Step Daughter Takes Over Pt. 04

Chapter Four: “The Next Week”

For the next week, Madison drops off Caroline at school, with Miss Tia waiting to greet them; and each day, an hour after school ends, Tia drives Caroline home and stays until Madison comes home. Miss Tia breaks the rules and keeps Caroline at the Dorm each day. She tells the Principle, that the student needs more private instruction. Miss Tia, because she likes Madison and to make it easier on Caroline, does not use her at all.

On Tuesday Caroline asks, “Miss Tia, why haven’t you dominated me?”

Tia answers, “Because you have been through so much. And I want my relationship with Madison to work out. I really like her.”

Caroline, “She likes you too. It’s funny. All of us like men but here we are in relationships with women.”

Tia, “I know. But your stepdaughter is special.”

Caroline started and she said, “That’s the first time you referred to her as that.”

Tia, “Well that is what she is even if she is your Mistress now.”

She adds, “So, you like Sherry don’t you.”

Caroline, “Yes I do. She treats me so well.”

Each day, Tia stays for dinner and on Wednesday she and Madison go on another date. The two, Madison and Tia, are growing closer and when they get back home Wednesday night, they make love with Tia staying the night with Madison. The next morning, while Tia is in the shower, Madison asks Caroline what she thinks of Miss Tia.

Caroline answers, “I like her Madison. I think she is good for you.”

Madison, “I think so escort too.”

Then she says, “How are you and Sherry?”

Caroline, “Real good. We talk or text several times a day.”

Then she asks, “Is that all right Mistress?”

Madison, “Yes, I’m glad.”

Madison continues to do well at her job at Wilson Trading Company and she really likes it. Madison had come home early on Wednesday so that she and Caroline could go to a new Doctor and both get put on birth control. Madison thought “better safe than sorry.” They went by their real names but Caroline was dressed as a 18 year old.

Doctor Julie asks, “Why is Caroline dressed like that?”

Madison answers, “Because she is my Slave Girl.”

Julie, “Isn’t she your Stepmom?”

Madison, “Yes, is it a problem?”

Julie, “No, it is unusual. Is she well trained?”

Madison, “More or less.”

Caroline just sat there, not saying anything.

Julie, “Does she service any one you tell her too?”

Madison, “Caroline, show the Doc how good you obey me. Ask her if you can eat her pussy.”

Caroline stands up, steps in from of Julie, kneels down on her knees and says, “Doctor Julie, may I eat your pussy please?”

Doctor Julie stands, pulls her pants and panties of, sits down and says, “Yes Slave Caroline you may.”

Caroline services Julie and brings her to orgasm.

Julie says to Madison, “She is good. Could I see her again, off the clock?”

Madison, “Yes, you may. Call me, you can come by bursa eve gelen escort our house and Caroline will entertain you.”

Julie, “I’ll do that. Thank you. Here are your prescriptions.”

Afterwards, they go to a pharmacy to get the prescriptions filled. When they get home, Madison and Tia go on their date.

Sherry comes over to babysit Caroline again but it is really a date. They watch some TV and then head up to Caroline’s room and make love. Once again, they fall asleep in each other’s arms. They have been in communications constantly since their first meeting and are getting closer.

Thursday morning, Sherry asks Madison, in front of Caroline and Tia, “Can I date Caroline. We have become very close.”

Madison answers, “Yes, of course. But remember, she is my Slave.”

Sherry, “Yes I know that. Thank you.”

Sherry returns every night after her work day is over and spends the night.

On Thursday, a new female student, her name was Eva, was brought in to the Dorm.

Tia introduced Eva to Daisy, “Eva, this is Daisy. She is here through tomorrow.” Tia continues to Caroline, “Like you, she was caught skipping school by the police and was brought to school. And like you, she was not registered but is now.”

Tia winked at Caroline and Caroline knew that Eva was not a student, but like her, was her against her will.

When Miss Tia walks out of the room, Caroline says, “It’s not too bad here. Just do what you’re told.” görükle escort

Eva, “That’s want I do now.”

They hug and then one thing leads to another and soon they are having sex. Tia comes in later and joins in. Afterwards, Caroline tells Eva who she is.

Eva nods and tells her story to Caroline and Tia, “My friends Carrie and Kelly have made me their Slave. One day I was ordered to go to an Adult Bookstore and while there, the Manager dominated me and now I am her Slave as well. And on day, Angel, a eighteen year old neighbor of mine, walked in on me while I was alone wearing my teen clothing. I am now her Slave as will. They all got together and they share me. I only wear teen clothing now and that’s why I’m here.”

And she starts to cry. Tia hugs her and says, “I will help you Eva.”

Tia checks Eva’s phone and gets each Mistress’s phone number. That night, Tia tells all to Madison. And they call each one of Eva’s Mistresses and arrange to meet them all Saturday morning at the school.

On Saturday, at the school, Madison and Tia meet with Carrie, Kelly, Dawn and Angel. Madison invites them all, including the Slaves and Sherry, to her house for a party. They all drive to Madison and Caroline’s house and then all go to a restaurant for lunch, with the two Slaves, Caroline and Eva, dressed as teens.

After lunch, they return to the house and have sex with each other. First the Slaves put on a show, then they service each women present and then an orgy starts with everyone doing everyone. The sex party kept going, with a few pauses, until 6pm Sunday evening. The others take their leave and promise to stay in touch.

After Eva and her Mistresses leave, the four young women go to bed and the next morning continue their lives.

Chapter Five: “What Happens Next”

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