Reconnecting Ch. 04


Leaning back, chest and crotch exposed to Wade, it was both exciting and tedious, to await our next instructions from JD. I knew what I wanted to happen, and wondered what Wade would have done if freed to explore. Everything was so intensely heightened with JD there.

Finally, with time for his demonic and horny mind to conjure ideas, JD said, “Wade, describe to me what you see.”

A little surprised, a little annoyed and frustrated, Wade’s eyes moved over to JD briefly, then he closed his eyes and shook his head. “It would look a lot better if you covered up your dick, man.”

I turned to look at JD. He was sitting with his legs wide, his hard cock on display. Looked just fine to me. “I’m not complaining JD, yet I can understand HIS perspective…” I said to him. “Grab a towel or something from over by the sink.”

Glancing back at Wade, I saw his eyes were on my naked breasts and he’d leaned in slightly, poised and ready to dive in. It ached having to wait to touch him, to feel him, to get his pants open. I wondered what his cock would look like once freed from its tight confinement. I turned back to JD, “Oh, and on the counter, my green bag, grab the box of rubbers.”

“Argh, yeah, yeah,” JD muttered as he grabbed the stuff. He tossed a big box of rubbers, unopened, on the bed as he headed back to his chair with a towel.

Wade looked at the box and said quietly, “Hmmm, not sure I’m good for all of those…” I gave him a sly smile. “At least not in one session.”

“Okay, Wade, now, tell me what you see before you, describe RT to me,” JD said, settling back into his chair, a towel draped over his legs.

Wade looked at my face and began, “I see long black curly hair falling softly on supple shoulders. A lovely round face with full moist lips and sparkling brown eyes. I see two big boobs that would probably fill a D cup or squeeze into a C, hanging down with hard nipples no doubt aching to be touched. Full hips with entirely too much clothing, and shapely legs I want wrapped around me.”

“Tell me what you want to do,” JD urged.

Looking into my eyes, Wade smiled. “I want to press my face between those big tits and let my hands squeeze them, then take them into my mouth.”

“RT,” JD continued, “What do you want him to do?”

“Anything,” I replied curtly. “And now.”

“All right, Wade, her tits are yours. RT, you have to stay like you are.”

Taking one last moment to admire my boobs, Wade slowly moved his hands from my knees to my tits, cupping one in each hand and giving them a squeeze. I let out a moan, his touch was like fire after waiting so long for contact. I took a deep breath and watched as he began rubbing his hands around and around my boobs, squeezing firmly and mashing them against me.

He pushed them against each other and pressed his face right into the middle, moving his face back and forth, his tongue sliding from side to side. Then he moved to my hard nipple, opened his mouth wide and sucked in as much as he could of it. My whole body buzzed as he sucked hard on my tit, working his tongue, using his hands to squeeze it. I let out a deep long moan and slid back on the table unable to support myself any longer.

His mouth remained stuck to my tit as I laid back on the table, his hands squeezing it firmly, even roughly. He stood between my legs, at the edge of the table leaning in over me. The force and intensity he applied with his hands and mouth was incredible. It was divine lying there as he sucked noisily, constantly trying to get more and more of my tit in his mouth. He moved one hand over to the other boob and then finally released his mouth from my boob just long enough to take in the other. His urgency and the force he used sent waves of buzz through my tits and to my pussy.

I wanted to let my hands touch his hair, his back, his ass – pull him closer to me, but I remained still, accepting all his pleasures. More or less anyway, I could not control the squirming of my hips and clenching within my vagina that ached to be filled.

It came as a shock when he suddenly pulled back. I opened my eyes to see him standing there. “What? Don’t stop!”

He laughed. “You didn’t hear JD?”

“No, what now?” I said, irritated.

“He wants you to stand on the table so I can take your shorts off and suck on your mound the way I was sucking on your tits,” Wade explained.

I smiled and quickly sat up, took a step on kartal escort the nearest chair, and another onto the table. Wade stepped in close and put his hands on my shoulders, then let them slide across my flesh to meet together and go down between my tits, then along my stomach, until they hit the waistband of my shorts.

He let his hands run back and forth along the waistline, popping a finger down into them briefly here and there. Slowly, he inched my shorts down a little at a time, all the while running his fingers along the newly exposed flesh.

His actions sent shivers up and down my spine, it was hard to stand still, hard to not shove his face into my burning pussy. His unbelievable patience and teasing was so damn hot.

Finally, I felt my shorts drop, and he helped me step out of them. He took a step back to admire the view and ran his fingers over the trimmed hair of my mound. He then moved his hands around to grasp my ass, and plunged his mouth onto my mound, and began sucking it as he had with my tits.

I immediately jerked my hips, clenched my pussy, and rode a soft wave of orgasm. I pressed my hips hard against him and as wonderful as his mouth felt on my mound, I yearned for that same suction square on my clit.

With weak legs, I remained standing somehow, eyes closed, head back, lost to the feel of his hands roughly squeezing my ass and his mouth sucking me fiercely. It startled me when his hand moved from my ass to my thigh.

I looked down, and he pulled my leg towards him, “Move your leg over my shoulder. You didn’t hear JD again. Open up so I can get at your pussy.”

My leg resting on his shoulder, my pussy open right in front of face, I felt his breath against it and all I could do was let out another long moan. I closed my eyes again and waited the long seconds before he’d put his mouth on my pussy. At the first touch of his tongue on my clit, I pushed into him, and had to grab his shoulders to remain standing. As soon as he covered my clit with his mouth and sucked, I came hard and gyrated roughly into him. “Mmmmmmmm,” I exclaimed, my pussy exploding with ecstasy.

I nearly fell over, but he reached up to balance me. When he helped me step down from the table and sat me on the bed, I realized I again hadn’t even heard JD instructing us. I sat and stared at Wade. He smiled then said, “You can take off my pants now.”

“And do not enjoy him more than me!” JD called out loudly.

I turned to look at him, grinning. I looked back at Wade, shaped my hands into a “T” and said, “Okay, time out.”

Letting my naked body rub against Wade as I stood, I took one second to run my hand over his bulge, then stepped over to JD. I leaned over him and in his ear whispered, “Never wudda done it without you, would never feel this hot if you weren’t here.”

As I straightened up, I saw a huge smile on his face. Out of nowhere, spurred on by lust born from two hard cocks at the ready, I put a foot on the cushion beside JD, tore away the towel across his lap, and lowered myself down onto his cock. With him deep within me, I wrapped my arms over his shoulders and began slowly riding his shaft up and down a few times.

He groaned loudly, obviously as extra aroused as I was. As good as it felt to ride him, I somehow found the will to let his cock drop from my hungry pussy, and moved to stand before him. Putting the towel back over his legs, I leaned in again to whisper, “You’re next and I can’t wait.”

Pulling myself from his arms that he’d wrapped around my hips, I moved back over to sit on the bed in front of Wade’s mystery bulge. It was like a present waiting there for me to unwrap.

I ran my hand along the inner side of his thigh then let my hand cup the bugle in his pants. I began rubbing, tracing the outline of his shaft, letting my mind and pussy imagine what was in store. Wade let out a deep groan and took a step closer to me.

I felt a rush of erotic flames flow through me at the new thrill of sharing a room with two hard and eager cocks. The time for teasing over, I pulled open the snap of his pants, quickly lowered the zipper, and reached my hand in to bring out his hard cock. As my hands found his shaft, he pulled his pants and underwear down, letting them fall around his ankles.

I immediately took his cock deeply into my mouth and tried to suck with the same intensity kaynarca escort he’d sucked my tits. He moaned loudly and I felt his hips flinch. Moving my hands around to grasp his ass, I began to take his cock in and out of my mouth as deeply as I could. We quickly found a rhythm as he began pumping. I squeezed his ass with my hands and sucked noisily with my mouth as his cock rode in and out.

I heard another loud groan, and after a moment realized it was not Wade, but JD. He’d moved over closer to watch me suck Wade. Catching my eye he blurted, “Oh RT, you have been holding out on me.”

His admiration sent yet another rush of excitement through my whole body, and as good as Wade’s cock felt sliding in and out of my mouth, I wanted his cock buried in my pussy.

“I can’t take this,” I heard JD say loudly from nearby. “Wade, turn her over, bend her over the bed, and enter from behind. And finish fast because I want in there as soon as you are done.”

Wade pulled back and roughly turned me over and pushed me down on the bed. There was a pause as he rolled on the rubber JD had handed him. It seemed to take forever, as I waited, ass out, crazy with cock lust.

Wade put one of his hands on the small of my back, and with other guided his cock head to find my entrance. He slipped it in easy and with his hand, rotated the tip around. With agonizing slowness, he worked it in a little deeper at a time all the while letting his hands rub and squeeze my ass. I turned my head and saw that JD had returned to his chair and was watching me intently.

Keeping my eyes on his, I waited while Wade ever so slowly sunk into me. I marveled at his control. When finally I felt his balls against me, I let out a breath and hoped he would start pumping soon. Instead, he moved his hands to rest on either side of me, and leaned down to let his tongue run along my back.

He made his way to my shoulder, and while sternly gyrating his hips against my ass, said into my ear, “Tell me, RT, tell me what you want.”

So hungry for his cock to start moving, so sizzling hot lying naked and spread open to two men, I had no reservations about telling him exactly what I wanted this time. “I want to stare at JD while you pump your cock deep into my pussy, Wade. Keep doing me hard and forcefully.” I replied.

Wade let out a moan, and said, “You ask, you get, ma’am.”

I felt his hands move to take a firm grasp on my hips and he slowly began pulling his cock out of me. Just as only the tip remained, he slid back in so fast and so hard, it took my breath away and made me cry out in surprise and satisfaction.

He did this a few more times, each somehow felt even better than the last. With the last ram in, he remained there for a few moments, then gripping me even harder, start pumping in short fast strokes, always landing deep. It was hard to keep JD in my vision as Wade continued to pound into me and my groans grew louder and deeper.

Lost to his sliding shaft deep within me, I closed my eyes and tried to picture what JD must be seeing. I envisioned a birds-eye view of me bent over the bed, a broad burly man pounding into my pussy, our groans and gasps ringing out for all to hear. I almost wished I could see. I wanted to see Wade pump into me with all he could muster – totally lost to his lust – animalistic, carnal.

“Ohhhhhh,” I heard myself cry out again and again. He was so intense, so raw and rough. With every thrust he seemed to fill aches for cock deeper than I ever knew I had. “Ahhhhh,” I cried out louder, loving the feel of his cock pounding into me, never wanting it to end.

“Ahh, Wade, Wade,” I cried out, lost in my passions. I heard him groan deeply in response. “Waaaaaddeeee,” I managed to utter, “Harder Wade, drill me, don’t hold back, ohhhh, you feel sooooo good.”

With a deep groan, Wade somehow found another gear. He dug his finger into my hips, held me tight, and began taking longer strokes to really pound his way back down. Each time he rammed me, I let out guttural groans. My hands gripped bedding, while my tits got rammed into the sheets every time he pushed down to bury his cock in me. My first foray into what I’d considered the forbidden, and I was thoroughly engulfed, riding that excitement to whole new levels of sexual bliss.

There was only fire in my pussy, labored breaths, and loud groans as he kozyatağı escort continued to drill me. I knew I would soon cum hard and when I was able to open my eyes ever so briefly, there was JD, watching intently, squirming madly in his seat. His presence was like a splash of gasoline on the fire as I realized he would be entering me next. I let out a deep moan and sigh and yelled out, “Wade, now baby, do it now!”

He took a few more pumps, called out, “Ohhhhhh”, then rammed in deep and continued to gyrate his hips down against me as he shot his load. This served to mash my clit against the bed and take me over the edge of one of the strongest climaxes I’d ever felt. I lay like a ragdoll below him, nearly passed out, riding the waves of orgasms, fully victim to his cock and long broad body pressing me down.

“Ohhhhh,” I repeated over and over, feeling so satisfied, dirty, and excited.

When Wade slowly pulled up and out of me, I wanted to protest, but didn’t have the energy to move. Suddenly, I felt a hard cock quickly and abruptly slide deep into me. I realized it was JD. With one pump of his cock, I felt my pussy heat up again, greedy for yet another ride. I was quickly charged by the idea of two hard cocks taking their turns.

“You ready for this, RT?” JD whispered into my ear.

“Ohhhh, hell yes,” I uttered in response, “You feel so good in me.”

JD only cried out in response as he’d started pumping. He went immediately into high drive, pumping for all he was worth. I heard his labored breath, felt his jagged pumps. There was no control, no rhythm, he was absolutely a man driven out of his head with lust and in need to shoot his load.

Knowing how out of control he was turned me on even more somehow. My pussy burned again, and heat grew quick as he pumped into me. His fucking was wild and frenetic. Each mad thrust of his shaft sent bolts of heat through me. It added such excitement to know he was feeling the same new and exciting level of sexual energy as I was. His deep pounding and wild abandon was so much more than ever before.

It was not long at all when I heard him call out, bury deep and shoot his load. He collapsed on me, breathing hard, groaning loudly, and uttered incomprehensible words. I’d never seen him lose all control like that, hottest thing ever.

As I lay under him, my pussy still burned, and I slowly began rubbing against the sheets. JD became aware of my movement, and rolled off me, to lie fully spent on the end of the bed. I moved to up to lie at the top of the bed, propping my back up with some pillows. Wade was sitting in a chair at the table, completely nude, recovering. The sight of the two of them sent electricity to my tits. I opened my legs wide and began rubbing my clit with one hand and massaging my tits with the other. I was still so hot, and when they started watching me, the heat turned up all the more.

Leaning against the pillows, I could keep my eyes on them as I began rubbing my clit harder, and squeezing my nipples. I felt my hips moving in and out and around in rhythm with my finger. I could barely keep any part of my body still. My legs kept pushing to spread wider, my hips writhed every which way as my finger kept rubbing.

Again I indulged to imagine a bird’s eye view of the three of us. Me naked, legs spread wide, body wiggling and writhing trying desperately to reach one last orgasm. The men spent and shaky watched me writhe, taking in the wide-open fully exposed view of my entrance.

My finger flew faster, back and forth, moving around, adding pressure. The first little waves of orgasm began, and I felt my back arch, then press back down, my hips jerked. I began moaning out loudly and uncontrollably, everything amplified by the men watching me.

As the last big wave of orgasm came on, I yelled out and pushed my hips up. Eyes closed, I imagined Wade and JD right there between my legs. I felt their presence and remembered the way their cocks had felt. “Ohhhhh,” I hollered out, “Ohhhh guys…” Slowly, I let the intense rush flow out of my body. When I opened my eyes again, I enjoyed looking at the men through my wide-open legs. I could tell in their eyes, they both wanted to still be pumping into me.

It was Wade who first moved. He picked up his clothes and began dressing. JD managed to crawl up and lie beside me, his hand draped between my legs. My body still buzzed as I listened to JD breathe softly and watched Wade dress.

When he stepped to the door, he turned and said, “Until later?”

I winked and grinned. When the door closed behind him, I snuggled in beside JD to rest, review, and plan.


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