Sherrian Waves Her Magic Wand


Sherrian waves her magic wand.

This effort is a little different to my previous torrid tale of masturbatory delight, though it still results in orgasmic bliss; possibly a bit too much orgasmic bliss. I have a friend, one with whom I love to play when we visit one another: I actually have more than one friend who falls within that category but this confession relates to a specific friend, Sherrian. Sherrian is by far my oldest friend in any category, we’ve know one another since we first began school and I was always a little bit jealous of her. She’s quick and clever, she’s graceful and sporty, she’s blond, busty and she was always super popular too. Any girl who went around with Sherrian had to settle for ‘but she has got a nice friend.’ On the plus side Sherrian attracted heaps of attention and frequently needed ‘a nice friend’ like me, one who was content to bob along in her wake, because if you didn’t mind playing second fiddle she created lots of excitement. I can live with second fiddle, still better than being just another member of the string section.

Eventually we both went off to different Unis. and it was during one of the long Summer holidays – we’d both just returned home with our hearts crushed, yet again – that we discovered that cuddling with one another could be deeply satisfying. I don’t remember how exactly it began but I do recall that it soon moved on to us being naked, being in bed together and giving one another considerably more than moral support and sisterly comfort, fickle boyfriends utterly forgotten.

So we still get together sometimes for a dirty long weekend when Steve, Sherrian’s husband, is away. Before you get the wrong idea, Sherrian assures me that once Steve returns home she informs him of whatever we’ve been up to; not missing out on any last little salacious detail and he usually questions her accounts closely more than once. I can put up with this so long as he’s happy for the two of us to get together but I’d go beet red if I actually met him again: Sherrian has an adventurous streak and I believe her wholeheartedly when she tells me that she tells him absolutely everything. I can’t blame him for asking questions either; I’d ask too, I’d ask a lot of questions. He probably knows more about what turns me on than most of my boy friends have ever discovered.

One morning I’d woken up first. It was warm and I turned the duvet down discretely so I could admire my lover, all relaxed and very naked. We contrast, she’s blond, I’m brunette, she’s slim and toned, I’m padded, not exactly fat but nowhere near as willowy as she is. My face is rounded and usually jolly with a cheeky grin, hers is sculpted with high cheek bones, almond shaped eyes and long lashes. I’m milky white whereas she’s tanned, tanned with real sunshine so she has tan lines that leave her breasts rather paler and only her mons and the crack of her bottom is as white as I am everywhere. I have big pink nipples, she has smaller darker ones that stand out proud when she’s aroused, I’m all hairy between my legs, she keeps herself smooth as a baby’s bottom. About the only things that are comparable are our breasts, which are ample but not excessive and our blue eyes, though even then hers tend to grey where mine tend to blue.

That particular morning she looked especially sensual and oh so very inviting. So I slipped a hand between her legs and started to see how close to orgasm I could bring her before she woke up. I don’t know if she actually wakes up and pretends to be asleep when I do this or if she responds to my caresses by dreaming lewd dreams but, as usual, she obligingly shifted position so my hand could explore thoroughly.

A well placed finger toying in the lobby of her sweet sex soon has Sherrian moist, once moist I can use her own slipperiness to set to work on her clit until she’s arching her back and mewing happily; and still she pretends to be asleep, though I can’t really believe that. Working on her clit, gently running a finger round and round and then up and down over her swelling bud, teasing çapa escort gently, tickling as much as stimulating and she’s soon moaning and soaking wet. Time to slip first one and then two fingers inside of her until she bites her bottom lip, looks all cutesy and wiggles her bum to hump my hand. Now she can’t pretend she’s asleep so we embrace and exchange early morning kisses with my fingers still inside of her making her arch her back and press herself into me. At first it’s a tender pressing of tongues but soon a torrid dance of pushing and shoving, exploring one another’s hot, wet, red mouths: a rehearsal for the passionate kissing of those other pairs of lips that we both know will soon follow.

I woke up first, I initiated our sexual dalliance so I get to set the pace; we have rules about these things. Sherrian’s close to orgasm but there’s so much to do before that happens: I need to lick Sherrian’s neck, I need to suck her ears and earlobes and that takes a long time and once she suspects I might be done and be ready to move on the whole procedure has to be repeated simply to make her wait even longer. And even then I only repeat that sequence of tender caresses after I have sucked on her nipples, made them tighten and extend so second time around she’s even more excited. Now she’s really wet it’s time for lots of licks on soft flesh: her palms, the crook of her elbows, her neck again, the tip of her nose to set her giggling, kiss her eyes, rub my chin in her armpits and all the while one hand is stroking the tips of her hard little nipples and the other is running a finger up and down the crack of her light brown bottom along the edges of the white line left by her thong. And, when I take the imitative, that’s only the beginning there’s her belly button to lick, there are her toes to be sucked upon, which makes her squirm and wriggle like there’s no tomorrow, there’s the crook of her knees to kiss, the insides of her thighs to be licked and nibbled, the fleshy part of her palms to bitten hard. Yes there’s ever such a lot to do before I gently but firmly part her legs and bury my nose in her wet, fragrant and oh so slippery sex.

Once my soft tongue reaches her clit Sherrian knows what’s coming next. She grasps the bed rail above her head firmly with both hands, I am going to make her come. I am going to make her come over and over again and I am not going to stop until she’s a panting, sobbing wreck made dizzy with hyperventilating. And that is precisely what I did, reducing her to a sweaty, panting, dishevelled heap on the bed by the time I was through with her.

We took breakfast at the breakfast bar with the Venetian blinds filtering the morning sunshine so we could sit naked. Sweet bright orange juice, soft rolls slathered with pale yellow butter and golden honey and then coffee; strong, hot and inky black as night. We hadn’t showered, we don’t right then, Sherrian looks tousled, our rules aren’t written but if you come first you aren’t allowed to freshen up right away, then your partner can enjoy seeing just how thoroughly they just wrecked you, sometimes smell you too, maybe run a finger between your legs and comment on how wet you still are. Once her coffee was finished Sherrian topped up my mug from the pot, slipped off her stool and then dropped down onto all fours. She crawled around the kitchen pointing her posterior at me and wriggling her hips provocatively. I swivelled on my stool to watch her, but Sherrian already had ‘that look’. The look that warned me that whilst she might be an animal crawling about on all fours this was not symbolic of any meek subservience, her look that told me, ‘make no mistake girl, I am now the predator, you are my prey and I’m going to eat you all up.’ I shuddered involuntarily, as I mentioned Sherrian has an adventurous streak and that look told me she had already begun to conduct one of her little ‘experiments’.

“Follow me,” she husked, “I’ve something new to demonstrate on you,” and Sherrian crawled away back in the direction of the bedroom. By the time I entered fatih escort she was already sat cross legged on a rug, “sit on the edge of the bed and spread your legs wide. Before you get to discover what I’ve treated myself to I’m going to lick you, lick you ever so slowly until you beg.” I sat down as asked and she crawled slowly across and squatted between my legs placing her hands either side of my hairy gash, using her thumbs to pull my lips apart and then licking her own lips lasciviously. “You’re very wet already. And… oh look it’s already all thick and sticky. And I haven’t even begun to lick you.” As she made her various pronouncements she rolled her thumbs gently working my clit from side to side causing me to moan, nosily. Then Sherrian began to lap at my clit slowly and firmly with the tip of her tongue and I shuddered with lust, tensing with each contact.

She made me beg to come, she made me plead, she made me sob hysterically with lust and finally she pronounced, “oh gosh, there’s something under the bed,” Sherrian sat back causing me to hiccough with frustration, lapping my clit had been driving me insane with lust but stopping was far worse.

“Please don’t stop,” I mewed, pitifully.

“But look at this, I dropped my sleep mask and I didn’t notice it there under the bed. It’s a sign. This is going to make your surprise extra surprising.” She knelt up pressing her naked flesh against mine. I raised my legs to draw her too me and received a firm and surprisingly painful slap on the thigh for my trouble. “Oh no you don’t, you made me wait this morning, now it’s your turn to have to wait until I’m ready.” At this point she paused to take a nipple between her lips and suck upon it, tickling the tip with her tongue. I almost swooned, my poor muff felt like it had just flooded and the bottom of my tummy seemed as if it was tying itself into knots. “Feel’s good? Here comes the other one.” Good was not the word, perfect was nearer the mark but she was making me so pathetically needy, when I did get come she was going to destroy me: little did I realise how prophetic that was going to prove. At last she knelt right up and slipped the soft elasticated mask over my eyes leaving me in complete darkness.

When she resumed licking between my legs I was helpless, Sherrian was licking slowly all the way up from just above my little puckered other place to the very top of my clit and then all the way back down again. She was dallying on the little strip of flesh between my bum and my sweet sex, because she knows that drives me nuts. Between licks she was pausing to draw the lips of my sex, one at a time, into her mouth because she knows how that makes me shudder with need. She wanted me desperate to come and she knew exactly what to do to make me that way.

“Jesus Sherrian! No! Not that! Please!” She had slipped a single finger inside of me, crooked it and slipped it out again. And I had almost but not quite come. I was begging her to stop because I knew she could do that to me over and over again and every time she did it I would almost come but never quite be allowed to manage it.

“What? You don’t want me to do this?” I gibbered as she dipped her finger back inside of me and then rubbed over all my most sensitive places.

“Oh my God no! Please Sherrian,” I whined, “it’s pure torture.”

“What, slipping a finger inside like this? Bending it a little like this? And then slipping it out again, like this…”

“Yesss,” I husked, fighting for breath. “I so want to come. Please Sherrian. Pretty please with cherries on.”

“You’re certain about that,” she slipped her finger back inside of me and crooked it and I tensed waiting for the unbearable pleasure of her slipping it out again. “You are absolutely sure you want me to make you come?”

“God yes,” I squealed bucking my hips in frustration.

“Well OK but remember you asked for this, no you begged for this. No, you just remember that you demanded that I make you come and you are getting what you asked for” she slipped sarıyer escort bayan her finger back into me and crooked it once again.

“Yes! Yes! Please, please, please make me come,” I was whimpering pathetically, I was desperation personified and we both knew it.

“Well OK, in a just a second you can have my surprise.” I could feel her withdrawing. There was a rustling, a click and then a very loud buzzing, nearly a roar. Far too loud to be a vibrator. My lips were parted to tease my clit out and expose it and then my head exploded. An orgasm ripped right through me, tore me clean in two, I’d never felt anything that powerful before. I would have bucked like a bronco, except Sherrian had placed an arm across my hips and was putting all her weight on it to hold me down. Another orgasm followed the first with a ferocity that was equally mind numbing and then a third and a fourth, each unbelievable powerful and my clit was beginning to burn with a fire that was almost painful.

Anticipating my struggles Sherrian flipped the duvet across me and then rolled me up in it, pinning my arms to my sides whilst all the while keeping that all to powerful vibrator pressed hard against my clit. Finally, after a dozen? After two dozen? I’ve no idea I was far too delirious to count. Finally, I was done coming, my clit was hyper-sensitive and that vibrator was super strong. It burned, it sort of hurt, it sort of hurt a lot, in fact a hell of a lot but it was not exactly painful just overwhelmingly and overbearingly intense, far too intense for me to take it, except that trussed up in the duvet I had no choice. It made me shriek, it made me sob, when I could catch my breath enough to speak it made me scream hysterically for her to stop. Hell I wanted it to stop so badly, it was fire between my legs making me shake and quiver and try to cringe, anything to escape. Rock and twist as much as I could I was cocooned in the duvet, and with Sherrian on top of me keeping my legs well spread I was quite powerless to move much, let alone fight her off. I was muffled by the quilt and not even sure if she could understand how desperate I really was. Worse still the burning in my slit was making me feel like I needed to pee.

Soon the tears coursed down my cheeks, my clit was so stimulated by that evil buzzing whatever it was, it burned with a fire beyond agony but that was not what was really distressing me. By now I was really having to fight not to relax and wet myself, the urgency was enormous and growing. Sherrian shifted the vibrator downwards a fraction, located a somewhat less desensitised spot, I howled in a delicious agony and capitulated. Never have I felt anything like it, to my absolute shame and yet utter joy, as I gushed forth the most powerful and explosive orgasm ever blasted through me, ripped me apart from tail to top, the force made me scream with pleasure, the intensity made me shake all over, I could barely breath, I was trying to both inhale and exhale simultaneously, my head was swimming, I was dizzy with emotion. My orgasm was monstrous, an all consuming epic bliss, pure release.

When I came too it was Sherrian who was wailing. “Jesus Jo, what a fuckin’ mess you’ve made. Look at my duvet, look at the fuckin’ carpet.” She wasn’t angry because she was giggling, though giggling with a nervous hysteria. I realised she was waiting to see how angry I was with her. How could I be angry. True I’d just been embarrassed and humiliated beyond mortification by gushing so copiously as I came but I was far too weak and much to satisfied on the inside to even be annoyed, I was utterly exhausted, really hot and sweaty from being swaddled and half smothered in a warm duvet, completely worn out from all that shaking, wriggling and fighting, dizzy from panting so hard and so completely and utterly satisfied.

“Christ,” I huffed as I struggled to sit up and remove the sleep mask so I could survey the havoc I’d wreaked. “Jesus, Sherry don’t you dare do that to me again. Don’t you dare ever try that… that… Oh shit you’ve bought a wand. Well don’t you dare bring it near me ever again,” I sobbed. Then forgetting the unbearable torment to my clit and recalling the blissful sensation of letting go completely I recanted; “well don’t you dare bring it near me for at least a couple of months.”

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