School Reunion Ch. 01

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They were old school friends but had not seen each other in 20 years. Melanie had always been in awe of Julie, she was bold, brassy, outspoken. Everything that Mel wasn’t. Mel had always been the quiet one, in the background, almost Julies’ stooge. She hadn’t cared though, Julie was popular and she had chosen Mel as a friend. Being the butt of the jokes was worth it, in her opinion, all those years ago.

And now here they stood. Time had not been overly kind to either of them. Mel had stayed big, two kids had helped see to that. Julie was the biggest surprise for her though. She knew her immediately but now the glamorous, pristine Julie was every bit as big as Mel was.

Mel hugged Julie tightly to her, she still smelt the same, after 20 years so little had actually changed. Julie hugged back and then held Mel at arms length. They looked at each other and grinned.

“Wotcha Mel” said Julie laughing. “You haven’t changed a bit.”

“Wotcha Jules” Mel laughed in reply. “You have.”

Julie laughed deeply. “Yeah, just a tad. I started putting it on once I got my divorce. Can’t believe how vain I was back then.” She shrugged and laughed again, hugging Mel close.

The women found a table and sat down with their drinks, talking about school days, friends and enemies alike, who they had seen since they had left school, who was still local, who had moved away, just general chit chat. Both trying to avoid telling each other about their lives since they had left school.

Conversation turned to arrangements for the night, the reunion was being held in the school. It was school summer break and the boarders at the private school were all at home with their families, leaving the girls at the reunion to use the dormitories to sleep overnight. Jules had opted to stay but wasn’t sure who else had. She had, almost instinctively made her way straight to her old dorm. She had put her bag on one of the beds and gone back down the stairs.

Now sitting with Mel she laughed when her friend had told her with an embarassed grin that she had also gone straight to her old room. Jules suggested that she move her stuff to the dorm where she was staying and they both made their way back upstairs to move bags from one room to the other. When they got to Mel’s dorm they found that she was in there on her own with four beds whilst Jules knew she already had three other people in her six bed dorm.

“Why don’t you come in here?” said Mel.

“Sounds good to me, anyway this one is less draughty.” Jules giggled.

They quickly went and got Jules bag and took it back to dump it on the bed next to Mel’s, Jules grabbed Mels’ hand and they left the dorm and made their way back down to the hall. Mel made her way back to the table with refreshed drinks in her hand and on the way was suddenly yelled at from across the room.

“MEL!!!” the voice yelled. “OH MY GOD!”

Mel turned around and saw an old school friend that she had not seen since the year after she left school when she went to her wedding.

“Oh my god! Monica!” she gaped.

Monica moved quickly across the hall and embraced Mel. Mel yelped and held her arms wide.

“Watch the drinks.” She laughed.

“Ooops!” grinned Monica and she let Mel go. “Where are you sitting?”

Mel turned around and indicated the table.

“Over there with Jules,” she replied. “Come on. Oh unless you are with someone?”

“Nope, on my lonesome.” Monica replied. “Come on.” and she bustled over towards the table.

As they approached, Jules grinned at Mel.

“I thought you had got lost.” she said and then saw Monica. “Mon?” she said quizzically.

“Allo Jules” Monica grinned.

“Oh lord, how the hell are you?” Jules said embracing their old friend.

“Fat and happy kiddo.” Monica laughed.

“Well I think that goes for all of us.” Mel replied.

“Who wants to be a size zero anyway?” Monica said. “I’m FAR happier being me.”

The women all sat down and caught up again on missing years. Monica’s husband had divorced her after 3 years stating that she had become too fat.

“Fuck him,” she said. “I was only a size 12 at that point,” she indicated her large frame. “He’d have a stroke if he saw me now.” She finished, a deep laugh leaving her.

Mel, Jules and Monica sat for some time talking about relationships and life in general, as the drinks flowed, the tone of the conversation got lower and the voices got louder. Monica’s deep resounding laugh turning heads every time she boomed across the room, her large breasts heaving and raising more than a few eyebrows. People came and went to their table, passing the time of day and polite hellos until they decided that the conversation was not for them and they moved on.

After a while someone moved in behind Monica and covered her eyes.

“Guess who…..” the broad but feminine voice said.

Monica frowned under the hands thinking furiously. Suddenly her mouth dropped open…..

“Sunny?” she asked tentatively.

The başakşehir escort cackle from the woman behind her boomed out and she took her hands away from Monica’s eyes. Monica spun around in her seat and looked up into the beaming black woman’s face. Her bright white smile lit up her face and she leaned down to give Monica a hug.

“Fucking hell! Sunny!” Monica squealed as she stood up. The two women embraced and their large frames came together with a ripple.

“Oh fuck me! Sunny…” Monica laughed holding her at arm’s length.

“Well I could, but it’s a bit public.” Sunny boomed laughing as she gathered her old friend in again. She let go of Monica and moved to one side to look at Jules and Mel.

“Hello girls,” she drawled “How the hell are we?”

“Allo Sun,” said Mel. “You told me you weren’t coming.”

“Yeah, well, woman’s prerogative,” she answered. “Anyway, I had nothing better to do.”

Mel grinned and indicated the last free seat at the table.

“Sit your arse down then.” she said.

Sunny swung her bag off her shoulder and sat down.

“So” she said with a smile, looking around the table. “Everyone staying tonight?”

Everyone around the table nodded and they discussed which rooms they were in. Mel and Jules knew they were in the same room and soon found out that Sunny and Monica, by chance were in the next room. They all grinned at each other as they continued discussions about life, health and love.

Sunny revealed that she had never got married and that she was happy as she was. With a twinkle in her eye Mel took great relish in telling the other two it was because Sunny had decided that she was happier in the company of women. Sunny stuck out her tongue and laughed.

“Nothing in the world like hearing a pussy purr,” she said. “And I do enjoy my cats.”

Mel laughed, “You haven’t got any bloody cats.”

Sunny buried her nose in her drink and winked at Mel while the other two watched.

“Do close your mouth Monica dear, you look like you’re catching flies.” Sunny said primly but instantly let herself down with a laugh.

Monica closed her mouth with a snap and just watched Sunny silently for a moment. Sunny looked at her old friend.

“Monica dearest, I have ALWAYS been a lesbian, it simply took me a while to work it out.” She said with a flourish of her glass.

Mel stood up and made her way to the bar. She had known Sunny most of her life and had enjoyed a brief affair a few years previous. She turned and watched the girls, wondering what they would say if and when they found out. As she watched she could see Monica chattering away to Sunny and Jules sitting watching. In their school days the roles would have been reversed. Jules was always the loud one, Monica was often called dormouse as she was small, quiet and often curled up in a corner somewhere.

Mel took the bottles of wine back to the table, it was quite clear that Sunny had every intention of letting her hair down and now she was encouraging Jules to do the same. Monica it appeared, needed no encouragement in that direction. She plonked the bottles on the table and sat down. Refilling her glass she turned and filled Jules’ too. The conversation continued loudly as they discussed sexuality and the things that people enjoyed. Monica revealed that she had never really enjoyed sex and was not even sure she had ever had an orgasm. Jules raised an eyebrow.

“Not even self induced?” she asked in surprise.

“No.” Monica said snappily and went bright red.

“Monica?” Said Sunny suspiciously, “Don’t tell me you don’t own any toys.”

“Toys?” Monica asked.

The three women burst into gales of laughter as Monica watched them all.

“Oh fuck off.” She said grumpily and refilled her glass again.

“Oh my lovely Monica, do hush,” Sunny said. “Come with me, I have an idea. What room are you in girls?”

“7A honey.” Said Mel smiling. She had a feeling that Monica’s predicament would not last much longer.

Sunny smiled at Mel and raised an eyebrow towards Jules. Mel answered with an almost imperceptible nod and satisfied, Sunny grabbed a wine bottle in one hand and a handful of Monica in the other. Together they floated off across the dance floor like two galleons at full sail. Jules turned to Mel.

“OK, what’s going on?” Mel was surprised to hear the slur in Jules’ voice. She smiled.

“I think that we may have two room mates when we get back upstairs and I think Monica might just find out what an orgasm is all about.” She said with a grin.

“Really?” asked Jules. “Do you think Mon will let her?”

“Oh yes,” Mel replied. “Sunny can be VERY persuasive.”

Jules looked at her friend and Mel realised just how drunk Jules was as she tried focus with a drunken one eyed squint.

“Ok you, spit it out.” Jules said. Mel laughed.

“Well I think you have worked it out for yourself honey.” Mel replied.

“You and Sunny? But when?” she asked. beşiktaş escort “Anyway, you aren’t a lesbian!” she finished quickly, falling over her words.

“No my lovely Jules but I am bisexual,” Mel laughed, “and in answer to your question, about 3 years ago.”

Jules looked her up and down. “Well fuck me, you are a dark horse.” She slurred.

“Come with me and I will show you exactly how dark a horse I am.” Mel said and held out her hand.

Jules only hesitated for a heartbeat and the two women made their way out of the hall and up towards the dormitory.


Sunny led Monica up the stairs and the women went and got their bags, moving them into 7A where Mel and Jules’ bags were already sitting on the beds. Sunny dropped hers on the floor and turned to Monica.

“You can say no at any point.” She said softly.

She watched Monica put her case on the floor and look up. She nodded mutely and walked towards Sunny’s outstretched hand. Sunny took her hand and pulled her towards her, taking Monica’s other hand. She looked at Monica who had her head down and was looking at the floor.

“Look at me.” She said

Monica’s head came up and Sunny looked at her.

“You can say no at any point.” She repeated again.

Monica nodded again, Sunny leaned forward and kissed Monica gently. Monica drew in a shuddering breath and responded, returning it.

Sunny cupped Monica’s face in her hands and pulled her forward. The women’s bulk posed no problems as they came together and Sunny continued to kiss Monica softly and gently taking it slowly, she didn’t want to frighten the friend she had always held dear. They stood in the middle of the room and kissed, Monica’s arms coming up slowly and wrapping around Sunny’s neck, playing with the short tight curls she found there.

Sunny’s tongue gently made its way towards Monica’s, Monica responded by moaning softly and pulling Sunny closer. The two women’s breasts came together, pushing together as they pulled each other against one other, their stomachs moving fluidly together.

Sunny pulled away and looked at Monica. Monica smiled, half shy, her cheeks reddening slightly under the black woman’s gaze. Sunny raised an eyebrow in an unspoken question and Monica nodded. Sunny’s hands moved around to Monica’s side and she gently undid the zip running down half the length of her dress. She slid the straps down Monica’s full arms and Monica took her hands out and let the straps fall.

Sunny traced her fingers across Monica’s shoulders and neck, down her décolletage to the bust line of her dress. Monica drew in a deep shuddering breath and held it in, pulling her stomach in to let her dress fall over her hips and puddle on the floor at her feet. Instinctively Monica bent and picked up the dress from the floor, stepping out of it. Her large pale pink breasts swinging pendulously, her deep pink nipples proud in their semi arousal, the wine loosening her inhibitions.

Sunny watched as Monica bent down, her eyes appraising her, her breasts round, not proud and pert but not taken by the ravages of childbirth and time. Her nipples proud but surprisingly small compared to the rest of her breast. Her eyes travelled down Monica’s body, sighing as she watched her friend move, her round stomach swinging slightly, folding and creasing as she bent down, very obviously holding it in. Sunny smiled to herself. Monica’s thighs were wide and pale like the rest of her, wide hips topped them. No angles, just pure curves from top to bottom. Monica turned back from picking up her dress and caught Sunny.

“Oh don’t,” she said with slight anguish. “I look awful.”

“Oh be quiet.” Sunny growled and walked towards her. She kissed her briefly and as she did, one hand gently cupped one of Monica’s breasts, lifting it. Her thumb brushed Monica’s nipple which made the woman sigh, as it hardened instantly.

Monica’s hands came up to Sunny’s blouse and started to unbutton it. Sunny helped by pulling the bottom of her blouse out of her skirt and unbuckling the wide belt she was wearing. With shaking hands Monica finished unbuttoning and she slid Sunny’s blouse down over her wide arms. She turned and put it on the bed next to her dress and turned back to Sunny once more, smiling nervously. For her part Sunny simply stood and watched as Monica started to unbutton the first 3 buttons running down the length of her skirt, allowing Sunny the room to get it down over her ample backside and onto the floor where she stepped out of it, bent down, swished it off the floor and threw it towards the bed.

Sunny stood proudly, her head held high, her ebony skin shining. The hot pink of her matching bra and panties in stark contrast to her skin, her large arms at her side, wrists and neck framed with silver. Her expansive breasts captured in lace, her large stomach only outdone by her backside. Large, round infinitely grabable, Monica smiled to herself as the thought crossed her mind and her eyes escort moved further down Sunny, over her thighs, wide and glowing like mahogany table legs, strong and majestic, clad in red lace top stockings and finished with small but high black boots.

The two stood and looked at each other, Monica now not certain what to do. She stepped forward.

At that moment the door opened and Mel and Jules walked in. Mel dragging Jules by the hand as they laughed noisily.

Sunny and Monica both turned their heads towards the door. Sunny lifted an eyebrow and Monica clasped her arms over her breasts, looking for all the world like a startled rabbit.

“OOOPS! Hello you two,” Mel said breathless from laughing. “interrupting something?”


Sunny looked at Mel with a wry smile and then looked at Jules who was still hand in hand with Mel, her mouth slightly open.

“Do shut your mouth Jules dear or someone is likely to kiss you.” Sunny said looking at Mel.

Mel smiled, turned to Jules and before Jules could do anything, Mel pounced and kissed her. Jules immediately responded far more than Mel could have imagined and wrapped herself around her, kissing Mel deeply.

Mel let go of Jules’ hand, which immediately joined the other around her neck whilst Mel’s hands busied themselves up and down Jules’ curves. Jules wasn’t as big as the rest of them but she still had ample curves. Mel now made the most of every single one of them, firstly pulling her into her by placing one hand on each cheek of her peach shaped backside. Jules came in closer, Mel slid her hand under Jules’ top and made her way up Jules’ smooth back. She deftly undid Jules’ bra clips and then slid her hands across her breasts taking her now loose bra with her. Her fingertips brushed Jules’ nipples which responded and stood to attention, with a soft moan from their owner. Mel broke her kiss with Jules and looked at Sunny.

“Now,” Mel said. “Are we all getting comfortable?”

Sunny laughed and reached for Monica.

“Come here silly britches.” She laughed and wrapped her arms around the pale skinned, large woman.

The contrast was startling and beautiful, a small smile graced Mel’s lips as she watched, memories of old springing into her mind, hours lost to comparing skintones, marvelling at contrasts, getting lost in the love of intertwined limbs, Mel’s almost olive skin against Sunny’s deep ebony. Now as she watched, the two beautiful women intertwined their arms, their breasts coming together, the hot pink of Sunny’s bra contrasting a third way against the pale skin of Monica and the dark ebony brown of Sunny.

Sunny pulled Monica close and kissed her. Soft, light, gentle kisses, her thicker lips making Monica whimper as her own mouth searched for her. They came together finally and Monica’s tongue immediately slid into Sunny’s mouth, searching and finding its goal as they wrapped around each other. As their kiss grew more empassioned Monica’s hands searched for the clips at Sunny’s back.

Finding them, she unclipped her bra. Emboldened by alcohol and fuelled by passion, Monica wound her fingers into Sunny’s bra straps and pulled them down her arms towards her, releasing her very large breasts whilst she continued to kiss her. Sunny arched back slightly and dropped her hands down, letting her bra drop to the floor. She moved back in and put her arms around Monica’s waist again, pulling her in towards her.

Mel turned back to Jules and looked at her smiling. Jules blushed and Mel walked behind her, reaching up to undo the ties at the neck of her top. The front of Jules top fell to her waist exposing her pert breasts, her strapless bra fell to the floor as her top fell and Mel ran one fingernail down Jules spine making her shiver. Moving in behind her, Mel placed small kisses on Jules’ shoulders and back as she undid the small buttons at the bottom of her top, letting it fall to the floor, leaving her standing in her black hip hugging trousers.

Mel moved around to the front of Jules and looked her up and down. Jules’ rose pink nipples stood to attention and Jules watched as Mel appraised her. Mel ran her fingernail down between her breasts and then bent to take one nipple between her teeth. Sucking on it gently, Jules moaned softly, her hand coming up to the back of Mel’s head, pulling her close. Her back arching, her breasts offered. Mel’s hands busied themselves undoing Jules’ trousers. Button and zip open, she slid her hands inside the waistband and down over her buttocks, surprised to find that her hands were on bare flesh. Holding one cheek in each hand she pulled her close and immersed herself in her goal.

Jules moaned as she lost herself in the sensations now coursing through her. Mel’s tongue was soft against her skin, her teeth grating against her nipple, her breath catching as Mel caught the tip and pulled on it, tugging it away from her body slightly. Mel’s fingers busied themselves over Jules’ backside, her nails scraping as she slid her hands over the buttocks, sliding her trousers down over her hips, exposing her round backside. She let Jules’ trousers fall to the floor and expose her fully naked.

Mel stood and looked at Jules smiling. Jules smiled back, a slight twinkle in her eyes. Mel looked at Sunny and licked her lips. Sunny crooked a finger at Mel.

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