Our First Time At A Swingers Club


I came straight back home after work and burst through the front door. My girlfriend, Brittany, was tapping away on her laptop at the table, but I was on a mission. I had been teased all day by the very short and very tight skirt my assistant, Kat, had been wearing. She was young, just out of college, and this was her first week at the office. I shook the thought out of my head, took Brittany by the hand, lifted her up, pushed her up against the front door, and passionately started kissing her.“What’s gotten into you?” she asked.“I want you right here and right now!”She continued kissing me, but then eventually pulled away. “I still have to send a couple of emails. Why don’t you get settled in and take a shower. I’ll be done soon and we can go out for dinner or something?”Her words instantly killed the mood, so I obliged. I stripped down, stepped into the shower, and it wasn’t long before I started fantasising about Kat’s long, beautiful, tanned legs. I had never cheated on Brittany, and never would. I even felt a little guilty getting excited by the thought of another woman. When I got out of the shower, I was a little frustrated and clearly aroused as my hard dick poked out of my towel. I  lay down on the bed, reached for my iPad, and navigated to my favourite porn tube site. I didn’t know exactly what I was in the mood for so I browsed for a while, clicking in and out of various categories. One of the thumbnails I clicked on was a video titled “Amateur couple share their bed”. I sat back and started stroking my rock-hard cock, watching two couples having a foursome on a bed. I was wanking away when Brittany came into the room. She lay beside me and studied what I was watching. I looked at her nervously. She didn’t say anything or judge me in any way. Instead, she undid the sex hikaye button on her jeans and slid her hand down her pants to join in. Watching these couples going at it in front of each other got us both pretty hot, but it was when the couples in the video switched partners that Brit let out a soft moan.“You like that?” I asked.She moaned a little harder then slowly grabbed the iPad, locked it, and turned to me. “I know we talked about our fantasies of doing it in front of another couple, and watching them. Is that something you would actually like to try?”Her comment shocked me. Yes, we had talked about it in the heat of ecstasy, but I never thought she actually took it seriously or considered it. “I mean…” I was speechless and didn’t know how to answer.“We don’t have to,” she ensured.In one of my dirty online sessions, I had come across a swingers club that wasn’t too far from our apartment. We hadn’t been dating that long, so I was a little scared it was too soon to introduce something so big into our sex life. “I want to. I just don’t know if we’re ready.” I thought for a second, “I did find this club…”“Like a sex club?” she asked, softly.“It’s more of a swingers club. They have different themed nights on pretty much every night, but I was reading on their website that a lot couples just go there to watch.”“Oooh, that sounds hot. Should we go?”I couldn’t believe we were actually talking about it. “Sure, when?”“How about tonight,” she offered.Tonight?! I was half joking, but then I was extremely horny and thought this might be my only chance. “Sure.”Brittany sprung up off the bed and ushered me out. “You get us tickets for tonight, while. I put on something sexy.”I still couldn’t believe this was happening, but just went with it. I had to get us a seks hikaye membership and sign up for the night’s event, but it was a relatively easy process. I ordered an Uber and told her to hurry up.When Brittany opened the bedroom door, my jaw literally dropped to the ground. She had straightened her long brunette hair, put on some strikingly bright makeup, and slipped into a pink sequence dress that fit her like a glove. I had never seen her like that and I had definitively not seen that dress before. She leaned on me as she put on her high heels and then commented, “Oops, I almost forgot to wear panties.”“You don’t need panties tonight,” I remarked. In the car, I couldn’t help but let my hand wander up her leg and get a feel of her already-wet pussy. I wanted to kiss her, but didn’t want to ruin her perfectly painted red lips. It was all happening so fast. Usually, these things needed lots of planning and discussions to build up to it, but here we were. As we pulled up, the butterflies came and the nerves kicked in. I could tell she was also a little nervous. I set the drop-off half a block down from the actual club, so that the Uber driver wouldn’t judge us. We got out and started walking in the direction of the club, but I stopped and grabbed Brittany’s arm. “We should set some rules.”She looked a little confused. “Rules?”“You know, like we don’t leave each other’s side, we don’t get carried away and do anything. We only watch.”“Agreed.” We walked into the club and were greeted by a very sexy young lady, dressed in black leather lingerie. “First time?” she asked.“Is it that obvious?” I replied.“Don’t worry, we have new couples every night. Just relax and try and have fun. Let me give you a quick tour and go over some rules.”I looked at Brittany, who seemed even more nervous than me. “We can leave if you want,” I whispered in her ear.“No, this is exciting,” she said.We followed the hostess through the large red velvet curtains separating the reception area from the actual club. Neither of us really knew what to expect, but it was giving me strip club vibes. It didn’t seem like there were that many people there at first, but every dark corner we looked into was occupied by a couple making out.“This is the main lounge area. There’s a bar where you can get free soft drinks and coffee. It’s BYOB but people aren’t really here to get wasted.”We continued down a long hallway at the back. On both sides, there were different themed rooms. Most had a big bed in the middle of the room and not much else, but there were a couple themed like S&M dungeons with all sorts of whips, chains, paddles, and restraints.“That’s pretty much the end of the tour.” She pointed to some changing rooms and showers and then as she was leaving, she explained, “There are free condoms in each room. There aren’t too many rules, but the big one is ‘no means no.’ Don’t be an asshole, be respectful, and let loose.” As we walked back toward the lounge, we poked our heads into a few of the rooms. It was the first time I had ever seen a woman being fucked in real life, which instantly gave me the biggest hard-on I’d ever had. Brittany noticed the bulge in my pants and grabbed it as we moved on to the next room. It was mostly couples having sex while others watched from outside, but in one room, there was a woman stretched out on the bed, completely named, with several men wanking over her. I couldn’t tell if Brittany was excited or disturbed by it. In the main lounge, we found a vacant table and sat on the sofa next to it.“Are you okay?” I asked Brittany.“Yes, it’s just a lot. I didn’t expect… I don’t know. Everyone seems so free.” She moved in closer for me to hold her.Instead, I boldly started kissing her and let my hands run free.

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