New York Agent Ch. 01


Hiya everyone. I apologize for taking so long to get this one out. To everyone that enjoyed the Staring at the ocean series, you recognize some of the characters in this one and most of my other stories as well. The reason for this is because I thought up story lines that link most of the characters before I actually started writing them. This is also the first time I’ve written something from a gay male perspective (sorry if that offends anyone), I’m a girl so I just might not know what the hell I’m talking about but then again I mostly read gay male stories (call me weird, but it’s kinda hot), so hopefully it’s authentic.

Thanks to Angel that once again waved her fluffy editors wand over this chapter and didn’t hate the story to much. I hope you enjoy it and there will be more coming if you like it, so let me know what you think. These chapters will also be longer in coming as I’m still busy writing them.

Hope you enjoy it!


“You’re gonna get yourself killed!” Jake said the words into the headset he was wearing. Speaking to an unseen agent was not his idea of fun for a Saturday morning, but Agent Reilly McCormack needed his special kind of help.

“Would you stop bitching. If I wanted someone to nag me all day long, I would’ve married Scott,” came the reply.

Jake chuckled at that and muttered back, “Hey, it’s your ass man. Gibbs asked me to help, so I can’t have you ignoring the Intel.” Jake exhaled slowly.

“Look, if I make it through this alive, you can have my ass. Right now I need to get that woman out of here. Please.” Jake didn’t even notice that Reilly had offered him his ass.

“What woman?” He wanted to know. He sucked in a breath when all of a sudden he noticed the eerie silence of static in his ear. He turned to the tech.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know, it’s like the wires were cut.”

“Jesus.” Jake went cold, instantly knowing something happened to Reilly. Not to mention this woman he was talking about.

“I’m going over there.” Jake was gone in the blink of an eye. Half way to his truck he had his kevlar vest strapped to his chest and was checking his weapon. Once inside the truck he was ready to go and raced toward the villa where Reilly infiltrated a mob family as an assassin. All his ‘victims’ had new lives after he ‘killed’ them, thanks to witness protection.

The problem was there was a leak inside the Agency. They still had no idea where the leak came from.

Jake Fox has been working with Reilly. Having never actually seen Reilly he had no idea how he was going to find him. They had been in contact for almost four full weeks and to say that Jake was a little in love with the agent was an understatement.

As Jake drove, his thoughts turned back to late night conversations he had with Reilly. Reilly let slip, a week after first contact that he was gay, when he talked of Scott, his ex-boyfriend. Jake didn’t even hesitate and asked him if he knew what the odds were of two of the Internal Intelligence Agency’s agents being gay were.

Their relationship took on more of an intimate turn after that.

Instinct took over when he saw someone in the middle of the road. Jake pushed hard against the brakes, coming to a stop inches for a bleeding man. Withdrawing his weapon, Jake kept the gun trained on the guy and slowly made his way around the truck.

“Jesus, what the fuck!” he exclaimed. “Are you trying to bleed your ass to death?”

The bleeding guy’s reply came out on a whisper, “I told you earlier, you can have my ass later. Just get me the fuck out of here.”

Jake knew he just met Agent Reilly McCormack. He wasn’t what he expected. It could’ve sarıyer escort been the fact that his hair was dirty and matted to his head with blood. He had bruises on his face and a cut above his left eye that dripped blood over his face and neck. His clothes were dirty, torn and drenched in blood.

“Jesus, what happened?” Jake caught Reilly in his arms when he stumbled forward.

“Shot,” was all Reilly could get out.

Jake helped Reilly to the passenger seat. He grabbed a towel that lying was on the backseat and gave it to Reilly. He ran to the driver side and got in. He turned to look at Reilly.

“Keep some pressure on those wounds,” he said as he fired up the truck. Jake looked at Reilly from the corner of his eye. Reilly laid his head back on the seat and rolled his head in Jake’s direction.

“Hey, I’ll be fine. Just get me to a hospital.”

Jake shot a pained look in Reilly’s direction and said, “Hang on. This could get rough.” But Reilly didn’t hear because he was already passed out.

Grateful that Reilly had passed out, Jake broke every single traffic law getting to the hospital. When he reached the hospital, he saw two doctors standing outside the ER doors. He ran around to Reilly’s door shouting at the doctor’s.

“Over here, come help me.” One doctor rushed over while the other went to go raise the alarm inside and get a gurney. Jake quickly explained as best he could. Before reaching the doors his cell phone rang.

Knowing he had to answer he growled into the phone, “Fox.”

“Where are you?” The voice was that of his boss.

“University Hospital. Agent McCormack is having bullets removed.”

“Christ. Well, there’s nothing you can do there. Get your ass back to the villa. There are bodies everywhere and I need you on Garcia JR.” The line went dead before Jake could respond.

Torn between orders from his boss and concern for Reilly, Jake stood alone in the ER parking lot.

Making his decision, he ran through the doors and spoke to the receptionist. He showed her his credentials and left his card and instructions to be called with Reilly’s progress.

Jumping back in the truck, he high-tailed it back the way he came. He prayed all the way that the guy who shot Reilly was dead. Else, he’d be standing trail for murder.


When Jake reached the villa it was swarming with NYPD and II Agents. The tech that was in with him when Reilly’s COM’s had gone out spotted him first and came over.

“We found all of them dead, except Garcia, JR. Agent McCormack killed them all. The count’s at seven.” Jake looked over to where a body was being carried from the house.

“Make that eight. Anyway, Boss gave you baby sitting, ‘coz Mack’s OOA (out of action).” The tech walked away when the Boss approached.

“I take it you heard.”

“Yeah, no worries Boss, I’ll take care of it.”

Before Gibbs could walk away Jake asked, “Was there a woman among the victims?”

“No, that the one that got away, we think two other guys got away with her. Intel only found about her this morning. Why?” Gibbs wanted to know.

“Agent McCormack mentioned getting her out when the COM’s went out.” Jake said.

“Yeah, we know. I have a theory about that.” Gibbs looked pensive.

“Care to share?” Jake asked.

“I’m thinking, insurance.”

“Do we have a name yet?” Jake wanted to know.

“Apparently she’s famous or something. She was also the fixation of old man Garcia’s obsession.” Jake went cold.

“Who is she?” He had to know.

“Joslyn Fox. She’s a singer.” Gibbs saw Jake go pale.

“You ok Fox?” sefaköy escort Jake didn’t get time to answer. Blackness rushed through his body and his knees went weak.

His last coherent thought was. These fuckers have my sister.


Almost six weeks later Jake walked into university hospital. He knew Reilly was still here. He spoke to Reilly every day while he was gone.

Not quite knowing what to expect, Jake has brought flowers. Whilst walking down the corridor to Reilly’s room he stopped and contradicted the decision to give Reilly the flowers. Looking far a bin to dump the flowers, Jake noticed a woman in hospital issued scrubs coming from Reilly’s room.

“Oh what beautiful flowers,” she exclaimed, walking over and sticking her nose in the bouquet.

“Are these for Mack?” she asked.

Jake just nodded and the woman said, “Well, you better go on in. Mack will be glad to see a new face.” She looked sad as she looked up onto Jake’s eyes.

“Aside from director Gibbs, that only came once, I might add, he’s had no other visitors.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’ve been here every day since he was brought in. No one’s been here.” She suddenly got a suspicious look in her eyes.

“Why have you come?”

“I’ve been away, looking for my sister. Reilly knows why I couldn’t be here.” Jake looked relieved when he saw her face clear.

She smiled when she said, “You’re Jake! I was wondering when I’d get to meet you.” She laughed at Jake’s blush.

“Oh god, that’s priceless. You look so innocent.”

‘If only you knew lady’, Jake thought.

“I’m Julie Simms. You’d better get in there. He’s been bitching for weeks about not seeing you.” Jake stepped past her, but stopped when he reached the door.



“I’m sorry that was rude of me. I’m Jake fox.”

“It’s nice to meet you Jake and I’m sorry about your sister.” She started turning away, but turned back toward Jake and said, “He needs someone to take care of him, Jake.”

“That someone is me, if he’ll have me.”

“That sounds just perfect. Now go.”

Jake pushed open the door and stepped inside. He didn’t recognize the man lying against the white sheets and for a moment he though he entered the wrong room. Suddenly the guy on the bed opened his eyes and looked at Jake.

“Hello,” he said and then his eyes cleared. “You’re here.”

“Rather late than never,” Jake tried to joke. Instantly knowing it was Reilly.

“How did you know it was me?” Jake asked.

“Your eyes,” was Reilly’s reply. Jake looked confused so Reilly explained.

“Other than the sound of your voice, it’s the only thing I remember about you. Your eyes, it’s the color of grass after spring rain.” Reilly saw Jake eyes go dark.

“I feel so god dammed guilty.” Jake suddenly said.

“Why?” Jake asked suddenly.

“Joslyn is missing, but I can’t help being happy.” Jake sounded tortured.

“I’m sorry, Jake.”

“Don’t be. I have the best people working on it. I’ll find her.”

Jake walked toward the bed, when he reached Reilly’s side he suddenly didn’t know what to do, so he asked, “Have you thought any more about my suggestion?” Jake smiled but Reilly saw it didn’t reach his eyes.

“Jake, you need to talk about this. I can see it’s driving you crazy.” Reilly reached out a hand and Jake grabbed it like a lifeline.

“I can’t Rei. If I do I’m gonna break down and Jos needs me to be strong now.” Jake lifted Reilly’s hand to his mouth and absentmindedly pressed a kiss to his palm. What Reilly saw in Jake’s eyes scared him. His eyes looked lifeless.

“Jake, şerifali escort please. Don’t shut me out. I hear it in your voice. You’re not the same. Let me help you, please.” Reilly knew he was pleading, but he fell in love with Jake a long time ago and he wouldn’t want to lose him because of this.

“Rei, I’m so confused. I want to be happy because I found you, but I lost Jos. Don’t you get it? I have no idea if I can get her back. I’m at a crossroad and I have no idea where the paths lead.” Jake lifted his face to look a Reilly. Tears simmered on his lashes making his green eyes sparkle.

“Jake, c’mere.” Reilly held out a hand. Two seconds later Jake was wrapped in Reilly’s arms. Reilly slowly rubbed his arms up and down Jake’s back as big heart wrenching sobs broke from Jake. Reilly held on tight, never wanting to let go.

When Jake had calmed down a little, Reilly reluctantly loosened his hold on Jake. Jake lifted his head from Reilly’s chest and looked him in the eye.

“You’re back.” Reilly whispered.

“I didn’t go anywhere,” was Jake’s shaky reply.

“Yes you did, when you first came in, I didn’t see anything in your eyes, now I see something. I can’t tell what it is, but at least it looks like you haven’t given up.” Reilly looked at Jake and saw that Jake knew exactly what he was talking about.

“I’m sorry Rei. I . . . don’t. Jesus,” Jake broke again and instinctively moved closer to Reilly.

Reilly didn’t hesitate for a second. Scooting over to make space for Jake next to him and taking Jake into his arms was the most natural thing in the world.

Reilly held on as Jake collapsed against his chest. Reilly pressed his lips to Jake’s throat and murmured soft words of comfort against his skin. He felt his body responding to Jake’s. Disgusted with himself for wanting in a situation like this, he tried to concentrate on getting Jake calm again.

“Everything will be fine, we’ll find her, I promise. I’ll help you; I’ll do whatever it takes. She’ll come home,” Reilly whispered.

A shudder ran through Jake’s body as he felt Reilly’s breath wash over his skin. ‘Oh my God, how can I think of kissing him now?’ Jake thought.




“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I thought about your suggestion and my answer is yes.” Reilly was smiling when Jake lifted his eyes to look at him.

“You’re sure?”



“As soon as they let me out of here.”

“And that is?” Jake wanted to know.

“As soon as you let him go.” Jake and Reilly looked over and saw Julie stand in the doorway.

“Are you sure?” It was Jake asking.

“I’ve got the papers to prove it. Now Jake, get out of that bed and go wait outside, while I get Reilly out of here.”

Jake didn’t need to be told twice. Extracting himself from Reilly’s arms he bent and pressed a quick, chaste kiss to Reilly’s lips and then rushed out of the room before Reilly could see his blush and before Reilly could respond.

Reilly just stared and brought his fingers to touch his lips. When his hand fell from his face Julie laughed at his expression.

“First kiss?” she asked. Reilly just nodded.

“Come on stud. Let’s get you out of here.”


Outside in the hall Jake was pacing. “God I hope I didn’t just fuck up,” he thought. He suddenly stopped and turned when the door went open and Reilly and Julie came out.

“Let’s go,” Reilly said. He stepped forward and took Jake’s hand, but before Reilly could lead him down the corridor Jake stopped and turned back to Julie. He let go of Reilly’s hand and grabbed Julie into a fierce hug.

“Thanks,” he whispered into her hair.

“It was my pleasure. No go be happy and call me if I can help.” Julie smiled as Jake and Reilly walked away. ‘I’m glad I told Reilly about Jordan and Cheyenne. If anyone can help they can.’ She thought as she watched the elevator doors close behind them . . .

To be continued . . .

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