Samantha Turns Eighteen


Samantha is the one beautiful remnant of my miserably failed marriage. I was nearly forty years old when she was born and she was just as beautiful as a baby as she is as a young lady. Although I can only share her with my ex, I cherished the moments we were able to spend together and took pride in her achievements as she grew and developed.

I never fought her mother for custody because I didn’t want the animosity which would surely have developed from the courtroom drama. Her mother was suitable enough to raise her properly, especially with the child support money I provided to insure she got the best of anything she wanted and needed. Her mother was well aware if she didn’t give it to her, I would. Samantha is the girl next door personified ten-fold. She has the face of an angel with pearly-white teeth so perfect she could model for any dentist in the world. Her trim and fit figure has gotten her modeling contract offers, which the three of us determined wouldn’t be the best route for her to take as developing her mind was just as important and the body she was blessed with. She has long blonde curls that cascade down below her 32-c breasts and the sight of her creamy thighs in her short skirts is enough to make any straight or bi-man erect… even her father. While she is strikingly beautiful she has a little girl innocence that I can’t even describe.

Some might say she was spoiled by all the things she got, but she was well behaved and loyal to the rules her mother and I agreed on for her. The first major rule that ruled her early years was her “No-Dating Rule”. She wasn’t allowed to date or even pretend to have a boyfriend until her sixteenth birthday. Her mother didn’t have to work so Samantha didn’t have to depend on her friends for rides to and from activities so her schedule was easily monitored to know where Samantha was and what she was doing.

When Samantha was fourteen her mother advised me it was time to have that all important grown up discussion with her, but my ex was incapable of doing it, so I sat Samantha down one Saturday and we talked about what she thought she knew about sex and what she needed to really know about sex. Trust me when I say it was a sincere innocent exchange and I didn’t whip out my cock and show it to her or anything like that as we wanted Samantha to remain pure and innocent. I did have some pictures I downloaded from the internet showing both the illustrated and real female and male reproductive organs and made sure she understood clearly enough that she wouldn’t explore foolishly. I talked with her about masturbation, both female and male and explained how a boy might pretend to need something from her, which he could easily provide to himself. I encouraged her to explore herself by using her own fingers to pleasure herself and insure her that I would talk to her mother about giving her the privacy she would need to do this. The last thing we talked about was the value of her virginity. I explained virginity is something she can only have until she lost it and no matter how much she might pretend and lie about it… it would be gone when it was gone. I told her how the guy she really wanted to give it to would know it wasn’t his to take if she gave it foolishly to someone else. I explained she could even take her own virginity from herself by using toys such as dildos on herself. When I was certain she understood what I’d said I leaned across from my seat to where she was seated and took each of her hands on mine and said, “If you’re still a virgin on your eighteenth birthday I’ll buy you a brand new car… if not you can ride the bus with the other sluts,” She giggled because I guess at fourteen that sounds funny to hear a father say.

As I said we were close and she learned she could and should talk to me about everything. When she did start to date she talked to me about the boys who asked her out and what they tried to do and how she would stop them. In her words she reminded me that she had “her eyes on the prize of that brand new car” In the meantime when she was old enough to get her license we bought her a reliable piece of crap that ran good but was beat to shit by its previous owner. I wanted her to have reliable transportation, but I wanted her hungry for that shiny new car.

When Samantha was seventeen she carried her virginity like a badge of honor and already understood it made her stand out amongst all her friends who had lost it to guys who were long gone and forgotten. We had talked about oral sex during our discussion, but she said when boys would bring that topic up she preferred to remain pure of mouth also because it seemed to make her special that guys wanted to date her regardless and she didn’t have to feel like she needed to please them to get them to date her.

It was her eighteenth birthday and the big party was at her Mom’s house and of course I was invited. She had a small party with all of her close friends in attendance. Her mother was aware that at the end of the party she would be leaving with me and the next day Samantha and I were going car shopping and şehitkamil escort once she selected one we were going to take it on an immediate road-trip to Las Vegas, which was the other special gift she requested.

She chose the yellow Camaro over the Mustang which would have been my choice, but it was her reward and her car. Once the deal was finalized and detailed the keys were handed to her because it was licensed and registered directly into her name. As she got into the driver’s seat behind the leather covered steering wheel and settled into her new leather seats I watched her short sundress shift to expose her thighs so high I could see a glimpse of her white lace panties.

As she straightened her arms against the steering wheel and leaned back into her seat and smiled, she said, “I used to wonder if this offer you made was just a myth.”

“It’s no myth sweetheart, you earned it and you deserve it,” I didn’t want to be obvious about where my eyes wanted to look so I carefully glanced between her smiling eyes and thigh as they opened while she turned to look out the rear window while she backed her new Camaro out of the parking space they put it in for her. I know it wasn’t right, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her panties and now as her thighs were opened I could see how shear the lace of her panties was as I could see easily see the lips of her pussy and felt uncomfortable as I felt I was getting the biggest erection of my life and it was my pure and innocent daughter I was getting it from.

She fought with the shifter trying to get it into gear and I wondered why she wanted a manual shift car, but she was insistent and it was her car, her choice. The clutch growled as she didn’t have her foot full enough on the clutch and I put my hand on her hand against the shift knob and calmly said, “Slow down… foot on the clutch,” and she pushed the clutch pedal to the floor and then with some gentle guidance we shifted from reverse into first gear.

“I would be lost without you Daddy,” She said as we started slowly and smoothly to drive off the sales lot. We had packed together into one larger piece of luggage which was transferred into our trunk by our salesgirl and they already had Samantha’s old car which we used as a trade-in. As she tried to shift again coming from a red light the clutch growled at her again and I leaned her way and put my hand on her smooth thigh and whispered, “Slow and easy as if you’re making love with it the very first time.”

“If you keep talking like that you’re going to make me wet Daddy,” She said, shocking me with her words.

“Too much information,” I replied.

“Oh Pleaasssee Daddy, you must know I get wet,” She teased, as I pretended to cover my ears and then removed my hands.

“I’m well aware of your anatomy and how you must react,” I said, deciding to have an adult conversation with her instead of pretending I wasn’t interested.

“It hasn’t been easy saving myself,” She said, as we made it safely with less and less clutch growls to the freeway and fortunately traffic was mild and we wouldn’t need to be shifting too much.

“I couldn’t have done it,” I replied.

“Guys aren’t expected to,” She said as she smiled when she turned to look at me and I exchanged a smile and then looked down to see her dress skirt had remained high and her thighs were still parted. When I looked back upwards toward her face it was clear she had seen where my eyes had wondered off to.

“Is my dress too short?” She asked.

“It’s distracting,” I said and found my hand instinctively reaching over to take the material between my thumb and finger and pull it down as I did many times when she was a little girl.

“It’s not like you haven’t see one before,” She said as she watched me cover her.

“Let’s pretend I haven’t,” I said as I brought my hand back into my lap.

“Did you know Mom wasn’t a virgin your first time with her?” Samantha asked.

“We never talked about it, but I was aware. I knew she’d been with a few other guys,” I explained.

“Did you wish you were her first?” She asked.

“We didn’t meet and marry until she was older so I would have been surprised if I would have been,” I replied.

“At what age do you think I should love my virginity?” Samantha asked.

“I think that’s going to be your decision to make… when and who. I just wanted to get you to a point where your judgement would be mature enough to make a good decision,” I explained.

“You could sweeten the pot and make me hold onto it until I’m twenty-one,” She teased.

“What would that cost me?” I asked with a smile from ear to ear.

“Three years from now I could exchange this car for a brand new one,” She said with a happy smile.

“I’ll have to think about that,” I said as I discretely adjusted the position of my erection inside my shorts.

“Is that from me?” She said as I realized I wasn’t as smooth and discrete as I thought I was.

“Sometimes you do that to me… it doesn’t mean anything,” şehitkamil escort bayan I replied.

“It means I turn you on. Is that normal?” She asked.

“You’re very beautiful and while you’re not sexual, you are very sexy,” I replied.

“But is it normal for a father to get an erection from his daughter?” She asked.

“I’ve never talked to anyone else about the subject, but I would suspect it’s common, if not normal,” I replield.

“If I told you that knowing you’re hard is making me wet… would that shock you?” She said.

“I think it would make me ask if we can change the subject of our conversation,” I said.

“We can, but I just wanted to know if you thought that was common or normal because this isn’t the first time I’ve had this feeling,” She explained.

“I’m sure it’s normal and I’m more than flattered, but can we change the subject,” I pleaded as I threw my hands up as if I were surrendering.

“The car is mine right?” She asked.

“It’s titled in your name and we paid for it in cash,” I said.

“If I had told you I’d been with a girl would that have changed your buying it for me?” She said.

“Did she use any toys on you?” I asked.

“Just her tongue and mouth,” She said, and it was clear she was enjoying the fact her confession was turning me on something fierce.

“I think I would let that slide,” I replied.

“When we had that talk why didn’t you talk to me about options with girls?” She asked.

“I honestly never thought about it,” I replied, finding myself curious about when she was with the other girl and how come she never talked about it before.

“What if I’d been oral with a guy?” She asked.

“Were you?” I asked.

“No,” She replied.

“Did you think about it?” I asked.

“God yes… many times,” She replied enthusiastically.

“Was it your question if it would be allowed or not that stopped you?” I asked.

“It wouldn’t be penetration, so I assumed it would be ok,” She said.

“So why didn’t you allow it… or do it for them if that’s what you’re suggesting,” I said.

“I didn’t know how much self-control each of us had,” Samantha replied.

“How often were you with the girl?” I asked, unable to resist my desire to know.

“A few times,” She said.

“How many is a few?” I asked as it was obvious she was being evasive with her response.

“I don’t know… maybe seven times,” She said.

“You must have enjoyed it,” I said, smiling.

“It was better than my fingers,” She replied and as we neared an upcoming turn-off ramp she steered her car smoothly onto the exit and pulled into a gas station.

“I don’t think we need gas yet,” I said as I saw more than a half tank of gas.

“I need to pee,” She said, as she pushed her door open and clicked away in her wooden heeled sandals to head off to the restroom. I went ahead and filled the tank using my credit card at the pump and when she hadn’t returned I pulled the car away from the gas pumps to park it in front of the convenience store associated with it.

I went inside the store and asked the first young man I saw behind the counter, “Did you happen to see a beautiful young blonde come in here a few minutes ago”?

“Couldn’t miss her… she’s in the ladies room,” He said, pointing towards the hallway at the far end of the room where the restroom sign was hanging overhead.

“Thank you,” I said and decided to use the bathroom myself because I didn’t know how long it might be before we stopped again. I finished milking my dragon and washed my hands, taking my time and when I went out to the car she still wasn’t there. I returned into the store just as she was exiting the ladies room.

“Is everything okay?” I asked quietly as I approached her coming towards me and the exit doors.

“It’s all better now,” She said as she flushed a blush across her face.

“You were really that horny?” I teased.

“I’m sorry,” She said as we exited the store and I opened her door for her, but she decided I should drive, so I walked her around to the passenger side of the car and opened that door for her. She settled into her seat before I could get into mine and watched me get behind the wheel and adjust the seat and mirrors to fit to my body.

“I didn’t think it would take so long… I’m sorry,” She expressed.

“It’s okay, I should have done the same,” I replied as my honesty came out and I had thought about stroking it, but I’d never consciously masturbated or cum while thinking of her and I know that’s what I would have done.

She reclined her seat and asked if I would mind if she closed her eyes for a few miles.

“Sweet dreams,” I replied as she turned her hips to lay nearly on her side in the seat while bending her knees up and the skirt of her dress nearly disappeared and I realized she had taken her panties off.

I drove for a good hundred miles before she moved, and yawned and stretched herself awake. “How far are we?” She asked.

“A escort şehitkamil couple more hours,” I replied.

“We should have flown,” She said as she sat upright in her seat after putting the seatback upright again.

“Not unless I would have bought you an airplane,” I teased.

“I should have held out for an airplane,” She teased in response.

“You have me curious who the girl is… Was it only one girl multiple times?” I asked.

“I think you know Cassidy?” She said, and of course I knew Cassidy, she ws practically a clone of Samantha except she had brunette hair.

“I do,” I replied.

“Do you think she’s sexy?” Samantha asked, as if requesting my approval of the girl she’d had sex with.

“I think she’s very sexy… almost as sexy as you,” I replied.

“She said the same thing,” Samantha replied.

“About you being sexier than me?” I asked.

“Believe it or not, yes,” Samantha answered.

“Again you flatter me,” I replied.

“Would you want to go out with her?” Samantha asked.

“I’m sure she wasn’t that impressed by me,” I replied.

“I was supposed to ask you a long time ago if you would like to go out with her, but I never did,” Samantha explained.

“Why would you without information like that?” I questioned.

“I was jealous,” She replied.

“How did you learn this from her?” I asked.

“We were playing a game of Truth or Dare,” She explained.

“Just the two of you?” I asked.

“Don’t worry her secret lust for you is safe with me,” Samantha said.

“Did she dare you to tell me?” I asked.

“No… I truthed her, and asked her if there was anyone I knew that she felt would shock me to know she would like to fuck him… and she said you,” Samantha explained.

“Not even a date, just to fuck her?” I teased.

“I suspect you would take her out to dinner first,” Samantha said with a smile.

“I suspect I would… might be nice to get to know her before I fucked her,” I replied.

“How sexual are you with the ladies you date?” Samantha asked.

“I date some ladies because I enjoy their company without the sex,” I explained.

“Because you’re not attracted physically to them?” She asked.

“More or less,” I replied.

“What percentage do you have sex with?” She asked.

“Fifty percent or more I’d say. I’ve dated some ladies I can’t imagine I would ever have sex with,” I replied.

“I’m guessing a hundred percent of them wish you would have sex with them,” Samantha replied.

“It’s difficult to get one hundred percent of anything,” I teased.

“Rounded up,” She replied quickly.

“Who dared who to start the sex?” I asked, as I intuitively felt that was how things had begun between them.

“Cassidy dared me to kiss her,” Samantha said and paused to watch my reaction. “Then I dared her to go further,” She added.

“Did you prefer giving or receiving?” I asked as my lump returned to my shorts again.

“Giving was fun, but having a climax is having a climax after all,” She said.

“There’s nothing quite like it is there?” I asked.

“Not physically that I know about,” She replied.

“Nor I,” I replied.

“Were you and mom very sexual?” Samantha asked.

“Sexual enough to make you,” I teased.

“You know what I mean?” She whined in protest of my answer.

“at one time we were, but our differences affected our desire to please the other,” I answered honestly.

“She says I look just like her when she was my age,” Samantha explained.

“I didn’t know her when she was your age, but I can see you look like her,” I replied.

“Did she suck your cock and let you into her ass?” Samantha asked.

“That’s a personal question involving someone you know and I won’t answer it on their behalf,” I explained.

“Ok… forget mom… in general have you done all those things?” Samantha asked.

“I have,” I replied.

“Even anal?” She asked, wanting to make certain I knew that was part of her question.

“Certainly not with every woman, but with some we’ve done it,” I replied.

“If I would have had anal sex with someone would that have upset you?” She asked timidly.

“I think it would have bothered me if I knew you had gone that far and expected me to buy you a car as a reward,” I explained as I wanted to choose my words carefully.

“I didn’t… but it’s another of those things I wondered about,” She said.

“I think it would have degraded you to give yourself to a boy that way for your first time,” I said.

“It seemed like it would be a pretty desperate way to satisfy a guy,” She explained.

“The first time I did it was at her request,” I said.

“Did that shock you?” Samantha asked.

“It did… I’d suggested it to a couple of girls, but they wouldn’t hear of it,” I said.

“It can hurt… Right?” Samantha asked.

“I’ve never experienced it, but I’ve been told it can hurt and it can also be very pleasurable,” I explained.

“I’ve heard it hurts at first and can get better,” She said.

“Size it always an issue,” I explained.

“Big is not always better back there,” She said.

“Big is not always better anywhere unless the man knows what he’s doing and you happen to like the extra size,” I said.

“I think every girl want to try someone big at least one time,” Samantha replied.

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