One Last Christmas Present


Damn it! This is boring!! This is what was going through Julie’s mind as she sat amongst her family that included 1st and 2nd tier relatives at her parent’s home. Julie was home from her senior year in college for the Christmas holiday, and her parent’s home was the assembly point for her close and distant relatives this year. Old people. Young kids. Noise. All annoying! To top things off, Julie’s neighborhood friends were all stuck at their parent’s homes, entertaining similarly or else out of town.

So, there she sat. Diddling with her iphone with all the chaos and din around her.




Finally, she emerged from her cyber funk to acknowledge that her mom had been calling her name.

“Julie, would you mind being a dear and bring this package next door? It seems that the postman left it here instead of next door. Mr. Gill may be expecting this.”

Shit, damn, fuck! Really? Why do I need to do this mindless chore? Julie thought as she stood up and said “fine!!”

First though, she stomped upstairs to check her look in the mirror. A full 20 years old now, Julie was obsessed with her appearance, regardless of the occasion. She pursed her lips, freshened her lipstick, stroked a brush a few times through her dirty blond hair, and finally stepped back to give herself the once over, up and down. Hot. She couldn’t help but be…standing at 5′-6″, fit and toned, equipped with a nice set of natural 34C breasts, Julie turned heads when she wanted to and she usually dressed for that reaction. Today though, she was dressed in jeans and a plaid cotton shirt. Very casual and not provocative to the less observant.

On with the puffy North Face jacket, package in hand and out the door, Julie trudged toward Mr. Gill’s front door. Shit, is he even home? Thought Julie. Oh well, at least I’m out of the house and getting fresh air!

When Julie reached the front door, she raised her hand to knock but she noticed the door was slightly ajar. Odd, but she knocked anyway. There was no response, but a moment later she heard movement inside. Knock knock, again.

“Hello?” a man’s voice responded.

“Mr. Gill, its Julie from next door. I have a package for you.”

A moment later, the door swung fully open to reveal Mr. Gill, still wearing his work out attire. Charcoal shorts with a gray tank top. The tank top was damp with sweat at the center his chest, and in general, the attire clung nicely to his toned physique. Mr. Gill was dropping his gym bag to the floor and holding onto a small grocery sack…no wonder the door wasn’t closed fully.

This caught Julie off guard. She was actually taken aback with her own reaction at seeing this man. Mr. Gill had lived next door since her junior year in high school, but she had always considered him “old” and just a friend of her parents. Upon seeing him now though, Julie’s pulse quickened. She felt her face flush, and a pulse down below. What the fuck? Thought Julie. Am I just horny because I haven’t had sex with a boy in the three months since I broke up with Chris? No, that can’t be it…I’ve used my toys religiously twice a day since then. Nope. This man in front of me is hot! Holy shit! How did I not notice this before?

“MmmMr. Gill. My mom asked me to bring this package over to you. The mailman accidentally left it at our house.” Julie stuttered, as she shifted uncomfortably with the awareness of her arousal.

“Oh! Well thanks! I hate that you had to step away from your family activities to bring this over! It’s just a music video that I ordered from Amazon. Thanks so much though! Come in! Get out of the cold…please!” Mr. Gill said as he ushered Julie into the house.

Julie glanced around at the tastefully modern décor. She had never realized how nice of a place that Mr. Gill kept, nor his style. And for that matter, how sexy this man was! Standing just under 6 feet, rippling with muscle. Julie could feel herself growing warm in his presence.

Mr. Gill was single, divorced several years ago, before moving to the neighborhood. He kept a low profile, apparently a very low profile as far as Julie was concerned! Although he was near fifty, he could have easily passed for someone in his upper 30s or lower 40s!

“Julie. How is college treating you? I’m surprised to see you here for the holidays. It seems that most students find some warm place to go at this time, or otherwise just avoid their parents!” Mr. Gill chuckled. Julie responded with a huge smile and laugh herself.

“Well, its tradition, Mr. Gill. My parents are hosting everyone this year. It is a zoo over there!”

“Ah, well I’m sure everyone is happy to see each other. I personally enjoy the relative quiet,” Mr. Gill replied.

“Well, I’m sure they all are missing türbanlı escort you…thank you so much for taking time to bring this over!” Mr. Gill said as he shooed Julie out the door.

Darn! Did Mr. Gill just kick me out the door? Julie’s mind was in a fog as she ambled back home. Back into the cloud of chatter in the house, Julie plopped back onto the couch and surfed her iphone, all the while her was mind racing about that man next door. Yes, a real man. Not one of those college boys that she had been dealing with the last few years. Julie positioned herself on the couch so that she could see through the window the comings and goings of her neighbor, and she put her mind to work.

How to find out more about this man? Just thinking about this deepened the mystique. Julie popped up off the couch and went to her mom in the kitchen.

“Mom, I dropped off that package to Mr. Gill. He said thanks. Do you get to interact with him very much? He said something about laying low over the holidays.”

“Julie, dear. Mr. Gill and I cross paths occasionally. He does seem to have an active social life. I’ve seen several different women visiting. I don’t know if they are romantic interests or friends. Anyway, I think Mr. Gill is very active outdoors so I don’t get to socialize much with him. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, I was thinking that it might be nice to bring a dish or plate of something over there tomorrow.”

“Julie! When did you start being so kind and think about someone other than yourself?” Julie’s mom said with a smirk. “I’m kidding! That is so sweet of you, and a great idea. I’ll fix something up tomorrow and have you bring it over.”

With that, Julie returned to her post at the window and started to fantasize. In a flash, Mr. Gill appeared briefly heading to his car, dressed in an understated manner. But Julie knew better to judge this book by its cover. After seeing him glide to his car, she decided she was going to see if Mr. Gill could be enticed to play, and began to hatch a plan. She went to her bag to review her options, based on the inventory in front of her. Well clearly there wasn’t anything that she would have considered snazzy enough, but upon further reflection she decided that Mr. Gill probably appreciates the casual but classy look. Since she was going to be with family most of the day for the holiday, Julie settled on jeans, a white button up shirt and the all-purpose blue wool blazer. The sexy VS underwear and bra and a single strand pearl necklace would round out the look.

Julie then laid on her bed to let her imagination run wild on the ways she could tease Mr. Gill. She didn’t expect to fuck him, but she was thinking that would be a great bonus it went that far.

A nice 2″ coat of snow blanketed Christmas morning, with large fluffy flakes continuing to fall as the day started. Julie woke up with a smile on her face, thinking ahead about going over to Mr. Gill’s later. Shit! What if he wasn’t home later? He is say something about laying low. Damn, well worrying won’t help. Just think positively and forge ahead with the plan!

The chaos of the Christmas activities was in full swing. Multiple conversations going at once, plus the whole gift exchange ordeal took most of the morning. The Christmas meal was served at 1 pm. Julie took in two glasses of wine because she wanted to help take down her inhibitions a notch for later (her parents have been ok with this since she was in college and now almost 21). Another glass at the end of the meal put Julie in the perfect place.

Around 3pm, most of the folks were laid up on couches and chairs partially snoozing, partially watching football. Julie stepped into the kitchen, where her mom was wrapping things up and cleaning.

“Mom, should we get that plate together for Mr. Gill?”

“Julie, thanks for reminding me…that completely slipped my mind!” Together, they put together a nice plate that included the pecan pie dessert.

Julie ran upstairs to freshen up and throw on her blazer. Looking in the mirror she unfastened the top button of her shirt. In certain positions, it revealed the nice curves of the tops of her breasts. A spritz of perfume and she bounded down the stairs to the kitchen, sweeping up the plate and headed to the door.

“Mom, I headed over to Mr. Gill’s. I may be over there for a short while to be polite and chat.”

The door closed behind her and a few moments later she was standing in front of Mr. Gill’s door. She could see lights on through the various windows and could hear music as well. Great, he’s home!

The door opened to reveal Mr. Gill standing there in grey sweatpants, thin t-shirt, and a slightly disheveled appearance that included an unshaven face…and a beaming tüyap escort smile.

“Well hello, Julie. This is a surprise.”

“Hello, Mr. Gill! Merry Christmas!” Julie blurted. “We thought you might enjoy some holiday dinner!”

“Well that is very gracious of you and your family. Please, come in from the cold. Pardon my appearance. I was working out downstairs earlier today and decided that I would just lounge around in my sweats all day.”

“It’s quite ok, and you still look quite dashing.” Shit. Did I just say ‘dashing’? thought Julie. She could feel the heat coming to her face…and she could also feel something else. A building sense of arousal, already!

With a grin, Mr. Gill replied, “Thank you, Julie. You look quite nice today as well.”

“Mr. Gill, can I heat this plate for you?”

“Oh, maybe I can heat it later? How about a glass of Christmas cheer? Oh wait, are you old enough?”

“Well, technically, I won’t be 21 until next month, but I am allowed wine at home and have already had a few glasses with dinner. I’d love to share a toast with you!”

With some hesitation, Mr. Gill poured two glasses of a nice Malbec.

“To holidays and great neighbors!” Mr. Gill stated and the two touched glasses followed by hearty sips.

“Come, sit here on the sofa. Tell me how things have been going with you…school, and whatever…”

Together they sat on the sofa, but with a respectable distance between them. Julie began to tell Mr. Gill about how school had been going but mostly about how boring things had been so far on her winter break, with still another week and a half to go. Her mind was also filled with other thoughts as she thought about Mr. Gill’s beautiful body in front of her. Those amazing arms, and body. Clearly, by the way the shirt clung to him and the occasional glimpses of his torso as the bottom rose up when he shifted, there was not an ounce of fat on this handsome man. Julie was also conscious of her body language and position and shifted slightly so that her shirt parted further to reveal more cleavage. There was no way that Mr. Gill could not notice and Julie was sure she caught Mr. Gill glancing more than once there, which intensified her arousal. She could feel her pulse quickening.

Almost lost in thought she bumped her elbow into a cushion while attempting to take another drink of wine, which in turn caused her to spill some on her shirt.

“Damn! I’m such a dork!” Julie said in apology. “I don’t think I spilled any on your furniture.”

“Oh, Julie, don’t worry about that dear. But come quickly, let’s rinse that stain before it sets.”

Together they moved to the sink and Mr. Gill handed Julie a damp cloth. Julie attempted to blot the stain out but to no avail.

Mr. Gill was observing the failed attempt and said, “Let’s get that thing off of you and soak it in cold water.”

Julie froze for a moment, but then thought that this was just the perfect opportunity to showcase her assets. She turned towards Mr. Gill and unbuttoned her shirt and slowly removed it, and her blond hair fell across her shoulders and breasts, still covered by a sexy, lacy bra.

It was as if the air was sucked out of the room. Mr. Gill acquired an intense expression on his face and then suddenly, as if to come to his senses said, “Julie, follow me up to the laundry room, and also I can grab you one of my shirts.”

Julie followed Mr. Gill up the stairs where they dropped her shirt in the washer turned it on for a cold rinse. Next they moved into Mr. Gill’s bedroom to look for a shirt. As they stood next to each other, Julie intentionally moved as close as possible and noticed the sweaty musk of Mr. Gill. The aroma was delicious and was making her head spin. Julie noticed a dress shirt draped over a chair and said “I can just use this. I don’t want to dirty up a clean shirt of yours.” And before Mr. Gill could object, Julie had pulled the light blue dress shirt over her shoulders. She was now immersed in Mr. Gill’s scent.

Her pussy was now soaking wet. Almost as if she were hypnotized, she leaned into Mr. Gill’s chest and breathed deeply. She couldn’t help herself. She looked up to Mr. Gill’s face…her pupils dilated and breath almost panting.

“Mr. Gill, would you kiss me? I so want to taste you.” Julie was so hoping he would just take her right there.

“Julie, are you sure? I am so much older than you…” replied Mr. Gill as he looked down at Julie, his shirt draped on her, but fully unbuttoned.

“Yes, you are truly the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. I’m not saying let’s fuck, but at least want to make out with you. You are beautiful.”

“Oh, Julie, you are quite beautiful as well.” And with that he pulled her on tuzla escort to him and they fell onto the bed with Julie on top.

Julie pressed her mouth to Mr. Gill’s lips, practically drooling into his mouth. She was sure that her pussy was soaking through her jeans at this point. She didn’t care though. Julie wanted Mr. Gill to feel her wet pussy grinding against him. She could feel him thrusting his hips into her as she straddled and kissed him vigorously. Julie grabbed Mr. Gill’s t-shirt and pulled it over his head. My God, this man was beautiful and not like anything Julie had ever experienced. She let her shirt fall from her shoulders and released the bra clasp to expose her luscious breasts for this man. Julie’s nipples were large, pink and had the slight puffiness of a teen, and were positioned perfectly on her firm, torpedo-like breasts. Clearly Mr. Gill appreciated the sight as she could feel him growing between her legs. Julie leaned down to kiss him again and enjoyed the feel of her nipples on Mr. Gills soft skin covering those well-defined pectorals. She could feel herself start to move in a riding motion to grind her clitoris into Mr. Gill.

“Mr. Gill, I have to take off these jeans. We can still behave, right?” Julie stated, not really asking as she rolled her jeans off in one graceful movement and then remounted Mr. Gill.

At this point, Mr. Gill was clearly receptive and equally enjoying the experience. They continued to feverishly kiss, and let their hands explore most parts of each other that were already exposed. Mr. Gill then pulled Julie’s panties to the side and touched her plump, silky labia. Julie shivered with pleasure at this tease and swirled her hips to get more of those fingers. Julie could now smell her own sex and was wanting more. Now she could no longer hold back and pressed her crotch firmly onto Mr. Gill’s rock mound.

“Please…put your fingers in me…I want you to feel me…I want to feel you…” Julie breathed.

As if on command, Mr. Gill pulled Julie’s panties aside again and plunged two fingers into her gushing pussy. Julie could feel them glide in easily and could feel the girth of the fingers as they filled her. When Mr. Gill pulled the fingers back and immersed them again Julie exploded in a shuddering orgasm and gasped, and then a few moments later collapsed onto Mr. Gill’s chest.

Breathing heavily, Julie was in heaven. “I want you to come all over me. I want to feel and taste your sex,” she said as she rolled onto her back. Mr. Gill stood and peeled his sweat pants off to reveal a hardened, veined cock. It glistened with precum as it extended from his pelvis about 7 inches. It looked thick and Julie moved her mouth to it as if she were possessed. Her fingers slipped around the shaft and her lips glided over the head. Julie reveled in how he tasted and let the cock make its way down to the back of her throat several times. She savored the taste, feeling her pussy twinge.

Mr. Gill stepped back and let Julie lay back on the bed and then moved on top, straddling her. He then began to stroke his shaft, and pulled Julie’s hand up to his chest. She could see the intensity in Mr. Gill’s face and took in every sensory stimulation that was occurring – visual, aromatic, and touch. As Mr. Gill continued to stroke his cock, Julie moved her free hand down to her own pussy and began to vigorously massage her clit. Seeing this, Mr. Gill’s movements quickened. His free hand reached down to clutch Julie’s breast, the nipple between his fingers. In a burst, accompanied by a grunt and groan, a spray of cum shot from Mr. Gill’s cock and landed in ropes on Julie’s breasts. Feeling the cum, Julie’s fingers brought her to orgasm as well…her back arching up in a frozen climax.

Julie took her fingers from her pussy and placed them into Mr. Gill’s mouth, where he clearly enjoyed them. Similarly, Mr. Gill rubbed his hand in his cum on Julie’s chest and brought his fingers to her lips, where she sucked them clean. Mr. Gill’s hand slowly rubbed the remaining cum into Julie’s skin as they lay next to each other, both in amazement at the extreme pleasure they both experienced. After a short time of cuddling and kissing in blissful exhaustion Julie dejectedly said, “Well I think I’d better get back home before my family wonders where I am…”

Responding, Mr. Gill said “I suppose you should. This is absolutely the best Christmas experience I’ve ever had…Thank you! I do hope that maybe we can cross paths again before your winter break is over.”

“It was amazing. You can bet I will be in your hair…and your bed for the rest of my winter break,” Julie replied as she pulled on her jeans and Mr. Gill’s shirt. “You don’t mind if I take this with me, do you?” Julie wryly questioned. “I’m sure I’ll have a little explaining to do about my wardrobe change, but I’ll just tell the truth…about spilling the wine that is!”

Mr. Gill pulled on his sweats and walked Julie to the door, pulling her to his chest and kissing the top of her head. A deep hug by both and then Julie was on her way with the biggest grin on her face…

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