Pamela’s Panties Ch. 01


Pamela was the kind of woman who held nothing back. If she wanted to say something, she said it, no matter who it upset. For that reason her attitude was deemed by many to be abrupt and even offensive.

It’s fair to say she was a widely disliked person, but for those who really knew her, she could be quite the opposite.

Apart from being my sister-in-law, on my wife’s side, Pamela was also mother of my teenage niece, Sarah, and wife to brother-in-law, Peter. So like it or not she was present at every family occasion.

Christmas presented her with her biggest opportunity to be more than a little loud and outrageous. I remember she always had a new basque to wear which her husband, Peter, bought her for Christmas. This caused her to complain regularly, she could often be seen adjusting her underwear, muttering about it cutting into her.

All this banter was taken in jest and no serious thought was given, we just classed it as a yearly display of showing off.

On one Christmas occasion, Pamela and her family failed to turn up. This was very unusual, however a quick phone call revealed they had unexpected last minute visitors and wouldn’t be able to make it this year, but they would be visiting probably New Year’s Eve before party time began.

New Year’s Eve came and there was a knock at the door.

It was Pamela, this time on her own.

“Just a flying visit to wish you a happy new year, and hope you had a good Christmas,” she blurted out.

“Come on in,” I beckoned, opening the door wider.

After paying the taxi, in she strode. I could tell immediately from her rigid appearance she was wearing her basque. Did she really wear it at Christmas as well?

It was around 5pm and Sharon, my wife, was not too pleased at her impromptu arrival. We had plans to celebrate New Year together and this interruption wasn’t at all welcome.

“Can I offer you a drink, Pamela?” I asked.

“Yes please,” she replied.

I could see sitting down wasn’t too easy for her, and I wondered why anyone would wear anything so restrictive?

I asked where her Hubby and Daughter were, to be told that they had gone to a New Years party and wouldn’t be back till early morning.

A few drinks later and my wife hinted it might be time to say good-bye to Pamela.

“Could I drive you home?” I offered, seeing as not a single drop of alcohol had passed my lips.

Pamela nodded.

“Make sure you’re back before midnight!” Sharon shouted, with a smile.

Sharon knew full well what Pamela was like, and she knew her flirtatious and feisty behavior would be well tested on me. But she also knew nothing would really happen, it was all talk.

Walking out to the car, I noticed a very visible panty line through her denim dress. As we went down the drive I could see her bum cheeks swaying to-and-fro which certainly was well appreciated. It should be noted at this point my panty fetish was well developed and any display of this kind was more than welcome.

Back at her place, just a few miles across town, we parked up and made for her house.

“Have a coffee, or something, before you head back?” she asked.

“OK, but I can’t stay too long as I need to get back.”

“Rubbish,” she replied, “You have to be home by midnight according to Sharon. It’s only 7pm so there’s no rush.”

The kettle was switched on and the coffee served.

Carrying our cups to the living room, we sat down and Pamela switched the TV on. The noise from the TV was welcome as it broke the awkward silence.

I sat on the settee feeling a little intimidated about being alone with Pamela. She had had some alcohol so her inhibitions were quite low. On the other hand, I was completely sober but I was getting a little horny by fact that I was alone with her.

Sitting in the chair opposite, I could occasionally see a little inviting glimpse up her dress. Whether this was intentional, or just the result of the alcohol, I couldn’t tell. I was certainly enjoying it though!

After some TV channel searching, the TV was returned to standby.

Pamela came over and sat down beside me on the settee. Her perfume was slight, but evocative. She sat just that little bit closer than would normally be comfortable.

“Well,” she said, “We have a couple of hours to kill, is there anything you would like to do – perhaps a board game, cards or something?”

She glanced at my trousers but hopefully didn’t notice my growing erection, or did she?

This sent my mind racing. We had always been quite close and I somehow knew that if I asked for something a little saucy, like peeking at her panties, she would probably laugh and give me a flash.

“I don’t mind really, what would you like to do?” I asked.

She came back to me quite quickly with “Mm, I don’t know. But I quite fancy knowing what you were doing in Sarah’s bedroom last Christmas!”

To say I was shocked was an understatement. How did she know? But more so, how do I explain that I was looking for Pamela’s panty drawer but went into Sarah’s bedroom by Çankaya Escort mistake.

The story behind this goes back to the previous Christmas eve.

I went to Pamela’s to pick up some presents that would be too big for her to bring to my house in a taxi. The presents were upstairs on the landing, so while Pamela was on the phone downstairs, I made my way up.

I could hear Pamela still on the phone so I thought it would be fairly safe to visit her bedroom to check out her undies draw, but I was unaware that the creaking wooden floor boards were tracking my movement downstairs.

“Come on, you can tell me. I think I already know the answer though,” she said.

I was in a corner, and she knew it.

The only sensible thing I could do would be to admit the truth, that would at least explain the reason for being in the daughter’s room.

“I have a confession to make. I stupidly went into the bedroom thinking it was your bedroom.”

“Carry on,” said Pamela, urging me to explain why.

“I have a bit of a fetish with clothing,” I explained.

“Would that fetish have anything to do with panties, bras, and that kind of stuff?” she said, giving me a comforting wink.

“Yes. Especially the panties,” I admitted.

The moment I muttered the word Panties I knew there was no going back. I just had to hope that in the future the whole world didn’t find out. When Pamela has had a few drinks she can often be a bit loose with her tongue.

Pamela was remarkably cool about this discovery, and I soon discovered why.

She reminded me about a present she bought my wife, Sharon, for Christmas. It was a set of five sexy knickers from China. I remember it well, and I also remember my wife’s response that she has never, and will never, get into panties that small! Apparently Chinese panties are a single-size-fits all type.

It goes without saying that they got pushed to the back of her undies drawer, only to be used by me.

Sharon was well aware of my panty fetish. She tolerated it, but didn’t encourage it.

Pamela continued, “I knew the Chinese knickers were too small for Sharon as I had bought some myself earlier and they only just fitted me, but I also knew there was someone in your household who could use them.”

For a moment, I couldn’t figure out what she meant.

She continued, “A few years ago, Sharon was having a wardrobe clear out and she wondered if I wanted anything. I think at the time you left to meet up with the boys in the pub?”

I did indeed remember this.

“Well,” she continued, “We used the bedroom as a dressing room, and guess what.”

I shuddered to hear what was coming next.

“The second and third drawers down in the righthand cabinet had a variety of panties.”

Now I knew what was coming.

“The second drawer had regular sized underwear with bras and tights, but the third had male boxer shorts and skimpy little sexy panties, stockings and suspenders!”

So, she had known for sometime about my panty fetish, and said nothing?

“Let’s decide how we are going to spend the next few hours. Can I suggest we scrap the idea of a board game or cards?” she said.

“So, would you like to see my panties?” she asked, in an innocent girly voice.

I could only manage to answer, “Yes.” My mouth was so dry I could hardly speak.”

Pamela slowly pulled her dress up. Being made of denim, it was tight and took some wiggling, but before long the gusset of her pink lace embroidered panties came into view. She sat there for a little while before slowly parting her legs.

“Do my panties meet with your approval?” she asked.

She took my hand and placed it right on the front of her panties. I was immediately aware of the warmth, but there was something else – the dampness. Was Pamela really getting turned on?

“They feel gorgeous,” I sheepishly stuttered.

She ever so slightly moved her hips back and forth while still sitting down, almost motioning me to start stroking her. She rested her head back and closed her eyes. I started to press gently into her, noticing how the delicate fabric of her panties sank into her increasingly inviting pussy.

She placed her arm around my neck and moved even closer.

“I think we should find something for you now. Any ideas?” she asked.

All I could mutter was, “Please, can I wear your panties?”

“Good boy!” she replied.

Pamela wriggled her dress back down and got up from the settee. Her VPL was even more visible now and this made my cock get really stiff.

She took my hand and we headed upstairs.

Arriving at the top of the landing, we took what I thought was a wrong turn. Instead of heading for the master bedroom, we entered her daughter’s bedroom.

I looked at Pamela. She could see my confusion.

“It’s ok,” she said in a quiet voice, “I think you’ll like this.”

I sat down on the bed.

Pamela pulled open Sarah’s top drawer and started rummaging.

“Your quite small,” she Keçiören Escort announced, pulling out the tiniest pair of delicious panties you could imagine.

Sarah was a late teenager of slight build, and her panties looked very small indeed. But they had the desired effect on my lower regions, my cock as stiff as it’s ever been.

“Right, these will do,” she said, holding up the panties. “What are you waiting for,” she continued, “Off with those trousers!”

I got up from the bed and undid my fly buttons. Dropping my trousers, I stepped out of them. Next I removed my underpants.

“Oh wow!” exclaimed Pamela, “This really is doing it for you – you naughty boy!” she said with a wink.

“Come here,” she ordered.

I went over to her. She lowered the panties to the floor, stretching them out a bit. I stepped in and Pamela pulled them up.

She carefully held my cock as she tucked it in the panties.

“Mm, that’s better,” she said as she gave my cock a little feel. “So what’s it like wearing teenage panties then,” she giggled.

“Maybe I should try some on?” she whispered.

I really didn’t know how I should be reacting. I consoled myself that it was only an item of clothing, and it didn’t involve Sarah anyway.

“Go and find me a pair,” she ordered, and with that I went over to the drawer while Pamela took off her dress.

Looking at Pamela in just her basque, panties and stockings was such an erotic site, my breathing certainly stepped up a gear.

I had a really good look and eventually found a suitable pair. I took them over to Pamela who quickly removed her own panties and replaced them with Sarah’s, albeit quite a squeeze to get into.

“How do you fancy wearing a bra for me. I’m sure Sarah has some training bras somewhere?”

I had never heard of a training bra before, but apparently it’s the first bra a woman has when she’s developing. It has hardly any cups, which was fine because I had no boobs!

Finding a nice bra, Pamela put my arms through and fastened the back. I was now naked apart from bra and panties.

“Ok, that’s perfect,” she announced. “I think we should go through to the main bedroom now.”

I followed her across the landing. Her VPL was incredible seeing as she was now wearing her daughter’s panties, which were far too small.

I noticed she was also carrying her own panties, which I thought very strange at the time.

On entering the bedroom, I froze.

“Glad you could make it Marcus,” came a manly voice from the bed.

It was Pamela’s husband, Peter.

By instinct, I hid behind Pamela fearing the worst.

“Relax,” said Peter. “I’m glad our little scheme went according to plan. We found out about your panty fetish, and with Pamela always longing for a threesome, we decided to see if we could make it happen.”

“Would you be ok with this?” he added.

I nodded.

“I see you like my daughter’s panties then?” he said, stating the obvious.

In a raspy voice I replied, “Certainly do.”

It was obvious that my very large erection was stretching the material to the limit.

“Come over here and sit on the bed,” he said.

I went over to the bed and sat nervously on the edge next to Peter. Pamela joined us.

“So, what do you think of Pamela?” Peter asked. “We knew you were after her panties last year, so you probably find her a bit of a turn-on?”

Pamela was a flirt, there was no denying that, but I never thought for one moment that her sexual tendencies stretched outside the normal boundaries. Now I’m faced with the reality that both Pamela and Peter had very high libidos and the offer of joining them was totally mine.

Peter was now gently stoking the front of Pamela’s panties, a dark patch was appearing.

Peter continued, “So you are both wearing Sarah’s panties then,” he stated, “I’ll settle for yours love, if that’s ok,” he said, looking directly at Pamela.

Pamela tossed her discarded panties into Peter’s lap.

“Go on babe,” she said, “Put my panties on and then we will all be the same!”

Peter was a little bigger than me. By no means fat, but bigger and taller. I dare say he wouldn’t manage to get his bottom into Sarah’s panties, he only just managed to get into Pamela’s. Peter saw me looking at him while he got changed. He could see me in the wardrobe mirror across the room!

I noticed how round and shapely his bottom was, and in those panties he was especially sexy looking.

The leg elastic was indenting his bum cheeks, a feeling I knew only too well.

Peter sat back down on the bed. Pamela stretched her arms out and caressed both our cocks though out panties. Peter and I had an embarrassing struggle to be the first to caress Pamela, but I relented seeing as he was her husband. I found solace in cupping a breast that was still encased in the beautiful red/black fabric the basque.

“Have you ever sniffed panties?” Peter enquired.

“Well, I have to admit, yes,” I replied.

“I’m sure Etimesgut Escort Pamela would let you sniff hers!” he said.

There was a pause. We both looked at Pamela.

“I think he wants you to sniff them while I wear them,” she suggested.

I got the message and slipped off the bed to kneel on the floor, taking up position right in front of Pamela. She parted her legs.

The beautiful panty gusset was stretched so sexily across her pussy. I moved closer and took a deep breath, but my desire was really to lick the damp patch Peter had made. While sniffing, my tongue reached out and made contact with the gusset.

It was so erotic sniffing the gusset of Sarah’s panties while her Mum was wearing them.

“Oh yes!,” exclaimed Pamela, suddenly detecting what I was doing.

“I’ll never stop you doing that!”

I took a sideways glance at Peter, hoping for his approval that I was licking his wife’s panties. He had his cock out, stroking, which I took as a good indication he had no objections to my somewhat kinky behavior.

At this point, I had no idea if Peter was Gay, Bi, or Straight. Being part of the extended family I thought it important not to cross any boundaries, but I needed to know if he could have sex with me. That beautiful big panty clad bum of his was having an effect.

By way of reflection, I had had a few same sex experiences with a good friend Barry when we used to work at a TV shop in Manchester. I was now hoping I could tease Peter into the same sort of activity, but I did not want to instigate this.

I was still licking Pamela’s panty gusset when her mobile rang. How’s that for timing!

I think she was a bit startled, as she clamped her legs together, which wouldn’t have been a problem if my head wasn’t between them.

“Susan, how are you!” she exclaimed.

Susan was her sister. They were close until Susan moved out of the area, at which point they relied on text or phone.

Pamela left the bedroom to carry on a natter with her sister, leaving Peter and myself alone.

“Are you alright mate?” enquired Peter.

“Well, your wearing your wife’s panties, and I’m wearing your daughter’s, but apart from that I’m feeling ok!” I smugly replied.

He put his hand on my upper thigh and said with a low voice, “She’ll be ages yet, they can natter for hours you know.”

We both lay back on the bed.

My erection had not subsided, and neither had Peters. Our hard-on’s sticking vertically, pushing our panties proud.

“What do we do now?” I asked.

Peter gave my thigh a couple of quick squeezes. What was he indicating?

He slowly moved his hand from my thigh to my crotch. He was making all the signs I hoped for.

“There’s no reason we can’t enjoy ourselves?” he muttered.

All my inhibitions came to an end at that point. Whether Peter was straight, Bi or Gay, I needed cock sooner rather than later.

I put my hand down to his cock. He smiled and reciprocated. We then held each other’s cocks through our panties.

For a little while, we said nothing. We just caressed each other, while both staring at the ceiling.

Peter broke the silence, “Pamela introduced me to panty wearing some months back when we chatted about your panty fetish. I have to admit, they feel very sexy to wear.”

I responded, “I’ve had a full on panty fetish for some years, and to be honest, my best experiences were actually with another man.”

I hoped my admission would indicate to Peter that we could mess around a bit, or at least until Pamela came back.

“So, have you had full sex with another man?” he enquired.

“Yes,” I replied.

I told him of my experiences with Barry, and that he had penetrated me more than once in our relationship.

Peter knew Barry from years ago. He looked a little surprised at what I’d announced.

“So you let Barry fuck you then?” he asked.

“Yes, I did,” I replied. “After the first time he fucked me, I knew I needed it again. We fucked quite a few times.”

“Oh god,” said Peter. “Does that mean you still might take it up the bum?” he asked.

“Well, I suppose so,” I replied.

“Ok, let me see your bum then,” he asked.

Turning away from him, I rolled over on my side and dropped my panties slightly. I knew by now how eager he was to fuck me, and I was eager to take it.

He released his cock from his panties and started wanking. I positioned myself so my bottom was close and in full view.

He placed his cock in my bum crack. I could feel the warm hardness against my soft cheeks.

He pressed further into my crack before his cock tip made contact with my bum hole.

By this time, my bum hole was pulsating with excitement, how I hoped the next time it pulsated was when he was cumming.

“Hey guys! Are you not going to wait for me then?” came a familiar voice.

Pamela had finished her call, but with me turned with my back to the door, I didn’t see her enter the room.

I cast a glance behind me, she was certainly not offended at what her husband was attempting to do to me.

She walked over to the bed and sat down. The beautiful and subtle aroma of her perfume feminised the atmosphere and made me feel all the more prepared to be submissively penetrated.

Still looking behind I could see that she had taken Peter’s cock in her hand and was rubbing it up and down my bum crack.

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