Seven Deeds Ch. 03


Seven Deeds Ch. 03: The Third Deed

Tonya sat outside Mr. Sharp’s door, waiting for him to finish up a letter with Connie.

The older woman emerged after a few minutes, giving Tonya a half ass smile before making her way back up to the main office.

“Please, come in, Tonya,” said Mr. Sharp.

She stood up and quickly made her way into his office, smiling as she heard the familiar click of the door being locked.

Before she had a chance to sit down, Mr. Sharp grabbed her and twirled her around, giving her a kiss that made her weak in the knees.

“I’ve missed you, baby,” he whispered, sliding his hands up her hips and causing her skirt to bunch up.

“I’ve missed you too,” she answered breathlessly.

The pair continued kissing and feeling each other up for a better part of 10 minutes, their own little version of foreplay.

Afterwards, Mr. Sharp asked Tonya to have a seat, “I need to tell you something, baby.”

Tonya wasn’t sure what to expect, “Yes, Mr. Sharp?” she asked, nervously.

“Please, no more of this Mr. Sharp shit,” he began, “My name is David, you can call me that from now on.”

“Okay,” she said, smiling and crossing her long, tan legs.

“As I was saying,” he continued, “I need to tell you something but I don’t want you to get freaked out about it.”

Tonya didn’t speak, she just nodded and continued listening.

“My wife knows about us, baby,” he said, “She confronted me about it last night.”

“Oh shit,” said Tonya, “Who told her? Connie?”

“I’m not sure,” he answered, “But she does know.”

Tonya suddenly became very nervous. She had dealt with jealous ex-girlfriends and girls wanting to date her boyfriends, but she had never dealt with a wife before.

“What are we gonna do?” she asked.

“Well, here’s the thing, baby,” he said, “She said she doesn’t mind if we continue because I explained to her about the 7 Deeds, but, she wants in on the action, as well.”

Tonya was stunned into silence.

“I know this is a shock, baby, but she has threatened to tell the entire school and the School Board if I don’t go along with her request,” he said.

Tonya still couldn’t speak. She was just now getting used to being David’s whore, now his wife wanted a piece of the action, too? Tonya had never been with a girl, at least not sexually. She and Lenny had fooled around one day after smoking a joint, but it never went past kissing and some tit rubbing.

“Baby, say something, please,” he said, getting up and walking over to her, kneeling in front cevizli escort of the scared teenager.

“I don’t know what to say, David,” she said, “I’ve never even thought about being with a woman before.”

“I know it must seem scary, but I’ll be there the whole time, I promise,” he whispered, “You don’t want me to lose my job, do you?”

“NO!!!” said Tonya quickly, “I would never want that, David.”

“Then we have to go along with this, baby, she’s left me no other choices here,” he said, rubbing his large hand over Tonya’s knee.

Tonya nodded to tell David it was okay, she would do this for him.

“Baby, lean back and spread your legs, put them on the arms of the chair,” he said as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his large cock.

Tonya obeyed and slumped down into the cold vinyl chair, spreading her legs, resting them over the hard wood arms.

“Mmmm, I can smell your pussy, baby,” he moaned, leaning forward and sliding her pink panties to the side, exposing her puffy pussy lips.

Tonya looked down and watched David as he lowered his mouth to her cunt. Right away, she felt those familiar sensations dancing throughout her body. She closed her eyes and began to concentrate on David’s tongue plunging in and out of her young cunt. She felt him slide his hands beneath her ass and draw her pussy closer to his mouth.

“Oooohhhh, David,” she purred, “No one’s ever licked my pussy like you do.”

David groaned into her slick fuckhole, sending waves of warm heat inside her cunt walls. She reached down and grabbed a handful of his thick, brown hair and gently began to yank as she worked her hips, riding his generous tongue.

David’s cock felt like steel as it stood proud and erect, aching to find its home inside Tonya’s cunt again.

“Ooooooohhh, Oooooooohhhhh, Godddddddd,” she moaned, “Mmmm, David, I’m gonna cummmm, Ohhhh, God, Please don’t stop, David, suck my pussy and make me cum,” she screamed, no longer caring if the old bitties in the main office could hear them or not.

David began to devour her cunt like a wild animal, sucking and biting her engorged clit, slurping the beads of juice that had found their way to Tonya’s pussy lips. Her smell was intoxicating, very musky, yet so sweet. He dipped his tongue in and out of her fuckhole, then ran it from her asshole to her clit, finally sending her over the edge.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, Daaaaaaaaaaavid!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed, as her young body shuttered erenköy escort and convulsed. Her eyes rolled into her skull as her climax hit her like an F-5 tornado.


After a few minutes, although still breathless and sweaty, Tonya finally began to get her bearings. David sat up on his knees and gave her an earth shattering kiss, careful to smear her slutty juices all over her lips and tongue.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as they kissed and David slowly stood up. Scooping her up in his arms, he led her to his large, oak desk. They continued kissing as David began knocking things off the desktop, sending them crashing to the floor. The door was locked, so he had no worries.

Finally, too breathless to continue, Tonya broke the kiss and looked into her lover’s eyes, “Fuck me, David, please fuck me, make me the whore your wife can never be.”

David lost all control there. Not only did his new found mistress have a body to die for, she had become the slut he had always fantasized about.

He grabbed Tonya’s wrists with his left hand, pinning them above her head, and using his right hand to rip her blouse open, sending buttons flying in every direction.

“Open your fucking legs, slut,” he groaned, climbing up on the desk and getting on his knees.

Tonya could feel her pussy again becoming wet. She loved when David called her a slut, it made her feel dirty and owned.

David reached down, using his right hand to rip Tonya’s panties right off her young cunt, “This cunt’s mine, Tonya, you got that?” he said, shoving his steel rod into her pussy.

“Oooohhhhhh, Godddd, David,” she moaned, “Yes, yes, yes, my cunt belongs to you.”

David began grunting like a wild animal, thrusting his cock into his whore’s cunt, wanting to rip her in half. He released her wrists and began pawing at her tits, back and forth, left to right, teasing and twisting the puffy pink nipples, causing Tonya to scream out in pain.

“Mmmmm, that’s what I like to hear, baby,” he hissed, “Let me know I’m hurting you.”

Tonya’s eyes began to tear up as she tried to focus on David. Her nipples were aching now and she could feel him fucking her harder then he had the day before. She knew he was too far gone to reason with, so she bit her bottom lip and tried her best to endure the pain of this monstrous cock buried in her cunt.

“Ooohhhh, Godddd, mmmmmm you fucking slut,” he growled, pulling himself up on his knuckles, “I wanna fucking cum inside esenyurt escort you today.”

Tonya didn’t wanna argue, but she knew if David came inside her, she would undoubtedly become pregnant. She wanted to scream out loud and beg him to cum anywhere else but inside her cunt. She wanted to push him off and suck him off until he came, but she knew he wanted to cum inside her.

“Please, no, David,” she managed to say, “Please don’t cum inside my cunt, I’ll get pregnant.”

“MMMMMM, that’s a bad thing, bitch?” he snarled, “Maybe knocking you up would be the smartest thing I ever did.”

Tonya turned her head away, refusing to watch him.

“Look at me, damnit,” he shouted, “I wanna look into your eyes when I impregnate you.”

Tonya began sobbing like a child, she did not want to get pregnant. She figured since David’s wife already knew about them, he must assume it wouldn’t do anymore damage if he got Tonya pregnant.


And just like that, he dumped his seed into her cunt, not caring whether he knocked her up or not. He quickly pinned her wrists above her head again, insuring that she would not be able to jump up and leave immediately. He wanted his seed to bake slowly in Tonya’s pussy. He wanted it to hit every crevice inside her slutty cunt.

He leaned in and kissed her hard, letting his body relax a bit on top of her, “I own you now, Tonya,” he whispered, kissing her again and finally getting up off the large oak desk.

Tonya just laid there for a few minutes, trying desperately to collect her thoughts. What if she does become pregnant? How would she raise a child? She didn’t even have a job, much less anything else to offer a kid.

She was still crying as she slid off the desk, trying to pin her blouse back together enough so she could walk thru the main office without arousing any more suspicion then she and David already had in the past 3 days.

“Don’t cry, baby,” he said, again opening the top drawer of his desk, “Tomorrow is Deed , you’re almost done.”

Tonya rolled her eyes in disgust and unlocked the door.

“Tonya?” he said.

“Yes …… David?” she asked, still facing the door.

“Rebecca will be here tomorrow, so be ready,” he said.

“Who is …….. oh my God, your wife?” said Tonya.

David laughed and answered yes, then dismissed the young girl back to her classes, “Have a good day, Tonya, and remember, I’m always here if you wanna talk,” he yelled, trying to squash any suspicions.

Connie gave Tonya a wicked glare as she passed, and she knew, at that moment, Connie was the bitch who had tipped off David’s wife. And tomorrow, Tonya will meet Mrs. Sharp ………

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