You can lose the shorts, it’s just us bros in here. They keep falling off you. Damn you’re skinny! Get comfortable, roomie! Hell, soon I’m losing everything my balls are sweating.”

Chase laughed and said, “Fuck, you’re right, this is stupid!’ As he just let his shorts fall, he also pulled off his shirt. DAMN, I underestimated this guy. Yup, not an ounce of fat on him, but shit, he had a perfectly sculpted 8 pack, a great chest, and not a speck of hair anywhere to be found. His compression shorts showed a respectable bulge and a skinny, though rather nice ass.

“Much better,” I said “Let me check you out, son! Damn, all those baggy clothes are hiding you. You are stacked. Fuck, look at these abs!” Since I was no more than a foot travesti ankara away from him, I rubbed his belly up to his chest, and grabbed his left pec. “Nicely done, roomie!” Chase didn’t flinch at all when I touched him, but fuck, I am messed up. As soon as I touched him this spark shot through my body and landed right in my cock. Jesus, I was too fucking desperate. It had been more than 6 months since I had any real human contact. Fuck, I am not going to molest my roomie, not on the first day. Fuck, what I am thinking. Not ever, I like the ladies. I am 110% straight. ‘Get yourself together, Monty!’ I told myself.

Chase spoke up and I snapped back into reality. The reality was that I was still standing there holding my new roomie’s pec. “Yah, I eat like a horse and never put on a pound. PIsses me off as I wanna be able to put on some muscle. Fuck, dude. I would kill to have a chest like yours, and those leg muscles! I’m just a 6’4 beanpole.” As he said this he gave my left pec a good squeeze too.

“Shit bro, be careful,” I said. “This is the most action I’ve gotten in over 6 months, you might cause a short circuit in my dick that I won’t be able to control.” I started laughing when I said that, a bit uncomfortably, but it was obvious that I had started to chub a bit. “Fuck, what is happening?” I thought.

“Dude, seriously? 6 months! I can’t even remember when mine was and technically I’m still a virgin!” Chase said, “Fuck, it sucks, Bro. What with my folks being so conservative, the best I have gotten is a hand job from this slut a while back.”

I grabbed the bottle of Crown and poured myself another, and I shot it down and poured Chase some more but he just motioned for me to set it down on my desk.

I finally had to walk away from him to pretend to organize things. Turning around, I grabbed some clothes from my suitcase, and then bent down to put it into the drawers. My ass bumped right into the crotch of my roommate’s clearly growing package. Jesus, another electric bolt shot through me. If I didn’t start thinking about saggy old women or dead animals, I was going to throw a bone right there in my dorm room with no place to hide.

“Bro, those are really cool though! I have never seen boxer briefs like that. Jesus they make your ass really look good. I bet the ladies will love that… well shit, what ladies are going to see it?” He started play-crying about the terrible predicament we found ourselves in. I decided fuck this, I’m chubbing up, he is going to see it all the damn time anyway. I figured I was hard for 80% of the day most of the time. So I stood up.

“If you think they look good from the back, check this out!” I said as I stood up and took a step back from him so he could see the full pouch and how, especially partially chubbed, my undies really showcased my package.

“NO fucking way… are you that hung or is the briefs? Man, with these compression shorts, I almost look like a Ken doll compared to you!” Chase said, looking really curious.

“Well, roomie, hang around me and I’lll teach you all the ways to ‘attract women’, for when they’re safe to touch again… someday! Here, check these out. I have a red pair here.” I pulled out a red pair of the same design and showed him the pouch inside that holds the balls and the round part that you stick your dick through.

“Wait, that can’t be comfortable. I mean, maybe the balls part, but your dick, you have to feed it through that hole? Doesn’t it pop out? I don’t get it.” Chase said, moving a bit closer to me.

“Here, let me show you,” I said, as I handed him the red ones. I pulled my own underwear completely down and let my half chubbed dick out. Then I showed him by pulling up the underwear and dropping my nuts into the lower pouch that holds them. “See, then you thread your dick into this part here” I said, as I started threading my growing cock into the frontmost pouch (made all that much smaller by my growing cock.) “Go ahead and try on those red ones”

“You sure? OK, I will. These look HOT!” As he peeled off his compression shorts, I saw that he is a smaller guy than I am down there. While he had the beginnings of a bit of swelling down there, he wasn’t nearly as big as I am. That kinda excited me, in a way. I mean, he may be 6″ taller than me, but I am packin! I puffed out my chest a bit, rather proud of how my dick looked compared to his. He had smaller balls than I do as well, so they fit into the pouch quite easily. Then he went to feed his cock into the hole. “Am I doing this right? I may be too small now to fit into these.”

“You will fit just fine. Here, let me help.” Not even thinking, I grabbed hold of his junk and started manhandling him to get him into the underwear so he could at least feel comfortable. Well, another bolt of lightning shot through me, and apparently, him too, because at that moment he started full on boning up. I watched him go from little more than 2″ and he just kept growing, and growing and growing. “Holy shit, dude, you must be a grower and not a shower. Damn how big does this thing get? Damn, my underwear isn’t too big for you, it’s too small!” I laughed a bit, still sliding his cock into the front pouch. Finally I let go, and closed up the underwear. I then pulled him in front of the mirror at the sink.

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