Robbie’s Night in Melbourne


This story is fiction.

Luke and Jake were starting the first term of their second university year in Melbourne. They were studying different courses but most weekends they were able to have some enjoyable times together. Their fathers, Laurie and Denis, had lashed out in January with a splash of cash so the guys could buy a vehicle to make them more mobile. And hopefully so the boys would be able to come home to their country town more often to see their fathers.

Jake missed his surfing – the small waves at Melbourne beaches were no good for Jake, so on the occasional weekend he and Luke would drive down to Bells Beach, near Torquay, so Jake could keep up his surfing skills. Luke was still pretty average at it but he enjoyed having a go, and Jake loved having his man surf with him.

Though Luke was happy to surf with Jake, his real love was the boxing ring. He trained two or three nights each week at a local club not far from their flat, and was looking forward to being matched for his next bout in Melbourne on a Saturday night in March. Jake had no interest in boxing, but whenever Luke had a fight Jake would be there to support his partner.

This fight night would also be a chance to catch up with their straight mate Robbie, who was coming down from Orbost for the weekend to have a bout with the Victorian state champion in the super-middleweight division. Robbie’s girlfriend Jessica had a sports camp that weekend and would miss his fight, so Robbie was driving down alone early Saturday morning to make the weigh-in on time. He’d arranged to bunk on the fold-out bed in the lounge at Luke and Jake’s flat after the fight night, and would drive home on Sunday.

Luke was a pretty handy boxer, but Robbie was a natural athlete who had won every fight he’d had in the nearly three years he’d been training. This fight with the state champion would be a real test for him.

Robbie’s father Neil had left his wife and son in Orbost five years earlier to live as a gay man in Melbourne, and Robbie had refused to speak to him for nearly two years, angry at his abandonment. And it made him antagonistic towards gay men.

But when Robbie became mates with Luke and started training with him at the boxing club, he had realised he needed to get over it, and had finally manned up and phoned his father. Neil had been overjoyed to hear from his son, and had come to watch Robbie win his first fight three years ago. They were now comfortable with each other.

The three mates met up at the weigh-in, and after Robbie and Luke been processed they headed back to the flat in Clayton for a feed. Afterwards Robbie had a nap to recover from the four-hour drive, while Luke and Jake lazed about in the courtyard reading and listening to music.

Late that afternoon Neil and his partner Jeff drove over to Luke and Jake’s flat and picked the three guys up in their SUV to go to the venue. They all watched the fights together till just after the interval, when Luke headed to the change-rooms to get ready for his bout.

This turned out to be a cat and mouse affair, Luke’s opponent ducked and weaved really well and Luke found it hard to land a decent punch on him. But finally, in round three, the other man misjudged and Luke landed a solid right to the jaw that sent his opponent to the canvas. The referee applied an eight-count and then signalled that the bout was over. Luke had won by TKO.

Robbie’s fight was the last for the evening, Avcılar Escort the feature bout. His opponent was highly rated, and no-one thought the country boy from Orbost had a chance against him. As it turned out, the champ had a real battle on his hands. Robbie was charging and hammering at his man relentlessly, and though the champ won the bout on points it was a close fight. Robbie may have lost, but he was suddenly being noticed by the other coaches. Afterwards Neil wrapped his arms around his son and told him he was a “bloody champion.”

Neil and Jeff dropped the guys back at the flat and headed home, as it was after eleven o’clock. Robbie was still on a high and full of adrenaline, and told Luke he really wanted to go out somewhere, so the three of them changed into smart casual. Luke had asked Robbie if he’d feel uncomfortable at a gay dance club, and Robbie had replied, “Might as well see how the other half lives!”

They took a cab to South Yarra, and made their way into the club. It was packed, and mostly men. They had a beer while Robbie looked around taking in the sights on the dance-floor. The boy from the country had never seen so many guys dancing together; hell, he’d not seen guys dancing together ever! When Luke and Jake decided to head to the dance-floor, Robbie said he’d come with them and the three men started dancing.

Robbie was soon getting into the space, gyrating to the music. After a while, getting sweaty, he pulled his tee-shirt off and tucked it into his belt the way he could see some other men there had done. His muscular body was on show for the guys and he was getting attention. Soon a slim blond guy moved up and started dancing close to Robbie, and after a minute or so he cheekily placed his hands on Robbie’s hips and moved with him.

Robbie didn’t miss a beat, and wrapped one hand around the blonde’s neck and from then on they danced together, up close and sweaty. Jake and Luke were more than a little surprised to see this side of Robbie. When they all had a break for a drink, the blond had quietly told Robbie “I want to go home with you and have your cock in me.”

Robbie had never so much as had a wank with another male, but he was feeling really horny, the blond was keen for him, and no-one would ever know … except his gay mates Luke and Jake. So Robbie whispered into Luke’s ear, “Mate, is it ok if I bring this guy back to your place?” and Luke had given Robbie the thumbs-up. Five minutes later the four of them were bundling into a cab headed back to the flat at Clayton.

Luke poured a scotch for each of them in the lounge, and as they sipped on it Robbie put his arm round the blonde, whose name was Rick, and Rick nibbled Robbie’s ear and whispered something sexy that made Robbie groan. Luke and Jake took the hint and said they were heading to bed, closed their bedroom door, and sat in bed sipping on their scotch. Back in the lounge-room Rick was quick to rub his hand over Robbie’s bulge whereupon Robbie slipped his pants down and fed his meat to a man for the first time in his life.

Robbie had never experienced good oral sex. Yes Jessica was his lover but she wasn’t overly enthusiastic about giving head. But Rick was a talented cock-sucker and he worked Robbie up, then backed off and started anew, making sure he didn’t tip the muscular hunk over the edge. Robbie’s moans and the sound of Rick’s slurping on Robbie’s cock carried into the next room Avcılar Escort bayan despite the closed door.

Rick wanted more than a mouthful. He stood up, pulled a condom and a sachet of lube from his pocket, stripped naked and then parked himself in Robbie’s lap, and told Robbie he was ready to be fucked.

Robbie told himself he wasn’t cheating on Jessica, as this was a guy, not a woman. Rick rolled the condom down over Robbie’s stiff prong, squirted lube on his own arse crack and then took hold of Robbie’s cock, guiding it into his backside. Robbie gasped with the pleasure of such a tight grip on his cock, then Rick started moving up and down, fucking himself on Robbie’s stiff six-inches.

Robbie had no desire to kiss a man, and he’d earlier told Rick that he didn’t kiss or give head. Rick leaned over, still impaled on Robbie’s cock, and began sucking his nipples and eliciting more groans from Robbie. He rode Robbie like that for some minutes then told him he was going to lie on his back and let Robbie fuck him properly.

Robbie wasn’t about to argue with that, and he quickly had Rick’s legs pushed back and was burying his tool in Rick’s hole again, gripping the blonde’s ribs firmly to hold him in place. Rick started talking dirty, telling Robbie how he wanted to be fucked really hard and filled with his stud-load. Robbie started slamming into Rick who kept telling him how much he wanted his cum-load, and Robbie was getting turned on from the thrill of sexually dominating a man for the first time in his life.

Robbie soon shot his spunk into the condom with a muffled roar, and kept thrusting into Rick for a minute. Rick fisted his own cock and came, after which Robbie collapsed on top of Rick and they lay there for several minutes panting for breath.

The two men finally moved to untangle themselves, and Robbie suggested they take a shower. As they dried off, Rick decided to go for broke and asked Robbie if he could stay the night with him, and much to his own surprise Robbie agreed.

They extended the divan into its double-bed formation, put the sheets on, and crawled into bed. Rick couldn’t resist asking if Robbie was bi or straight. Robbie said he was straight and had a girlfriend he was in love with, and that guys didn’t really appeal to him. But he admitted that at the dance club he was feeling so horny he thought he’d give it a try as he was only in the city for the one night.

Robbie added, “Mate, hope you don’t mind me being honest, I could never kiss a bloke. But you were bloody good sex just now.”

Rick responded that he had been with straight guys a few times and understood the score. Then he told Robbie he hoped to “get nailed again” in the morning.

“Pretty good chance of that mate, but I need to get some shut-eye first,” came the reply. Rick rolled over and spooned his back against Robbie and said “Sweet dreams, stud.”

When Luke and Jake had gone to their bedroom that night, they had quietly shared their surprise about Robbie’s bold experiment bringing home a guy. Luke said he hoped Robbie wouldn’t feel guilty and uptight about it and Jake said they would soon see what the morning delivered. They feel asleep in each others arms.

No-one wanted to be up early the next morning as it had been a late night for them all. But Luke had to have a piss around seven-thirty and he padded quietly out to the bathroom trying to avoid making a noise. As Escort avcılar he passed the lounge he noticed that Robbie and Rick both seemed to be fast asleep and he slipped back into bed himself.

It was maybe an hour later when he woke to a knock on their bedroom door, then heard his name being called quietly. Luke jumped up and opened the door to see Robbie in his briefs, looking embarrassed. “Mate, I’m really sorry to disturb you but would you have a condom spare?”

Luke moved to the bedside table, grabbed a condom and a tube of lube and handed it to Robbie and whispered “Go for it, mate,” which sent a blush of colour through Robbie’s cheeks. Luke was amused, this was the only time in three years that he had ever seen Robbie blush.

Closing the door, Luke returned to bed, and found Jake was now awake. They cuddled together and soon had to stifle a giggle when they heard a moan from the lounge-room followed by Rick’s voice, “Oh yeah, give it to me.”

Luke and Jake started getting turned on listening to the moans and grunts from the next room, and soon they threw back the quilt and started sixty-nining.

As Luke and Jake pleasured each other they were also enjoying the backdrop of sexy noises from the other room. Eventually Luke emptied his cum-load into his lover’s mouth. Jake had then moved around, kissed his man, then lifted Luke’s legs, squirted some lube on his rear and slid his cock in to Luke as they locked mouths together. It didn’t take Jake long to fill his man with a sticky load.

The two guys slipped quietly out of the room to have a shower but as they passed the lounge-room they could see Robbie’s broad back as he pounded his cock into Rick, whose legs were folded right back in total submission. Rick was moaning and cursing, and begging Robbie to fill him with his load. There’s nothing original about the things a man says when he’s being fucked well!

Jake grinned at the sight of their straight mate having man-on-man sex, and he and Luke stepped into the bathroom for a hot shower.

By the time Luke and Jake were heading back to their bedroom to dress, Robbie and Rick had finished having sex, and the two were lying on their backs quietly talking. Luke and Jake headed into the kitchen to start on breakfast, and the other two men shared a shower together.

Breakfast was sausages and eggs on toast, and soon all four were tucking in to the food. Robbie seemed composed and not at all flustered or guilty. When they finished eating Rick said he knew Robbie had to pack up and head off so he’d get himself a cab now.

As the cab pulled up and tooted the horn, Robbie extended a handshake, and said, “Mate I probably won’t ever make out with a guy again, but I gotta say you were fucking hot. Thanks buddy.”

As Rick returned the handshake he asked Robbie, “I know you don’t kiss guys, but I guess we’ll never meet again so could I give you just one kiss?”

Robbie nodded, and Rick kissed him on the lips, then turned and headed out to the taxi-cab.

The door closed and Robbie came into the kitchen and sat down with Jake and Luke as they finished their coffees. “Everything OK?” Luke asked.

“Yeah, no problem. I’m OK with it, ya know? I never expected something like that would happen but I was really horny last night and he was really wanting it. He was bloody good sex, but once will do for me. I want to be faithful to Jess from now on.”

Jake immediately reassured him, “And no-one else will ever know about it, mate, guaranteed.”

Shortly afterwards, Robbie had packed his gear and set off back home to Orbost. And as Luke stripped the sweaty, cum-stained sheets off the fold-out bed he smiled at the memory of his straight mate fucking a man senseless.

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