Luke and I had been together ever since I was 16. He was the first, and only man I’d ever fucked. When I was 20, we got married. By the time I was 25, we lived in a little house with a picket fence, had 2.5 kids, and where the “perfect” couple. That’s why I didn’t understand the whole Koryn thing. I found her number by accident, really, while washing his work shirts. So, I did what any nosy wife would do. I called it. A woman with a really perky voice answered, and I hung up.

So now, 2 weeks later, Luke’s saying he wants a divorce. I was heartbroken, but also hell bent on revenge. I began stalking Koryn, plotting what I could do that would really mess with Luke’s head. But kağıthane escort when I saw her kissing some girl at her front door one night, it hit me.

I began it casually enough, bumping into her in common places, but the night I saw her getting trashed at the bar, I made my move. I shimmied up to the bar, plopped down on the stool beside her, and looked her square in the eye. But I’ll do away with the idle chitchat, it only takes up time. We ended up in her car, a tangle of hair, hands, and tongues. We were so wet, we couldn’t wait to go anywhere, so I lifted her skirt, yanked down her thong, and began to tease her cunt. I licked her thighs, her belly, even let my tongue flit across her clit, but never put my mouth directly on her throbbing pussy.

She disrobed herself completely, and I admired her from her emerald green eyes to her soft, small tits, to her adequate ass and hips, she was beautiful. I lifted my head to one breast, suckling like a baby. Her nipples grew inside of my mouth, and I wanted to feel that hardness in me. I undressed pretty damn quick, and lowered my aching slit onto her chest. I rode her tit like it was a dick, and it felt so good. Then I lowered myself, and licked my own juice off of her. She was begging me to fuck her, and hard. I put 3 fingers in her, slowly, watching her face as I filled up her soft hole.

She was practically crying, she needed to cum so badly. I slid my whole hand up in her, it was so strange. I had her bend over the seat, and while I was fucking her with my arm, I began to smack her ass.

She was very pale, and her sweet milky ass cheeks soon turned red. I was just about to finger her ass, when she suddenly convulsed on my arm, and the most cum I have ever seen in my life flowed down my arm. She lifted herself off my arm, and laid her chest near my pussy. I began rubbing my stiff clit furiously as she slid her nipple in and out between my swollen lips. When I came, I exploded on her stomach and chest, and she rubbed against me, making our bodies all sticky.

Well, next time, I think we’re gonna tie ol’ Luke up and let him watch. Sweet revenge.

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