Paradise Isle, Dual Denial


Paradise Isle, Dual Denial

(fetish, chastity, consensual) chastity in paradise

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

This tale is a stand-alone story of an adventure at Paradise Isle. Please read at least the first section of the ‘Island Paradise, The Beginning’ for background on the wonderful island and its sexual vacation orientation. It sets the stage for this and other stories of sexual pleasures encountered on the island.

Stacy and Matt arrived on the ferry with a dozen others, anxious to start their vacation.

They were a handsome pair, but scanning the other couples, not unusual for guests on sunny Paradise Isle. Some of the others were actually far sexier, in one sense or another. Stacy wasn’t showing a lot of skin or heavily made up. They weren’t tattooed or pierced. And neither of them was wearing a slave collar.

But they could already feel the erotic vibe of the place, and it was a beautiful, tropical island, as advertised.

At the greeting station, they were issued their white wrist bands indicating their status as ‘standard guests at one of the two huge resorts dedicated to fun in the sun, and sex, lots of sex.

And that was their goal. To enjoy a fun time on a Caribbean Island, where they could enjoy the surf and sand, and the sex. Just the two of them.

They couple had decided they needed a break from their jobs, and their family and friends and the city, and where better to get away from it all, than in paradise.

From the moment they arrived it had been perfect, and they were delightfully happy with their choice location.

They played in the ocean, and in the pool, ate and drank at the restaurants and bars, and screwed in their room, or in a private little cabana on the beach. Damn! It was wonderful!

For their third day on the island, and they were already into the island’s favorite pastime – peoplewatching, they decided to explore over at the infamous fet resort, where everything was more exotic, erotic and kinky.

“Over there, we’ll just be tourists, admiring the exotic sights.” She said, excitedly.

“And the erotic ones, too.” He added, laughing.

Sure enough, after disembarking from the shuttle, they had only traveled a short distance along one of the paths into the fetish resort’s central courtyard, when they came across a really intriguing sight.

“Why would anyone wear a chastity belt at a place like this?” a confused Stacy asked as they stepped onto a path behind a pretty woman in a metal bikini. It sure looked like a chastity belt and bra.

“Ask her.” Matt prompted. He too was curious.

“I couldn’t.”

Bucking up his courage, he took a couple of quick steps closer to the woman in front of them. “Excuse me, but we were wondering; why the belt?”

The pretty woman turned around, gave them a quick inspection, and then smiled. “It’s part of our game.”

“Game?” Stacy asked, joining her man.

“You’re just visiting this resort, aren’t you?”

“Um, yes.” Uncertain about the point of her question.

The woman chuckled. “I can tell by your bracelets. If you’d like to hear our story, come along. Join us for lunch and we’ll explain. It’s a game we invented at this place, and now we just love it.”

Stacy looked at Matt, who smiled and shrugged, so she decided, why not? It could be interesting.

“Okay. We’d be delighted to hear your story,” she said as she reached out to take hold of the woman’s proffered hand, and allowed her to lead the way into the nearby restaurant.

Matt followed the two women enjoying the view. Stacy, of course looked great in her colorful bikini, and the woman looked extremely erotic in her metal one, with its thong strap splitting her ass cheeks.

They wound their way into the place, and past a number of tables full of fascinating sights, to a table for four, where a guy sat alone, waiting.

Like everyone else, he was good looking and bare chested. But when he saw them coming, he stood and damned, if he wasn’t wearing a chastity belt, just like his girl.

When Stacy saw him, she too was shocked. The guy’s chastity belt looked almost exactly like the one his lady wore. Only a slight bulge at the crotch gave it away as being a male version of the design. And just like the woman’s belt, the thing looked to be tight and secure, but not necessarily uncomfortable. He wasn’t wearing a matching bra, of course.

Their introductions went smoothly, everyone friendly, with Stacy and Matt curious and Dennis and Pat, open and welcoming.

“They’re curious about our belts. So, I invited them to lunch with us.” Pat explained to her husband.

“I hope you don’t mind. But it seems so contrary to the whole philosophy Tuzla Escort of this place.” Stacy added, afraid they were being too forward with people they didn’t know.

“Oh, no. Please join us for lunch, and we’ll tell our story. It’s a fun tale, and we don’t mind telling it.” Dennis replied with a wave to the empty chairs.

“We’ve been asked to explain many times.” He added, and he didn’t seem embarrassed at all, by his metal thong.

As they were getting comfortable, the server showed up and they ordered drinks and food.

After exchanging basic profiles, Pat dove into their story.

“It all started as a bet. Which of us could last the longest, here amongst all the sex and kink, while locked-up?”

“We were surfing the web together for porn. What can I say, it’s a hobby that we both enjoy,” Dennis inserted with a laugh. “We stumbled upon an on-line novella about chastity belts and that got us started. Pat challenged that I could never last, all locked away and deprived. And the rest is history.”

Pat chuckled. “Yah, it became a huge and fun argument, and in the end, we both wound up accepting the challenge. I searched around and found a very good, custom manufacturer, in New Jersey, of all places.”

“It cost a fortune, but the guy was brilliant.” Dennis added.

It was clear that the odd pair was delivering a well-rehearsed script. How many times had they shared it? Matt wondered.

“The belts look very much alike.” Stacy said. It was as much a question as a statement.

“Yes, we settled on that. I wanted the look alike style, so no cage for Dennis. His cock is locked away in a tube, pointing down between his legs.” Pat said with a smile.

Pouting Dennis added, “it’s not all that comfortable, but it sure is secure.”

Pat leaned over and patted her lover on his cheek. “Poor baby. But I love the flat front look.”

Dennis just sighed.

“For our first visit to the island, we just waited until one of us cried ‘uncle’. Dennis lost after only two days.” Pat explained, with a smirk.

“I almost lost my mind; I was so horny.” Dennis said, chuckling. “This place is far too sexy for chastity play.”

“I can understand.” Matt said. Then he added to himself, but you two are doing it…

“After only two days, we were both so horny, once we were unlocked, the sex was absolutely fantastic! We almost passed out when we came! It was the best we’d ever had.” Pat said, smiling. And Dennis happily nodded his agreement. Looking at him, Stacy just knew he was reliving that event, right then and there, in his mind’s eye.

After their drinks had arrived and the food was served, Pat picked up their story again.

“So, for our second visit, we turned our keys over to our concierge, for safe keeping and we forbid her from unlocking us for five full days.”

“And it was even more mind-blowingly fantastic. By our release date, all we could think about was sex, we had nearly lost our minds.” Dennis said chuckling.

Pat laughed, too. “But our orgasms were even better. We screwed for the entire day and night. We spent our last day on the island, just recovering our strength.”

The two of them paused for a few minutes to eat for a while. Then Dennis resumed their story.

“But we cheated. On the fourth day we bought vibrating dildos, and it’s kind of embarrassing, but we used them in our asses. It was the first time we’d tried that, but we were so horny.” And for the first time he blushed.

“And on my breasts,” Pat inserted. “And I actually squeaked out a little orgasm. And Dennis did too, by massaging his prostate.”

“But it wasn’t all that much fun.”

“Nope.” Pat confirmed, winking at her lover.

“So, this time we upgraded. Pat has her chastity bra, and we both have locking plugs in our behinds.” Dennis said with a smirk.

Stacy and Matt were both dumbfounded by that admission. Locked butt plugs? Holy shit!

Pat chuckled. “It took quite a while for us to get used to spending all of out time with those things in our asses. I’m not sure if Dennis is used to it, now.”

“I’m not.” He responded, with a shake of his head.

Pat laughed. “But they do add to our arousal. How couldn’t they?”

Matt and Stacy looked at each other, astounded, for several seconds before focusing on their plates and food; forcing a break in the conversation. They were both thinking; are these two for real?

After a few minutes, Matt looked up. “This is your third time?” He was astonished and also getting turned-on. Actually, the Island was so kinky and sexy, he was always turned on, but these two and their bizarre game, was intensifying his mood.

“Yup.” Proudly.

Stacy had by then gathered herself, and for some reason she couldn’t explain, was still very curious. “But how do you empty your bowels?” she asked.

“Take a poop?” Pat chuckled. “It’s kind of gross, but when we need to, we visit the spa for an enema treatment. They keep us so empty that we only need them once a day, if that. The spa holds onto the keys to our behinds. Gebze Escort Once we’re empty, they lock the plug back in place, and we’re good to go.”

Stacy wasn’t exactly enthralled with the answer. It was gross. Not to mention just plain weird.

“Why don’t you play your game at home?” Matt asked. He was starting to wonder if it wasn’t something he and Stacy might try.

Pat looked at Dennis and giggled. “We can’t. We don’t have the will power to hold off. Here, they manage our keys for us.”

“And at home we have jobs and responsibilities, and when we get this horny, we can’t concentrate on much of anything. Our brains are constantly filled with dreams of sex.”

“And this place is so kinky, it adds a lot to our horniness levels and that makes our releases that much better” Pat said laughing.

Stacy joined in the laughter. “I get it. And at home wearing your chastity belts and bra under normal clothes, would be a problem.”


Just then a beautifully naked couple walked by, and they all paused to look, and admire. The woman had an elaborately tattooed pussy, covered in a colorful bouquet of flowers.

“That’s pretty,” Matt sighed.

The others agreed, although it made Stacy nervous. Would Matt want something like that on her? It was sexy, but she wasn’t crazy about the idea.

After another pause for food and drink, Pat continued.

“This trip, we’ll be locked away, like this for seven full days, released for our glorious orgy, on the eighth and we’ll recover on our nineth, Then it’s home and back to our normal, boring sex lives.”

“How long have you been here, so far?”

“Only two days. We have five more to suffer, before our fun.” Dennis answered.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Matt said. He couldn’t imagine how difficult it would be to be locked away for so long, in a place like this.

They finished their meal and ordered another round of drinks after their server had cleared away the table.

Stacy was fascinated by their new friends, and didn’t mind spending more time with them. And Matt was happy enough to relax in place and watch the sights from where he sat.

They were all comfortable, and enjoying themselves, so they just sat and drank, and just talked about home and work, as they watched the pornographic show pass their table.

During a lull, Pat spoke up. “We’re already planning for our next visit.” she said, dreamily.

“We’ll be locked for ten days.” Dennis interjected.

“And we’ll wear silver bracelets.

“And just like now, we’ll only have our mouths, but we’ll agree to any invitation. We figure all of the one-sided oral sex will drive us insane. Our release day will be better than anything before!” Said Pat with a laugh.

“We decided that we’d avoid same-sex invitations, though. We’ve both always been straight. I’ve never sucked on a cock before.” Dennis said, clearly displeased by the idea.

“And I’ve never eaten a pussy before.” Pat added with a laugh.

“But won’t that drive you totally insane?” Matt asked now fully convinced that their two new friends were, in fact, crazy.

“The one-sided sex? Well, we have experimented with that, and it did make us even more horny, but we didn’t lose our minds.” Dennis said, chuckling.

“It was fun, actually.” Pat added. “It emphasized our submissive denial.”

“Submissive denial?” Stacy interrupted, again astonished by the two of them, and their erotically crazy game.

For a moment Pat looked uncomfortable, but then she took a stab at explaining. “Well, we consider being locked away, like we are, as a form of submission. Not really the whole BDSM thing, but with our sex locked away, in bondage, it’s another turn-on that we both enjoy.”

Dennis felt the need to explain further. “Neither of us is interested in dominating the other, so in our game, we’re both in a form of bondage, controlled by the keyholders, here at the island.”

That admission ended that phase of the conversation, and they all went back to examining the sights for a while.

Stacy thought she understood, what was motivating the other pair, and it was intriguing. Matt, as he reviewed their admission, wasn’t so sure he got it, but, whatever…

It was Pat who restarted their talk. “What do you think? We highly recommend our little game. It’s harmless actually. And we’ve enjoyed sex like never before.”

Stacy looked at Matt. “I don’t know. We’re still very new to this place, and all of the kinks we’ve seen here.”

“Yah, we’ve always been pretty vanilla.” Matt added.

“But you said you were here to liven up your dull sex lives. This is certainly the place to do it. And our little game has certainly worked out for us.” Pat said, as she reached out for Dennis’ hand, while he leaned in and gave her a kiss.

“Are your orgasms, that much better? After the abstinence I mean?” Stacy asked. It did seem intriguing, now that she understood the concept.

Pat chuckled. “They sure are. As in ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder,’ but in our Aydınlı Escort case it’s the absence of sex. We do get so very horny; our release is fantastic.”

Dennis nodded, sagely.

As they were finishing their last round of drinks, a server approached and asked if they’d like another round. They all refused; it was getting late, and Matt and Stacy were feeling a bit drunk.

Stacy then saw Pat look a private little question at Dennis, and when he nodded, she turned to her and Matt.

“Would you two like to come back to our place?” she asked pleasantly.

“We can only use our mouths and hands, and only give, not receive, but if you’d like to join us, I’m sure we could show you two a good time.”

“Well…” Matt said, unsure, and looking at Stacy to see what she thought. They’d never tried a foursome. It wasn’t something that had ever been high on their list. But, here and with these two kinky freaks, the idea was certainly intriguing to him. The idea of Pat sucking him off, was certainly attractive.

Stacy was surprised, but also interested. She liked the kinky chastity pair, and decided; what the hell; why not? But there was still an unsettling aspect to the whole thing, so she didn’t commit, at least not right away.

Excited, Dennis spoke up. “Please join us. As we’ve said it’s part of our game. It will make us happy and hornier. And Matt, I have to tell you. Pat is very good with her mouth.”

They all chuckled, and Pat blushed, at that compliment.

It was Stacy who finally agreed to the proposal. She and Matt had never tried group sex, never attended an orgy, or never sampled anyone else, ever since they’d fallen for each other. But the idea seemed appropriate for their vacation adventure on Paradise Isle.

And if it didn’t work out, she figured they could just forget the whole thing, blaming it on too much alcohol and their surroundings.

Matt was surprised, that his wife had surrendered to the idea. But he was thrilled by it.

So off they went.

Once again Matt found his cock getting hard as he followed behind Pat, admiring the metal bands that split her ass cheeks and crossed her back, securing her sex and breasts. It was indeed, bizarrely erotic.

Inside their suite, Pat grabbed the two of them into a hug, as Dennis closed the door, behind them. “Thanks for joining us. It will help us in our game, and I’m certain you’ll enjoy yourselves too, if you can just relax and let your inhibitions go. It may seem a little weird, but it’s really just free sex for you two.”

“Sounds like fun, to me.” Matt said, laughing. His cock was telling him to just go for it.

As they stripped and settled onto the mattress, Matt pictured some old movie he remembered seeing on late-night TV. Something like ‘Bob, Carol, Ted and Amy’, or some such. Four people lying in bed together.

He chuckled when he realized, they were: Dennis, Pat, Stacy and Matt.

“What are you giggling about?” Stacy asked.

“Oh, nothing. Just picturing the four of us. It reminded me of an old movie. Never mind.”

They’d wound up, somehow with the two of them in the middle, side-by-side, while Dennis was on the outside, next to Stacy and Pat was on the outside next to Matt.

It was weird at first. It took a while for Stacy and Matt to get used to the idea. But before long they had both concluded that it was far from cheating. It was purely for pleasure, and there was certainly nothing secretive about it.

And they wouldn’t be fucking someone else. They were being pleasured. One step beyond the his and hers massages, they’d enjoyed on their second day on the island. One big step!

Kissing someone other than your spouse, in front of your spouse, was a new experience for the two of them. Stacy had trouble accepting it, but Matt enjoyed himself, even though he felt a little guilty for it.

When Dennis began kissing his way down Stacy’s body toward her sex, Stacy was actually relieved. Her pussy seemed more interested in this game than her head. She shivered as he paused and licked at her nipples, but he didn’t stay there for long. When he arrived at her crotch and began kissing, then licking, and finally sucking at her clit, she couldn’t help herself and began squirming and moaning. The guy was good at it.

And it only took her a few minutes to reach her orgasm.

Rather than simply lay there, while Pat shifted down his body, toward his waiting cock, Matt had sought out his wife’s hand, and grabbed ahold of it, to remind her that he was three, and they were together in this escapade. She understood and appreciated the sentiment.

They were still holding hands when she came, and somewhat automatically squeezed her husband’s fingers.

At that point Pat had just begun swallowing his cock, and he almost missed the indicator. When it did strike him, he relaxed, and allowed himself to slide over the top, and his cock quickly began pumping out its load. And he squeezed Stacy’s hand, back.

He thought he heard her giggle, in response.

After she had orgasmed, Dennis, like the gentleman he was, backed off and gently licked around Stacy’s pussy for a few minutes, while she caught her breath, but then he began again pushing his tongue in and out of her wet slit, and it felt wonderful. He was really good, at oral.

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