Step Sister Seduction Ch. 01


I had not been that delighted when my parents split up when I was 16 and it was decided that I should stay with my Dad. I was even less delighted when he got married two years later to a woman with a daughter the same age as me. We had in fact turned 18 within a week of each other. Anyway, I thought to myself, I will get through college, get a job and then a place of my own. So I would make the best of it until then.

Then as summer arrived Jill convinced my Dad that we should all have a week away together in her mate’s static caravan. I was not that keen but Dad said it would be great for us all to really get to know each other better, without the stresses of work and college. Ok I thought, it’s only a week, I can do that.

It was our first day there on the beach that things changed. Debbie is no stunning looker, but don’t get me wrong, she is pretty in a plain sort of way, and in her skimpy bikini she has a fantastic body. As she walked along the beach I got to thinking that perhaps Dad was right. It would be a good idea to get to know her better.

On the beach though she was quiet and just soaking up the rays, while reading a book. From conversations I had overheard between her and Jill, it was obvious she was very naïve. Sitting in my deckchair, wearing my ‘cool’ shades, I scanned her body, and made up my mind to get into her knickers. I had overheard Jill and Dad talking sometime ago about the fact that Debbie has never had a boyfriend, never drinks alcohol, and was happy to stay in, read and watch TV. I started to think there and then how I was going to change her, and my opportunity was going to come sooner than I’d thought.

We had all planned to go out in the afternoon but Debbie did not want to go. After a second morning on the beach, Debbie had overdone the sunbathing. She had some sunburn and felt a bit unwell. Jill said she would stay with her, but I played the Good Samaritan and told them to go and have a good time, and that I would stay with Debbie. They were overjoyed at my kindness, but little did they know I had plans to seduce the lovely Debbie.

She was lying face down on the bed in the end bedroom, still in her bikini, and reading a women’s magazine, when I popped my head around the door and asked if she would like a cold drink. She said she would have a cold squash. Perfect, I thought and I went to the kitchen to make it up. I diluted the squash with a little water and a good helping of strong vodka. That should just take away a few inhibitions, especially as she is not used to drinking alcohol.

“There you go,” I said cheerfully as I put it on the bedside cabinet. She did not look at me but just said thanks. I left for about half an hour before going back in to her, hoping the effect of the vodka had kicked in.

“Hey Debbie, how yer feeling?” She was still in the same position but the glass was empty. She looked around at me.

“I’m feeling a little woozy actually.”

“That will be the effect of the sun; you should get some more cream on that sunburn.”

“Do you think so, already?”

“Oh yes, I have a mate studying medicine and he warned me about the effects of sun damage.”

I grabbed the bottle of cream, “Here let me do it for you,” and before she had chance to say no, I was rubbing the cream into her near perfect skin. I started with her shoulders, then her back, sweeping my hands down to her bikini bottoms. Then I started at her ankles.

“Hey! My legs are ok,” she snapped.

“‘Cover as much skin as possible, not just escort gaziantep vip bayan the burnt area,’ my mate said,” I told her as I worked my way up towards her lovely ass. Again I rubbed up to her bikini bottoms, squeezing as I went.

“Ok that will do,” She snapped again.

“Your right, turn over, I will do the front.”

“No way.”

“Look, sunburn can be serious, what about skin cancer?”

“What about it?”

“My mate studying medicine said ‘cover as much of the skin as possible to put the moisture back.'”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, quite sure. Now turn over,” I almost ordered.

I was amazed; she not only turned over and continued to read her magazine, she also did not realize she could do the front herself, but I wasn’t complaining.

I started just below her bikini top, staring at her small but perfect breasts. I swept my hands down over her almost flat tummy to the top of her bikini bottoms. How I wanted to just slip my hand under the waistband! As if she could read my mind she placed her hand on them.

Then I worked my way up her legs, massaging my way towards the top of her legs. Getting bolder, I slightly touched her bikini clad pussy with the side of my hand, and then I did it again. Her hand shot down to protect herself and she looked over the magazine.

“You’re doing that on purpose you perv,” she scolded.

“What?” I asked, all innocent like.

“You know what, that will do now.” I ignored her and continued my massage of her thigh.

“That will do now,” she repeated.

“So you are medically trained are you?” I said sharply.

“No, of course not, but neither are you.”

“Yes, but as I said I find things out from my mate who is, and you see these freckles at the top of your legs,” I said, rubbing near her pussy again.

“What about the freckles? Stop that you perv!”

“They need to be treated well after sunburn, or they can cause real problems.”

“You are just saying that to perv at my legs.” It’s not your legs I want, I thought to myself.

“Ok have it your way, don’t say I did not warn you when you get really ill,” I said as I got up and walked out of the room. I thought I may have blown it, then after about five minutes she came out, and started looking in the cupboard.

“Oooh, I still feel a bit woozy,” she said “Is it true what you said about the freckles?”

“Yes but if you don’t want my help and advice, that’s fine.”

“Where’s the chocolate?”

“It’s in the fridge,” I said getting up to get it for her.

“So what needs to be done about these freckles?” She asked.

“Go and lie back down, I will bring the chocolate,” I told her as she reached for her glass. “I’ll bring you another squash.” Again I added a small amount of vodka, but not too much, I did not want to get her drunk.

She was lying on the bed, reading another magazine. “Here you are,” I said as I gave her the squash, from which she took a gulp and put the glass down.

I sat on the bed next to her thighs.

“Did you bring the chocolate?” She asked.

“Yes, but first if you want me to get some cream onto these freckles on the top of your legs for you, then you need to just lay there read your magazine and let me get on with it, right?”

“Ok but-“

“No buts, just do it, right?”

“OK,” she said meekly. I could not believe she was falling for this, but who was I to complain. I broke off a chunk of chocolate escort gaziantep yabancı bayan and gave it to her.

“Suck on that while I get started and if you’re good I’ll give you some more.” My dirty mind was racing, thinking about her pretty lips sucking on something else. All in good time I told myself.

I was not wasting any more time, and putting a drop of cream on my fingers, I went straight to the top of her left thigh. I pushed her shapely legs slightly apart to gain better access; she said nothing and continued reading her magazine. I massaged the top of her thigh, right next to her bikini bottom, and immediately started to rub against it. As I rubbed her thigh, more and more of my hand was rubbing the material guarding her pussy.

“Hey,” she said, are you sure this is OK?”

“Look Debbie, you are starting to really piss me off with your whining. Now just be a good girl and let me get on with it, OK?”

“Sorry it’s just…” she didn’t finish the sentence.

I then gave her another piece of chocolate, which she slipped into her sexy mouth, and I started the treatment of her right thigh. After a bit more of the pretence of rubbing cream into her thigh, I decided to up the ante. I started to massage both thighs together so that my hands met in the middle. Her bikini bottom was held on with a little tie on each of her hips, and they just about remained closed as I increased my rubbing.

I was now tracing her slit with my fingers, and even through the material, I could feel her sensitive bud. I could hear her breathing become shallower and noticed her chest starting to rise ad fall, as my fingers worked away. Then I was sure I felt a little flex of her hips, as my fingers again hit her clit. To see if I was right, I just rubbed the palm of my hand lightly over her pussy area, and sure enough, she tried to push against my hand. I did this several times to tease her, and every time she responded. Right, I thought, time to move to the next stage.

I am sure she was just holding the magazine up in front of her face now and not reading, but I couldn’t care less anyway. I snatched it from her hands and threw it onto the floor.

“Hey, I was reading that,” she moaned in a low husky voice, which was another clue to how far I had worked this beauty up. Her face was also very flushed.

“I don’t think you were, as you were finding it hard to concentrate,” I told her, as I still rubbed between her legs.

“I… I was,” she protested.

I was fairly sure she had a submissive nature, and she just looked down as I told her, “I told you to just be quiet, and be a good girl. Now I want to see your tits.”

“What….I…I,” she stammered.

“Sit up,” I commanded, pulling her by the arms into a sitting position, and before she knew what was happening. I had pulled the little bow of material undone and pushed her back into a lying position. I began rubbing her hard between her legs again, making her squirm in pleasure, before telling her to put her hands above her head. I gave another fierce rub on her bikini clad pussy, and then stopped, leaving my hand just resting there. Debbie, I sensed, was not that far from cumming. I was not going to let her until I had complete control.

“Put your hands above your head and leave them there,” I ordered, and to my utter delight she slowly complied.

“That’s better,” I said and pulled away the small piece of material covering her small, but escort gaziantep yaşlı bayan perfectly formed tits. “They are nice,” I told her, “what size are they?”

When she did not answer I gave her pussy another good hard rub, to work her up again, and left her panting.

“When I ask a question, I expect an answer, what size are your pretty tits?”

“32 …..buh-bee,” she panted. They were almost flat as she lay on the bed, but she had the most amazing, big nipples, which were standing proud. As I placed my left hand on her left tit and began to gently squeeze, I asked her how many boys had felt her tits and I shot her a look that said ‘you’d better answer’.

“None,” she replied to my delight. I took a piece of the chocolate that was already pretty soft, and told her to lick it. Her tongue slipped out from between her lips and licked the chocolate. I then proceeded to smear it over her nipples, making her squirm with pleasure.

“Open,” I ordered bringing the chocolate back to her mouth and popping it in. “Suck it slowly, while I do the same,” I said leaning over her right nipple. I licked around the swelling bud before drawing it into my mouth, beating it with my tongue. This started to drive the 18 year old virgin wild. As one nipple popped from my mouth I did the same to the other.

“Hmm,” I said looking up at her pretty face, “they taste nice.” To prove a point I sucked gently on each nipple again. “You are going to be a good girl from now on, when you are alone with me, aren’t you?” She shyly nodded in agreement. Rubbing between her legs again I told her, “that’s good, ’cause then I will make you feel good, now lets have a look at your pussy.” I had noticed that most of it was in view anyway, but I tugged at the right tie on her bikini bottoms. With no effort at all it gave way, as did the other side. I smiled briefly at her as I lifted the material from her bush, and dropped it between her legs.

I ran my hand down her belly and stroked it over her furry pussy. She responded by pushing against my hand.

“Has anyone ever played with your pussy, Debbie?”

“N …no.”

“Spread your legs nice and wide for me,” I ordered, and she did. I broke off another chunk of the chocolate and skillfully spread her pussy-lips with two of my fingers. Her whole body jumped as I rubbed the chocolate over the damp, sensitive bud between her legs. Then I went down on her like a hungry man. In seconds a huge orgasm engulfed her body. She jumped so hard, I hit my jaw against her hip. She closed her eyes as the orgasm subsided, and I took the opportunity to get a couple of shots of her on my phone. I gave her little time to recover as I inserted a finger into her pussy. It was bloody tight but thankfully well lubricated. She gave out a really sexy moan as I began to slowly finger fuck her.

“Was that your first orgasm, Debbie?”

“Y …yes,” she panted.

“Well hold tight, you’re about to have your second.” I sucked her nipple and rubbed her swollen clit as I slowly finger fucked her. It did not take long to bring her off again.

I looked down at her red, perspiring face, as she tried to get her breath back, while I continued to gently rub her sopping pussy. “Did that feel good Debbie?”

“Oh …yes.”

“I don’t know how long we’ve got before they get back,” I told her as she started to get worked up again. This girl has so much pent up sexual energy! “We have another five days down here; you’re going to help me arrange plenty of time for us to be alone together, right?”

“Yesss, yess ok yess.”

“For the next five days you are going to be mine, aren’t you?”

“Yes…what…ever…you…..say.” Just then we suddenly heard my dad’s car pull up outside.

“Shit, they’re back; remember what I’ve told you Debbie, now I’m out of here.”

I just managed to look relaxed as they entered the caravan, but I was already thinking of my next move.

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