Red Hot Summer, Pt3


David was barely aware of the conversation happening around him, their voices sounding distant and muffled as though heard underwater. He could hardly think anyway. It was like he could feel the blood draining from his head and flowing into his cock. All his worries and thoughts melted away, replaced by a fluffy cloud of hot, lustful energy.   Tiffany’s body felt amazing against his. Relative to the oppressive, humid heat her skin was pleasantly cool and he felt like he could make out every curve and contour as they pressed tightly together. Her small, firm breasts pressed against his stomach, nipples rubbing against his sweaty skin. He could feel the firm outline of her ribs just above his pelvis and his cock, still barely restrained by his pajamas, pressed against the soft skin of her stomach. He had to bend almost double to reach her shoulder and neck, planting rough, wet kisses on her skin.   He felt a momentary confusion when she pulled away, like a dog who had their favorite chew toy held just out of reach. She gently avoided his attempts to pull her closer again and instead she spun him around. His dumbfounded disappointment faded when he came face-to-face with Juliana, stripped of both her sports bra and her tight shorts. A wide, addled grin spread across his face as Juliana took his hands and pressed them to her breasts.They were large, warm and soft and the color of perfectly baked bread. He ran his fingers underneath and lifted them, supporting their gentle weight and ran his thumbs gently over her large, dark nipples. They hardened under his touch and Juliana made a pleased, erotic purr deep in her throat. Tiffany pressed against him from behind, running her hands up and down his chest and stomach and nuzzling his back. She planted kisses along his spine and moved her hands lower, rubbing the hard bulge of his cock through his pajamas. She gripped tightly, wrapping the fabric tightly around his cock, and whispered to him. “You want to fuck her Professor Mercer? You want to fuck Juliana’s hot, Brazilian pussy?” David still was having trouble finding any words, but he didn’t mind. He was beginning to think that maybe he talked too much. Instead, he nodded enthusiastically, kneading Juliana’s breasts, squeezing them together. Tiffany started to rub the head of his cock with her palm, making his breathing harder and ragged. The kitchen opened directly into a dining and sitting area, with two couches flanking a large flatscreen and a thick, plush rug. Juliana pulled him along, guiding him gently towards the rug. She reached down to a small side table and opened the drawer, revealing a strip of condoms. Tiffany giggled, still rubbing aggressively against his cock. “You’re istanbul travesti prepared, aren’t you?”   “Learned a lesson from Maria and Lucas,” Juliana grinned, and gestured to Tiffany. “Get that cock out and get over here with me.” Tiffany laughed again and obeyed, yanking David’s pajamas off and releasing his cock. He watched as Juliana kneeled on the rug and pulled Tiffany down next to her, kissing the smaller woman deeply on the mouth. David stroked himself, feeling the rigid, almost painful, hardness as he watched Tiffany began to suck on Juliana’s nipples. He had tried a cock ring once a few years ago and it had made him as hard as a baseball bat, veins throbbing just under his skin. That’s what he felt like now, so hard that he could break bricks with his cock. Juliana moaned and held Tiffany close as she nuzzled and licked and sucked at her nipples, one hand fingering herself as she worshipped Juliana’s large, gorgeous breasts. Looking over the shorter woman’s head, she motioned for David to come closer. He obeyed, pulled forward by the eager demands of his twitching cock. Juliana wrapped her fingers around his shaft and stroked gently back and forth. Juliana ran her other hand through Tiffany’s hair lifted her head for a kiss, sucking and licking at her lips. They separated and Juliana pulled David closer and gently guided his cock towards Tiffany, “I think I’m going to need some help with this. Mind giving me a hand?” Together, Tiffany and Juliana knelt in front of David, running their tongues up and down the length of his cock. David groaned wordlessly, his mind lost in a fog of pleasure at the warm, wet sensation of two hot, eager mouths sucking and licking his entire length. Juliana took his head in her mouth, running her tongue in a circle around the tip of his cock. Tiffany leaned against his shaking legs and started to nibble and tease at his balls. “I-I’m about to come!” He managed to find his voice, the muscles of his pelvis twitching. Tiffany and Juliana seemed to have the same thought, both positioning themselves on opposite sides of his cock and pressing their open mouths against him, lips just meeting at the top and bottom. David’s hips began to move on their own, sliding his cock back and forth, sandwiched between their lips and tongues. His balls tightened and his cock jerked, spraying cum. He had never cum this much, thick jets of semen spraying over Tiffany and Juliana. Both laughed as his legs gave out and he fell on his ass on the thick, shag carpet.   David’s head cleared slightly from the orgasm, “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to get it all over-” “Shut up, David.” Tiffany rolled her eyes, fingers twirling around her clit. She raised one istanbul travesti hand, covered in a streak of semen and licked it up with a flick of her tongue. Juliana leaned down and lapped at Tiffany’s cheek, sucking up several drops. They both set to work cleaning up, licking and sucking each other’s faces and chests, not missing a single drop. Juliana glanced over as Tiffany sucked cum from her breasts, “Don’t worry David, it doesn’t look like there’s any problem to me.” David looked down and saw his cock was still standing fully at attention, leaking a slight trickle from the tip. It showed no sign of wilting. If anything it seemed larger. “Wow…that’s an interesting, uh, side effect.” Cleaned and ready, Juliana ripped a condom from the strip and opened the package. On all fours, she crawled over to David and pushed him down onto the carpet. She sucked the last traces of cum off of his still-hard cock and then slipped the condom down over his shaft. He laughed slightly at the color, which was bright red. Juliana kneeled over David’s prone body and rubbed her pussy up and down his sheathed cock, using her hand to press it firmly against her. She was clearly in much the same state he was, her clit was swollen and felt like a small, rubber bead sliding up and down over his shaft. Her pubic hair was soaked and matted, the puffy pink inner lips of her pussy glistening as they protruded from her darker, brown outer labia. She teased him like this for a while but quickly ran out of patience as her own breathing became heavier and she started to let out small, eager moans. She raised herself up and positioned his cock against the opening of her pussy, sliding it around until he felt his cock push its way inside her. Juliana wasted no time, pushing down firmly against his hard length and David felt himself slip easily into her eager pussy. He felt her body squeeze around him, the heat of her pussy soaking through the thin latex of the condom. David gazed up at Juliana above him, her heavy, round breasts heaving and glistening with sweat. His hands slid along her thighs, up the curve of her hips and finally cupping her chest and feeling the soft points of her nipples pressing against his fingertips. He was gazing into her glazed, half-lidded eyes when his vision was suddenly eclipsed.   Tiffany had moved around to him and was kneeling over his head, her wet, glistening slit less than an inch above her face. She put her hands over his and together they massaged and kneaded Juliana’s generous rack. The fog was starting to rise in his brain again, all his senses focused only on his cock, hands and mouth.   As Juliana started to grind her hips against his, he lifted his istanbul travesti head slightly closed his lips around Tiffany’s pussy. Her light stubble prickled his lips and he could feel her tremble as his tongue flicked along the lips of her pussy while his nose rubbed against her perineum. Tiffany began to gently rub herself against him as well, letting out high-pitched little gasps and squeaks as he sucked and teased. Acting on instinct, his tongue flicked from side to side, flipping through the folds of Tiffany’s pussy and finally finding the small, soft knot of her clitoris. His target located he closed his lips tighter and began to suck. Tiffany moaned loudly and pressed down harder, pushing his head into the thick fabric of the carpet.   Juliana moved his hands lower, leaving Tiffany’s hands to rub and squeeze her chest while his were shifted down to her waist. He wrapped his fingers around each thigh and, with both thumbs, he found her pussy and pressed down, increasing the pressure of her clitoris against the top of his cock. The three of them came almost simultaneously. Tiffany came first, nearly suffocating David pressing her pussy into his face and falling forward onto Juliana’s chest. Seconds later Juliana was hit by her own, shuddering climax, her pussy clenching around David’s cock and pulling him to his own orgasm. He came even harder than the first time and he could feel the condom swell and bulge with the sheer volume of cum.   Even as she gasped and shook with orgasm, Juliana kept grinding against him and his cock showed no sign of softening. Tiffany seemed quite happy with the continued attention on her pussy. The three continued to writhe against one another, locked in mindless pleasure.    Carrie watched all this from a couch nearby, rubbing desperately at her waxed cunt, pinching one of her nipples with the other hand. She was completely naked, having stripped off her nightgown several minutes earlier. She had already come twice watching the three of them together and the cushions underneath her were already soaked. It wasn’t enough. Carrie needed more than just her fingers.   She had already reconsidered her original refusal to let Tiffany or Juliana go to town on her pussy. But looking at the three of them, she doubted they would let her squeeze in, let alone the logistics of fitting herself somewhere between them.   But she really wanted David’s cock. She wanted to feel it pushing inside her, feel his cum filling her. She wanted David’s cock… but really any cock would do. As she came a third time, rubbing her clit raw, a new thought occurred to her. David wasn’t the only cock on the island. Mark was still locked up in his room and clearly, knowing what they did now, he was just another victim of the algae. The poor boy was probably feeling even more tormented than she was. While Juliana moaned as another orgasm shook her body, Carrie got to her feet and padded out of the room, headed towards the dorm rooms.

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