Penny’s Panties


I really can’t say I know when it started exactly, and I suppose one could present a number of reasonable theories as to the ‘whys’, but I’ve always had a thing for panties. Perhaps it’s best summed up in the old adage: It’s the closest thing to pussy.At a fairly young age, I discovered the magic of humping my mattress. It’s doubtful that I was truly aware of what I was doing, but I distinctly recall thinking that I’d pissed my sheets the first few magical times I brought myself to orgasm. My little ‘discovery’ turned into a daily event, and it never occurred to me that as a rule, my mother did the laundry every week, and no doubt that my stained sheets clearly announced my evolution into full-blown puberty. Thankfully, she never brought it up.My freshman year at college was exactly what it should have been – exciting, liberating, experimental, and educational. I’d had a few semi-serious relationships, punctuated by the occasional, fortunate spontaneous encounter, and that, in summary, rounded out my sexual experience to that point in life. With brown hair and green eyes, I’d been working on transforming my popsicle-stick appendages into lean, muscular arms and legs by working out, and playing a lot of ice-hockey. At 5’11” and 185 pounds, I was anxious to get back to school in the fall to expand my, uh, knowledge.But my return home had also provided me with a fresh observation of life around the house. Most notably, I became acutely aware that my sister Penny no longer wore the cotton underwear that wasn’t entirely dissimilar to mine. In fact, my sometimes-ally, sometimes-nemesis, had begun wearing a fascinating array of pretty undergarments, ranging from tiny bikinis to thongs to little more than dental floss, and I was mesmerized… or at least my budding libido was. The mere sight of her pretty little panties would cause a thrilling, throbbing erection that would send my mind swirling and quite naturally, it didn’t take long for me to connect my fond pastime of masturbation with my budding sister’s magical undies.Over the course of my first few weeks at home, I’d developed a wonderful routine of stealing a fresh pair of Penny’s panties, and I’d hide away in my room, gingerly pleasuring myself as I imagined how they cupped her dainty little quim. I’d inspect them, inhale their aroma, taste the wonderfully salty sweet combinations found in the crotch, and all the while caressing myself until my cock was literally dripping with pre-cum.On occasion I’d get pre-cum on the panties and lift them to my tongue to taste the clear fluid, and despite what the girls at school had been saying, I found that I liked the taste right away. Inevitably, I’d be naked, laying back on my bed with the panties wrapped around my aching cock, and I’d forcefully massaged my member until blast after blast of thick cum would spray over my stomach, chest, chin and face. Typically, I would use the panties to wipe the istanbul travesti spunk from my body, usually licking them clean afterwards. Truth be told, I came to love the taste of jism.Usually, after a few sessions of self-exploration, I’d sneak the cum-crusted panties back into her clothes hamper, and explore her underwear drawer for my next prize, assuming nobody was any the wiser. Again, it never occurred to me that anyone would notice — I never claimed to be overly bright.In my defense, it didn’t help matters that Penny was blossoming into quite the beautiful young woman. Standing 5’8” tall, and weighing no more than 120 pounds, she is exactly 15 months older than I am. Penny had matured from a gangly, tomboy to a long-legged, red-haired college sophomore right before my eyes, and her blossoming sexuality could not be ignored. When she’d wear the sexiest half-shirts that would reveal her toned, flat tummy and threaten to reveal her wonderfully perky 34b tits (I know because I read the tag on her bra), she would invoke an instant, involuntary reaction with my cock. I couldn’t resist attempts to catch a glimpse her in various states of undress, whether it was by spying through the keyhole in the bathroom as she’d exit the shower, or by ‘accidentally’ barging into her room when I thought she might be changing clothes. Then, on a faithful Tuesday morning, everything changed.It was a glorious, sunny, summer day. Mom was at work, and I was lounging around in the late morning watching The Price is Right, when Penny returned home from playing tennis. She was sweaty, and damn sexy looking with her auburn hair pulled back into a beautiful pony tail, her damp t-shirt clinging to her breasts, and her little shorts hugging the wonderful curves of her tight ass at the top of her smooth, tan long legs. Confident and athletic, she was truly eye-candy by any standard of the phrase.“Hey, what’s up?” she said as she paused for a second to see what I was watching.“This dude’s about to win both prize packages in the Showcase Showdown.” I replied.“Didn’t you have to work today?”“Nope. Today’s my day off. I’m going to work out with Dave in about an hour.”“Cool. I’m going to take a shower and get cleaned up to go shopping with Deb.”“Alright, knock your self out. Hey, if you’re going to be late, don’t forget to leave a note for mom!” I yelled to her as she headed for her room.As I watched Barker’s Beauties escort the lucky contestant through his prize package winnings, I imagined my sister stripping off her sweaty clothes… imagining her peeling her panties from her downy soft muff… and as always my 6 inches began to come to life. Like so many other times, I listened for her to head to the bathroom, shut the door, and turn on the shower. I crept quietly to her room and found her panties beneath her t-shirt in her clothes hamper. Jackpot.My treasure was a silky nylon thong that was white, istanbul travestileri with little red and pink hearts decorating the soft fabric that was still slightly damp from her sweat. As I raised them to my nose to inhale her womanly scent, my cock throbbed with my heartbeat in excitement. With one hand I held her panties to my nose and caressed my face with the soft, silky material, while with my other I was squeezing my dick through my shorts, tugging on it slightly. I could have cum right then and there.But instead, I wanted more. I crept down the narrow hallway to the closed door of the bathroom with Penny’s panties in one hand, and my rock-hard cock in the other. As I approached the door, I decided to take off my shorts so I could have easy access to my prick as I knelt to peek through the keyhole while stroking myself with my prize. Naked from the waste down, I quietly got into proper peeping position, and excitedly wrapped her panties around my cock, gently caressing myself, being careful to not cum too quickly. I leaned toward the keyhole, and strained for even the slightest glimpse of Penny’s beautiful tan, smooth skin, and I concentrated on quieting my breathing to ensure I made no sound.Then suddenly, the doorknob turned and the door was jerked open! There stood my sister, wrapped in a towel, looking more than pissed. “What the fuck are you doing?!?” she yelled.I was wide-eyed and stunned, and doing my best to conceal myself as I stammered while my mind raced to find a plausible excuse.“I knew it, you fuckin’ perv! I knew you’ve been jackin’ off in my panties! Wait until I tell mom that I caught you red handed!!!” she continued.This was a situation that I simply hadn’t considered. Penny would most certainly tell mom, and I’d be branded for life. My mind was scrambling and my dick was rapidly deflating from fear and shame as my brain struggled to digest what was happening. This was supposed to be another great jerk-off, instead it had all gone horribly wrong.“Gimme back my god-damn panties, you sick-o! Get the fuck away from me!”“Wait, Penny, please… I’m sorry” I cried, my eyes welling up with tears of embarrassment.“You’re GONNA be sorry, you fuckin’ weirdo!” she yelled as she snatched her panties from my hand. “I hope mom disowns you!” And with that, she nearly jumped back into the bathroom, slamming the door shut in my face.“No, please, please don’t tell! I’m begging you!” I pleaded as I cowered in an attempt to cover myself.“Fuck you, you faggot panty-boy!” she screamed from behind the door, and I actually feared I was going to vomit from sheer panic.I was nearly in tears by now as I said to the door keyhole “please, please! I’ll do anything! Please don’t tell!”“Shut up, and get the hell away from me” she demanded as I pled for mercy to no avail.Resigned to a life of complete, utter shame, I gathered my shorts and quietly retreated down the travesti istanbul hallway, to the relative safety of my room. Once inside, I began to ponder my fate. What would I say to mom? Would she kick me out of the house? Would my sister ever talk to me again? What about college, how was I going to get enough money to return to finish my schooling? What would my friends say if they found out? What price of humiliation would I have to pay for my inability to control my sexual perversion?As I sat on the edge of my bed in silence, solemnly considering my options, the door to my room was suddenly flung open, and in the doorway stood my sister. She was still wrapped in her towel, but her face was red with anger, and her green eyes nearly glowed as they tend to do when she’s really, really pissed. In her left hand she clutched her panties, and I was instantly ashamed of myself for noticing. Instinctively I covered myself with my hands, as, up to that point, I hadn’t bothered to address the fact that I was still naked from the waist down.“Wait just a second, we’re not fuckin’ done yet you asshole! You’re not gonna just walk away from me and think this is over.”She marched toward me, and for a moment I was afraid she was going to try to hit me or kick me in pure frustration. “Just what the fuck did you think you were doing?!?” she demanded as she stood squarely in front of me, staring deep into my eyes as though searching for some unnamed answer.“Nothing, I… I just…”“Answer me perv, what the fuck were you doing?!”“Nothing, I swear!”“You fuckin’ perv! You had better goddamn well answer me!!!”“I was just trying to catch a peek of you naked”“I’m your sister you fucking perv.”“I know… but you’re also really fucking hot.”“That doesn’t give you the right to jack-off in my panties while you’re spying on me! Do your bitchy little girlfriends know what a little perv you are? How about I tell them?!? That’d fix your fucking wagon.”“No, please don’t, I’ll do anything! Please! I’m so sorry!!!”“Anything, little panty-boy?”“Yes, anything, I swear!!! Just please don’t tell on me.”“Take your hands away from your little dick” she demanded. “Let me see it.” gesturing toward my crotch.“Huh?” I hesitated.“You fucking heard me, now do it, goddamn it.”With that I reluctantly removed my hands from my now timid, flaccid member and lowered them to my sides. Penny looked directly to my lap and almost seemed to do a double-take.“Is that it?” she laughed.I was compelled to look down myself, and in my frightened state, everything had gone ‘turtle’. Limp, shrunken and retracted, it looked like I’d been standing naked in a snowstorm, and the fact that I like to keep it completely shaved didn’t help matters.“Ha ha! Nice unit, thumb-dick! How did you manage to get any dates in high school?!?”Instinctively, I moved to cover myself in shame.As she slapped away my hands Penny shouted, “Oh no you don’t! Don’t you DARE even consider covering yourself! Now you’re going to be the one to find out what it feels like to be watched.”At this point, I simply wanted to crawl under the nearest rock and die. I was wishing that maybe I’d have the good fortune to have lightening strike me and put me out of my misery.

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