PHL>PGA Part 2


As you stand up and wipe your hand across your mouth, you give me a devilish grin. I decide to guide you over to the couch, and sit you down on coffee table. We start a little kissing and stroking, but we soon get down to business – must be all of the pent up frustration from the day. I have you bend over in front of me, kneeling on the coffee table.I roll your panties down your legs. Then I get to lick and finger your holes. You writhe in pleasure, just trying to hold yourself up. The harder I push into you, the hotter you get – and the louder you get. You finally roll back on me and onto the couch, looking for a break. But it isn’t to be. I keep my fingers inside you and work şişli escort them slowly. You are so hot, wet, naked and swollen, having just been worked over for the first time, and you look fucking incredible. Your hips begin to move against my fingers again, your breath still heavy and your hair a mess. Your protests give way to moans as you begin to rally – up for a little more… I fuck you with my hand for what seems like ages. I’m not sure who is enjoying themselves more. Watching your body squirm, your mouth open, moaning and breathing heavily, your eyes closed, and your hands grasping at my body – all because of my efforts – just feels incredible. I feel like mecidiyeköy escort I am in control, and that’s just the way you want it. You finally make me stop, after what I believe is your third orgasm. Your whole body is flushed, and you have a drunken grin on your face, with your hair all messed up in front. You look satisfied. You decide it is my turn again. We move onto the bed and remove the rest of our clothes. My cock is standing at attention, ready to get in on the action. You get on your knees and wrap your hands around it – gently stroking it while looking at it and up at me. There is something about looking down at your naked body, knowing your pussy is still wet and swollen from being worked over – seeing in your eyes the lust – it makes me want to explode. You tickle my head with your tongue and lick up and down my shaft before taking me in your beautiful warm mouth. I can feel your tongue pressing against the underside of my shaft. You feel fantastic, but I want something more. Maybe it was that my level of trust had grown. Maybe I was a little less worried about my ability to perform for you, but I decide I want to be inside you. When I ask you, your eyes pop open and a smile crosses your lips! That makes me feel like a king. You sit on the edge of the bed and take out a condom – I’m so glad one of us is prepared! You want me to put it on, but I ask you to do it – another chance to watch you play with my cock – right at eye level. You slip the condom on, and ask me what position I would prefer.

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