CAM SEX SLAVE TO REAL SEX SLAVEOnline Sex Slave Turning a Real Sex Slave (Based on my true story of my life) I started my life as a Cam sex slave at very young age, when I was curious of chatting on yahoo. I created an account teenslaveboy17 and started chatting with girls, and guys. The girls never gives importance so, I started chatting with the guys. Mainly I used to get old guys. The basic question asked in chat is “what is your asl?”, or “what you like?”. During my initial days I never understood those questions, but later I realized that they were interested in sex likes. So I started to share my interest with those guys. Also some of them after knowing my age used to say “sweet age!”, “nice age for a bitch”, but I hardly understood , why nice, why sweet or what is bitch. One day one guy with id “matureman”(id changed) said that he is interested to see me on cam, I opened my cam with shyness. But I never realized that he will take snaps of me. I shared my details with him, like in which I study, in which standard I study. What my parents do, where I live etc. On vary next day , I got that person again online, I also asked him various questions. That day also he insisted me to open my cam. I opened and he requested me to show my private parts to him. I was shy, but curious and thrilled. He praised and said I have a good body. By that time he has completely taken my snaps and also made some clips from my cam. Few days passed, everything was normal. We used to chat and he used to request, and I used to open my cam, actually I liked when some one praises me. One day he asked me to fuck my ass with a finger. But I opposed , I said “I don’t like it”, But he said, he has all my information and also my pics and videos. He sent some in my inbox and also all my real informations of school and home, which I shared some day ago with him. He said if I obey him on cam , then its ok, or he will upload all my videos on net along with my pics. Also he threatened me to send my pics and video CD to my school. I got scared and I decided to silently obey his demands on cam. On the first day, of that conversation, he asked me to insert a finger in my ass, I felt very bad and awkward, then on next day he started to demand more like inserting two fingers, three and so on. I requested to stop, but he did not care. One day he told me that he has some online friends, whom also I have to serve as cam slave. He gave me some id and asked me to add those id in my list. It was around 5 or 6 ids. I did, as I had no other option. I was unable to tell my parents. And he threatened me that if every night I don’t be online from 10 PM to 1 PM then he is going to take necessary action.Some time I had to fulfill the demands of them beyond 1 PM. One thing here to mention that he distributed those pics and videos to those guys so that I obey them in his absence. I don’t know whether he used to earn money from them or not. Or it was just their fun. But their fun started becoming my pain. Mental pain as well as physical pain. I got many dominants, sadistic old guys their ages ranged from 30-69. They used to enjoy me doing all nasty and painful things. Like strip dance to humiliate me. Also some used to make me kneeled for 1 /2 hour only. Some of the command they used to give me is as follows 1. Open your cam bitch 2. Take off pants and shirt 3. Turn around and bend so that I can see your ass, spread apart your ass cheeks etc 4. Kneel and hands above head 5. On your four and turn back to cam 6. Come near to cam and show your cock/ass. 7. Tie your balls to your toe and , stand in one leg. 8. Tie your balls to a weight , lift the weight to chest level and drop suddenly 9. Insert small strips to cock hole 10. Lit a candle and drop hot wax to your cock, your cock head, to your balls, nipples, chest and pubes etc. 11. Insert a big candle in ass. 12. Pee on a glass and drink 13. Put ginger/soap in ass hole and pee hole(it really burns) 14. Put cloth pins on nipples, and hang weight from it. 15. Burn pubes,chest,armpit, ass hair. 16. Insert a burning candle in ass, and up the ass in air, head down. 17. Crawl on the floor with hands tied to legs. I had to crawl on chest and cock pressed below on floor( it smashes cock n balls, but makes it hard) 18. Cum with in a specified time or get punishments like above 19. After cum eat it. These are partial list of the commands which I did for a long time. Along with that the list of masters/dominants continued to increase and reached 400 in that id. Some time I had to serve 5-10 guys on one night on cam from as early as 8 PM to 4 AM, I started to become weak. I requested matureman to stop, or I may die. But he was an cruel guy. He never accepted my request. During that time I had to cum 5-6 times per night. Their demand increased so much, that some day I had to bunk my school to serve my Indian masters. Within a year many people made galleries of my nude pics and videos. And I was helpless. All my weekend I had to be busy pleasing unknown old guys on cam, some offered me to pay thousands of dollars for real sex. One good thing about matureman was that he never fucked me for real sex. After 5 years of that day , I have served over 850 guys on daily basis. Now he is interested to upload all those pics over internet as he has completely used me during 5 years. One day he told me that he is now only upload all my pics. I cried infront of him on cam, and requested him not to do so, or I die.But he never agreed, So I made one requested him not to upload pics with my face. And he accepted that request. But he told me that with every uploaded picture he is going to add my present yahoo id, so that people get my id, and enjoy my body. I agreed to that.Atleast that will save my face. Few days back I realized that he has created account on porn sites with my id and uploaded 1600+ pics on porn sites like, etc This story is also a part of a task, which he has assigned to me, so that people enjoy my cam slave life. If you get my pics with my id indianskoolboy17 typed on it, I have a request you to be soft on me and not torture me on cam. I am supposed to type those links here with the story so that all guys can see my pics following the link, Hope soon my cam sex slave life ends PART I CAM SEX LIFE —————————————————————————- Chapter 1 Experience with Chatting:It was Friday evening, I got my new internet connection, I returned from school, after doing the homework of mathematics, I started my net connection. I was so thrilled , I searched some porn sites. After few seconds I felt chatting with some hot girls of my age. So I searched the various chat sites. And I found yahoo chat. It was so good, there are so many rooms. I selected teen chat room. I found some girls online. I pm them, but got very cold response. I started to feel bored. Suddenly I got an PM, and it was a man of middle age I suppose.The id was very funny matureman, I thought why a matureman will write mature. Matureman : asl ? Akash: 14/m/india, ur asl? Mature:52/m/india Mature : which class do you read? Akash: class 9th in xaviers school(name changed), in Rajgarh(city name changed) Mature: in Rajgarh where u stay, I have my friends daughter in Rajgarh Girls school I was so happy to know about the girl Akash: House No 51, Rajgarh Colony Apartment(name changed)Mature: ok, I think she also lives nearby. Her parents live in other city. Akash: There is no one who stay with her here Mature: no Akash: oh, in case u need my help , I m ready. Whts her name? Mature: preety Akash : nice name Mature: what’s your full name ? Akash: Akash Sharma Mature : What your parents do? Akash: he works in the Rajgarh Cement Factory(company name changed) Mature: I know some person in cement factory, whts ur father name, and which deptt he works? Akash : His name is Ankush Sharma(name changed), in accounts department(department name changed) Mature : nice, you give me your and your fathers contact number, if I go there to meet preity then I will meet you and your father too. Akash : ok , uncle ( I gave my n my fathers phone number) Mature : its late night, I need to logoff now, it was nice chat with you akash Akash: same here uncle, bye Mature: bye First chat with him was normal ordinary chat Chapter 2 : First Blunder I made:my first blunder on Saturday night, that is on the next day night on chatting. That day I was so horny, so I decided to have sexy chat with girls, I entered in adult chat room. After few ordinary chat, I was surprised to see matureman online in that room. I buzzed him, he also replied, with kiss buzz. I was very horny that day. He asked Mature: hi love! Akash: i uncle, how are you? Mature : don’t call me uncle , say love Akash : it feels odd to say that to same sex old person. Mature: but for me you are my love, I love boys of your age. Akash: you gay? Mature : I am bi, you might be very sexy boy! Akash: I don’t know Mature: Wht is your body statistics? Akash:36-27-35 Mature: mmmmmmm, you hot I felt awkward to listen such comment from an aged person of same sex Mature : may I see you on cam Akash: ok, u too show your cam Mature: Wow, you so hot, so sweet…… Akash : I blushed, but loved praise also( I was very very young that time) Mature: you might have a great body Akash:?????? Mature: Please show me your body Akash: Can you introduce preity(the daughter of your friend ) with me? Mature: ofcourse, if possible she will your GF Akash : I was so excited to have a GF Mature: please show complete body. I started to takeoff cloths, but I kept my underwear on. Mature: takeoff that too my dear Akash: I feel shy Mature: please, do it if you want her Akash: I took off all cloth , and I was blushing being complete nude on cam Mature: wow, so hot body……mmmmmmmmmmm Now please turn but keep face towards cam and stay like that for a while I did that, I had no idea that time , that he was taking my snaps with my face and nude body. Akash: I am feeling humiliated, I am logging off Mature : give a close up of face? Nice Ok , now you can close your cam Akash: now will you introduce her with me? Mature : ofcourse, just be online same time next day. Akash: ok, uncle bye Mature : bye Chapter 3 Start of Cam Slave Life:I was waiting for matureman , he promised me to introduce preity . I thought she might be a cute girl. I had no idea what was coming next to me. Matureman was online at 10 pm, he buzzed me, I replied Akash: hi uncle Mature: Call me “sir” Akash: but last day u asked me to call you “love”, today “sir” , I am confused Mature: from now onwards you call me sir Open your cam bitch Akash : you sound rude today, what happened And I don’t like any one calling me bitch Mature: you are a bitch, and make that habbit from now onwards From today , you job will be to obey every order of me, no matter what I say Akash: Why should I obey you? You are not my boss Mature: See boi, if you don’t obey me, I have enough material in the form of pics and videos , with your face and voice. Also I have you parents name, phone number, your school address, your residence address. Akash: Are you trying to blackmail me? Mature: I am calling your daad, and with in tomorrow morning I will send all your pics and videos to your father, school and on youtube I got scared, I was confused Akash : Why you want me to blackmail? Do you need money? Mature: no, I want you obey me on cam Akash: Why you want to make me obey? Wht I hv to do Mature: Open your cam BITCH Akash: I opened CAM Mature: STAND UP whore I stood up Mature: Now take off shirt I did as he said, I felt so helpless Mature: Now pants I removed my pants too Mature: now turn and show ass, I felt like an object , which he was turning and enjoying Mature: now bend and legs apart, ass cheeks spread open I did as he said Mature: your are hot slut and I will enjoy you for years Akash: Please never upload my pics and vids, or never inform it to my dad Mature: if you obey what I say, understood bitch? Akash : yes sir Mature: now for today , you may log off, tomorrow be online on same time Akash : ok sir Mature: bye bitch Akash : bye sir Chapter 4 A long painful nightThe same thing continued for days, months..he started to become more demanding , he liked to humiliate me and make do things painful He used to cum, seeing me in pain On one evening at 6 PM when he was online , he buzzed me and asked me to add teron zatson(id changed), he told me, teron is his good friend, and he too will be enjoying my cam as and when needed. He asked me to add teron and follow his orders, while I was supposed to keep a copy of my session with teron and send him as proof. Teron buzzed me after I added him , here is the things which happened that day. Teron: BITCH, I hv all your private data, and I too hv your pics and vids. So be good boi and obey I replied , what you want from me? Teron: OPEN YOUR CAM BITCH I opened my cam, Teron : how dare you clothed , when I m online. Remember, to be complete nude and on your knees whenever I m online I took off all my cloths and kneeled Teron : nice hot bitch, now bring few items ropes, candle,clothpins, weight, match box I asked, why you need all these items And I heard my mobile rang, I pickedup, from other side, it was Teron, Teron on phone : Bitch, see I hv all you private data, never ask why, just do it and he hanged the phone I was shivering with fear I brought all items Teron : show all items on cam I showed all items one by one Teron : good, now you do exactly the way I say I nodded Teron: tie your balls with that rope, tighter I tied, Teron : more tight bitchboth balls must about to brust It was really painful, for the first time I tied my balls, that too so tightly Teron : good, now lift your right leg and tie the other end of rope with your toe I did, but It was difficult, I did…it stretched my balls, tears came out Teron : I like tears of young boys like you, you are going to cry for years. Now stand like this and masterbate I said, I cant even stand, how I masterbate? Teron : do it bitch, or you know wht will happen I tried to masterbate, like tht way. But more time passed it became more unbearable Atlast I fell down on ground Teron : BITCH, YOU FAILED, now you will be punished hardI said,please sir, I tried Teron : “YOU NEED A HARSH PUNISHMENT” I was scared, thinking whats coming next Teron : put cloth pins on your buldging ballsI tried to put pins on my balls, but the balls Ankara bayan escort were not having any skin to fix pins, also balls became red by that TIME Teron : do it bitch, you r too slow I fixed couple of cloth pins Teron : ok , now fix two on your cock anf one on cock head I said :Please, not on cock head Teron : DO IT BITCH, or I make it more harsher I cried in pain, but some how fixed all Teron : now bring a belt, and hit those clips, until it detached from you cock and balls I brought the belt, on first hit, pain rushed upto my brain, I dropped then belt and holded my balls, n cock with my both hands Teron : BITCH, did I asked you to stop? I said “No sir” Teron : then continue, until all clips fell on ground It was like hell for me, some how I managed the pain, but the clip on my cock head gave me huge pain, also my cock head bleed by the last hit I requested Teron to stop, but he said, he yet did not cum Teron : you will stop , when I m satisfied, now masterbate that bleeding cock I started to rub my cock slowly, finally it got hard Teron : but you are not yet allowed to cum, now stop masterbate and lit the candle I did as he said Teron, now drop hot wax on your nipples, I never did this type of things, neither I understand why people enjoy such things But as he has all my information I hv to do, so I started to drop hot waxes on my nipples Teron : now drop on cock head until its covered with wax.It was burning my cock head, but I continued until it became white, but my cock remained hard during this torture Teron : now bring the flame near the wax covered cock, and let some wax melt again. Believe me it was more hurting than pouring hot wax on cock head I was about to faint, but I had no other way but to do as he says I requested him, “please sir, I cant bear any more Teron : you are a bitch, and you are supposed to bear pain only I cried but continued until he asked me to stop. Teron : now you may cum, I am done with you for today. And a good news, all your session I have recorded and I am going to send these video and still pics to your original master, that was my deal with himI cried in my heart and I asked him, that if I can logoff Teron “ not until you cum boi” So I tried to cum, after 5 mins of struggle I cummed, and he allowed me to go, but on the same moment matureman, buzzed me, and told that, now I hv to perform for him, for 30 mins. So I remained online, but I informed matureman that teron has made me bleed my cock, and today let me go. But matureman was adamant and told Mature: BITCH , I don’t care you bleed or die, I just want to enjoy you Akash : please sir, allow me to heal Mature: first to remind you that you are a bitch, I will give you a good medicine on your wound Bring salt, and put on your wounded cock head Akash : please sir, why you are becming so cruel day by day? Mature: DO IT BITCH I brought salt, and before cam, I put some on my bleeding cock And I fell on ground in pain Mature: STAND UP BITCH, NOW Two more masters of you will now join conference, so you better be STAND UP I stood up Mature: Hands behind head, and wait, until they join I had no role, other than waiting for other masters to be online. Conference Call was established. Zenbears, and bsailorboy two masters became online Zenbears said : hello bitch Bsailor: hi slut Mature: slave, now just node your cock, to say hello, don’t touch your cock It was his favourite greetings with a cock.Although it was conference call, but I had no role. Both of them i.e Zenbears and bsailorboy were playing a Yahoo pool stripper game, an online game. The winner was supposed to get me, for night to abuse on online. Mature: Hey guys, from my side the trophy will be akash, winner gets him on cam, and can abuse him on cam until he satisfies. My balls, cock was aching, I was unable to stand. I requested him Akash: Sir, can you release me for today, it cant stand any more. Also my balls are paining and its 2:30 Am at night Mature: BITCH, see, you have no say or choice, you have to stay for another 8 hours if I wish. So SHUTUP and be ready to get used again by winner.Till then you kneel down and goto the corner of the room, when the game is over we buzz and you just come on your knees I did as he said, it is so painful on knees for 15 mins that too at 2:30 am, after sexual abuse on cam for 4-5 hours before. I was about to fall , I had no strength. After 15 mins I heard the buzz sound, I moved towards cam on knees, and I saw zeanbears own me. Matureman: Congratulations Zenbears, Akash is yours for now, until I login again.It was like hell for me. Zenbears: Hello Whore, STAND UP and let me see your beauty. I stood up, silently Zenbears: Now dance It was very odd, dancing nude, without music in a lonely room, like a mad. Zenbears: I must see your cock and ass work, Dance with joy or you cry today I tried my best, but as I said before, that I was very much used and had no strength to even stand. So I could not do as he wanted Zenbears: YOU ARE A LAZY BITCH, mature told me rightly, that you are only good to receive pain and I will give you that I cried infront of CAM, already my cock and ball was bleeding, and again this guy want me to see in pain. I said, please for tonight let me go, I will serve you next morning Zenbears: SEE BITCH, I have you only for few hours, again after matureman logsin , I will have no control on you, also he asked me to give him the recorded version of your cam, right now I am recording you Also in the video your cry has been recorded with your face, and also this video if uploaded on net , then you will be totally exposed So DO AS I SAY. It was like a nightmare for me, I thought , I will die, this way Zenbears: Now I want to hurt your pee hole, bring a small strip or plastic. Which will be inserted in your pee hole My eyes were out, it was like something I never heard, even matureman never asked me to do that. I said “I have no such strip”Zenbears: You might have a match stick? Bring that I brought that Zenbears: Now insert the head of the stick in your pee hole, slowly It was very much painful for me, to insert even a quarter inch of that stick in my pee hole. It burns from inside But I had no other option other than taking that pain. Tears were rolling down my eyes, I some how inserted half, and could not do further.Zenbears: Now start masterbating I said “What?” Its nearly impossible in such huge pain, when my tears are falling, my inside cock,pee hole burining, how can I even touch my cock I pleaded, “Sir, please have mercy on me, why every one wants to see me in pain? What wrong I have done?” Zenbears : The only mistake you have done, is you are cute, and beautiful. Any old guy drools on you. We have a discussion forum on net , in which now a days we all discuss about your beauty and innocence. Even some of us are planning to visit to India, to fuck you in real. So that is your mistake. Old guys like us likes to torture cute boys like you. DO YOU UNDERSTAND BITCH? Now do as I say, or next 15 minute , all your 250 pictures which is given to me by matureman will be uploaded, followed by your latest video. I noded, and started to masturbate, even with single touch on my cock, it was paining like hell. I somehow did that for few minutes, but it appeared to me that my cock is internally bruised, luckily, Zenbears asked me to stop. I thought it’s the end, but the night continued to be a long one…………….. Zenbears: NOW lay on the ground, legs apart, and ass cheeks wide apart, let me inspect your boy pussy I did as he said, atleast its no painful. But although I was not touching the cock, it was paining The time was 3:30 AM. I laid on floor, it was cold and I was dying as it was the month of January. Its was very cold that day. I remained there in that pose atleast 2-3 mins, until he asked me to stand again. Zenbears: STAND UP BITCH NOW bring ginger and and a knife I was shocked to know whats coming next, although its was a remote domination, but I had to follow all the orders , or he might upload my pictures and video. I brought the items from kitchen Zenbears: NOW, make very small pieces of that zinger and show me I almost made 100 pieces of that zinger and showed himZenbears: How many pieces you made BITCH I said “ 100” Zeanbears: NOW PUT 90 PIECES INSIDE YOUR BUTT HOLE and 10 PIECES inside your pee hole I was shocked, as I knew it will burn. But what else I could do, I did as he said, initially it does not feel anything, as the time passes, with every second the burning is doubled, if your hands are not tied, you cant keep it inside Zenbears: YOU HAVE TO KEEP IT FOR 30 MINUTES, i.e upto 4:00 AM as per your time I pleaded, but he showed no mercy Zenbears: I am keeping the CAM in recording mode, I am going to slap, if you turnoff your cam before 30 minutes or if you take out those gingers before 30 minutes, next morning all your nude pictures along with todays’s video will be uploaded on net. So don’t outsmart me. JUST STAY THERE FOR 30 MINUTES I said “YES SIR” I saw zenbears to go idle mode. But I remained there on floor for next 30 minutes, at 4:00 AM I loggedoff, I had fever in next morning and my ass and cock had no sensation of anything, I could not even pee in the morning. It was a longest painful night serving as a cam sex slave for many guys. It was 11 hours I served on cam, my pain may have pleased many pervert guys. Chapter 5 All hopes lost I went to doctor, for consultation, with some medication I felt better by next evening. I hoped that day, soon my this life must end, I started to find various ways, fto stop this online domination. The main problem was that I could not discuss this matter to anyone in real life. So I started to find solution online only. In one morning I was just online , before going to school, I was searching for CAM DOMINATION, I found in USA people were jailed for this, so I started to find in India if some option are there or, not. I entered in a forum, and posted the problem, I got good response, various suggestions came in my email address. One man said, that he can help me to jail those persons, he asked me those ids, I gave him. I was so happy, atlast some one will solve my problem. I went to school. It was a rule, he made, that after I return back from school, in the evening, i.e from 6PM I have to keep my CAM open in public mode, i.e NO PERMISSION REQUIRED to view my cam, and also I have to be in a room called Tops and Bottoms 15 under Gay Chat room of yahoo. He made if mandatory for me to be in that room, and keep the cam open always, so there was not a single day when I opened the cam, and no one noticed. Whenever I opened the cam, minimum 5-10 offlines and 10-15 chat PMs used to come evenif he was offline. He made me a public whore, whom everyone knows and everyone gets pleasure from me. Almost 50 persons remains in that room, and I believe that all were his friends or knew me. They used to pm me in a systematic coordinated way, sometime I had to perform for the whole room. It becomes more difficult to meet everybody’s demand. Things went haphazard, they fought with each other. Some used to say show your ass, some used to say, masterbate. I had to be confused. As all of them had those pics which matureman gave them. So I had to please all, but 50 guys when instruct you to do something on cam, it is not that easy. Finally they sorted out that chaotic problem. The room number 15 used to select a head tormentor, who gave me instructions after a due voting. Back to story, after the school when I opened the cam, I saw room number is already having 49 guys, when I joined it became 50. I was greeted with various slangs in local language as well as in English. Some said hi “Randi”, some said “Hi WHORE”. I felt very much degraded and humiliated. There I found a id dommastersir39, he greeted me, and said “BITCH CAN YOU RECOGNIZE ME?” I said “no sir” I had to call every body “sir”, whoever calls me “Bitch” dommastersir39 : We met this morning in a forum, and you sought my help, I am here to help you. I said “ you told me you will help me, but why you are here calling me bitch” dommastersir39: SEE MY ID BITCH, I am a dom, I like young boys on cam obeying me. That’s the actual help. Whatever id you gave me, I used them to contact your original tormentor, i.e matureman , he gave me all videos and pictures, its so hot, So now I also own you. So obey my orders too. dommastersir39: TAKEOFF YOUR SCHOOL UNIFORM, and stand nude infront of CAM you slut I did, that dommastersir39: (in room 15), as all of you know our bitch boy, so I m having an idea of abusing this dirty whore in a unique way. We ask him 10 question, for every false answer he will have to insert pins in his sensitive body part. He is saying truth of false, that will be decided by the room voting, do every member agree. As I said before room 15 was only for abusing me. All members knew me, so every one agreed. dommastersir39: I will ask the question? And the bitch will answer. Before I start , BITCH BRING 10 PINS I said I don’t hv dommastersir39: goto near by shop and come within 10 mins I rushed to bring pins, I had to buy 100 pins for Rs 10. After I reached home, I had to again undress infront of cam. The session started dommastersir39: What is your age bitch? I answered 15 dommastersir39: room voting please… first member said “as his id says indianskoolboy17, so he is 17 year old, this bitch saying false…” Entire room typed false, almost 40-50 people typed “false” dommastersir39: Ok as the room thinks you are tell lie, so you hv to insert a pin, in your right nipple. Room: COMEON BITCH……, DO IT WHORE….., BITCHES LIKE YOU DESERVE PAIN…… I pleaded every one, not to give such pain, but no one showed any mercy I closed my eyes, and touched the nipple with the tip of 1 inch pin, Room started shouting, do it fast bitch, or your videos will come in youtube I was helpless , it was painful but I had to do it. blood oozed from my nipple. The room clapped Dommastersir39: next question, “Do you like pain?” I said “No” In the meantime many guys started giving separate orders, fighting with each other for me which was impossible to fulfill, So they found a unique way. They made a abuse committee, which consisted of senior most 5 guys, mainly gae 60-70, including dommastersir39, actually it was his idea, to sort out the problem. The committee used to decide what I will do on cam, from 6PM to 2 AM, things like how many times I will cum, like what will be the degree Escort bayan Ankara of my abuse, torture or punishments. Among the members some were given the responsibility to record the CAM SESSIONS, some were given the responsibility to distribute all those in that closed circle of 50- 60 guys. Within a span of 1 year the circle has increased from 50 to 300 guys. Which created heavy load on me, like I had to be online upto 4 am, some time whole day with 2-3 hours sleep break, skipping schools. I failed twice in ninth standard. During that time I was desparate to come out from that situation, but found no measure, everyday 3-5 people got added in my list, as my master matureman had my username and password. The only rule was my regular presence on cam from 6 PM to 2 AM some times 4 AM, until all guys gets satisfied. For Saturdays/Sundays, the whole day I had to sit on cam. Even sometime I had to take pee,shit and bath infront of cam. By that time the user lists increased to 800+, many guys over internet new my name. One day i got an order from the committee that, I have to now perform on live cam on, already my account was created by them, only I had to login., is a public cam show, where I had to perform for many days. Many unknown guys started to watch me, things were going out of my control. Even sometime, I had received calls to wake up from sleep, and start my cam, people treated me like a piece of meat, with no choice of mine, I had to cum, if they want, I had to bath in mid night if they want, I had to whip my cock if they enjoy. I had almost no right on my own body. It was a public property and I was a public whore. Even during winter with high fever, I had to perform for them, nude, shivering. Mainly it was difficult to please perverts in conference calls, when two-three old dom pervert joins in one place, the cruelest possible abuse they do. I felt humiliated, and objectified when they discussed about me open in room no 15. Most of the guys, remarked about my sexuality, my body, my ass, my lips, my tits, my cock and balls. I was addressed as slave akash, or slut, whore, bitch etc. I had no say, some time I had to stay nude, keeping my cam open, for inspection by all, it was almost like a rule, from 6 Pm, I had to open my cam, staying nude in front of cam, on knees and hands above head. Then some one buzzes and I had to obey that guys without saying anything. Some time, I was taken in another chat rooms, for demonstration, of my sexuality to increase my agony, my pain. Many guys tried to purchase me, or sell me to slave market, but matureman stopped them from that. Once a group from Australia wanted to come to India only have real sex with me, also I got offer from Suana Club, Milan ,Italy for being a slave of the club members. Every day I get a new offer, but some how I got away from it. Mainly the middle aged guys and old guys above 50-60 likes my body, they lust to have me in their bed room. 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I was instructed to insert a candle in my ass, and my cock balls tied, and also I have nice tits, which I was supposed to tie with some thread, so that it can be visible from outside. I inserted a candle before wearing the panty, then tied my cock and balls, as well as tits. All three things were visible from my school uniform. I felt very much helpless and objectified. I felt like I have no control over my life, as if I am an object of sex for others, as if I am made to please others, a piece of meat, a toy to play with. So, at 8 AM morning I started to walk by the road, many people looked at me, and smiled disgracefully. Both old men,women, young boys, girls, just stared at my buldging cock, protruding ass candle, and my tits which they understood is tied from inside. When I reached the school, I saw a black van standing near the gate, my heart started pounding. One guy came near and asked my yahoo chat id, Are you indianskoolboy17? I nodded. The guy harshly told “get inside BITCH” I realized that perhaps this is end of my free life, and now onwards I have to lead a sex slave’s life. When I entered the Van, I saw my friend’s father sitting beside me, along with few other guys. I said uncle? He said ‘NOT UNCLE , YOU ARE A SLUT,AND EVERY ONE KNOWS IT” CALL ME SIR, YOU WHORE He slapped me on face many times, and said, “IF YOU CALL ME UNCLE AGAIN I WILL CUT YOUR COCK” I was so scared, I said “SORRY SIR” Then the van started moving and they started to play with my body. I tried to stop their play, I started to cry. But one of the guy told. BITCH DON’T CRY, AS WE ARE ONLY TAKING YOU FOR 7 DAYS, JUST RELAX Another who was sitting on my right just slapped my face, and said “YOU ARE A SLUT, ENJOY THE ABUSE” My friends Dad(Ankur), asked them to tied my hands from behind, so that he can play with my cock and tits. I started to scream when I saw myself getting tied for real. “Like Help!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOME ONE HELP!!!!!!!!!” Ankur “Just punched on my stomach and hammred my cock with his fist” I yelled in pain He told “IF YOU SCREAM AGAIN WE WILL KILL YOU, BITCH” Ankur told other guys, “JUST TIE HIS HANDS AND GAG HIS MOUTH,AND CUT ALL HIS CLOTH,I WANT THE BITCH NAKED” I was helpless, they tied my hands and gagged my mouth. The guy in my right started to cut my cloths with a knife, another was rubbing my cock which was tied inside. Within few minutes they made me naked. It took around 3 hours journey, when the van reached a old house in another village like area. The whole journey one by one all the guys fucked my ass including the driver. I was half dragged , half lifted by them inside the house. They all were sadistist, they had all equipment to torture me. In side the room there was a hook and this already hooked to a wall, and then they got a piece of rope, tied one end to the bag(heavy), and the other to my dick(include balls) and then they put the rope over the hook so that it starts to pull my dick and balls, then they tied my hands behind my back. and they wanted to make me more suffer so make me balance myself on a plank with a circular object under it. keep in mind that if you are in this position and then go on toes to get higher, you cannot come back down because of the weight! I was made to stand there for 3 hours, until they finished their dinner and drink. I was ****d for three hours inside the van by 5 guys, I was hungry, now I was made to stand like this, I was crying pain and agony. During their drink, I heard about their future plans with me, it was too scary. They were dividing their time with me, like who will fuck me at which time, I was feeling so helpless and like a play toy for those old guys. Also they planned to purchase some torture devices to hear my scream and see my tears. After they finished their discussion, they came near me, where I was trying hard to balance myself, so that I don’t get hurt by balls and cock, but they kicked that ball which was below the plank, I was literally hanging by balls. Then they took me off and one of the big hunky guy lifted me to the bed, and thrown me on bed. My hands were still tied, they all fucked me two at time, my throat became sore by rough fucking by hard cocks, my ass were sore from before only. Finally when their load was finished they slept on the bed, leaving me tied to the bed post. With me no one was there, I was thirsty as well as hungry. I heard their plan, they decided to keep me hungry and weak for two days and after two days they will give me one meal, like that in seven days they will give me only three meals. This will do two purpose solved, they like a slim boy as well as weak boy, who can’t fight back. Also that will keep them begging them for food and water, so they can make me do anything they like. I slept thirsty and hungry whole night, tied and nude on the bed. In mid night, someone slapped my face, It was Atul(my friends father), he told “BITCH WAKE UP”, I need to pee, I was shocked why he is waking me up, I had no idea, what he had in his mind. I could not ask anything, apart from looking at his face, as my mouth was still gagged. He removed my gag, I thought he is soft on me, so I can find a way out,I said “Uncle, please take me out of this mess, please”, He slapped me harder many times on my face, leaving my cheeks red. He said “BITCH, I AM NOT IN A MOOD TO LISTEN YOU PLEA”, so OPEN YOUR MOUTH I NEED TO PEE”, I was shocked , tears rolling down my cheeks, what he is saying. “I CANT DO IT, PLEASE……………” He shouted “WHORE, YOU ARE MADE TO PLEASE AND SERVE MEN, YOU ARE A SLUT WHO MUST LISTEN EVERY ORDER, OR TODAYS REAL SEX VIDEO AND ALL PREVIOUS CAM VIDEOS WILL BE OUT ON NET SOON, SO BETTER OBEY” I obeyed, I opened my mouth, and he peed on my mouth, I had to drink all his pungent piss, after I drank all his piss, he again fucked my mouth and off loaded his cum on my face, and left to sleep again. That way three guys fucked me in mid night. I slept very late night when the last guy fucked me at 3 AM, I slept or I lost my sense I don’t know, until some one hit my cock with a belt, that was their way to say good morning. My cries and pain was like music to their ears. I was forced to take bath in cold water, and they recorded my bath scenes, they gave me bra and panty and they asked me to pose like a girl taking shower, also they gave me a white towel, which I was supposed to wear like a girl. They showed me poses in which I had to stand, while they recorded me. Finally after I took shower they played with my body again. I was too much hungry, I asked them food and water, but no one paid any attention to it, I was dying with my hunger, I told them I will every thing they like, if they give me food and water. One of the guy laughed and told me, that I have to obey them anyway, whether they give me food or not for seven days, I got too scared, I kept my mouth shut. It was 10 AM, my school time. Three of them left, keeping two to baby sit me, I thought I will get some rest, but I was wrong. They wanted to keep me weak, tired and hungry. More I become tired , more I become weak , it will be more easy them to abuse me, as I wont be able to resist what they do with me. So one of them asked me to clean the room, while my cock and ball tied and they holding the leash. Two of them made me clean the whole room, made me clean all the kitchen and tensile. Finally they tied me with a long chain and locked in the kitchen with a pillar, so that I can move freely in the kitchen, but can not move out of kitchen. They asked me to cook rice and vegetables. While they started to watch TV, they gave one hour to do the work, while they burnt something in the kitchen which made the kitchen too much smoky, I could barely see anything, I cut my finger twice and also burnt my skin while cooking, they wanted some accident to happen , also they wanted me not to cook within the given time. Their intentions were fulfilled, as I was very much weak, I could not complete the work within one hour, I was prohibited to eat anything I cook, also my mouth was gagged. I was only crying. After one hour they brusted in the kitchen , started scolding me in slang. They said “ YOU DIRTY WHORE, WHY YET THE FOOD IS NOT READY” I told “SIR iits almost ready” He said “NO, WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING, YOU MUST LEARN SOME PUNCTUALITY AND DISCIPLINE” AFTER THEY COOKING COME IN THE DRAWING ROOM, YOU MUST GET PUNISHED” I pleaded, “sir I am already too weak, and hungry, also you are fucking and r****g me since last 24 hours”, I had only 2-3 hours of sleep. Please spare me” He said “BITCHES LIKE YOU MUST ALWAYS BE WEAK,TIRED , SO THAT GUYS LIKE US, CAN ABUSE YOU” ALSO WHORES LIKE YOU MUST ALWAYS CRY, AS WE LIKE YOU WHEN YOU CRY” I pleaded “SIR, have some mercy on me, you also has son of my age, please don’t punish me” One of the hunky guy, punched my belly, I fell on the ground. Another guy lifted me and that hunky Bayan escort Ankara guy, again punched me many times in my stomach, I could not move or fall this time, as another guy holding me from back. After he was satisfied with my scream, he left punching me, and said this was for arguing, NOW after finishing your cooking come to drawing room, saying that they unlocked the chain and left in the drawing room, I fell on the ground, I squirming in pain, I layed on ground for more than 10 mins, after that I slowly got up and finished the cooking. After I finished the cooking , I went slowly to the drawing room, where those guys were watching TV, when I entered they asked me to kneel before them, I did . I was completely nude and I had blood in my mouth by the strong punches he gave me. They liked me in nude, kneeled before them, and they also enjoyed the blood from my mouth and nose. They started to show me the equipments they purchased, they wanted to have a trial of all those items on me before I serve them lunch. The items were a ball crusher, a cattle prod, electro shock machines for various parts of my body, with batteries with three settings like low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage, one whip, one riding corp, one paddle, one handcuff, one ring gag, one cock chastity device, one set of nipple clamps, with weights , many dildos of various size, they also bought a chair for me to sit, which had a wodden cock of size 8 inch , standing from out, on which I was supposed to sit, while having dinner or at other times while they abuse me, and another electrical fucking machine. They had two hours to test all those on me, before they have lunch. So without wasting time, they started to use all those on me one by one. They did not cared my cries and scream.They had no mercy on a teenage boy who is ****d , tortured, abused by guys for last 30 hours, who is kept hungry and thirsty for 30 hours.I had no choice other than waiting for the next pain to come, I could only cry and scream. First they tied me to a bench, they laid me on my belly, tied both my hands and legs. They first tired the ball crusher on my balls. It was a cruel device, they fixed it to my balls, and started to crank the screws, I cried “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE , PLEASE LEAVE ME “ But they continued util my balls were about to blast. I cried like hell, but they continued to twist the screws as tight as possible. I pleaded “PLEASE IT HURTS………………..PLEASE FOR GID SAKE…………….” “WHT YOU ARE TORTURING ME, LET ME GO PLEASE………………” I fainted after that I don’t remember, until they sprayed water on my face. I jerked and got sense. I saw a cattle prod in their hand. They yet had not released by balls from that cruel ball crusher. The a cattle prod was a long one, normally the cattles are kept in order with that prod. I was trying to move out of the bondage, but I had no sensation of hands and legs. They were smiling. They started to shock me with that prod for 10-20 mminutes, but they were no satisfied with my misery, so they decided to fix the electro shock machines for various parts of my body which was fixed with batteries with three settings like low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage. They set the voltage to highest voltage, I screamed “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” “PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” “MMMMMMMGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHH” “AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” My body was twisting ,it became stiff like a wood. That amused them. I fainted again. They put ammonia capsule under my nose, normally when water don’t bring sense people use ammonia capsule, may be they have tried water, as when I got senses by the strong pungent smell I found my self all wet. They have pour a bucket of water on me , but I was in too much in pain, that my brain gone to semi c***. I got my sense , I saw they were holding the whip, but yet all the electic connections were fixed in my body, my balls were inside that crusher, one of them were holding the cattle prod and another was holding that whip. They wanted to test all those things one by one and together on me. So they started to whip me, shocked me with prod, mainly they focused my nipples, my balls, cock to shock with prod, also they prodded me in my belly, pubes, armpit etc. I was yelping in pain. I was begging for mercy “PLEASE HAVE MERCY ONE ME………PLEASE STOP, I CANT TAKE ANY MORE” They said “NO BITCH, WE WILL STOP UNTIL WE TEST EVERYTHING ON YOU “ They fixed the ring gag in my mouth . They switched on the electric shock pads fixed on my body again, I started to shake. They continued to whip me with riding corp and whip while I was electrocuted by that prod and electric shock pads. Suddenly they stopped that torture, I was sweating like a pig, they untied and lifted me , and made me bend and tied me with a chair, actually they wanted to fix that nipple clamp with weights and also they wanted to push the largest dildo in my virgin ass. But yet they did not released the previous tools from me. Just tthey added two more misery to me. I was having no strength to protest, I was like a piece of meat which could only squeal in pain. They again started to whip me, increased the voltage, and pushed they dildo deep inside me, I fainted again. When I got sense I was myself stting on that cock chair with my hands tied from back. I saw they were waiting in the lunch table, and asking for their lunch. They came near me, slapped me many times, and ‘ They asked me to serve the lunch within 10 minutes , or else they will continue the torture for next two hours, after lunch also. Saying that they untied me, and kicked me on my ass, I fell on ground. I got up slowly, I was so weak and exhausted, slowly I moved painfully with ring gag in mouth, ball smasher and 8 inch dildo in my ass. I fixed the dinner and requested them to come on lunch table. They said “BITCH BRING SOME UNCOOKED RICE AND SPRINKLE ON FLOOR, BY THE TIME WE FINISH OUR LUNCH, YOU KNEEL ON THE RICE, KEEP YOU HANDS OVER YOU HEAD” I did as they said. It was more painful to kneel on floor with rice under your knees. They happily took their lunch and asked me to clean the dishes, I did as they wanted. They asked me to clean myself by taking bath. But they also said I cant drink water while bath, they kept the bathroom door open, watched me standing near bath room, also they took pictures of my bath. I felt so humiliated. I requested them for some water and food. They said “SHUT UP BITCH, OR WE KEEP YOU HUNGRY FOR ALL SEVEN DAYS” It was almost 30-35 hours I took any food or water. I was about to faint when I came out of bath room. They hold me and told each other “THE BITCH MAY NEED ANOTHER ROUND OF HARD FUCK, FLOOWED BY TORTURE” I said “nooooooooo” But they liked my wet and clean body so much that they started kissing me there itself, and dragged me to bed room, where they ****d my ass and mouth for next 2 hours, I was senseless, but they continued until they cum twice. They left me on bed in senseless condition, as the door bell rang. I got senses while they broke ammonia capsule again under my nose. I sensed atleast 20-25 guys in the drawing room, having party and in bed room 7-8 guys standing , waiting for my sense to come. I immediately understood, they all came to enjoy me, actually they all paid my blackmailers to enjoy me. One of unknown guy told “GET UP BITCH, YOU NEED TO SERVE 40 OF US, WE ALL PAID 1000 RS EACH” WE ALL MUST GET OUR SHARE I cried , I thought I will die tonight, as they are not going to give food to me and fuck me from 5 pm to next morning. The same happened also but I remained alive. They started calculation siting on bed, where I was also sitting nude, covering my privates. The calculation was like that, they had almost 12 hours, so they calculated 720 minutes they have, so each guy gets me for 18 minutes if fuck alone, and if they fuck together then they get 36 minutes each with me, but that was not enough for them , so they decided to fuck me in a group of 4, so they get 1 hour 10 minutes with me. Also they made lisr=t of things they wanted me to do, they made groupings based on their choices like, group A – Fuck Group, in which 12 guys gave name, another group was group B- fuck and torture group in which 4 guys gave names, group c – only those who like to torture my body and hear my screams, no sex in that group- total 24 guys gave name in the group. That means I was about to get tortured most of the time. From Group A guys entered the bed room, and closed the door, rest started to enjoy party, they started to lick my body, that group was soft, they made love to my sweet teenage body, recently brutalized for 30 hours by those guys. They fucked my mouth,throat and ass with their huge ock. It was also not pleasant. I did not protest, as I knew I cant not fight with 40 guys, also I was cuffed. When those 4 guys left another group entered, this continued for 3-4 hours. Now it was the turn of Group B – it was 8 or 9 pm, the group tied me to bed post and ****d me like a piece of meat, also whipped my body while fucking. One group also tied a rope around my neck, and tied it so tight that I could not breath , my face became red, my eyes came out, while they were busy fucking,whipping my body. I had no energy to protest, no energy to even cry and scream. The 12 guys of group B enjoyed my meat, they released me at 1 AM. Finally the most cruel group C, who wanted to only punish,torture my body. They brusted into the room, while group B even did not released me, they had argument among themselves,they just snatched my body from the other group, and thrown my limp body in drawing room, where made all arrangements for my torture. I saw it with my closing eyes covered with tears, I saw a wooden cross in the middle of the room, may be they will fix me there. I saw guys fighting with each other, actually group B was not yet done with me, but I was too late night, and group c guys were more, they also paid same amount. So finally the fight was resolved as , when group B guys sleep, at 8 AM I will handed over to them for 2 more hours, no matter I am in what condition. All knew the fact that after Group C enjoys me, I will be in worst condition, may be I will have to be sent to hospital. Finally group B guys went to sleep and I was in the cruel hand of 24 guys, sadistic in nature. I knew I may not be alive, also I was semi dead by that time. They did not give me food for 2 days, and continuously I was fucked,****d and abused. They lifted me to the cross, first my hands were tied, and they tied both the hands on the cross, and then my legs were made apart and tied to each side of the cross.and my throat was also tied to the post. They slapped me many times on face to bring me in sense. I saw a guys approaching me to an injection in hand. The guys were saying , that if that injected to me, I will be in sense, no matter how much pain was inflicted on me. Also they injected another injection which is sex booster, which will keep my cock hard always, no matter how much whipped.. They told me “BITCH, You are horny now, and we do what you deserve” They one by one enjoyed my helpless body, they whipped my all parts of the body, burned my nipples and cock with cigarette and candles hot wax. Also I was given electric shock many times. I could never scream, only tears was at the corner of my eyes. After a long abuse of 7 hours, they released me. Although I was in sense, but my whole body was bleeding and my pulse started to fall. There was one doctor in that group, who suggested others to admit me in his hospital, I was given the dose of morphine and at 4 PM I was released. They brought me back to that apartment at 5 PM, and kept me on the bed. Although they did not fuck me, but my hands were still cuffed, I was given saline. And some juice to drink. At night I was given fruits, I eat some. All those guys left, only five of them were there. They told me “BITCH WE WILL ENJOY YOUR BODY AGAIN TOMORROW MORNING, GET sleep NOW” I had no sense when it was morning, I was feeling little better, although I was still weak, but they kept on giving me, energy booster, and sex stimulators.Although I was in pain, I wanted to cum, my balls were full with cum,my cock was hard. My sleep was broken, when I got a hard slap o my cock. I screamed and started to cry. I pleaded them “please let me go ………………..please” They said “YOU ARE GOING NO WHERE , WE WILL ENJOY YOU FOR ANOTHER 3 DAYS” TODAY YOU EAT SOME FOOD, BECAUSE AGAIN YOU WILL BE HUNGRY FOR 2 MORE DAYS. I started to cry At around 9:30 PM, they received a call from their friends, who were organizing a bachelor’s BDSM party. Those organizers offered them Rs 2 Lacs for me as victim in the BDSM PARTY for one night. All five of them started to discuss their share. Finally they decided to get 40,000 each. No one cared whether I live or die. They wanted to earn money. I was still on bed, unable to walk. They committed they organizers that they will bring me there. I pleaded them “SIR I WILL DIE, IF YOU SEND ME THERE” They said “BITCH SHOULD DIE WHILE GETTING FUCKED” They dumped me in bath tub, and made me bath and sprayed body perfume. Cleaned my pubes, ass , arm pit hair. Also they poured body cream , that made my body again glow. I was looking very hot. One of them wanted to fuck me again. But others stopped him. Said in that case he will have to pay Rs 2 Lacs. I was still unable to walk or stand on my feet. So they decided to take me there on stretcher. They brought a stretcher and laid me on that. They tied my wrists and ankles with the stretcher. I was taken there to the Party by an Ambulance, in unknown underground dungeon. I was blindfolded. They took the stretcher to basement, and heard clap of around 30 guys. I was untied from the stretcher and made stand there. I was in a girls dress. They put lipstick on my lips, my eyes were like a girl, so they enjoyed my girly looks. The Party started at 11 PM. They tied me to the ceiling, and started to whip me on my cock and balls. I had hardly any strength to protest, I took as every thing was coming. I was crying and screamimng, but the audience was enjoying, and clapping with my each scream. After 15 minutes of cock and ball whipping, they tied me to a tree , I was made on my knees, and my mouth was used as toilet for those who wanted to pee, as pussy who wanted to fuck. After 30 minutes in that position, I had to drink 2-3 liters of pee and more than fifty percent of party guest fucked my mouth. I lost my voice by then. I was untied from that position, and brought on a table, where they started to torture me in every cruel ways possible. Next day I found myself on a hospital bed, with multiple bruises, burn and cut marks. My cock and balls were blue, my ass was a huge hole. My lips were heavy. I was kept in ICU for next seven days. I am now at my home.

Denise’s Porn Career Takes Off

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Denise’s Porn Career Takes OffDenise:Time flew by quickly as I lived my life as a porn star, shooting a film each week and after finishing my sixth film in nearly two months, I was expecting to return to Japan. I got word from my grandmother’s husband that he wanted me to continue as a feature girl for the all black on black film companies with whom I was currently working. I was now living with Ryan, my frequent director and my current steady boyfriend and lover. I had basically moved in with him after staying at his house each night and he was publicly acknowledging me as his girlfriend, to his colleagues and friends. We were in an open relationship, so I engaged in sex with many of his friends and anyone else that I wanted to fuck. He occasionally had sex with another woman, whom he sometimes brought in to join us, but mostly he liked watching me get fucked by multiple men. He had quite a few acquaintances in the business and so I was never kept without someone new to enjoy. We seemed to spend a lot of time at parties and I was usually the center of attention for many of the guys who attended. It was nothing for me to find myself lying in someone’s bedroom as a line of guys took their turns fucking me or having me suck them off. I was Ryan’s sex toy and he used me whenever he could. My only worry, about staying in the US to shoot porn, was that somebody would recognize me and word would get out that I was shooting adult films at the age of 16. My fake passport and ID was pretty good, but it wouldn’t hold up to a legal inquiry. Of course, no one knew about this except for me and my family. All of the folks who I worked and played with thought that I was a sexy, 19 year old nympho, but even if they were to find out, I highly doubt that it would be the end of my sex life. I snuggled up to Ryan as we crawled into bed, after arriving home from the party at 5 am. My pussy and asshole were sore and most likely still filled with semen, but I was tired and needed my sleep. I had been rather busy at the party and Ryan had watched 13 different men fuck me and 8 get sucked off before we finally left. He kissed me and I fell asleep quickly and dreamed of all of the cum I had swallowed that night. My dreams always involved sex and I liked them as much as I liked living them in my real life. A week passed and I began shooting another series of movies, for the company who had purchased my contract from my step-grandfather. I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be in LA, but I took advantage of the time to have fun in the adult industry. I loved every aspect of my new life and I definitely liked not going to school. We woke up late this particular morning and Ryan and I made love. He was an excellent lover and I came twice before he filled me with his seed. I didn’t even consider that he was 48 years old. He seemed so young and was still a hot and well hung former porn star. I had fucked men much older than that it didn’t even seem strange when I had fucked a man 66 years older than myself, when I lived in Japan. I just loved every aspect of sex and it didn’t matter who my partner was.I rolled over and grabbed a cigarette from the bedside table and lit it, then I took a long drag and blew the smoke into the air. Ryan was playing with my tits as I stroked his limp cock, trying to get it up for round 2. We had no plans, so I wanted to fuck all day. I smoked and we talked before I went down to give him a blow job. I finished my smoke while I sucked him and listened to his plans to have me strip at his friends bachelor party. “It will be a huge party” Ryan said while I Ankara escort licked his stiff shaft. “I want to give him a nice gift and what better than your sweet pussy.” He told me as I smiled up at him and blew out a lungful of smoke on his cock. I put my cig out and then straddled his waist and rode his big cock until he bent me over and blew a load in my cunt. I fell forward onto my elbows and reached for another cigarette 45 minutes later. I was spent as I sucked down another cancer stick and waited for my lover to return to bed with a plate of fruit and some honey, liquid chocolate and whipped cream. Our third round was going to get kinky. Ryan slid his cock in my ass, as he stroked the banana in and out of my wet, cum filled pussy. We had been making love all afternoon and it felt so good to feel so full. He pulled out of my ass and put some chocolate syrup and whipped cream on his hard tool and fed it to me while I continued to masturbate with the large banana. He came all over my face and in my mouth and I ate his warm spunk, along with the sweet condiments, as I cleaned his prick with my mouth. He grabbed another banana and shoved it into my ass as I continued to suck his now clean penis. My well used hole and booty were stuffed with two pieces of large, yellow fruits and my mouth was stuffed with a limp dick. I kept sucking until I squirted and after I came,I removed my improvised toys and smoked another cigarette. It was time to clean up and we both got into the large, glass framed shower. We were all lathered up and soon I had Ryans dick in my ass again as he pumped me hard and then filled my booty with his thick cream. I was still horny when we got dressed and went out for dinner. I couldn’t wait until his friend’s bachelor party later in the week, but in the mean time, we were headed for a party, once we finished eating. I smoked a joint and got high before we arrived, so I was primed and wet when I was led into the guest bedroom to fuck my first partner of the night, I just wished that he wouldn’t have cum all over my face and in my hair when he pulled out of my gaping twat. I had barely got it cleaned up before I was led back into the room to suck off three more guys, who each took turns in every one of my holes. I was definitely living the life. I danced around the room in a sexy outfit, my breasts hanging out of the open bra. My nipples were hard and pointing straight out while I moved from one guy to another, trying to emulate a stripper. I began to grind on one of the guy’s laps and he began sucking on my tits, back and forth, savoring my brown areolas while the other 12 guys watched. Ryan’s friend, Jason, was sitting across the room, waiting while I teased him by playing with his other friends first. I had danced and grinded with the other men at the bachelor party for nearly 20 minutes before I finally pulled my tits from the guy’s mouth and sauntered toward Jason. I unbuttoned his shirt and then slid onto his lap to grind on his growing erection. I could feel it through his jeans and I outlined it with my hands and lips as I moved between his legs and began to open the top of his pants. His cock was humongous and the white behemoth fell from his open zipper, unhindered by any underwear. The site of his long, white prick made my mouth water and I nearly drooled as I took him in both hands, by fingers not even reaching around his thick shaft, and led him between my lips. He was so fucking huge and I wanted him.I stroked his pole as my head bobbed on his long staff and my saliva ran down his growing Ankara escort bayan erection as I felt his massive hunk of meat begin to expand in my mouth. I loved it and I reached down to finger my dripping twat while I continued to suck. His friends moved around him, in his chair, to watch as their stripper entertained their groom to be with her mouth. 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He reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair and then began to treat me like the whore I was. I relaxed my throat as his thick sword slid down my throat. I was good at this and I barely gagged as he pushed it deeper into my mouth. My eyes began to water and he thrust upward until his nuts met my chin and I could no longer breathe. He held my head down on his dick until I felt like passing out and then I pulled back to begin breathing deeply again, my thick saliva now coating his giant, horse cock. I ran my tongue up and down his long shaft and then began sucking his balls while a few of the guys behind me smacked my ass and continued to finger fuck my openings. I was going to cum and I squealed as I took him back into my mouth. My body tensed up and I shook as an orgasm wracked my body. My juices ran down my inner thighs and the other men used them to lubricate their fingers more and continue to work my lower regions. I kept stroking Jason’s cock, pumping it rapidly as it became more slick with my spit and drool. I wanted to taste his cum, but I also wanted to ride his enormous pole. I felt a cock rubbing on my butt and looked back to see that some of the guys were nude and some were in their boxers, moving amongst themselves for a chance to finger my holes. I continued to move my hips, while I sucked on Jason’s massive tool. I had to try and remember to thank my lover for introducing me to his sexy and well endowed friend. Two hands gripped my ass cheeks and squeezed them as I felt a thick nob begin to slid up under my spread legs. It pressed against my swollen and dripping lips and then slid in easily, all the way up into my vagina until I felt his balls slap against my ass. I groaned out loud but I kept sucking on my new, giant toy as one of the guys fucked me from behind. He was pounding me hard and his rock hard, white organ was making my big tits bounce while the others watched and waited for their turn. One after another the men in the room took turns in either my soaked cunt or my spit lubed asshole. I kept blowing the bachelor before someone spun me around and stuffed their throbbing dick into my mouth and ejaculated. I gripped and stroked the penis and felt the muscle twitching in my mouth as it blasted the back of Escort Ankara my throat. I swallowed four times before his balls were empty and then another guy stepped up to me, jacking off as he pushed his swollen head between my lips to unload. Jason watched as each of his friends fucked my mouth and then filled it with their jizz and I swallowed every load like a good cum slut. I was in heaven and when I finished, I deep throated Jason for another 5 minutes before I gripped his tool and sat down on it. It was amazing and I took every inch into my gaping hole, which had been loosened up quite a bit by the other dozen men who had just fucked me. I bounced on his staff and he drove it deep into my pussy for quite some time before he picked me up and carried me, impaled upon his dick, into the bedroom and then proceeded to fuck my brains out while his friends watched. His gigantic tool worked over both my pussy and ass and I came three times before he covered my face and tongue with his spunk. I laid there, spent on the bed like a well used whore, while a few of the guys continued to film me with their cell phones. I began to lick up the cum on my face for their cameras, teasing them like an experienced porn star, before one of the guys, who had fed me his cum earlier, joined me on the bed and spread my legs wide for another ride. I laid back and took him deep as he pounded me hard and came inside of me and then the storm doors opened and another 8 of the 12 guys fucked me again, all of them filling one of my three holes with more sperm. The night wore on as I was used by the guys at Jason’s party. My ass was fucked hard, along with my pussy and I was in cum heaven as I was either fed one ejaculation after another, or used as a cum bucket depository for the others. Jason fucked me two more times that night, filling my asshole with a huge load and then spraying my face with a stream of thin fluid in the early morning. His nuts were emptied, but his body still had some ejaculate for me to lick up. I was sore and tired when I finally made it to the shower to clean up and dress. I had gone all night without a cig and I took a deep inhalation on the balcony when I finally got to light up. It was nearly 9 am and most of the guys had left, except for Jason and two of his wedding friends. I was finishing my smoke when Jason came out and put his arms around my waist and began kissing my neck. “You are so erotic and Ryan was right in telling me that you’d be a perfect gift for my wedding.” He told me. “I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you who was such a naughty girl.” He stated as his hands slid under my dress to rub my bald crack. I took one last drag on my burning Marlboro and turned around to look up at him. Jason was about 6 foot three and he was much taller than me, so it was easy for me to part his robe and then pull out his semi-erect cock to blow my smoke on. I licked him and took him into my mouth again, then sucked him off on the balcony. His two friends woke up to come watch us and when I had swallowed his spunk, I sucked both of them off too. I continued to hang with Jason that day as me and his two closest friends hung out at the hotel pool and then ate, before returning to the room where they all fucked me again. I was the center of their fun that entire night and I fell in love with Jason’s hot body and massive cock as he drove it into me with abandon, cumming deep in my well used hole that night. I hated to leave on Sunday morning, but after riding Jason for well over an hour and feeling his sticky goo filling my cunt, I had to get going. I was going to be shooting a film the next day and I needed some sleep. I didn’t get to sleep too soon though, since Ryan had loved my stories about the bachelor party and his horniness was peaked enough to pound me into the bed for over two hours before my eyes finally closed for some much needed rest.

Trying to get home


Trying to get homeFriday I was leaving Dallas on my way home around 10 pm. I was going to drive to about Memphis and rest a little then come on home to enjoy the weekend. I was on the middle of no where Arkansas when my car let out a huge puff of smoke and I was stranded on the shoulder of I-40 at 1:30 am. I tried to Google some wreckers on my phone with no one answering when I finally notice a wrecker pulling in behind me. I went back to the wrecker and he said they also had a repair shop so he could town me there. He loaded my car up on the wrecker and I climbed in the passenger seat. He was a friendly enough guy for someone out in the middle of no where at this time of night. White guy with a wedding ring on and a tattoo of a skull on his forearm and was wearing a pair of coveralls but smelled clean and so did the wrecker. We arrived at the mechanic shop and he unloaded my car inside and looked at it and found the problem to be a radiator hose blown. He checked and they had one and was going to put it on when I asked how much will it be and do you take credit cards. He said it will be $235 for the tow and the parts and labor and he could take a credit card in the morning but not at night only cash. I looked in my wallet and only had $22 I asked if I could leave my info and pay later so I could get back on the road and he said no. He offered to let me sleep in the customer lounge since he would be there all night on call. I went into muğla zenci escort the lounge and tried to make myself comfortable and he went into his office and was on the computer. I needed to get my tooth brush out of my car so I walked down the hall to the shop and went out to my car. When I was coming back in I could see thru the blinds into his office and seen he was watching porn on xhamster. It was a clip titled “Hot office Blowjob.” I watched for a second and it looked like he was rubbing his cock. I decided to go see if I could make a deal to get my car repaired and bill paid. I quietly walked back into the office area and was right at his door and I eased it open and could see his had his coveralls unzipped and his cock out stroking it. I said loudly “can you tell me where the restroom is” He flopped his cock back in his coveralls and said just down the hall on the left. I said “Thanks and it looks like you could use some help” He sat there just looking at me and I laid out my proposal which was a win win for me. “How about I give you a mind-blowing blowjob and you waive my repair bill?” He starred at me for a second then said “no bill if you suck my cock, swallow my cum, and then after I get you car fixed I get to fuck the shit out of your ass bare” I said “Sure” and I walked over behind his desk and kneeled down when he flopped his cock back out. I licked around his muğla escort sex hikaye head and up and down his shaft then started sucking on his cock. His cock wasn’t huge probably 5-6 inches and small shaft but nice big head and big balls. I was slurping on his cock with drool running down my chin and his balls. He said “you like my cock” I moaned “yes” and he said “good deep throat it and make cum” I did just like he said and sucked him all the way down and licked his balls at the same time. I then was working him quickly in and out of my throat and he gave me a heavy load of cum. Almost choked me and that says a lot with such a small cock. I gulped him down and kept sucking him until he was jerking away. He got up and said he was going to get my car repaired and I went into the lounge to lay down on the couch. I must have fell asleep when I heard him come into the lounge. I slowly looked up at him and he said just relax and rolled me from my side to being face down. He reached down and rubbed my ass thru my pants and dropped his coveralls to the floor and he had nothing else on. His cock was rock hard and inches from my face so I reached up and licked it. It was then when he went into a fucking machine. He pulled my pants down to expose my ass and spread my cheeks so he could see my ass hole. I heard him spit and then he stroked his cock with his spit then he spit again on to my asshole and rubbed it in with his finger and fingered me. He spit again on my asshole and then plunged into my ass I was overwhelmed as he went from nothing to a super fast fuck all I could hear is pop, pop, pop, pop, as his balls slammed my ass he was fucking me hard and faster than I had ever been fucked. I have been fucked by cocks double his length and girth but his cock was amazing. He was fucking me 2-3 pumps a second and I couldn’t get my breath just moaning and saying “oh my your fucking amazing, oh please, oh please….” After about 5 minutes of this I could feel his sweat dripping on my back. 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A couple minutes and he gave me another great load of cum. This time I got up and got on my way but I will stop by every time I am in Arkansas.

GRANNY turned into a BAR SLUT and WHORE


GRANNY turned into a BAR SLUT and WHOREHello! My name is Trisha and I’m a friend of Felicia’s! She told me about her website at and she showed me lots of pix and video’s of me doing some really filthy things that I thought I would never do, that is until I met her horny old ass!…LOLShe asked me to write about my first gang bang and honestly, I didn’t do things like that until I was nearly 60 years old!One day, I went to this little neighborhood bar that was frequented by many of the blue collar guys around here and I figured it would be a nice place to visit and maybe meet a man or two. After I had had several drinks, three guys came over to my table and asked me to join them. I did and they were much, much younger than me and I was old enough by far to be their grand mother!I sat at the booth they had and they bought me several more drinks, I was getting pretty lightheaded by now and I knew I was going to probably fall down when I got up. I was sitting at the booth next to the wall and one of the boys was next to me, blocking my access if I needed to leave, but he was really cute and I noticed he kept staring down at my crotch and tits. I thought nothing of it and after a little while, it got dark outside and the bars lights were now dim. I felt his hand brush along my thigh and then I felt just a slight squeeze by him. Being about half drunk, I placed my hand over his and squeezed it back. I was actually getting turned on by this and having those three young boys hanging out with me was fun!We talked about another half hour and I was getting the treatment by this boys hand on me by now and I felt him inch his way up to my skirt and then up farther toward my pussy. I was getting pretty excited by the prospect of him touching me down there but I was also nervous that his friends might see him doing this. He continued moving his hand up until it was brushing my cotton panties. I felt myself getting wet and I was worried that we would be caught!I told everyone that I needed to go to the ladies room so I slid out from behind the table and went in the restroom. After I returned, two of the boys muğla travesti escort were gone and the one that had been teasing me was still there. I sat back down and he told me that they had to go back to their apartment but that he was more interested in hanging out with me. I was still amazed that this young boy liked me. We chatted a while and he asked me if I would like to see his new apartment that was located just down the street. I knew better than to actually go home with this k** but the alcohol and my pussy was saying otherwise so I told him I would love to see it!I followed him down the street to his place and just before he opened the door, he told me that his room mates (the other guys from the bar) were inside so I shouldn’t be shocked if they were running around in their underwear or something! He opened the door and I saw four guys sitting around and yes, two of them were wearing only boxers! He introduced me to all of them and then took me by the hand and led me into his bedroom. He and I both knew what was going to happen and I was more than ready to do this! He leaned over to me and kissed my lips and I kissed back! I felt guilty, he being so damn young and all but I couldn’t help myself! He reached under my shirt and started rubbing my tits through my bra and we both sat down on his bed. He pulled my shirt over my head and then unsnapped my bra, freeing my large old tits! I leaned back, knowing he was going to stick that young hard cock in me and I was very ready to do anything he wanted by this point!First, he pulled my panties off and then I sat up and removed my dress. He got in between my legs and placed his warm mouth over my now wet pussy. His tongue ran along the edges and then to my clit! I jumped a little it felt so damn good and when his tongue entered me, I could feel him licking all around in it and I actually had an orgasm right in his mouth! His tongue moved down below my hole and he started licking around my asshole! That was really getting me hot and I closed my eyes. He licked and sucked both holes for several minutes muğla türbanlı escort and when I felt him raise up, I opened my eye’s only to see all four of his friends standing there naked with their cocks in their hands and stroking themselves! If I had any sense of decency, I would have told them to get out, gotten dressed and left the place, but I was too damn horny and drunk by now and I wanted to just be a total slut and do every filthy thing I had ever imagined!I reached over to one of the boys and took his cock in my hand, the others knew right then I was ripe for the fucking so they climbed onto the bed. The boy that brought me there put his big cock to my lips and I popped it into my mouth and licked and sucked it for all it was worth! Another boy got in between my legs and stuck his beautiful cock in my old hole! I was in heaven by now and his cock was huge and thick and with each stroke, I would gasp and I was looking forward to him cumming inside of my old pussy!I alternated sucking cock by moving my face to each side and while doing so, the boys took turns fucking me! I felt one of them start to cum and feeling his warm young cum shoot in me was plain awesome! It had been years since I had felt that and as each one came inside of me, the others were shooting their hot loads into my open wet mouth! I was covered in their cum and my pussy was so juicy that I couldn’t even keep their cocks from slipping out! They used me for several hours like this and finally, all of them had cum several times and we were all hot and sweaty! I felt like a filthy slut and was loving every minute of it.We got off the bed and I went to the rest room to take a shower. Cum was running down my legs and after cleaning up, I dried off and still naked, went to get dressed but what do you think was waiting for me, several new guys that I had never seen before. Apparently, they had called over some buddies to share my body with them! I figured what the hell and I just got back on the bed, spread my legs and started all over again! While I was sucking one of the muğla vip escort boys, two of them rolled me over and pulled my legs apart! I thought one of them wanted to eat my ass again but NO, because I felt someone pushing what I knew was the head of some giant cock against my tight old asshole! I knew right away that I was going to be fucked in my ass and honestly, It had NEVER been fucked before! I braced for the unexpected and allowed him to carry on! I was now a whoring slut for them anyway so why not go ahead and let them do what they wanted! When his huge cock went in me, the head alone made me nearly pass out! He wasn’t gentle either and after the entire shaft was in me, he fucked me like a rented mule! He pounded me as hard as I had ever been pussy fucked and I felt him tense up and the jism splatter inside of me! He pumped a few more times, pulled out and someone else took his place. The boy then came around to me face and forced his filthy cock in my mouth! I could taste my own ass juice mixed with his cum and even though I gagged a little , I sucked it clean and waited for the next round of tasty filth!Several of them did this to me and after the fourth one had finished, I was rolled over and made to suck everyone several more times! It was now nearly day time and I was fucked out and ready to go home! I grabbed my clothes and got dressed. Cum was running down my legs from my pussy and now my ass and I didn’t even care! 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Both of us are cum sucking, ass eating, cock sucking gang bang sluts and we are loving every minute of it!

I caught my wife…with her dad


I caught my wife…with her dadI am a happily married 30 year old man. My wife, Elaine, 28, is a veryattractive woman and we are married for about 3 years.Before I met my wife and got married, I was a sexually active person. I’vebeen in threesomes and foursomes with my girlfriend.After I got married, my wife didn’t like the idea of those ‘activities’ andI was stuck only with her…Many times I tried to convince her to share her fantacies with me, or atleast try do something different than the regular once-a-month sex that weended-up with….Many times during our lovemaking, I tried to make her talk and share herfantacies with no avail.When we got married she was definitely a virgin. but later I found-out thatshe was only a virgin in the ‘front’. Her mouth and ass were ‘experienced’,which explained why she liked to be ass-fucked so often…The way I found-out was very strange and surprising.One day I had to leave work early and came home around 2pm, instead of theusual 5pm. I opened the garage door and found my father-in-law’s car parkedthere. that was strange since he always parked on the driveway and not inthe garage and the door closed. I thought he was there to fix someelectrical stuff and had brought equipment with him. He is a handyman.I entered the house and started searching for my wife and her dad. couldn’tfind them. I went-up to the bedrooms wandering what they will be doingthere….still couldn’t find them. that was very strange. So I went downto the basement. Just when I was on the stairs I heard the washing machineon and thought to myself, that explains it, he is fixing our washer orsomething.Just when I was about to enter the laundry room I heard a sound that stoppedme at the door which was halfway open and the sound was of my wife as if shewas in pain. I looked inside and what I saw shocked me and I couldn’t move!My wife was completely naked, kneeling on the washing machine while herdad was fucking her in the ass!!!I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was in a state of shock. My own wife, mywife who didn’t want to have sex openly and share her experiences is doingit with her own father! a 50 year old man!I was feeling a mixture of jealousy, anger, hatred and betrayal. Afterwatching them for a while and hearing my wife’s muğla sınırsız escort moans of pleasure, I wassure that he was not forcing her in any way. Slowly I stepped back andwithout making any noise, stepped up and out of the house. On my way out Iheard the orgasmic cries of my wife, the ones that I am familiar with…I started driving around the city trying to sort things-out. I neverimagined my wife cheating on me, not to mention with her own dad! But afterabout an hour driving and thinking about it, my feelings changed and insteadof the initial hatred and betrayal, I actually started to get aroused by theidea. Somehow, the idea of i****t became exciting for me. I felt thatthings aregonna be better than before. This might be the way to a better and happiermarried life for us, since we would be sharing a sexual experience and beopen about it from now on….I was wrong.When I got back, I saw the garage empty, obviously she was alone in thehouse. I entered the house and called her. She came running and greeted mewith surprise. “what’s the occasion of having you home so early?” she said.I told her the reason and then jokingly mentioned that I feel excess powerthat need to be released…To my surprise, she took me by the hand and led me to our bedroom andstarted to undress in a strip-tease like way. I was not really expectinganything like this knowing that she was already satisfied…but what theheck, we were in bed and she was hotter than before.I fucked her 3 times that day and she was surprised of my sudden energyburst.”What’s gotten into you today? are you taking any d**gs to boost yoursexual powers?” she said.”No, I was just fanaticizing of seeing you with another man, that’s all””Oh, not again…when are you gonna stop thinking that? it will neverhappen.”Well, days passed and everytime I remembered the laundry room scene, my dickwould jump!I wanted to create the right time and occasion so that she will tell meabout it on her own.On many occasions I mentioned to her that it will be perfectly OK for me ifshe liked to do it with any man of her choice. She has my full permissionand I would not be jealous. I would even be happier and more excited thanever.I muğla swinger escort asked her if she had anybody in mind. created some romantic atmospheres,etc. etc. etc. and couldn’t get anything out of her mouth.Her silence and denial was frustrating me. I started leaving work andcoming home to check on her to see if she had other visitors as well. Sinceshe didn’t confess about her dad, there might be others…I was starting toloose my trust in her.On one occasion I saw her dad’s car again…and waited in the corner of thestreet until he left. That night she was hot again. I tried to fuck herass but she said maybe another day, “today my pussy needs you”.Afterwards, I confronted her and told her if we are going to change thisrelationship at all.She said “no!, there’s nothing to change””Elaine, I really love you. I also know a secret that you are hiding fromme…””What? I have nothing to hide from you, you are my husband and I want younot to hide anything from me either””I love you. you know I do””I love you too, honey””I want you to confess now. I want you to tell me, in your own words, allabout other men you have been with. I promise I will not be angry…”I wasn’t finished my sentence yet, when I felt a burning slap on my face.”How dare you talk to me like that?” she said. “what kind of husband are youto treat your wife as a prostitute?”I felt the blood rush to my face. I was able to feel the heat of anger andfrustration. I couldn’t take it anymore.”Let me tell you what kind of a husband I am. I am the most loving, caring,understanding husband that a woman can ever want!! which other husband willallow his wife to be fucked by her own dad?!” I never wanted to say thosewords.There was silence in the room. She was looking straight into my eyes, withher eyes wide open. She didn’t say a word.”If still you think that you are not hiding anything from me then I want youto leave this house now!”I could see the tears in her eyes. She was absolutely speechless and inshock. I couldn’t help hugging her at which point she started sobbinguncontrollably and crying like a baby.She didn’t say a word until midnight. Then she came to me and said:”How did you find out?””I saw you with muğla tekneye gelen escort him in the laundry room”She started sobbing again.”It’s OK honey, as long as you admit it, I will be forgiving, I promise””I’m so sorry Alex, I feel so ashamed of myself””Elaine, there’s no need to feel ashamed””Do you want a divorce?””Of course not!””I will tell you all about it and don’t care anymore if you will hate me orwhat””Please do””It started when I was 22 and lost my mom, I had a crush on my dad since Iwas a k** and knew that he will be missing her a lot, specially sexually.I used to hear their lovemaking most of the time, from my bedroom, and wouldmasturbate at the same time. One day my dad was very depressed and afterdiner I saw him crying silently. I went to him and hugged him. We huggedeach other and cried together. I asked if there is any way that I can help.He said he just misses mom in many ways…That night I went to his room and told him if it’s OK to sleep in the samebed since he is feeling so depressed. He said no, it will make it evenworse! I went back to my room, but after thinking about it, went back,removed my nightgown beside the bed and entered under the blankets andhugged him. I told him to close his eyes and think about mom….after somehesitation, he started kissing me and his kisses went to other parts of mybody…I was extremely aroused and he did a very good job of satisfying myfeelings as well. After that I had him lie down on the bed, kissed hismanhood and rubbed it until he came. This became a regular habit for us andwe lived as husband and wife until you came into my life.He thought me oral and anal sex. He wasconsiderate enough not to take my virginity and until now he respects you,as my husband, and only does it from the back””you mean he has never fucked your pussy?””never!””do you want him to?””I asked him many times after I was married but he insists that it belongsto my husband””Elaine, thank you for telling me all this. I really appreciate yourhonesty now. I hope we didn’t have to go into all this trouble to findout…””Thank you Alex, I love you””I love you too honey, next time you meet your daddy, make sure that hefucks your pussy, I have a plan…”After that we had a wonderful relationship. She told her dad that I knewabout them and that I approve…she was eventually fucked by him, sometimeswhen I was there too. Later he found another woman and got married.Our plan is to include his wife in the game as well…my wife digs the ideaof doing it with another woman, she said it was one of her best fantacies.At last she is talking about her fantacies, eh!



MY ONE AND ONLY TIME!!If you have looked at my video collection, I love shemales. I have always wanted to have sex with a shemale. I think it would be the best of both worlds.I have only had one “gay” encounter. It happened when I was in the 4-t h grade. I was swimming at my friend Jimmy’s apartment complex. We went there after school for a swim as it was a very hot Florida day. We swam, goofed around, just had a general good time before the afternoon cloud and thundershowers came in. They came, so we got out and decided to get changed.We walked into Jimmy’s bedroom. He immediately dropped his suit, grabbed his dick and started beating off. Being that I was n-ine, I had never really done anything like this before. I asked him what he was doing, and he said, “Jerking off. Haven’t you done this?”I knew what fucking was (I saw porn), and I sort of knew what he was doing, just not with a small limp dick like his. Jimmy said, “Take off your suit muğla cimcif escort and I’ll show you how to do this.”I dropped my suit and my 4” dick was standing rock hard. Seeing mine, Jimmy got hard, as well. I sat down on the bed next to him. He reached over and wrapped his hand around my dick and started to pump. That really felt good fast, and I put my free arm around his shoulder. He looked over at me, and I pulled him in and kissed him hard. I reached down and started pumping his cock.While we were kissing and playing with each other for a while, when we suddenly heard, “Hey boys, having fun?” We spun around and there was Jimmy’s 1 6 year old brother. He walked over to us as we stopped what we were doing immediately. He smiled and said, “Don’t stop because of me. I want to join you.” Jimmy and I both reached over and grabbed each other’s cock, as his brother Jon started taking muğla elit escort off his clothes.Jon’s cock was a monster and it was rock hard. He walked over to Jimmy, and he immediately started sucking on it. Jon put his hands on both of our shoulders and pulled us in to his cock. We both took turns sucking and licking for what seemed like forever. Jon smiled at us and said, “Let’s get to fucking!” With that, Jimmy lay back, raised his legs and offered his little butt hole up to his brother. Jon looked at me and asked if I would like to fuck him. I said, “Sure!” I knew what to do, I had just never done it. I got up and as I started to aim my dick at his hole, Jon stopped me and put a glob of lube on his butt and rubbed it all over my dick. I slid right in to Jimmy’s tight ass like I had been doing it forever. I pumped and pumped as Jimmy lay his head back and closed his eyes. Jon watched, muğla escort ilanları rubbing his cock while I fucked a boy for the first time. It didn’t take long, when I suddenly felt like I had to pee, and I came for the first time (probably dry).I pulled out of his butt and my dick went limp right away. Jimmy and I smiled at each other when Jon said, “OK Donny, your turn.”I lay back and lifted my legs like Jimmy, but it was Jon who got down between my legs with his lubed up cock. He placed it at my little pucker hole and slowly pushed into me. Jimmy came over and he and I French kissed each other, to help take my mind off of what was happening. It wasn’t long and Jon was pumping full and fast into my butt. As few minutes of this and he yelled, “DAMN!!!!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!” I felt a warm flood going into my butt and he pushed himself as deep as he could go. It felt so good.A short while later, the storms left, so we put our suits back on and went back to the pool for some more swimming and fun.That was the only time Jimmy, Jon and I ever did that. They moved away a few weeks later and I never saw him again. I never told anyone about this, as it was my private experience. But there it is, folks.Maybe someday, some beautiful shemale and I will relive that experience. Who knows!

(Femdom story) Wendell and how he got that way by


(Femdom story) Wendell and how he got that way byThese stories are favourites of mine and would like to share. Wendell would never forget the time he met Diana. Just eighteen years old, but street-wise and self-assured as a Mafia kingpin, she was sitting at a small table by the dressing room, leaning back in her chair with her legs kicked open wide. She was laughing with another dancer about something and smoking a cigarette. He’d always remember her white knee-high leather boots and white boy-cut panties and white lace bra; how tight her stomach was and how strong her thighs looked; her hair – shoulder-length blonde with bangs like Barbie’s – and large blue eyes he could see in the dark.She was, and still is, his perfect One. Compare her to the girl who was sitting with her. The other girl, named Karolyn, was slightly shorter and stockier than Diana, with huge natural breasts and long blonde hair parted in the middle. She’d been in several well-known men’s magazines and traveled frequently as a feature dancer. Thousands of men had jacked off to her pictures. Next to Diana, she looked like nothing. If Karolyn is the girl in the stroke magazine, then Diana is the girl you buy the magazine for. Karolyn is the opening act, the pictures you look at to get warmed up before you get to Diana’s. Diana is the girl that makes it unbearable for you to throw the magazine away. The one you will treasure forever. The One.Wendell had never been in a strip club before, and he felt like he was in a dream. It was more like a fancy nightclub than the seedy place he’d imagined a strip joint would be, full of expensive wood and brass railings. The music was louder than Wendell was used to, making his teeth rattle. Strutting around to the loud music were fifty half-naked women selling lap dances to whoever wanted one. They were all beautiful, and for twenty dollars they would take off their tops and rub their tanned young bodies all over you, paying special attention to the bulge in your pants, for the duration of one song. It didn’t matter if the man was fat, old, or ugly; they all got the same cock-straining dance as long as they had money, and Wendell had plenty of money.Still, after he first noticed Diana he was hesitant to approach her. She was just too good looking. Could it really be possible that someone like himself, scrawny and inept Wendell, could actually get a woman as flawless as Diana to be his private sex-toy just by handing her money? When he finally got up the nerve to approach her table and coughed up a nervous “Excuse me, Miss? Could I get a dance?” the girls both acted like he’d coughed up a turd. Karolyn muttered something under her breath and took a long annoyed drag of her cigarette while she stared at him. Diana shot him a fuck you look – but he didn’t see it. He was too busy looking down at her legs. God, they were fabulous. Absolutely flawless. And the way her skin glowed in the candlelight -“Like my boots, loser?” she sneered. Wendell’s brain, lost in an erotic dreamland, took a second to come back to reality.“Um… yes,” he said, then added quickly, “That is, not just your boots. I mean, your whole outfit’s great. It really shows off your legs. The boots, that is. Your whole body’s great, don’t get me wrong, but your legs are really great.” Wendell could’ve died. Could he be more of an idiot? Couldn’t he think of another word besides great?“Well, thanks, Mr. Pathetic,” she said, crossing her legs. “But the answer is Fuck No. I’m off for the night.”Wendell stood there confused. She couldn’t be off. He just saw her doing a lap dance for someone not ten minutes ago. A fairly risqué dance, if he saw it right in the dimly lit booth. It looked like she was giving the guy a hand-job. “Oh. Well, sorry to bother you,” he said. Then, hopefully, “Maybe after your… break?” He couldn’t wait to run his hands over her body and feel her ass bumping against his cock. The thought of it gave him the beginnings of a chub.“I’m not on break, I’m off for the night, shit-for-brains,” she said, with an exasperated huff. Everything she said to him ended in an insult, Wendell noticed. He also noticed how great her tits looked pushing up out of that lacy bra. Then, he saw her share a quick, unsettling look with her friend. “But…” she looked straight up at him, smiling. “If you beg me, I might… punch back in and dance for you. Right Karolyn?” Karolyn answered her by taking a long look at the small bulge in Wendell’s pants and smirking.Wendell said “Beg? What do you mean beg?”Diana said, “You know, beg. On your knees. Get down on your knees, lick my boots and beg me to dance for you.” She took a long drag from her cigarette and held it in, sharing a look with Karolyn and trying not to laugh.Wendell stood slack-jawed.“Oh,” she added, blowing the smoke out in his face. “And I’ll only do one dance, and I want a five-hundred dollar tip.”Wendell was stunned, unable to answer. Five hundred dollars! Even though he was a millionaire (barely), thanks to his stock shares at ResearchPharmagenics where he was Vice-President of Incidentals (Government/Heavy Industry Division), it was still a lot of money. And begging? Licking her boots?This was crazy. And unfair! Everyone else in here only had to give a woman a twenty-dollar bill and they would twist on their dick like a cheap Mexican whore, and he had to beg for it?It figured.Wendell just didn’t have luck with women. All of his life, even average-looking women disdained his wimpy looks (he’d never done a single bit of exercise in his life and his thin, soft body showed it) and wouldn’t even talk to him, much less date him. And the acne-scarred fatties that eventually would agree to socialize with him found his awkwardness around women more annoying than endearing. He’d never had sex with a girl more than once (including the fat foreign-exchange student that he lost his virginity to), and his last sexual experience was more than five years ago when he was in grad school. It went so badly he was afraid to ever try again. Instead, his social and sex life consisted of stroking his small dick and dreaming about all the cute girls he remembered from high school and college, sexy girls he saw walking in the mall, half the secretaries where he worked – “Well, dick-head? What are you waiting for?” Diana was really getting tired of this interruption. “Fucking whip out your cash, kneel down, lick my boots and beg. Or get lost, because me and my girlfriend here can’t wait to start talking about what a major dork you are, and we don’t want to seem rude by doing it in front of your face.”If he did what this woman wanted, who wouldn’t talk about what a dork he was, thought Wendell. But he didn’t know anyone here in Tampa, so what did he care if they talked about him? And isn’t this why he took the yearlong sabbatical from his company and moved here in the first place? So he could “explore some life options” and have a “period of personal growth and risk-taking”? And pussy is a life option, isn’t it? Pussy is personal growth, right?Fuck it. This girl looked like she was made in a sex-goddess factory. He didn’t care what he had to do. If he had to risk a little embarrassment to get her to stub out her cigarette and shake her ass for him, then so be it. He knelt, too nervous to look up at her. Leaning forward, he ran the flat of his tongue over the top of her boot while he reached in his back pocket for his wallet. “Please Miss, please may I have a dance?” he mumbled, licking at her boot again. “Please?” Wendell’s skin prickled with excitement. He as if the whole world was watching his debasement. He heard laughing and giggling around him. His penis grew fully erect and began to drip. He would never forget this moment – the taste of her boot-leather, the hot presence of her over his kneeling body, the overwhelming sexual thrill of his shame – for the rest of his life.Diana was so mad at him for calling her bluff and ruining her cigarette break that, after kicking him the face and telling him to quit slobbering on her and shut the fuck up, she pulled him by his hair and jap-slapped him right in the face. “Fucking asshole!” she spat. Then, still holding a hand full of his hair, she yanked him behind her as she stormed over to the nearest empty booth.Karolyn called after them, laughing. “Oooh boy! You’re in for it now, weirdo! Kick his ass, Diana!” she hooted.Diana threw Wendell roughly into the booth just as a new song was starting and pointed a warning finger at him. “All right, freak, you win. You wanted a dance? You got a dance. Happy? Now just shut the fuck up and give me your fucking money,” she said.Wendell, speechless and afraid, handed over five new hundred-dollar bills and a twenty. Diana snatched the money from him and then smacked his arms down. “Sit on your hands and don’t you dare open your mouth,” she commanded. He quickly obeyed.Then, climbing up, she stood astride Wendell in the booth, lit a cigarette, and shoved her sweetly perfumed panty-encased twat right into his face. Holding him tightly against her, she smoked while she bitched at him.“You fucking ugly cocksucker! Making me do this when I want to just sit for a minute and have a smoke? You needle-dick little muğla grup escort faggot! I ought to fucking smack you in your fucking head!” And then she smacked him in the back of his head, keeping her pussy mashed against his nose, making it press her soft, white cotton panty crotch further and further inside of her. “Fuckin’ freaky retard!” Smack. “Pussy-sniffin’ dickless wonder!” Another smack, and so on, for the duration of the three-minute rap song that every other girl in the club was grinding dick to.As for Wendell, he scarcely noticed the slaps to his head. All he knew was that his face was finally in a pussy – and not just any pussy, Her pussy. Well, not her actual pussy, really – it was still hidden behind her lace-trimmed panties – but so what? It was still better than looking at pictures of pussy and wondering what it felt like. (He’d never even saw the vaginas of the two ugly fat girls that he’s slept with. He only stuck his dick in them for a few seconds, nothing more.)He’d waited his entire life dreaming of being up close and personal with a faultless shrine like this, and he couldn’t get enough. He wanted to always remember how clean and fresh it was, how soft it felt through the thin cotton. He never wanted to forget the feeling of her strong thighs pinning his head against the back of the booth. He’d never felt such bliss. He tipped her an extra thousand.For the rest of the night, Diana thought about what she did. She’d been righteously pissed and shouldn’t have lost her temper, but when he knelt down and starting licking her boots it was like he was clowning her right in front of her best girlfriend. And then, after making him smell her sweaty pussy and smacking him in the head about twenty times, she realized he was getting off on it and got even angrier. When the song was over, she quickly grabbed the extra money he held out to her and made him crawl out of the club on his hands and knees while she followed behind him. She’d kicked him in the ass as many times as she could, all the way past the cashier’s stand in the lobby, screaming that he was a fucking pussy bitch-ass punk motherfucker. It wasn’t until after he left that she realized how much money he’d given her.The owner of the club, an ex-dancer named Kari, tried to lecture Diana that night about her outburst. She’d put all of her savings (plus the money of some of her best long-time customers) into buying this place and making it into something she could be proud of. If she let the dancers beat the shit out of every guy that annoyed them, she’d be out of business in a week.“Diana, could I talk to you in my office for a minute?” she said calmly to Diana who was back sipping a drink and smoking with Karolyn. Diana smiled at her sweetly and followed her to the manager’s office, which was located in the back of the club next to the dressing room. She figured Kari was just going to come onto her again. She didn’t mind it, because as long as the owner had a crush on her she knew that she could get away with anything, and did. She regularly gave out hand-jobs and more in the back booths, as long as the guys tipped her enough, and had yet to get in trouble for it.Kari surprised Diana with her businesslike tone. “Diana, something serious has come up. I know you’re rather new here, but you know the rules. The doormen say they saw you abusing a customer, and – “Diana held up a wad of cash. “He wanted it! He paid me fifteen hundred dollars! Five hundred to start and a thousand dollar tip! C’mon! I can’t get in trouble for that, can I?” she pleaded.“Oh,” said Kari. Well, it wasn’t exactly the kind of behavior one would hope for in an expensive gentlemen’s club like Kari’s, but she wasn’t breaking any laws, so…?Kari thought it over. One of the secrets to running a successful strip club was to keep it full of beautiful girls, and Diana was the most beautiful girl she’d ever seen. She knew what Diana did in the back booths. Half the girls here did the same thing. Hell, Kari used to give head if the money was right. She also knew how Diana kissed her that one night when she was drunk, and how she never shied away when Kari “accidentally” brushed up against her tits or let her hands linger just a little too long on certain parts of her tight little body. In her prime, Kari could’ve easily gotten into Diana’s panties. Now, though, she was starting to show a few wrinkles, and sitting behind a desk all day wasn’t helping her figure much.Oh well. Every cop, judge, and politician in the city came to this club. No need to worry as long as the customers were getting what they paid for. Maybe Diana would remember this favor the next time she came on to her. “Never mind then. As long as you keep your bottoms on you can do whatever you want with him. I’ll have a talk with the doormen so they don’t bother you next time he comes in.”As Diana left, Kari couldn’t help getting moist while she stared at her ass.When he came back the next night at the very start of her shift, no one could believe it. It caused such a fuss that girls came rushing out of the dressing room to see how Diana would react.She sat on a high stool at the bar, talking to Karolyn while she waited for the evening crowd of hard-ons to start coming in. He approached her nervously, holding a dozen roses. “Hello, Miss?” he smiled weakly. He still didn’t know her name. “I came to apologize for making you so angry last night.”Well, how do you like that, she thought. She kicks his ass in front of a whole crowd of people, and he wants to apologize to her. That little troublemaking punk. Boy, she hated wimpy guys like this. But, if he had money like last night and he liked abuse, then he came to the right woman. Diana was never shy about showing her dislike for the weaker members of the opposite sex, going back to when she was old enough to talk. Getting paid for it would be a bonus.“Aren’t you forgetting something, bitch?” she said, cocking her head.“Huh?” he asked. “I mean, what… I’m sorry… I don’t know…”“You’re not on your knees,” she snapped, cutting him off. She made up her first rule for him as she snatched the roses out of his hands and threw them to the floor. “There’s a special rule I have just for assholes like you, okay? When you come to see me, you have to enter the club on your hands and knees, and crawl to wherever I am. If I’m doing a dance for someone, wait on your knees next to the booth. If I’m in the dressing room, wait on your knees at the door. When I’m ready, I’ll walk over to you and you can start begging for my attention. Got that? You’re never to come in here unless you’re on your knees. Now get out and try again.” She was pretty proud of herself. It wasn’t a bad line of bullshit for right off the top of her head.Wendell stood there, looking heartbroken.“Well, asshole? What are you waiting for?” Diana was going to love paying him back for almost getting her in trouble with Kari. It was a good thing Kari wanted to eat her out so badly. “If you want me, crawl in and beg for it.”Wendell left.“Damn, girl,” Karolyn said to her, scrambling to pick up the broken bouquet of roses. “How could you do that? Isn’t that the motherfucker gave you a thousand dollars last night after you kicked his ass in front of everybody? And now you’re telling him to leave? Let me at that rich motherfucker! I’ll love him right and get his money. Shit.”“He’s not leaving.” Diana said, smiling. “Watch.”A moment later, Wendell crawled back in. Making his way past a trio of dancers and brushing past the legs of a half-dozen frat boys that had just walked in, he crawled up to Diana and placed himself on his knees at her feet. “Dag, girl,” said Karolyn. “What the fuck?”Diana’s contempt for him grew. Diana liked muscular, macho, athletic men: hard-body jocks that could pound it to her for hours. Wendell was anything but that. Wendell was a sissy nerd with a body as soft and skinny as a flat-chested girl. She’d hated those kinds of guys ever since she was a c***d and boys like Wendell started to let her walk all over them. But, unfortunately for Wendell, she wasn’t a c***d anymore. Diana had learned a lot about walking all over men since then.She slowly stretched out her right shoe to his face. She wore pink stiletto pumps that night, with a pink lace bra and panty set and a sheer pink wrap that went around her waist. After leisurely rubbing the sole of her shoe over his cheek, he purposefully shoved the pointy toe into his mouth and began to work it in and out, fucking him in the face while he stared up at her wide-eyed. Diana and Karolyn both noticed the undersized bulge forming in his khaki’s. Karolyn giggled and said “Ohmygod, he’s one of those.”“Here’s rule number two, fag.” Diana said. She was starting to like making up these rules. “I fucking hate wimps, and judging from the way you’re sucking on my shoe like a cock-starved monkey, I’d say you were the biggest wimp in the world. So I’m going to charge you a special five hundred dollar homo tax every time you come in here. That’s before I even decide to dance for you. Five hundred dollars, cash, just to crawl up to me and beg me to dance. You got five hundred dollars on muğla lezbiyen escort you, homo?”Wendell shook his head yes, gurgling into her shoe.“Well let’s see it.” She demanded. Wendell reached into his back pocket for his wallet and pulled out five crisp hundreds. She saw a lot more just like it stuffed inside. Shit, she thought. This could work out great.She pushed him away from her with her foot, knocking him to the carpet. “Now get over to that booth and wait for me, slurpy. I’ll be there in a minute.”As he crawled away from her towards the booth, she shared a high five with Karolyn, and wondered what she’d gotten herself into. She knew one thing: Even though she hated wimps in general – and this wimp in particular – for five-hundred dollar tips she was going to make the most of it.If Diana wondered what she was getting into, Wendell really wondered what he was getting into. He’d already put in a full days worth of masturbation going over the events of last night. He kept replaying the warmth and smoothness of her thighs, the scent of her wet panties, the way she yanked his hair and slapped him, the names she called him – he just couldn’t stop thinking about her. And now she was making him crawl through the club and fucking his mouth with her shoe? He couldn’t figure out why she was doing this. All he knew was that he wanted to be close to her pussy again too badly to say no. It was all making his head spin.When Diana finally approached the booth, Wendell stuck his hand out and spoke up first. Maybe she’d be friendlier to him if they could just get to know each other as people. “Hi. I never introduced myself. I’m Wendell.”Diana stared at him. “Wendell, huh? As in Wimpy Wendell? I’m Diana. As in Miss Diana. Where are you supposed to be right now, Wimpy Wendell?”Wendell thought for a second. “Um, on my… knees…?” She answered him by staring at him silently. Wendell slunk out of the leather booth and knelt down in front of her. Without warning, she slapped him in the face so hard that he fell to the floor, crying. He’d never been hit so hard in his life. “Ow!” He yelped. “Oh god! What the fuck! That really hurt. Ow. Ow. Ow.”“Shut up, you big girl,” she said, with surprising tenderness. She knelt down and gently put an arm on him and coaxed him up, speaking to him like a c***d. “Shhh, stop whimpering. Jesus. Shhh. Hey, it’s okay. Here, c’mon, get up. Back on your knees, that’s it. There.”Wendell found himself kneeling again, looking up at the most beautiful teenaged girl in the world. The teenaged girl who owned the only pussy he’d ever been next to. She held his crying face in her hands. “That hurt, huh?” she said, smiling sweetly. Wendell nodded, sniffling. “Well, just remember that, okay Wendell?” She lovingly stroked his face. “Girls like me don’t like it when wimps like you don’t show us enough respect. Understand?” Wendell shook his head yes, blinking back tears.“But I thought we could talk a little – ““Look, Wendell,” she said, putting her face close to his, nearly making him swoon. Between her perfume and her soft hair brushing against his face, he was getting harder by the second. “The thing is,” she moved his face to the side so she could whisper in his ear, her lips curled up into a villainous sneer. “I need a fucking wimp like you in my life like I need a hole in the head. I’m embarrassed to even be seen next to you, you’re such a little nerd. You want to pay me for my time, fine. Pay me. But don’t expect me to fucking talk to you like I’m your friend. Got that shrimp-dick?” She was squeezing his face now, hurting him. “Maybe it’s because we got off to such a bad start, maybe it’s something about your face, I don’t know, but I fucking hate you. You want to touch me? You expect me to wiggle my ass on your teeny dick and rub my hands on your pathetic excuse for a body? Forget it. I’m only here to take your money, and you’ll take whatever I give you for it, understand? You don’t like it, get the fuck out and forget about ever seeing me again.” She let his face go and stood towering over him. “I said, do you understand?” she barked. “Or do you never want to see me again?”“Y-yes,” he stuttered. Looking at her standing over him like that made his cock so hard. How could he ever give up this feeling? “Yes, Miss Diana. I understand.”“Good. Now give me all your cash and scurry up into the booth. Sit on your hands, and tilt your fucking head back.”Wendell had been completely subdued in the first week with Diana. He saw her three times that week, and thought about her constantly, jerking off to visions of her several times a day. The only reason he didn’t see her every day that week was that he feared he was going insane. He’d never felt such and obsession for anyone or anything. He knew that what he was doing wasn’t exactly normal and was terrified of what might come next.During that first week, his nights with Diana pretty much followed a routine. First, he had to call her pager at least a day in advance to let her know he was coming in and at what time (rule #3). Then, upon arrival, he’d pay $20 to the cashier at the front door and immediately drop to his hands and knees. Next, he crawled through the snickering crowd, enduring catcalls and taunts, looking for her, finding her at the bar. After paying his five hundred dollar “homo tax”, he would crawl to an open booth, sit on his hands (rule #4 – he was never allowed to put his freaky, degenerate hands on her ideal, young body) and wait for her. Then, without putting her hands anywhere else but his head (rule #5 – she would never fucking touch his ugly ass), Diana would rub her panty-enclosed pussy into his face, r****g it until she came. In between orgasms, she’d make him kneel and lick her shoes and suck her toes. While he worshipped at her feet, she’d sit and smoke cigarettes, talking to Karolyn or one of the other girls about men she was currently fucking, or men she wanted to fuck. Then, sometimes without even asking her friends to leave the booth, she’d panty-**** his face again.For her part, Diana should have been enjoying her time with Wimpy Wendell. All she was doing, really, was getting paid huge money to masturbate and drink with her friends. She never let Wendell talk to her, so there was no annoying conversation to put up with, and once she closed her eyes and started humping his face, she forgot he was even there. He was just a tool, really, not even human; a cash-dispensing face she could jack herself off on. What could be better?But something was wrong. Wendell didn’t seem to be suffering enough for it. Having some idiot crawl and beg for a whiff of her panties was starting to do nothing for her. What guy wouldn’t like shoving his face into her pussy, she thought? Where was the thrill there? All her life she’d taken advantage of boys who were willing to make fools of themselves for her, so what? After she took Wendell’s money, the rest was only to fight the boredom. There were other, more fun things she’d been thinking of doing to Wendell. She’d talk it over with Karolyn and some of the other girls, and the thought of ruining another person, really fucking them over, excited them on many different levels. She was a natural born man-hater, and those kind of thoughts really made her pussy wet. How far could she take it, she wondered. Where would his breaking point be? How much sexual power did she really have?Tonight would mark Wendell’s fourth visit with her, and she was ready to step up the abuse another notch.Wendell, crawling through the club looking for Diana, had decided that he’d had enough. First, he gets slapped, ripped off, and kicked out. Then, humiliated, slapped, and panty-****d. Then, for the last two visits: panty-****d and ignored. And now, like a sick robot, he was back for more. He knew he had to stop this, but he didn’t know how. No matter how beautiful she was (and she was more beautiful than anyone he’d ever dreamed of) he didn’t know if he could take this anymore. He needed… he needed to touch her – or any woman for that matter. He needed to have some kind of normal human contact in his life instead of being taken advantage of three times a week by some bitch that hated him. And, it was getting expensive. Wendell was only a millionaire on paper, and this kind of cash and credit card spending spree was going to make a real dent if he wasn’t careful.Maybe if he saw a ther****t. Maybe he could find some kind of sex-fetish Paxil that could cure him of his sick desires. Sick desires? Wanting to bury your face into a teenaged pussy was a sick desire? How about the things you were putting up with to be able to bury your face in the teenaged pussy? The money it was costing you? And wouldn’t it be nice to kiss someone too? Someone who really loved you? And hold hands, and marry? Maybe raise a family? Yeah, but not if she’s a fat, ugly cow! Nobody else gets him hard like Diana! He needed Diana!He would make some calls to a couple of his friends at ResearchPharmagenics, he decided as he reached the dressing room door and knelt, waiting for her. He needed sound advice, at the very least. If they couldn’t give him advice, then they could muğla olgun escort send him some d**gs. He’d call first thing tomorrow; first thing in the morning; right after he jacked-off to the memory of Diana’s thighs wrapped around his face one last time.Diana strolled out of the dressing room and smacked him hard on the back of the head. “Hey, pussy-face, guess what?” she said. “I got a special treat for you tonight.”He decided to just come out with it and tell her what was bothering him. Surely, she’d let him talk with her just this once. “Diana, before we start, I’ve been thinking this whole thing over and – “ She cut him off by grabbing him by the hair and jamming a pair of old panties she found laying in the corner of the dressing room into his mouth.“Shut the fuck up. Jesus, how many times do I have to tell you?” He reached up to try and stop her but she was so much stronger than he was. It was useless to resist.“Mmmff!” he cried. “Mmmff! Mmmff!”While Diana held his head, Karolyn reached out from behind him and wrapped a length of yellow duct tape around his mouth, gagging him completely. “Mmmff!” he screamed. Using just half the strength she could’ve used, she kneed him in his chest, sending him reeling to the floor. Karolyn straddled his legs and fastened a pair of leather wrist restraints on him.Out of the corner of his eye he saw Kari, the owner, walk up. Thank god, he thought. “How’s it going Diana?” he heard her say.Diana put a knee on the back of his neck and smiled up at Kari. “Great,” she said as Wendell struggled. “You know, he just gets freakier and freakier.”“Okay,” said Kari, ogling Diana’s firm tits. “Well, have fun. Just keep your bottoms on.”Diana and Karolyn easily lifted up Wendell by his arms and dragged him to the stairs by the main stage. While Karolyn held him, Diana undid his pants and yanked them down to his ankles, removing his belt. He wore baggy white boxers, and his legs where thin and pale.Next, she ripped his shirt open, popping all of the buttons off. In seconds his shirt was in shreds and ripped off of him completely. His flabby hairless chest muscles hung down like two small titties. “Sex-y,” sang Diana, giving them a jiggle and a pinch. Finally, Diana fitted a pair of obviously worn silk panties on his head so that the still-damp crotch of them was directly over his nose. Uncontrollably, his small penis began to swell and the tiny head of it poked out shyly from the front of his boxers.“Since you like sniffing my pussy so much, this should be good for you, dick-head,” she said. “I had them on about an hour ago while I was getting laid.” Then holding his wallet in front of him, “Of course, I’m going to have to charge you just as much as if I was doing dances for you since all you do is sniff my pussy anyway, so enjoy it.”Wendell heard a new song start up as Diana and Karolyn dragged him to the pole at the center of the stage. A camera flash went off. Then another. Someone pulled off his shoes and pants. He was shoved down in front of the brass pole and his arms were taped tightly to it so that he was forced to kneel upright. Karolyn used his belt, and more tape, to tie his ankles behind the pole. He could move his hips slightly, and his head, but that was all. The DJ chimed in over the music as a new song started up. “Geee-entlemen, put your hands together for the lovely Diana! Center stage! Diana!”Diana took center stage to a noisy round of whistles and applause. She was wearing a sparkling red mini-dress with red heels and red thong panties. After taking her first, introductory prance around the perimeter of the stage, Diana gestured towards Wendell to introduce him. People were laughing hysterically at Wendell and his predicament, especially since his teeny cock wasn’t just peeking out of his shorts but was dripping a rather huge amount of pre-cum as well.Smugly, she sauntered over to Wendell and turned her back to him. Smiling at the crowd, she lifted her dress and pressed her bare ass into his face, covering it completely. His nose, already covered by pussy-wet silk, was forced deep between her tight ass-cheeks, rubbing against the sweaty moisture of her thong. She began vigorously bouncing her ass against his nose to the beat of the music. Wendell’s cock twitched up and down in frustration as she ass-smothered him, which caused the growing crowd to laugh and holler even more.Diana pulled away from him for a moment, giving him a clear view of the crowd of dancers and customers gathering around the stage to get a closer look. Craning his head to the left and right, he also saw that his image was being broadcast on the large television screens above the sides of the stage. He nearly fainted.Holy shit, this is all on videotape, he thought. If this ever gets out –Another flash went off. It was Karolyn, standing near the stage with an expensive digital camera.And on it went, for Diana’s entire three-song set. She ground the soles of her shoes in his face, kicked him in his chest, humped his nose, wiggled her butt-cheeks inches in front of him, yanked on his nipples, titty-slapped him, and generally made his cock scream out loud. In no time he was thrusting his hips like a madman, fucking nothing but thin air, desperate for orgasm and an end to his suffering. As her last song came to a close, she grabbed the pole and lifted herself up so that her legs were wrapped around Wendell’s head, smashing it against the pole and his face into her sweaty pussy. “Mmmmmmmmmffffffffffff!” he screamed, as Diana rocked her pussy and ass up and down on his helpless face. Then, tightening her grip on his head so much that he thought it would pop open, she let go of the pole, arched backwards, put her hands on the floor and released her legs from his head, ending in an impeccably executed back-stand and a rain of crumpled dollar bills.The pressure on Wendell’s head from his skull fucking left him woozy and faint. The panties on his face were askew so that he could only see through the right leg-hole with one eye. He saw Diana, not picking up her money, but arguing heatedly with Kari at the front of the stage. He couldn’t hear over the music and yelling, but Kari was waving her arms and pointing to the open fly of his boxers, where his pocket-sized penis-head bravely stuck out and dribbled it’s sticky clear slime. Diana held out her hands apologetically, kissed Kari on the forehead, and walked to Wendell, shaking her head and rolling her eyes.She knelt in front of Wendell and began muttering to herself while tearing off his boxers. “What-ever, bitch. State law says that all sexual organs must be covered or we lose our liquor license? Fine! I’ll cover up his fucking tiny wee-wee sexual organs.” Then, directly to Wendell she said “I can’t fucking believe that a small piece of shit pecker like yours counts as a sexual organ, can you?” Wendell could only stare at her, wild-eyed.She took a large part of fabric from one of the legs of his now tattered boxers, and with some ingenious ripping and knot tying, fashioned it into a small pouch that covered his meager genitalia and nothing more. It left him bare-assed, and did nothing to hide the fact that his pint-sized penis was fully erect and oozing like an open sore. It was also tied so tightly that it threatened to cut off the circulation to his boyish balls. But, state law was state law. Wendell was left there, kneeling and gagged, his erect Junior Johnson dripping an ever-widening stain into his makeshift pouch, until every dancer in the club had a shot at him. They all had their turn slapping, kicking, and teasing him with their asses and tits.Instead of complaints, as she initially feared, Kari was pleasantly surprised to see the crowd spending even more money on drinks and tips than usual. They wanted every dancer that got up there to out-do the last one in their torture of poor Wendell. If one kicked him in the stomach, the next had to kick him in the balls. And none of them could risk letting his poor excuse for a hard-on go away for fear of getting booed by the crowd, so they had to tease Wendell even more than the last girl did. Then hurt him more than the last girl. Then tease him more. There was no end to the inventive ways that a large group of strippers could tantalize, abuse and degrade a man, and they worked overtime on Wendell, tearing a hole in his psyche that would never heal.And they were all glad to do it, because Kari was making sure that Wendell’s credit cards were charged for every dance he was tied up for, maxing out one after the other until only his unlimited-balance AMEX card was left. Diana told her that Wendell wanted every girl up there to get twenty dollars a dance and a hundred dollar tip, on top of the money he was already giving to her.When Diana finally re-took the stage, she marveled at her handiwork. Eighteen years old and barely out of high school, she’d arranged to break down a grown man so completely that she was sure he would do anything she wanted from this day forward.And why? Because he was from a class of men she despised more than any other? Partly. Because he angered her by mistakenly goading her out of her break during one of the worst PMS attacks in her life? Somewhat. Mostly, she did it for the same reason she did anything else in her life: because she was a beautiful teenaged girl, and she could.She leaned in to whisper into Wendell’s ear, letting her brilliant young breasts dangle in his face. “Ready for the big finale, candy ass?” she sneered.Wendell nodded. He was ready for anything.To be continued…

WKRP: Serving Loni’s Ass


WKRP: Serving Loni’s AssThe ultimate blond celebrity and ultimate ass worship.(ass kissing, facesitting, ass licking, buttsniffing, face-farting, analingus, s**tology)____________________________________________________________________WKRP in Cincinnati was popular on television because of its comedy and also because of Loni Anderson, its voluptuous blond star. What many people don’t know is that the series was created from an actual radio station, a station where I served as a work-study schoolboy intern a couple of years before WKRP aired.Our staff was much like the tv show. In fact, Loni Anderson was so much like our Loni that I never knew if they might be the same person. I only saw the television show after our family moved to a small rural town with terrible reception.I had become fascinated with radio technology and its faceless anatomy which seemed perfect for my shy nature and skinny, awkward appearance. Radio seemed to like the great equalizer.When WKRP had an opening for an school-aged intern, I was called for an interview by Andy Travis and twenty minutes later I was welcomed aboard WKRP in Cincinnati (not our real call letters). Everything seemed perfect! Everything except one thing:Loni.She was five-foot six, early 20’s, self-assured, gorgeous, and her conical knockers had every man’s attention, that is, except me. I hardly notice girls boobs. Even before I could tie my shoes I was an ass freak (though not anal sex). And, Loni’s rear-end was divine and otherworldly! It hypnotized and magnetized and otherwise stupified.I wanted so much to kneel behind her and praise her glorious glutious and fondle and kiss those round butt cheeks. That’s all I wanted! I didn’t want sex or a blowjob or anal intercourse. Just kneel and praise and kiss her goddess ass that was a visual Disneyland of images that I would have put into our family album had I the gumption.But–come on–who was I k**ding? I was a skinny schoolboy and she was the ultimate fantasy. I would never kiss her ass! If ever I dared talk to her she would laugh and I would whimper away in utter humiliation! The only way girls like her noticed yard-turds like me was with the scoff of their upturned noses.It was almost noon on a Thursday when things changed. Loni commanded that I come to her desk before telling me to follow her. She began walking toward the “Girl’s Lobby” and while she walked–yes, you know–my eyes were on that amazing butt–that amazing, rolling, billowing butt, so inspiring that my head created new lyrics to that nationalistic anthem, “America”:Oh beautiful, ‘bove spacious thighs,Like amber waves of grain,Those rolling mounds of majesty,I kneel ‘n’ to you I praise.Oh Loni-lass I’ll kiss your ass,I’ll press my lips to you,And crown your cheeks,(With) raving speech,[big finish here – retardendo – crescendo!)From cheek to di-vine cheeeeeeeek.So yes, I stared at Loni’s butt. It seemed like slow motion how each cheek danced alone yet both cheeks danced together.We entered the lobby and she said, “Relax Alexander (I dislike my first name, Byron). After some small talk, she stood and walked to the counter. She returned with a soda.”See? Just like that!””Wh . . . What?” I stammered.”Every time I walk you stare at my ass, don’t you Alexander? It’s okay. Men stare at my boobs all day long. You don’t see me getting mad at them, do you? So why wouldn’t it be okay for you to look at my ass? In fact, maybe you would like to look at it right now?”If I was too young to have a heart attack, then why were my insides quaking?She stood. “Do you want to look at my ass, Alexander?””YES!” my mouth blurted. “I mean, yes.””No! With words. Tell me with words.”Should I? What if it was a trick. But what if it wasn’t? What if it was the opportunity of a lifetime, like radio. No–better than radio. In fact, to hell with radio!”I . . . I want to look at your butt.” I said it! To Loni! The butt-goddess.”Oooooo, well since you want it, then kneel!” Slowly, she began turning her body. My insides melted. Her butt . . . it was . . . turning . . . toward me. It was full and round and perfect. And when she had turned her back to me fully, it was just three feet front from my face! THREE FEET! I wanted to dive forward and kiss and knead her buttocks. I wanted to speak words of love and devotion to them. I wanted to . . .”Do you like what you see?””Y . . .Yes . . .,” I babbled. “Your butt is . . . is . . . amazing. Heavenly. Divine. Like not even from this planet!”She cooed. “Well, I do like hearing those things.” She sat down. “Alexander, a million men will worship my boobies, my feet, my pussy, and yada-yada-yada. A million men. But, I don’t have anyone to worship my ass. But you–you will worship my ass, won’t you, Alexander? Won’t you?”Lust made my head nod.She laughed. “Alexander, isn’t it good to admit it? Isn’t it good to know that’s where you belong? What if I gave you ten minutes to worship my ass? Wouldn’t you be grateful, Alexander?”She stood. “Now, I will turn and you WILL kiss my ass, won’t you? Here . . . ” she said pointing to the outer flanks of her skirt-clad buttcheeks. “You will NOT kiss toward the center. “Kiss Alexander! Kiss right here. KISS . . . MY . . . ASS!!!”Her words drew my head forward and I kissed. I kissed Loni’s ass! Again my lips pressed and her butt flesh depressed and I meshed my lips into the fine knit fabric and I reverently kissed and kissed.After several minutes, she pointed to her right buttcheek and I kissed for what seemed like ten minutes before she pushed me away.”Alexander, do you like kissing my ass?””Yes” I blurted. “Yes!””MMMMmmm, I like that. But, enough for today.”What? She couldn’t just end it! But she did. She returned to the office and behaved as if nothing had happened. I couldn’t think straight yet there she was laughing with others as if the day was routine.Two days later, she pulled me aside. “Stop what you’re doing. Follow me.”Elation filled me. Would I again be kissing her ass? My face followed her rolling derriere and in minutes, I was kissing and kissing and loving every second. I felt honored. muğla rus escort I was the one kissing Loni Anderson’s ass. Other guys might date her or even fuck her but I was the one she had chosen to kiss her ass!She smiled. “Alexander, do you understand that there is no reason for you to be with me unless it is to worship my ass? I mean, your face and my ass are the closest we can get to a match but still, your face is unworthy. You do understand those things, don’t you?”I assured her I did.”It will be a little different this time.””Different?”She tugged her thin autumn-colored skirt upward until her bulbous bottom appeared and I saw her thin, white, bikini panties and the bare butt flesh they could not contain. She pointed to that flesh and said, “Kiss Alexander. Kiss my butt cheeks wherever the panties don’t cover. KISS MY ASS!”My lips were instant in melding to her left buttcheek and I could feel the heat of her body while my lips felt the coolness of her butt flesh. I kissed and kissed on both sides and when our time expired, she briskly pushed my head back, spread her skirt down. But she didn’t move. She stood with those magnificent mounds before me.”Praise my ass, Alexander. Speak to it!”I leaned close and told her ass that it was the most beautiful in the entire world and none could compare and I wanted to worship it day and night and–“That is enough!” she commanded and she left the lobby.The next few times were similar until a Wednesday afternoon when I received a small envelope. My body convulsed as I read her note within:”My place. 7pm tomorrow. 3360 Sherman Place, #317. Don’t fucking be late!”I had no idea what to expect nor how to dress. I waited an hour outside of her building. I wondered. I trembled. Dammmmmmmmit, she was taking over my existence. But, I couldn’t help myself. I doubted anyone could.I rang her doorbell seven minutes early. She liked my promptness and equated it to worship. She was wearing a light blue nightie with white lace. Only with particular movements could I see her light blue and very thin panties. She offered a soda. I declined. She said the night was important and I wondered why. She said my worship would be tested. She stood. She turned. She pulled up her nightie. She pointed to the bare flesh at the sides of her thin panties and said, “Kiss! Kiss Alexander!”I kissed and kissed and kissed some more, until she pulled away.”I told you that tonight is a test. It’s important that you pass.”She led me to her bedroom. Bedroom! Loni’s bedroom! I was the loser-of-all-losers yet I — me — ALEXANDER! — I was in Loni Anderson’s bedroom! The men at the station fantasized about such things, but I was there! She sat on a cushioned footstool and told me to kneel and her eyes went side-to-side to study my face.”Alexander, this will be different. This is about . . . well, something more.”I didn’t understand.”It’s about . . . It’s about smell. Alexander, you must smell me. You must smell my ass. And, you must tell me you love it even if you hate it. Do you understand?””Wh . . . .””Smell, Alexander. It’s about smell. You can’t worship my ass if you don’t love the smell or at least tell me that you do.”Smell . . . Smell her ass? What?”I don’t mean just one little sniff. I mean, S-M-E-L-L me. Will you?”She described the details of how it would be done, the position, the placement of my nose, the manner of sniffing. She got on the bed and she dropped to her elbows and knees. With her back slightly arched, and her ass spread, the darkness of her cavern could be seen through her light blue gossamer panties. Her index finger pointed directly to the center of her pantied bottom and she said, “Sniff Alexander! Smell me! Put your nose right in that ‘pocket’ and sniff my butt! Do it. Do it! Sniff my butt!”I couldn’t believe it, but I pushed my face forward and I watched the image of her rear-end enlarge as my face neared. I brought my nose to the crux of her spread ass and I pushed into that open pocket. I didn’t push in far, just slightly into that pocket of tented air and I . . . I sniffed. I sniffed her butt.The very thought was so nasty. Smelling someone’s ass? It was so dark and wicked and depraved. It smelled so anal-like yet with some kind of co-mingled sweetness of femininity.”Smell, Alexander! Smell. Mmmmm” Her voice sounded dreamy.There was something about it, something I couldn’t explain. It smelled awful, but it was drawing me in. Like being addicted to something offensive yet craving it all-the-more. The stink somehow pulled my nose back in and I sniffed her butt again and again! What the fuck was wrong with me? It was filthy and nasty yet I had to have it. And, something that stimulated me immensely was that I was . . . I was sniffing Loni! I was sniffing Loni Anderson’s butt!”Well,” Loni said, “you are into it, now aren’t you? Just sniffing up a storm. You love it, don’t you? Tell me! Convince me!”I couldn’t stop smelling her. “Yes Loni. it . . . (s-n-i-f-f-f-f-f) smells better than anything!”Maybe other men were all more manly and cool than me, but I was the one who was with her so that made me better. I was experiencing something almost no other man would experience. I was smelling her most private and intimate smell! She had chosen ME to sniff her butt and not others!Until then, I had thought that kissing her ass was the ultimate, but smelling it was a thousand times greater. I just could not get enough!The next few times we were together, I kissed her ass and after I begged satisfactorily, she let me sniff her butt and I did so like some rabid, infected a****l.When she hadn’t invited my face to her ass for a few days, desperation got the better of me. At the end of one workday, I waited for everyone to leave and I meandered to Loni’s desk and I knelt beside it and I put my face on her seat and I sniffed. I sniffed her chair. Okay, I know that’s weird, but I HAD to have her butt scent in my nose. Unfortunately, the seat smelled mostly like cloth.The next time we were together, I pleaded for her to let muğla sarışın escort me smell her ass and she laughed at how far I had fallen. When she offered it to me, I was behind her in a flash and I kissed and I sniffed and my body shook and I moaned as soon as I smelled it. I loved it so much! I was in heaven, inhaling the scent of an angel.”Alexander . . . ” she started. “Alexander, do you love my ass, because if you love my ass, then you should prove it more than you have.”I had no idea what she had in mind but it didn’t take long to find out.Her thumbs hooked into her panties and she yanked them halfway down her thighs and she commanded, “Kiss, Alexander. Kiss . . . inside! Kiss me . . . you-know-where.”As usual, I was uncertain.Her index finger pointed and she said, “There, Alexander. Right there! Kiss me. If you love my ass Alexander, then kiss my ass hole! Kiss it!”Was she serious? Put my mouth . . . “there”? Kiss her . . . “there”?Bold people cause weaker ones to do their bidding and even though I had NO desire to kiss her ass hole her command ruled me. It seemed like a dream. She nudged the back of my head. My face moved closer. Her anus looked like the bullseye of a target and I knew that despite my utter revulsion, my lips would press to that small nasty ring and they would kiss it. My lips meshed with Loni’s anus and they locked themselves to her heated and most private and intimate place and they kissed and kissed.I was overwhelmed by the fact that I had kissed that . . . that place . . . that my mouth was locked tightly to the very place where Loni . . . where Loni Anderson . . . well I mean, where she shit! What in the hell had happened to me? It was depraved yet it was true.Perhaps that is when I realized that Loni and most girls are superior to me and the truth is that, not only is it appropriate for me to kiss their butt holes, but I need to understand the privilege it is to kiss them “there”.And I realized something else: By the end of that time first time of kissing her ass hole, I was falling in love with it.She invited me to her place once or twice a week to worship her ass with k sniffing and kissing her ass hole and I was always as eager as I was early. On one of those nights she surprised me when she asked, “So, do you want to have sex with me?””Wh . . . What?””I asked if you want to have sex with me.””I . . . I . . . “”I’m talking about ‘our’ kind of sex.”It was apparent that I didn’t understand.”I’m talking about your tongue having sex with my ass; that kind of sex.”Stick my tongue up her ass? I would do anything to keep sniffing her butt but, my tongue up her ass?”Listen, I’m not asking you to fuck me like a real man. All I expect is for you to fuck me like an ass worshiper–with your tongue up my butt. You stick your tongue up my ass; you tongue-fuck my asshole; I masturbate; I orgasm. We both go away happy.”I was dizzy with confusion. Like I said before, Loni’s butt stupefies.She continued. “I get a fab orgasm and you get to put your tongue where no man has ever had his tongue — right up my butt! How could someone like you ever want anything more?”Five minutes later, she was on her elbows and knees and after smelling and kissing her ass hole for ten minutes, my tongue followed her directions. It began slithering up into her entrails and it fucked her for what seemed like 20 minutes while her fingers diddled her clitty and she cried out and shook and dropped to the bed while my tongue popped out of her rectum.I couldn’t believe I had done that–put my tongue deep up her ass. I could only imagine what my tongue . . . nevermind.But, I was hooked on her. I just had to make her happy because I craved the smell of her ass so much. I told her that often and one night while my nose was eagerly inhaling her nasty/sweet nether scent, she said, “Well, I do like that. But Alexander, there is something more,” and she introduced me into off-putting task of smelling her farts. Fortunately, they were few and far between but she required that each be smelled and complimented in gratitude because farts were the way her ass “kissed” me.A month later, she told me to come over. Her apartment was dim, lit by one small kitchen light. She sat across from me at a small table with her face not smiling. For the first (and only) time I could remember, she seemed nervous.”Alexander, I have learned something. For all that you have done to worship my ass, it isn’t enough.” She rubbed her palms on her bare thighs. “I know people who are into this sort of thing seriously. They are ‘lifers’ with ass worship. They told me that we are at a crossroad here.””Crossroad?”She fidgeted. “Yes, either we do this right or we shouldn’t do it again.They say truly is only one true way to prove that you truly, ultimately worship my ass.””One . . . What?”She leaned across the table until her face was close to mine. “Alexander, if this wasn’t necessary, I wouldn’t talk to you about it, but they say unless we do the ultimate in ass worship, then we might as well have done nothing in ass worship and I think they are right.” She squirmed. “So, there is . . . there is one last thing we must do.”She sighed and looked away. Then, she looked deep into my eyes in the shadowed room. “Alexander, you must . . . ” She looked away again, then back to me.”You must . . . this is so hard, but . . . Alexander, you must . . . you must eat my shit.”It had to be a dream. What the fuck?”You can talk to them yourself. There are no alternatives. Alexander, to worship me, you . . . you have to do it. You have to. You have to eat my shit.”My head rumbled like a thousand banging cymbals. “You don’t . . . You don’t . . . Not your . . . Not your . . . actual shit.”Her face tightened. “Yes Alexander. I actually do mean that. I must shit and you must eat it.””That’s . . . That’s . . . “”Insane? Bizarre? Inhuman? Yes I know. I’ve thought of those things. But real ass worshipers all say the same thing. If you haven’t done it all, then you’ve actually done nothing. The only way you muğla seksi escort can truly worship a girl’s ass is to go all of the way and that means you must be willing to eat her shit which means you must eat my shit.”She gave me a few days to consider and decide. I had to have Loni’s ass but how in the hell could I ever eat shit? I had to do it because I had to have her ass but it was insane to even consider something so vile. While mental anguish was my enemy, the clock was my deadliest villain because she expected my answer and she wouldn’t wait much longer.The problem with addicts is that we can’t help ourselves even to our own detriment and I found myself saying “yes’ to her inhuman demand. She seemed almost as hesitant as me on the phone but when I went to her apartment two days later, her eyes seemed filled with some kind of lust-filled energy and she babbled about things the “real” ass worshipers had told her.Her smile seemed wide with anticipation and she did her best to reassure and comfort me. “Actually, this will be fun, Alexander. Once you get into it, you will see. Now . . .” she said as her acrylic nail grazed my nose. “Now, I know something that will help you relax.”She went to her bed, got on all fours, exposed her spread ass with thin panties, and said, “You LOVE sniffing my butt, Alexander. So come . . . come and sniff it. Sniff my butt and the rest will happen as it is suppose to.”I never could resist smelling her and my face was between her butt cheeks in just a few seconds. I sniffed and breathed in and inhaled and savored and, as usual, I could not get enough. And she was right because it took my mind off of what was to come and I did indeed relax.Then, the moment of my final demise came. She put a white plate on a wooden chair and after a few sips of wine, she bent over it and I watched Loni Anderson shit! Amazing! She laid out something bigger than, but similar to, a brown banana. It smelled. My head shook. It was nasty; so nasty. It was shit! I could never . . . I would hurl! But, it was Loni! It was Loni Anderson. It was her shit.”Actually Alexander,” she said as she knelt beside me next to the chair, “I have become quite enamored with this idea of you eating my shit. I know now that it truly is the ultimate and I do believe them when they say you should be thankful that someone like you gets to eat the shit of a girl like me. Don’t you agree?”She had to be k**ding. Yet, I also knew it was true.”And, you want to keep sniffing my butt, don’t you? Then, don’t you see? The only way that someone so inferior can be with me is for you to worship my ass and the only way you can do that is to also eat my shit. See, it all fits.”She used a knife to separate an inch of the nasty thing and she brought it before my face with a fork. “Lots of people eat shit, Alexander. More than you think. Just be glad that it is MY shit you get to eat and just be thankful that I let you.”Her smile was beyond deviant; it was devilish.”Now . . . open your mouth, Alexander.”I felt my face tighten.”Alexander, You love my ass don’t you? You want to keep smelling it, don’t you? Then, open your mouth! If you eat my shit, I will let you smell my ass.”She pushed the shit toward me and jabbed the prongs against lips. My mouth obeyed. She smiled. She pushed her shit into my mouth. She jumped up and leaped behind me and wrapped both hands over my face and she held my nose and mouth shut.”Eat it! Eat it Alexander! Eat my shit! Eat it!” She laughed with diabolic glee. “Eat it, Alexander! Eat my shit!”I didn’t know if I could have resisted more. I didn’t know if perhaps I was born to eat shit. I didn’t know if I was afraid of losing her. What I did know was that her shit was in my mouth and I was doing what I was told.She leaned close and whispered. “Eat it! Eat my shit Alexander! Eat it!”I hate to describe this in much detail but I can’t omit that her shit was mixing with saliva and turning into some kind of sewer stream and that stream was more vile than I could ever describe. I felt sick; nauseous. It was horribly disgusting and I realized that I would much rather eat it than have it become a melted cesspool in my mouth. So, that is why . . . it’s why I began eating it, and in so doing, I resigned myself to what was probably inevitable all along.Loni didn’t take long to show the glee she had in watching and how it made her felt goddess-like and worshiped. “Actually,” she whispered, “it turns me on! A lot!”After several sessions, I adapted. I didn’t like eating it but I craved Loni and sniffing her butt and the more I ate, the more she let me sniff. After a month, I was able to eat an entire plateful. I had become accustomed to the whole eating thing. I also gained a greater appreciation that it was Loni . . . that I was eating the shit of the one-and-only Loni Anderson. Although the thought of eating her shit was disgusting, I had a great sense of pride that I knew what her shit tasted like and no other guy could say that!She had a variety of techniques for doing it, sometimes shitting all over my face, then moving it to my mouth, sometimes shitting right into my mouth, but most often, she shit on plates and fed it to me with a fork. I am only estimating her, but in the five months that we did it, I ate Loni’s shit more than fifty times. Fifty!When our family moved 100 miles away, Loni and I were distressed. We managed to get together a few times in the following few months and each time, she gave me what I wanted most which was sniffing her butt and I gave her what she had come to love the most, eating her shit. Then, she disappeared. Maybe she made it to Hollywood to star in WKRP; I just don’t know.When WKRP finally aired, I knew that guys all over the world were lusting for her and her big boobs. I knew that millions of men wanted to fuck her or even just have a dinner date with her. And all along, I felt so smug because despite being a scrawny and unconfident school boy who still couldn’t talk to girls, I had the satisfaction of knowing that I was better than all of those men.Let them strut and pose all they wanted but NONE of them would EVER be able to match the intimacy that I had with her. None of them would EVER be able to say even one time what I could say with great pride fifty times: “More than fifty times, I ate Loni Anderson’s shit and I put my nose in Loni Anderson’s ass and more than fifty times, I sniffed Loni Anderson’s butt!”

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Horse hung nigger slaveIt was before the war spread south to Georgia. It was a time when Atlanta was still beautiful and the home of many of the Confederacy’s finest gentlemen. It was then that Leasa Edwards, daughter of Colonel Everett Clyborn Edwards, was the most sought after beauty south of the Mason-Dixon Line.Heiress to one of the largest plantations in Georgia—‘Tara’—Leasa Edwards was both wealthy and lovely. This stately, young woman caught the eye of all and any fine, young, southern gentleman in her vicinity. Who could resist her slender, 5’7” frame swaying through a southern breeze? And who could not admire her fine, blonde hair coiffed demurely in a bun or rolling freely down her back. And those deep blue eyes set in a perfect face of pale white, delicate skin were found irresistible by any man who met her acquaintance.Most men also admired her goddess-like figure: 36C-24-35. She was as close to perfect as ever a woman was…with a personality to match. She was kind-hearted, gay, and bright. Leasa Edwards was truly a treasure of Southern femininity.Atlanta’s nights would see many of the city’s finest young gentlemen calling on “Miss Leasa”. They would take strolls with her along the paths of the city and around the plantation’s many acres. They would sit with her on the mansion’s veranda, just gazing on her beauty. But all of the courting was very much chaperoned, of course, by Leasa’s family as well as some of the house slaves.Some nights Leasa’s daddy, the Colonel, would hold parties on the grounds of the plantation. There would be much drink, food, and partying. Some lucky young beau would get to hold Leasa’s hand while they watched the darkies dance and sing for the pleasure of the upper crust Whites in attendance.Old, fat Sambo—one of the older slaves—would dance for the revelers and make everyone laugh till their sides split. Leasa would love to watch the funny, fat, black man dance from foot to foot playing his harmonica, his baggy pants jostling just like a clown’s.“Oh Sambo!” she’d exclaim, “You make me laugh so!”Sambo would smile and dance on, acting the buffoon for white society…and for the beautiful Leasa Edwards, daughter of his master.But in Sambo’s heart was a yearning for the day that the Union Calvary would stamp the Confederacy under its hoof…the day that Sambo and his many wives and c***dren, which he mated with and bred for Master Edwards, would be free.One day in early spring it was announced that Leasa Edwards was engaged to Captain Jonathan Beauragard, one of the Confederacy’s finest horseman. He was a fine cut of a man with long blonde hair, a square chin and handsome features.Everyone thought it a match made in heaven. They were two of the finest looking, young specimens the white, Anglo South had to offer. Unfortunately, their wedding came just at the time that the Union Army began its siege of Atlanta and the burning started.At that time, Sambo and the 80 or more slaves on Tara rebelled and left the mansion and its grounds in ruins. The Union Army swept into Atlanta and the rest—as they say—is history.After the war, things were very different in Atlanta. Social position and graces once prized in southern society were no longer of the same importance. Leasa’s daddy, the Colonel, was killed in the fight for Atlanta. It was unfortunate for Leasa that the Colonel never left a will. And with ‘carpetbagger justice’ being what it was—she was left with nothing.Captain Beauragard owned little. Without the prestige of his military position, he had little to offer. He knew no trade and had little education for business.Soon after the war, prospects for the once enviable, young couple grew more and more meager. In short time, they moved into a small one-bedroom apartment in downtown Atlanta…and not one of the nicer downtown areas at that.Two years had passed now since the war, and the owner they’d paid rent to had changed several times. They were soon to understand that a Northerner now owned their apartment building and would be collecting their rent weekly rather than monthly. The young couple’s poor payment history had put them in this humiliating situation.They awaited their new landlord’s arrival one evening, hoping he would be kind, generous, and merciful—perhaps recognizing them as once having been the cream of antebellum, southern society.“Darling, please don’t drink before Mr. Beaux arrives tonight. We need desperately to impress upon him that we are responsible tenants,” Leasa Edwards implored her husband, who had turned heavily to the bottle over the past 2 years.“I know Leasa, my love…but it’s been hard for me to stop. My sorrow for our lost Cause, and its honor, troubles my heart so,” the ex-Captain, Jon Beauragard replied, slightly slurring his speech, sitting slouched in a corner chair.“Darling, we must get over the war and the changes it’s wrought on our lives. We have to find a new life and a new way…” Leasa pleaded muğla escort kızları with him, as she had done so many times before.A loud knock on the door interrupted the young wedded couple’s well-worn conversation.When Leasa opened the door she found a large, rotund black man before her. He appeared at least 60, dressed in a top hat, vest, suit jacket and tight riding pants. He was dressed as fine as the wealthiest of southern society. But his attire appeared so out of place on this large, over-weight Black.Then the shock of recognition grew over Leasa’s elegant features. Before her stood the man who was once her father’s lead slave—Sambo!“Sambo! My god, Sambo! What in heaven’s name are you doing here? And dressed in such a way?”The black man’s face remained grim. Gone was the old, slaphappy, partially toothless smile of Leasa’s favorite ‘darky’. Before her stood a powerful, embittered African businessman. He was a businessman that expected to be paid—and repaid—all that he was owed. No excuses! Sambo was the Beauragards’ new landlord.“Leasa, my name is now Samuel Beaux. And you will address me as “Master Beaux” whenever you are in my presence. Is that understood?”Leasa stepped back in shock at her one-time slave’s affront.Her husband, witnessing all this in shock, leapt to his feet furiously:“Why you damned nigger! I’ll teach you manners if I have to beat them into you!!!”But the large black man simply back handed the drunken, white Confederate officer and sent him sprawling back onto the floor, his lip bloodied.“I wouldn’t try that again, boy. Unless you’re prepared to take the beatin’ of your life in front of your wife,” Sambo admonished the shaken, Confederate soldier.Slowly, with his wife’s help, the Captain struggled to his feet. He rushed the ex-slave again, only to receive a powerful punch deep into his solar plexus, dropping him to his knees in front of the immense black man.Leasa watched in terror as her husband knelt in front of black Sambo, clutching himself and trying to regain his breath. She couldn’t conceive this ‘darky’, who once served as her family’s clown, subduing and humiliating her husband—her country’s hero—with such confidence, such ease, and such mastery.Sambo reached down, grabbed the Captain by his long—now mangy—hair, and slapped his face, first with the front, then the back of his hand. He then delivered another blow to the kneeling Captain’s ribs. This last blow sent Captain Beauragard flopping over into a fetal position…moaning and whimpering.Leasa watched in horror at the spectacle of the husband she once revered being reduced to a thoroughly beaten, whimpering shell of a man.“If you want more, you’ll get it,” Sambo sternly warned, gazing down at the white man huddled around his feet.“Now APOLOGIZE!!!” the ex-slave ordered the Confederate Captain, who remained gasping and whimpering at his feet.In the stunned silence of the room, all that could be heard was the Captain’s moans and whimpers. Leasa stood looking on, unable to move—to hardly even breathe—in a state of bewildered shock.“Well then,” Sambo said impatiently, as he leaned over and began to lift the Captain’s head by the scalp in order to continue administering the beating…“Please,” a voice squeaked. The voice was not Leasa’s. The voice was Captain Beauragard’s:“Please, don’t…don’t hit me anymore.”“Apologize!” Sambo shouted in the Captain’s face.After a long pause, the Captain squeaked, “I…I…apologize…”“Master Beaux!” Sambo demanded.“I…I apologize, Master Beaux,” the once proud Confederate repeated, as instructed.Leasa turned away from the ghastly scene to hide her tears. It would be difficult for her to ever look her husband in the eye again.“Get your scrawny, white ass off the floor, boy,” Sambo demanded.“B-b-but I can’t. I’m hurt…” the Captain begged, looking up into Sambo’s black face for mercy.None was to be found.“You either get your useless, white ass up or I’m takin’ a belt to you in front of your lovely wife!” Sambo said, looking over to the beautiful young wife, whom he thought he noticed blushing slightly at his words.Slowly, Captain Beauragard lifted himself to his feet. Sambo shed himself of his coat and threw it onto the thread worn couch behind him. Leasa Edwards drew in her breath at the sight of the huge black man in his skin-tight, riding pants.Sambo’s enormous genitalia were clearly outlined between his legs, and they hung down nearly half a foot from his crotch. The Captain could see his young wife’s amazement as she stared at the Black’s crotch, seeming almost mesmerized by the awesome sight. The Captain’s shoulders slouched more as he saw his wife’s face and neck redden in—what could only be explained as—arousal.Sambo sat down into the couple’s only easy chair, his legs spread wide and his genitals hanging half off the front of the chair. He looked over the thoroughly beaten, white Confederate Captain slouching muğla eskort before him.“Now, where is this week’s rent?” the powerful, black man demanded.“We only have half…Master Beaux,” Leasa chimed in, hoping to make it easier on her whipped and humiliated husband.“Well, that won’t do,” black Sambo replied curtly, “It just won’t do.”“How will you pay the interest if I allow you to pay up in full next week?” he asked.“How can we…?” Leasa inquired of the commanding, black presence seated before her—looking like some sort of African king.“Maybe by entertaining me…” the Black smirked.Turning to the Captain, Sambo commanded:“Drop your pants, boy!”The Captain looked at him befuddled…in disbelief at what he’d heard.“Did you hear me, boy? I said drop your trousers—and do it now!”The Captain froze. He looked over at his wife, almost pleadingly. Leasa Edwards averted her eyes to the floor, ashamed and embarrassed for her impotent—and now pathetic—husband.“If I have to get up, boy…I swear, I will beat you within an inch of your life, and then take you out in the street and use my belt to whip your white ass in front of all your neighbors. You want that? A whippin’ by a black man—given to a Confederate officer—for the whole community to see? The newspapers will probably print it up too. Hell boy, you’ll be famous.”Silent, tense moments passed slowly in the room.“One…two…” Sambo began counting, his impatience and anger mounting audibly.Then it happened. Captain Beauragard slowly began to unbutton his pants. In a moment they were undone. He glanced over to his wife, tears in his eyes, shaking in fear of his black oppressor. His young wife looked away, disgusted and ashamed of the humiliating spectacle her husband had become in just minutes before the power, strength, and confidence of her ex-slave, Sambo.“Get ‘em down!” Sambo shouted.Startled and frightened, the submissive Captain now quickly pulled his pants down to his ankles. He stood before the black man naked from the waste down. The Captain’s tiny penis and testicles looked ridiculous on his six-foot frame.Suddenly Sambo started laughing uproariously at the ludicrous, under-endowed sight before him.“Good god, Mrs. Beauragard…you must be one horny woman if this is all you ever had in your bed!!!” Then Sambo continued laughing, slapping his knee and shaking with delight.Leasa tried to look away, however she couldn’t help but notice just how little her husband’s genitals were. Her gaze was then drawn to the sorely stretched pouch that struggled to contain the huge phallus between the black man’s spread legs. Her gaze was lost on neither Sambo nor the humiliated Captain Beauragard.Sambo fumbled in his coat pocket and drew out his old harmonica.“OK Captain, I’ll play. You dance!”Sambo began playing the kind of merry tunes he used to play when he was the one commanded to dance, in the old days on the grounds of Tara.Captain Beauragard just stood there in shock, his pants wrapped around his ankles.Sambo stopped abruptly, “Didn’t you hear me, boy? I said, ‘dance’!”“But…I…I can’t dance,” the Captain pleaded.“Sure you can, Captain. Just remember how I used to do it. Lift your feet up in a little kind of a jig…go ahead! Leasa and I want to watch ya’ and have a laugh. Don’t we, Leasa?”Leasa Edwards hung her head in shame, remembering how she would laugh at the fat, black man’s dancing years ago. She would never have imagined, in those heady times, the tables being reversed in such a horrible way…as they were now, in the awful spectacle taking place before her.Sambo began playing again and tapping his foot. The Captain stood trembling before him.Sambo finally stopped. He gave the trembling white man in front of him an angry scowl.“I won’t ask again. DO YOU UNDERSTAND, BOY?”The Captain nodded.Sambo began the song again, tapping his foot in time.The Confederate officer—slowly at first, then faster—began to lift his feet in a silly jig. He struggled with the pantaloons that were tangled around his ankles. But in time, his efforts paid off, and he was jumping and bobbing around in a ridiculous, little dance. Along with the hopping and bobbing, the Captains infantile genitals flapped and swung about in ludicrous fashion. Sambo suddenly had to stop his playing to laugh aloud, uncontrollably.Leasa Edwards turned her head away from the nightmare she was witnessing, and began sobbing. She could never again feel anything but pity for the pathetic, dancing white man before her. As she sobbed, Leasa wondered what she could have ever seen in this man.The Captain finally fell backwards to the floor with a loud thud, his feet hoplessly tangled in his pants. He just lay there crying with shame at his own humiliation and cowardice.“Leasa, come here,” Sambo commanded, turning to the sobbing woman who once represented the height of southern society.Leasa dabbed her eyes, rose from her chair, and approached the muğla esmer escort black man, as instructed.“Kneel here in front of me, girl,” Sambo ordered her.Slowly, Leasa turned to look for any kind of protection or aid from her husband. She looked down to find him still lying on the floor, his pants tangled around his feet, just watching on, his face streaked with tears.Leasa knew no protection would come from the thoroughly beaten and humiliated wreck of a man that lay there.The gorgeous blonde turned back to the black man and slowly sank to her knees between his spread thighs. Her deep blue eyes were now level with the bulging crotch of the fat Black’s pants.“I’m uncomfortable in these tights, Leasa. Unbutton them!!!”A low moan was released from the Captain behind her. But Leasa’s eyes never left the bulging outline of the huge African genitalia before her.The blonde southern belle’s delicate, alabaster hands slowly rose to the buttons that strained to confine the horse-sized, sexual equipment the tight riding pants contained. As the refined and elegant Leasa Edwards began unbuttoning the fat, black man’s fly, each undone button would jerk open from the strain of the over sized contents they had imprisoned.When the buttons were all undone, Sambo lifted his hips:“Pull ‘em down, girl,” he commanded.Leasa Edwards reached up and began peeling the tight pants off the corpulent Negro’s frame.“Noooo…” the deflated Captain whined softly behind her.But Leasa moved as if in a trance. She never really heard her husband’s protest. Leasa Edwards now wanted to see the trophy-sized, stud equipment that this giant of a man possessed…more than anything in her life.As Leasa pulled the pants off of Sambo, she stopped suddenly in stunned awe at the amazing length and girth of the stallion-sized, uncircumcised dick that lurched up before her face. u*********sly, Leasa licked her lips. As moments drew on, the blonde goddess just knelt between the obese black man’s legs, staring at his gargantuan dick.The Captain stared too. Sitting on the floor a few feet away, he could only sit transfixed, watching the horror of his beautiful, white wife stripping the pants off, what was in his racist mind, “this old, fat nigger!!!”Both men could see the obvious flushing of Leasa Edwards’ white skin, and the flaring of her nostrils, as she stared lustfully at the drooling, uncut, black dick, bobbing its head just inches from her face.“Suck it, Leasa!” Sambo instructed the daughter of his one-time master.A long pause ensued. Then Leasa Edwards Beauragard gently grasped the 12” black dick in her dainty, pale hand, pointed it toward her full pink lips, leaned forward and kissed the drooling, gooey, sheathed head of it. “Noooo…god, noooo….!!!” Captain Beauragard whined.Leasa ignored him completely. As if in a trance, she remained focused on the black organ she’d brought her lips to…and as she withdrew them, a long viscous, string of precum formed a gooey rope from her lips to the dick’s frothing nozzle.The blonde beauty immediately leaned forward again and stretched her mouth obscenely wide, engulfing the fat head of the black cock. Then she began bobbing her head up and down on the Negroid dick. It was a task she had never performed for her husband, and being new to it, Leasa made loud sucking and slurping noises.Sambo looked over to the traumatized Captain and gave him a broad grin:“Ya’ know, Johnny boy, if a man don’t keep his woman with a secure roof over her head, well dressed…and well fed…another man will have to take care of those responsibilities fo’ him.”Sambo laughed after gesturing to Leasa’s bobbing head when he mentioned the ‘well fed’ part of his lecture. The miserable white man just continued to lay helpless on the floor, being cuckolded right in front of his eyes by a sixty-year-old, fat ex-slave.Leasa worked her mouth furiously over the fat, black dick that Sambo was feeding her. Her dainty white hand was becoming accomplished at shucking the monstrous organ into her mouth on her upstrokes. Her other hand had begun to instinctively milk the stallion sized testes that Sambo had hanging between his legs. The poor, slavering southern belle could hardly palm the grotesque balls in her one tiny hand due to their swollen dimensions. So she began to use her index finger, sticking it between the two huge orbs and jiggling them back and forth. As the two bloated balls jiggled about, they slapped against the young wife’s wedding ring, smearing it with the sweat of Sambo’s scrotum.Leasa loved the taste of the obese black man’s cock. The thick, salty flavor of Sambo’s precum mixed with the deep male musk exuding from his crotch. It made the young, Caucasian wife ravenous for the black seed that was beginning to churn in the abnormally large African testes she milked with her wedding hand.Sambo began grunting as Leasa Edwards sucked furiously at his cock. Her blonde hair was now becoming undone as her head bobbed up and down with an ever-quickening pace. Loud smacking, sucking, and even snorting sounds were echoing throughout the room, as the once demure beauty became a hungry, cock-sucking whore for the old, black man who was now offering her his dick.

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Mama ma iubesteInceputul meu cu mama…Salut! Numele meu eate Dragos,am 18ani si m-am decis sa va poveatesc cum am inceput sa fac sex cu mama mea.Mama mea ,o femeie frumoasa cu niate forme bine definite,un fund rotund si bombat si niste sani rotunzi si marisori.Mama m-a facut la o varsta frageda,avea 17 ani cand a ramas gravida cu mine,ceea ce imi da de gandit ca de tanara ii placea sexul.Locuim la tara,intr-un sat aproape de Timisoara.Tatal meu este plecat in Italia,eu fiind singur cu mama mea.Trebuie sa recunosc ca inca de la 15 ani imi placea de mama. Nu scapa nicio ocazie sa-i vad un san sau o coapsa,lucru care ma excita enorm.Cand aveam 17 ani eu si cu mama incepusem sa fim destul de deschisi intre noi,fiind singuri in casa. Discutam despre prietenele mele,daca faceam sex cu ele si alte lucruri. Mama chiar stia ca mie imi placea sa dorm gol. Odata ce ma culcam ,mama nu intra aiurea la mine in camera. Ciocanea la usa sa ma acopar cu plapuma sau sa ma imbrac. Nu de putine ori s-a nimerit sa aiba treaba la mine in camera in momentul in care ma masturbam,iar ea observa ridicatura de sub plapuma,dar se obisnuise…Timpul trecea,iar noi ne deschideam din ce in ce mai mult. Mama incepuse sa-si schimbe hainele de fata cu mine,chiar si sutienul. Ma excitam la maxim cand o vedeam doar in chiloti in fata mea.Intr-o seara cand ma mastubam imi vine in minte faptul ca trebuie neaparat sa o vad pe mama complet goala,nu cu chiloti pe ea. M-am gandit ceva timp pana imi vine in minte ideea sa pitesc telefonul in cosul cu rufe cu camea pe muğla bakımlı escort una din gaurile din lateral. In fiecare dimineata mama se trezea la 7 isi facea un dus si pregatea masa. Ziua urmatoare pun telefonul sa sune la 6:30 .Ma trezesc imediat cu o nerabdare imensa sa o vad pe mama goala. 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Uite acum ai vazut ,sunt aici langa tine.Eram atat de speriat incat nici pula nu mi se sculase.-Acum nici nu mai are rost sa ma feresc de tine daca tot m-ai vazut.A plecat din camera si s-a dus sa-si continue dusul.Ziua a trecut normal pana seara cand eram la dus,iar mama intra peste mine imi baie si zice:-Am mare nevoie la toaleta si oricum sti cum arat goala.Mama se aseaza pe toaleta,iar eu incercam sa-mi acopar pula care incepea sa se intareasca. Imi arunc privirea spre pizda mamei,iar pula a devenit erecta incat nu o mai puteam acoperii cu mainile asa ca ma intorc cu spatele . Mama se ridica de pe toaleta si vine langa dus.-Ce faci ma cu spatele la mine?Eu incercam sa ma prefac ca ma spal.-Intoarcete!Ma fac ca nu o aud…-Intoarcete!De data asta ma intorc si imi vede penisul erect. Incepe sa rada si imi zice:-Ti s-a sculat pula cand m-ai vazut goala?-Da,raspund eu timid..-Hai muğla bayan escort sa te ajut putin si deschide cabina de dus si intra langa mine imbracata. 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