Our First Enema


Since diapers entered our lives mixed with a bit a scat fetish mostly from my side, I have been dreaming about an enema session with my husband. I did not have the courage to bring it up, I did not know how he would react. But in the last couple of weeks, I got the feeling that he was more and more open to “crazy” ideas and experiences. My birthday was coming up and he asked me what I wanted to get for my birthday. To which I plainly said that I wanted to try enema with him, while both of us wearing a diaper. And to my surpise, he did not hesitate at all, just nodded, as if I said that I wanted a book or something. He also assured me that if I wanted to try something like this, I did not have to wait for my birthday, we can try anything anytime. So I told him the second thing on my wish list for my birthday. And we agreed that I will get the supplies for the weekend.

I instantly went to amazon to collect everything that I wanted. We already had one of the thickest ABDL diapers on the market, luckily fitting both of us, so I did not have to order that. I wanted to do the enema for both of us simultaneously, so I bought 2 enema set, 2 liters each. I looked it up on the web and found that there are people who can even take a full 2 liters enema, but I was planning on 1.5 liters each.

I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come. The supplies arrived in two days.

Finally, the big day has come. It was Saturday, we had nothing to do, just chill. We were laying on the bed in the morning, watching Netflix. All I could think about was the enema. My heart was pumping in my neck. I was collecting my courage to ask my husband if he was ready to go. But before I could say anything, he stopped the episode and asked me if I have bought everything that we needed for the enema session. I love him so much 🙂 I nodded. He then told me that probably this would be a good time to do it, because he is feeling the need to poop already. So was I. He did not poop himself in the night, so I was happy for the result already. Although he lost most if his control over his bowels and bladder, he could hold his poop during the day, even if only for a little while.

Anyways, I got the supplies from the closet. I got 2 diapers as well. During this time, my husband got rid of his nighttime diaper and got cleaned up. I was so nervous. I filled the two enema bags with 1.5 liters each. My plan was to take it while laying on our stomach in the bed. The bed was protected anyways because of the occasional diaper leaks. So, I hung the two bags above the bed onto the bookshelf.

Everything was ready. And I did not come unprepared. I read some blogs about enemas online. I did not know how long my husband was capable of holding the liquid, so my plan was to insert the tubes in both of us, Kurtköy Escort then diaper up and only then release the tube. Then, when the bags were empty, we could just pull out the tubes, the diaper is not that tight.

I told the plan to my husband, to which he just laughed and noted that I really did my research. We both laid our diaper on the bed. As my husband was laying there, on the open diaper in front of me, ready to take his enema, I remembered again how much I loved him. I took the end of his tube, lubed it, then with one finger I started to massage his anus before inserting the tube. My husband then did the same for me, to which I moaned quite loudly.

We were ready, both laying on our open diapers with the enema tube in our butts. We closed our diapers. My husband has more experience, so he checked the diaper at my legs and made sure that I was not gonna leak. When we were both ready, we carefully turned onto our stomachs.

We then released the tubes allowing the liquid to flow. I filled the bags with room temperature water, but still I could feel a bit of warmth spreading into me. It was similar to the occasions when my husband came into my butt during anal, but it was far more. We held each other’s hands. At about 1 liter, my stomach started to hurt a bit, so I lifted my butt upwards, which made it go away. I could see that my husband was doing the same thing.

When both of our bags were empty, we only had to wait. I did not want to release right away, because then it would have been only water. I wanted to wait at least 20 minutes. Still laying on our stomach, we started to watch the episode again. We both got waves of pain where we thought we could not hold it anymore, but the butt-lifting method seemed to work.

At about 15 minutes in, I could see that my husband was really struggling. I reached over under him and started to massage his stomach. He was about to object, but it was too late for him. I could hear that his bowels started the unload the warm and liquid mess into his diaper. His face changed as well. The first wave came while he was still laying on his stomach, so all of his mess went straight over to his cock. He kind of jumped onto his knees in the bed to release the rest of the enema. I looked at his diaper from the front, the liquid mess instantly colored his diaper to a brownish color. Then I got up as well and looked at how the mess was spreading at his backside. It was like I had a röntgen vision. I could see how his mess spread because his diaper changed color instantly. He got about 5 waves in 5 minutes. His diaper was full. But once again, these ABDL diapers are magic. They can hold up to 4 liters of liquid, so the 1.5 liter enema was not even a challenge.

My husband felt how full his Pendik Escort diaper was, he was kind of frozen, he did not dare to move. I gave him a kiss on the neck and gently pushed him back onto the bed. I layed on top of him and started to kiss him. Little did I know that he was just planning his revenge. He gently got over me, kissing my lips, until I was laying on my back and he was laying on his side next to me. He was caressing my legs. I was so horny, with one hand I was touching his penis through the very full diaper. When I realized that his hands were on my stomach, it was already too late. He gave my stomach a push, to which a wave of liquid poop gushed out of my anus. There was nothing I could do to stop it. I quickly jumped up onto my knees to deal with the inevitable. He was laughing while I was filling my diaper like a toddler. A ton of warm mess came out of me in many waves. With each wave, the mess got more and more to the top, both front and back. My pussy and bottom were covered.

My husband was rubbing my bottom through the padding, spreading the mess even more. When I thought I was done, I laid back on top of my husband. I was kissing him, humping his legs while pressing my leg into his diapered crotch. We were both moaning. While in this position, I genuinely thought that I needed to fart. I gave a gentle push, but it was no fart. It was a large wave of warm mess. And since I was on top, it all gushed over to my tingling pussy. To this sensation, I moaned very loudly. There I was on top of my husband, making out and filling my diaper with warm poop.

I got the magic wand from the drawer, placed it between our diapers and turned it on. I was in heaven. My husband was enjoying it as well, he was moaning and I could feel his erect penis under his brown diaper. My diaper was brown as well at this point. The smell was not that intense as I expected though.

At this point, the magic wand was not enough for me. I wanted my husband’s dick inside of me. I read online that one way to introduce diapers into the sex life is to bore a hole into his diaper for his penis and into mine over my vagina. We did not try this before, because I liked the idea more that he just gets his penis out at the side of the diaper, and I was not wearing before during sex. But this time we made the diapers extra tight at the legs to avoid leaks. It was time to try the hole option.

Although I was very horny, I knew that his penis was covered in his mess and I did not want to insert it into my vagina to avoid any infections. So I reached to my bottom and searched for my asshole through the swollen diaper. With my finger, I started to circle around my anus to push the mess out of the way, then I used my finger to bore a hole just over the right Mutlukent Escort spot. I continued to circle with my finger to make the hole larger. When the hole on my diaper was large enough, I started to work on my husband’s diaper. He knew what I was doing and took over the task. While he was getting his penis out through the hole, I cleaned my finger with the sheets. I did not really care about the mess at this point, and there were spots of brownish leaks anyway.

When my husband’s large, shit-covered penis emerged, I was blown away. I turned around and got on all four. My husband knew what to do, he got behind me and slowly inserted his penis into my messy bottom. The poop acted as a very good lubricant. I was moaning like hell, I was in heaven, with one hand I was touching my diaper over my pussy, my husband was pounding my diapered ass, pushing the mess everywhere in my diaper with every push.

I came in seconds. I came hard. I probably had one of the biggest orgasms of my life. I was breathing heavily. I could not move. My husband slowed down. I could feel that he was about to come as well, but after this orgasm, I could not take it anymore.

I wanted to finish him with my hands, but when I turned around and saw him, his messy dick poking out of a brown, swollen diaper with warm poop in every corner, I simply knew that I had to taste him, I knew I had to take him in my mouth.

I lowered my head until his dick was right in front of my face. My husband did not object at all, he knows already that if I want to do something, there is no way he was gonna talk me out of it. The smell was intense, but I did not care. The thought of my mess mixing with his on his cock, him wearing that overused diaper, this was all I could think about. With one hand I reach over under him to his butt and pushed his dick deep inside my mouth. I pushed it as deep as I could, until my face was touching his swollen and still warm diaper. I knew that he was about to come, so I just kept my hand on his bottom while fucking myself in the mouth with his dick. It was a very intense experience.

I did not have to work much, about 10 seconds later, he shot waves of hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed every bit of it. As he was cumming, I could feel that he also released one last mess into his diaper, which made the whole experience even more intense.

I was licking his penis and massaging his bottom until he was soft. I looked up and thanked him. To my surprise, he just told me that there is nothing to thank, lowered his head and gave me a kiss on the lips. This, I did not expect, although there was no visible poop on my lips, still, I just gave him a messy blowjob. I loved him even more in this moment if that is possible at all.

We then went to the shower together, removed our diapers and washed each other. The bed was a mess, but I did not care, I threw everything in the washing machine.

This was so far one of the most intense experiences that we ever had. I hope that we will have more like this in the future.

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