New Neighbors Ch. 03


I can’t even begin to guess how long its been, since Master David and Master Jim first made me their white slave. I just know its been too long. My dreams of building a new life for myself have been nearly crushed by the reality of what has happened to me. Most nights, I cry myself to sleep with cum running out of my ass and the salty taste of piss in my mouth, wishing I could escape and find one good woman to love me. Even if I could somehow break free, it seems like a normal relationship would be nearly impossible to maintain. My Masters force me to keep all of my body hair completely shaved, which would be hard enough to explain to any potential lover. I’ve taken so much black cock in my ass that it now gapes wider than most women’s cunts and I can think of no way to explain that away. Worse than any of this, one of Master Jim’s friends took it upon Himself to tattoo the words “black-owned” and “sissy-pig” on my ass, while He fucked me a few months ago. Of course, this was all assuming there was a way for me to escape my servitude, which there was not, unless I wanted to leave all of my belongings, not return to my job, and somehow get out of town with only what I could carry.

I was so deep in thought, growing more determined to have a woman in my life, that I never heard Master David’s key in the front door. It wasn’t long after my enslavement, before my Masters decided They should both have keys to my home; it wasn’t uncommon for Them to let Themselves in whenever it suited Them. In fact, I didn’t hear Master David’s arrival, until He stood in the kitchen doorway, staring at me, as I drank my morning coffee. Master David’s forehead was soaked with sweat. His sweats clung to his dark brown flesh, telling me He was wet with perspiration from head to toe. He’d just finished his morning run and had come to relax and cool off. He pulled me out of my chair and onto the floor, taking my seat in the process.

“Get me something cold, faggot.”

“Yes, Master David.” I really hated the way my eyes always focused on my Masters’ bulges whenever They entered the room. I had to find a way to bury my desire to serve black men, if I ever planned to break free. I opened a bottle of beer and emptied the contents into a glass, which I set in front of Master David.

“Get over here, faggot!” I approached Master David and knelt before Him. “Look at this! How the fuck am I supposed to drink this? Half the glass is fucking foam!”

“I…” The beer soaked my face and chest, drizzling onto the floor, before I had time to answer.

“Now, get me another one and fucking get it right this time.”

“Yes, Master David. I’m sorry.” I went back to the refrigerator, knowing better than to take the time to dry off. It didn’t really bother me. I was used to having cum and piss all over my face, so beer wasn’t that big of a deal. I carefully poured a second beer and handed it to Master David, as I knelt in front of him. My apartment was always the first place my masters came, following a workout, so I knew exactly what was expected of me. I untied and pulled off Master David’s shoes, followed by His socks, before I made myself as comfortable as possible on the floor. I’d learned awhile ago that the best way to perform my duty was to lay on my stomach. The beer-soaked floor was cold against my belly, as I went to work, licking and sucking the sweat from my Master’s feet. I’d learned to love the taste of His sweaty feet and, Ankara Escort as always, took my time cleaning His feet. I sucked each toe, licking between them to get whatever grime had accumulated there during His run. I then licked the tops of his feet, before sucking the sweat from the bottoms of His feet. When He decided I’d done a good job, He dried His feet off in my hair.

Master David then turned around in the chair and removed His sweat pants, so I could perform my second duty, while He read the newspaper. I started at the very top of His sweaty ass crack, running my tongue all of the way down, until it touched His heavy balls. Master David really enjoyed having His ass cleaned, so it wasn’t rare for me to spend an hour or more servicing him. Today was no different. In fact, He was so relaxed by my soft tongue that He fed me his hot gas more than a few times. Each time He farted, I pushed my tongue deep into his asshole, swirling it around to get it clean. Again, when I was finished, He used my face to dry His ass. Or, more precisely, I rubbed my face along the entire crack of His ass, until He told me it felt dry enough. Master David loved doing this to me for one reason in particular; I would smell His ass for the rest of the day.

I remained on my knees, knowing it was time for my reward, as He turned back around in His seat. His heavy balls were nearly as big as my fist, but that didn’t keep me from stuffing the entire sac into my mouth. I slowly let them slide out, strings of my saliva connecting them to my lips like a perverse umbilical cord. As I lovingly licked and sucked His balls, I looked up to see that He was in a much better mood. I’d been thinking about my problem the entire time I’d been servicing Master David and I’d decided the only way I could date any woman would be with my Masters’ permission. It seemed like the perfect time to ask. “Master, may I ask You for a favor?”

“What is it, faggot?”

“It is truly an honor to serve superior black men, but I really want a woman in my life…”

“You’re a faggot now.” He laughed. “You wouldn’t know what to do with a pussy!”

I could feel tears stinging my eyes, upon hearing the insult and His amusement. Still, I tried to convince Him. “Please, Master David. I just want to be able to date, to meet someone special. I know what a great gift this would be from You and Master Jim and I’ll do anything to earn it.”

“That’s some promise, since you’ll do anything we say, anyway.” He stood up and rammed His cock down my throat. I could feel the skin around my mouth stretching, almost threatening to tear, at this intrusion. He held onto my ears like handles, as His cock rammed in and out of my mouth. As usual, the sound of me gagging and choking only made him pump my face that much harder. Finally, the sweet taste of his thick cum filled my mouth to overflowing. I tried to lean forward to catch it all, but that only caused half of it to dribble onto the floor. He wiped his cock off in my hair, as He told me He expected me to lick up what I’d spilled. I greedily licked his cum from the floor, as He dressed and gathered his things. I was still licking His cum off the floor, when He left without another word.


They didn’t tell me Their reasoning or what I would have to do in return, but my Masters did finally grant me permission to start dating. I jumped on it, before Sincan Escort They could change Their minds, and went for the sexy bartender at my favorite haunt. She’d been flirting with me for months, but she’d almost given up on me. My timing couldn’t have been more perfect; she’d just separated from her boyfriend. We went out for dinner that Friday night ~only six days after I’d been stuffing Master David’s balls into my mouth and begging Him for permission to fuck women~ followed by a few drinks. As we walked to the car in the brisk midnight air, she clung to me, unable to walk on her own, and insisted I take her back to my place. I tried to protest, asking why we couldn’t go to her place instead, but she was persistent. How could I resist? Fiery red hair, green eyes, 36C breasts, a washboard tummy, and the cutest heart-shaped ass I had ever seen. She spoke so sweetly and lovingly to me in a voice that was the very definition of sultry that I had no will-power to resist.

Once we got back to my place, I gently helped her onto the sofa, before I went into the kitchen to pour her a glass of wine. I wasn’t away from her more than five minutes, but, when I returned, she was no longer alone. In her left hand, she held Master David’s cock and her right hand caressed Master Jim’s massive cock. All three of them laughed at me, as I walked into the room. I could feel the blood drain from my face and the tears sting my eyes. I set the wine glass down on the coffee table, before my shaking hands had the chance to drop it.

“Is it true you’re actually their slave,” she laughed.

“Bridget, I…”

“Is it true,” she insisted, the warmth and affection gone from her voice. “You do everything they tell you to do.”

I couldn’t answer. I was too humiliated to admit the truth and there was obviously no point in lying. All I could do was stand there and think about how much worse things were now than they had been.

“Get over here, faggot,” Master Jim ordered.

I crawled to the three of them, as they cuddled on the sofa.

“Get this slut’s cunt wet for my big black cock.”

“Yes, Master Jim.” I pulled her thong panties down, before I nestled my face under her short skirt. Her pussy smelled so sweet and it was already so moist; I could feel my lips trembling as I sucked her lips into my mouth. I’d forgotten how much I loved tasting a wet cunt and she had the sweetest pussy I’d ever tasted. As I licked her cunt, I could hear her slobbering all over Master David’s cock. She only took it out of her mouth once and only long enough to tell me what a pathetic little bitch I was. The insult didn’t have the effect she’d intended; I felt my little prick grow rock hard and I wanted her to say more. I agreed with her, before I shoved my face back in her cunt, hoping that would encourage more insults from her thin, pink lips. She was too busy sucking Master David’s cock and balls. Before long, she forcefully kicked me away like an annoying cat and begged Master Jim to fuck her hard with his gorgeous black cock.

Master Jim arose and grabbed Bridget’s thong from the floor. He stuffed the crotch of her panties in my mouth and told me to suck on them, while I watched my date go black. I could only nod, as Bridget got on the floor and stuck her beautiful ass in the air. I could hear the squishing sound of her wet cunt taking Master Jim’s cock and, as Etlik Escort he pulled it three-quarters of the way out, it already glistened with her juices. Meanwhile, she didn’t hesitate to obey Master David’s order. Her tongue was deep inside her asshole, as she groaned with pleasure. I was forced to sit there and watch her bury her beautiful face between his hairy, dark brown ass cheeks. Every once in awhile, she’d lift her face up just to tell him how much she loved eating his black ass. My attention was drawn back to Master Jim, when he tensed up and shouted out loud how wet Bridget’s cunt felt on his cock. He stopped fucking after three violent spasms, leaving his cock buried balls deep in her pussy. He looked at me, ordering me to his side.

Once I’d crawled to his side, he pulled his cock out of her cunt and backed away. He grabbed me by the nape of my neck and shoved my face within two inches of her freshly fucked cunt. “Look at that sloppy hole, faggot,” he laughed. “If you were a real man, that would be your cum.”

“Yes, Master.” I looked at it. Even now, with my Master’s thick cum coating it, her cunt looked gorgeous. Bubbles of cum popped in the gaping hole, as more cum coated her lips and inner thighs. Looking into the hole, I could see large gobs of cum still inside her cunt. I didn’t resist, when he shoved my face into the sloppy mess. I’d loved the taste of cum from the very first time I’d eaten it, but the taste of it mixed with Bridget’s own cum sent shivers up my spine. I greedily sucked all of the cum from her lips, making sure I licked up every last drop from her cunt and thighs. I lay on my back with my head between her thighs, so she could sit back and empty her cum-filled cunt into my mouth. I used my tongue to scoop out gob after gob of cum, while I listened to her pigging out on both black cocks. I could hear her slurping her own saliva, as I imagined how beautiful she must look with those dark brown cocks fucking her mouth and slapping her face.

The night went on like this for a couple of hours. Each time one of my Masters filled Bridget’s cunt or asshole with cum, I was right there to happily clean her up. She kept her talented tongue just as busy as her cunt and asshole, rimming them or sucking their cocks. Every once in awhile, she would stop long enough to tell me what a pathetic sissy I was or to tell my Masters that she loved black cock. At one point, I heard her promise Master David that she would never fuck another white guy again. When they finally took a break, it was just to relieve themselves of their full bladders. Bridget was the first to need to release her piss, so, when Master Jim instructed her to use my mouth, she looked at him skeptically. I knew better than to await an order, so I lay on my back and opened my mouth wide for her. Seeing this, she laughed heartily and I felt a gob of her spit plaster my cheek.

“You’re such a filthy, pathetic bitch! You make me sick.”

I said nothing. I just looked up at her gaping cunt, realizing that my Masters had stretched her out more than my little clit ever could have done. Her piss, golden and salty, soon filled my mouth. There was so much that I couldn’t possibly swallow it all, but I gulped it down as fast as I could. This was new to me and the thought that this beautiful woman was using me as a toilet caused my little dick to explode in my pants. When she finally finished, I sucked the extra piss from her cunt and arose to my knees to accept my Master’s golden piss.

Shortly afterwards, Bridget asked Master Jim and Master David to take her home where they could fuck her some more. She said only one thing to me, as she left: “I can’t wait to tell everyone what a little sissy you are!”

All three of them laughed, as they left me alone.

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