Outta Control Pt. 04

Double Penetration

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Kit Cat baby, didnt I tell you your secrets were safe with me? /saw 2 pedestrians, 2 black and white lesbians…. ha ha ha ha. I got nuthin but love)

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Chapter 1

The atmosphere in the hotel room was more relaxed. The next round of beer was served and the next joint was doing its round.

Mel walked to her mom’s traveling bag and rummaged inside. She found a short skirt, and pulled her shorts down. She was not wearing panties. She slid her mom’s skirt on, giggling.

“I don’t want fucking Edi to walk in here and find me with my shorts halfway down my thighs, frigging myself. Momma, hitch them skirts up and pull down your panties coz its gonna get hot!”

Val only giggled, but Trish got up, slid on a short skirt and removed her panties. Mel sat back in the couch, crossed her legs and glared at Trish. Trish glared back at her. Mel tossed a bottle top at her cheekily, hitting her between the tits. Trish gasped and tossed it back vehemently. Mel ducked out of the way and stuck her tongue out at her.

“Darn! Mel!!!” Trish was flushing with temper.

“What! What!” Mel teased. “You want some o’ this? Huh! Huh!”

“Girls, stop it right now!” Val said firmly.

“Or what?” Mel teased cheekily.

“I’ll put you both across my knees and spank your lil bottoms!”

“Remember the last time you tried that shit, and I whupped your ass?” Mel laughed.

“Ah, ah Mel. I only stopped coz I love. I was beginning to get strong desires to kill you! You have no idea how close you came to dying Mel, honest to God,” Val chuckled, and it didn’t sound nice. “Now, if I was some kind of rogue mother, you and Trish would both be dead. By these bare hands here,” she held up her powerful arms proudly.

“Momma, you are a rogue mother!” Trish laughed, ruffling Val’s hair. Mel laughed too.

“Momma, you love Trish more than you love me, right? I mean you always have!” Mel accused suddenly.

“Well, Trish thinks I love you more. I mean, I love you both. But If I could trade you in for two, nice, sweet lil daughters, who loved each other, I swear to God I would! Instantly!” Val laughed.

“Mama, if you love us both, then let us fight it out, just once!” Mel said.

“And let you kill my daughter!”

“Oh, I would kill her Ma!” Trish declared.

“Yeah right?” Val chuckled and hugged her slim daughter to her. “Mel is the brawns, and you are the brains,” she consoled Trish. Trish didn’t seem very placated, especially as Mel laughed dryly.

“Alright, Mel. Tell us what happened.”

Mel took a deep gulp of beer and a long drag on her joint.

“Alright, you all remember that Mona and me were in the handball team right. So I met her at practice two days later…”

Five years earlier….

Mel was a myriad of conflicting emotions after the hours she had spent in Mona’s closet. One part of her wanted to bash the black girl, for being such a mean bitch and sucking and fucking Edi right before her eyes when she knew that she loved him. Another part of her wanted to thank Mona for doing some serious campaigning on her part and setting it up with Edi. Edi had since called Mel and asked her out on a date.

Mel’s heart beat to quickened and thrills coursed through her body as she constantly recalled the cheeky black seductress lasciviously tongue kissing her and fingering her dripping pussy in the closet. When she recalled Mona’s lewd declaration, that she wanted to “eat her white creamy ass”, Mel got all horny and tingly and goose bumps broke out over her skin.

Mel had never had sex with a girl, yet she had always found Mona to be very attractive. When the two of them finally met at handball practice, Mel was tongue and nervous. Mona warming up on the court, looking like a hot, black Amazon, in a pair of hot pants, a tank top, knee guards and tennis shoes. As Mel walked up to her, still undecided on whether to kick her ass or hug her, Mona hugged her and kissed her lightly on the lips. The black girl’s thick, soft, lush lips sent thrills through the bubbly southern belle’s body.

“Hi there sweet heart. Did Edi call you?”

“Yeah,” Mel replied. “I don’t know if I still want him though. He is a fucking slut!”

“What a guy does before you start dating him doesn’t count.” Mona declared, smiling naughtily. “Mmmm Mel, you’re looking hot baby!” Mona declared, appraising the white girl, who was dressed like her.

Mel and Mona were similar in stature. Both of them were tall defenders, with bodies somewhere between Serena and Venus Williams. Their bodies were a mixture of athleticism and curvaceous femininity. They had broad shoulders, powerful arms, big breasts, defined abs, curvy hips, big, firm butts, powerful thighs and athletic legs.

The coach blew the whistle to signal the start of practice.

“Alright baby, lets go knock some fools down,” Mona chuckled and gave Mel’s ass a smack and a squeeze. Throughout the whole practice session, Mel Beylikdüzü escort felt highly energized and zealous, so much that their coach even had to tell her to cool it down and save her energy for the next real match.

Mona and Mel got along very long. They both came from the southern States and had similar characters. Mona had always liked Mel. She was uncomplicated, good natured and never intrigued or bad talked other people. They always shared nice, funny conversations and good laughs.

Mona had had sex with several girls. There were a few out and out lesbians on campus and many girls were experimenting with lesbian sex. Mona, being a tall, dark, athletic, curvaceous, sexy black woman, was very much desired by other girls, and she had discovered that she liked eating pussy almost as much as she loved cock.

Mona had always liked Mel’s hot body, but in previous conversations, Mel had always said lesbian “dyke shit” was “Ugh!!!” However, throughout the whole practice session, Mel kept eying her, smiling dreamily, and when their eyes met, she would blush and look away hastily. Mona was reading the “smoke signals” like a wise, Indian chief. Mona wanted to smoke Mel’s pussy out.

After practice, the athletic chicks hit the showers. Mel’s heart started thudding when Mona came and took the one next to her. They fell into easy chatter in the steamy room. Whenever she felt unobserved, Mel ogled Mona’s dark, sexy body, which looked even more alluring, all drenched in water. She was gleaming like a marble statue. Mel’s eyes drank in the nice firm, round tits, and she smiled inwardly, realizing that hers were that much bigger.

The white girl’s eyes roved over the flat, toned belly, with a silver brooch gleaming in the belly button, and then the curvy, flaring hips. As far as the butts were concerned, Mona’s had more bubble to it, but since Mona was black, that, Mel told herself, was acceptable.

Mel stole a look between the powerful, dark thighs. Even under the cascading water from the shower, she could see the dark, fat pussy. Mona’s bush was stripped to just a little, narrow arrow, that pointed at her slit. She definitely had a thick, protruding, dark clit, and long, thick, pitch black pussy lips. Mel felt her mouth water. Moisture gathered between her legs that didn’t come from the shower.

“Are you going to invite me for supper,” Mona asked suddenly. She was getting so hot from Mel ogling her, that she had to make a move, right there and then, before she just pounced on the poor girl and devoured her.

“Ah.. What? Yes..” Mel blushed, having been caught staring at the girl’s private parts. “When would you like to come!”

“I like cumming all the time!” Mona said and laughed dirtily. “Just kidding. How about this evening?”

“Yes,” Mel replied, feeling excited. “What should I cook?”

“Whatever you all eat in down in your redneck neck of the woods. See you at eight,” Mona said and turned off her water. She walked away, toweling herself, seeming to glide on her feet, her ass gyrating sexily. Mel knew it was for her benefit, and it excited her.

Chapter 2

As she rode home, Mel’s heart was beating like a drum. She was so, so excited, man I’m so sincere.

College had made Mel wild. She had always been a wild one, but back home there had not been much opportunity to be wild. Everybody knew everybody else. Whatever you did in the dark came out. And it was easy to earn a reputation as a slut. If you fucked a guy, even your boyfriend, by noon the next day, everybody would know exactly just how the fuck went down. If you fucked a girl…

As she pedaled furiously, she was a bit nervous. She had never been with a girl before. She did not even have a clear idea of what they were going to do with each other, if it came to that at all. But the spirit of adventure called out to her like a mating call. Anyway, Mona was supposed to be experienced with girls, she would know what to do.

Mel was glad the other students with whom she shared her apartment were out. She prepared a hearty meal, with care and affection. As the pots bubbled away, spreading a sweet, delicious aroma, Mel pondered what to wear. She did not want to just kick the door in. But at the same time, she wanted to look real pretty and alluring. Finally, she decided, my tits and my ass are my assets. Her big tits were firm and they did not need bra unless she was playing sports, so she settled for a white, semi transparent shirt, that fit her loosely, molding itself to her prominent promontories. It did not hide much of anything, especially not her thick nipples.

She slipped into her skimpiest, cumm on thong, a tiny, flimsy white thing, with a sweet little butterfly at the back. She put on a red and purple striped school girl flirt skirt which just covered the bare essentials. She could not have worn it in broad daylight without bodyguards to protect her from men and hard core, militant dykes. Then she slipped into a pair of high heeled sandals, Beylikdüzü escort that accentuated her shapely legs.

Mel combed her mane of dark red hair back neatly, and applied silver pins with flowers on both sides, to give herself that sweet, lil, innocent schoolgirl look. She powdered her face lightly, and applied glossy, pink make up to her full lips.

Mona breezed in at eight. As Mel opened the door for her, she nearly fell over backwards. Mona was in an outfit that Mel had once considered getting herself but had chickened out.

“That’s the Serena Williams outfit! Oh my gosh!” Mel squealed, jumping with excitement. (*** read note at the end)

Mona was wearing a black-studded halter top that was straining to contain her huge bust. It made her athletic torso seem even daunting. A skimpy, tight denim skirt was glued to her curvy, wide hips. Then there were the knee high, black Nike leather boots. A black bandana was tied across her forehead, holding her braids back from her pretty face.

The dark girl’s face was alluring. Her dark lips were a glossy, dark purple and she wore light eye shadow. Her toned belly was exposed, and a silver brooch glittered in her navel. Her face broke into a naughty smile as she looked Mel over.

“Gosh, you look hot, school girl! And Ms Thompson is gonna detain you after school!” Mona responded, a little calmer, but her big, dark eyes were blazing with lust.

As the two girls hugged, both of them sort of lingered. They had the delicious supper in the kitchen, sharing a bottle of wine.

Afterwards, they retired into Mel’s room, and sat on her bed, drinking wine and smoking joints. Mel was excited and jittery. As usual after sport, every fiber in her body was heated up. And the close proximity of the sexy black girl was raising that heat rapidly. She started showing Mona some photos from back home, telling her who was who in her family, and in town. Mona’s attention was divided between the photos and Mel’s alluring tits.

Mel was finding it hard to concentrate on the photos as Mona leaned in close to her, and let her warm breast rest against her upper arm. The dark girl’s warm breath was caressing her neck. Mel’s heart thumped like a bass drum, as felt a strong impulse to lay her head on Mona’s ample bosom, or better yet, hug her, put their bosoms against each other, whilst she ran her fingers up and down her buttocks like she had been wanting to do for ages. Mel gasped as she suddenly realized she had wanted to fuck the black girl for ages. She blushed, as if Mona could read her dirty thoughts and started chatting away at double speed.

Suddenly, Mona reached and cupped Mel’s chin, and turned her to look into her dark eyes. They were narrowed to lust filled slits. Mel’s voice just died away, and her lips quivered, with lust, excitement and fear.

“Relax Mel, I am not gonna bite you,” then she leaned in slowly, and brought her thick, dark lips to Mel’s. She kissed her gently, lightly pressing her soft, thick, wet lips into hers. Mel sat there transfixed, holding her breath. Mona sucked her lower lips into her hot mouth and licked it gently, running the tip of her tongue tantalizingly all over the inside of her lip and her gums. She pulled the pull lip, stretching it and then released it with a soft smack. They both giggled sweetly.

Mona stood up and went to Mel’s stereo. She flipped through the CDs, found what she was looking for, and slid it into the player. She skipped to the song, turned up the volume, and “Temptations” from Tupac filled the room.

She pulled Mel to her feet and the two girls slid into each other’s arms. Mona slid her thigh between Mel’s, pressing it into her hot groin. Mel returned the favor, resting her tits on Mona’s. They both knew the lyrics by head since it was one of their current favorite songs. As they fell in step, swaying and grinding their hips against each other, they started singing along to Tupac’s sexy voice, eyes gazing dreamily into each other’s lips so close they were sharing the same air back and forth.

“Should I stroke or should I wait a while, you decide, If you tell me that you don’t want it, that’s a lie, Move close and let me whisper, some dirty words, In your ears as I kiss ya, on every curve, Slow down baby don’t rush, I like it slow, Can’t hold it any longer, so let it go, Open the gates to your waterfall up in heaven, And don’t worry, I let myself in”

Then Mona leaned in and smeared her wet, succulent lips into Mel’s. She eased her thick, wet tongue into Mel’s mouth and started exploring her gently, but firmly, as her hand moved to cup and stroke Mel’s cheek. Mel felt dizzy and light headed from the soft, gentle ministrations. Her mouth opened for Mona and she went crazy as the black girl’s sweet tongue slid in and invited hers to a wet, slithering dance.

Mel closed her eyes, and shuddered and moaned into her team mate’s mouth. After what seemed like a sweet eternity, Mona pulled back, and stroked Mel’s chin.

“There, Escort Beylikdüzü now that didn’t kill you, did it?”

“I loved it,” Mel said huskily. “Do you know how to do it with girls?” Mel asked, her face beaming.

“Yeah! You never been with a girl huh?” Mel shook her head. “Gosh! I am gonna enjoy breaking you in baby!” Mona laughed dirtily.

Suddenly, a wildness came over Mel. She pushed Mona onto the bed. As the dark girl sat down, Mel hastily climbed astride her lap. Mona was almost surprised by the voracity with which Mel attacked her. The white girl was in a frenzy of lust. Excitedly, she cupped the back of Mona’s head, and went for her mouth, kissing and licking and devouring her. Mona opened her mouth wide, her thick lips welcoming Mel. Mel chewed and licked and sucked on them greedily. Then she pressed her mouth into the black girls, and their teeth grazed each other as she explored and tongued her mouth, their lips producing soft, succulent smacks. Mona had thought she would guide Mel along, yet she was now feeling all woozy, and her body was melting, from the red head’s passionate attack.

Finally, Mel pulled back, gasping for breath, her face beaming with joy, short, raspy laughs of elation escaping her.

“You are enjoying yourself huh!” Mona chuckled.

“Oh yes Mona, you are so beautiful! I cant believe I am gonna do you… Hi. Hi. Hi,” she squealed. “Oh my Gosh!”

Mona grabbed her by the hair and pulled, making her face the ceiling, then she was kissing, licking and nibbling Mel’s chin and neck. She went down to her collarbone, and licked gently on the nape of her neck. Mel moaned sweetly, her whole body shivering.

Mona’s other hand stroked its way up Mel’s juicy thigh, and slid in under her short school girl flirt skirt, finding its destiny on her thick ass cheeks. The black seductress stroked and squeezed the promontories. They were delightful to touch, silky smooth, warm and soft like firm jelly.

Mel gasped as Mona sank her fingers into her ass, gripping it firmly, making her almost wince. Her hips rocked. As Mona’s other hand released her hair and traced its way down her cheek and neck, to her breasts, Mel felt goose bumps break out all over skin. As the black girl cupped and fondled her tits, Mel went wild and started grinding her crotch in Mona’s, rasping for breath.

Mona’s started undoing her shirt buttons but it was too slow for Mel. She hastily ripped them open, pulled off her shirt and thrust her big, creamy tits proudly into Mona’s face.

“My gosh, Mel, are these all for me? I am gonna enjoy eating these,” Mona squealed.

“Wait a minute, take off your top so we can rub them together, ” Mel gasped, smiling naughtily.

“Gosh, you are a kinky one Mel,” Mona chuckled, leaning back. “You want these tits, come get them,” she shook them cheekily in Mel’s face.

Mel had the buttons of leather halter top open in seconds. Mona was not wearing a bra, so her warm, dark, thick orbs spilled into her pale hands. Mel moaned with lust, holding them up, running her thumbs over the thick, dark nipples, sending sharp currents ripping straight to Mona’s clit. Mona moaned sweetly and cupped Mel’s tits in her palms and returned the favor. Mel pushed their tits together, and then she was rubbing Mona’s big, dark ones against her creamy, pale ones and gazing in fascination.

“Hi-i-i!” she squealed with joy, rubbing her nipples against Mona’s. “Gosh! The contrast in our skin is so sexy!”

She dipped her face and kissed Mona lovingly, swiping her lips with her tongue. “Mmmm. You are so dark and so beautiful baby,” she groaned.

“Damn! You are a slut for black meat. Come feed yourself,” Mona gasped and pulled Mel’s face right where it longed to be, between her big balloons. “Just do what you like being done to you sweetheart,” she whispered as an afterthought.

Not that Mel needed advice. Her ears ringing with excitement, Mel wallowed in Mona’s tits. She kissed and nibbled the valley between them, then she smeared and pulled her wet lips all over first one then the other fleshy, hot mound, leaving them both wet and glistening. Mona suddenly felt dizzy and eased herself on her back, pulling Mel down. She wallowed in joy, holding Mel’s head to her boobs with one hand, whilst the other held up one big tit after the other, turning them this way and so that Mel’s wonderful, wet, pink mouth and her hot, moist, licking tongue wouldn’t miss a spot.

“Now suck on my nipples sweet baby. Suck on them,” Mona gasped, holding a pointed, black nipple to the white girl’s mouth.

Mel did so with voracity. First she tried to suck a whole tit into her mouth. She failed, but the nipple was a much lighter proposition. Mona’s nipples were stiff and hard like pebbles, and made for sucking. Mel sucked and chewed on them greedily, her lips smacking loudly.

“Damn, you are like a greedy man,” Mona chuckled. “Go on, finger fuck me whilst you suck on my tits, since you’re so horny.

Mona had intended to play the more active role, but Mel was falling all over her like a hot avalanche. And her excitement was infectious. Boots and all, Mona spread herself onto the bed, and wriggled her hips as she hastily pulled up her skirt.

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