My Stepmother


  My name is Will and I’m 19. I still live at home with my Dad and my Stepmother Now I know you’re going to say that’s pretty normal, but in my case it’s anything but. My Dad is 53 and after Mom left him for a younger guy he was very lonely for a long time. He recently got remarried. My Stepmother is from Korea and is 27 and a knockout. My Dad took a trip over there about 6 months ago. He traveled around Asia and when he came back he brought his new bride with him. Her name is Lin and I fantasize about her all the time. My Dad hasn’t told me all the details about how they met or how they got married. All I know is He seems happy now and I get hard every time I look at her. Lin was educated in Korea at an American school so she speaks perfect English with just a hint of an accent. She’s very petite at about 5′ 1”. She has long luxurious black hair and a beautiful face with green eyes. She has porcelain skin and a tight fit body. She also has the biggest set of tits I have ever seen on a woman her size. I examined one of her bras in the laundry room once. It was a 32EE. I walked by their bedroom once when the door was slightly open. She was getting dressed and was naked from the waist up. Her boobs were amazing. They were perfect teardrop shaped, not like those fake round ones. The looked like two huge water balloons and were obviously very heavy. They didn’t sag though. The other striking feature they had was the areola. They were huge and the puffiest I have seen and a perfect pink istanbul travesti color. They were the size of big creme puff and stood out away from the rest of her breasts almost as far. After that day I could not get that sight out of my head. One morning I was in the shower. I was thinking about Lin’s breasts and stroking my big cock. I am 8 inches flaccid and a good 10 when hard. It also has a large wide head on it. All the girls that have ever seen it either have to have it or are scared of it. I didn’t have time that morning to complete the task so when I stepped out of the shower it was semi hard. I wiped the water from my eyes with a towel and noticed Lin standing there in the bathroom putting some clean towels on the shelf. She was staring at my big cock with her mouth open not saying a word. She came out of her trance and said she was sorry, that she didn’t think I would come out of the shower while she was in there. She stole another glance at my cock and then left. I noticed lately that my Dad and Lin were never really affectionate in public. I actually think my Dad got remarried so he wouldn’t be lonely. Also, to have someone to keep the house organized while he was at work. Lin dressed fairly conservative around my dad. When he was not there and it was just me around I noticed her dressing more provocatively. Short shorts and tank tops. T-shirts with no bra. She even came out of her bedroom one time in just a bra and panties saying she didn’t have istanbul travestileri a thing to wear and went to the laundry room to search for clothes. The bra she was wearing could barely contain her huge chest. When she bent over at the dryer one actually fell out. She stood up as if she didn’t notice but I sure did. Feigning embarrassment she picked it up and put it back in the huge cup. Stuff like that would go on all the time. If she was coming on to me it was working. If I was sitting at the table she would walk over to put something down and made sure her big tits brushed up against my arm. She would call my name and ask for some help and when I would go into the room she would be down on all fours with her perfect ass pointed at me. If I was outside mowing the lawn she would come out and work in the garden with the smallest bikini top possible on. It would barely cover her puffy nipples. This was driving me crazy, but I didn’t know what to do. One night when my Dad was out of town on business, Lin had fixed us dinner and was sitting on the couch with me watching a movie. She had been drinking some wine and I could tell she was a little tipsy. She put the wine glass down and turned towards me. “Will, I need to tell you something,” she said. “Do you know how your father and I met?” This was new because we really never talked all that much because of the sexual tension. “No” I said. “Well,” she said, “We first met on the internet. We chatted for travesti a few months and then he said he wanted to meet me. He flew to Korea and after a few days there he asked me to marry him and move to America. I really liked him and I knew he was a good man. The age difference didn’t bother me because it is done all the time in my country. Marrying him would give me the chance to come to America and start a better life. Your father is good to me and in time I thought I would come to love him.” I sat there listening to her but I couldn’t help myself. She was wearing one of my old t-shirts. She had to cut a V in the neck down to her cleavage to get it to fit right. She had no bra on and I had to strain to keep from staring. She took another gulp of wine and scooted closer to me. She smelled great “Will, I have to tell you something else,” she said, “I have found out that men your Dad’s age sometimes have some trouble in bed. He will take a pill sometimes and that helps, but to be honest I don’t think he has that much interest in sex. That day I was in the bathroom when you got out of the shower. I can say this, you don’t take after your father. He is on the small size and from what I saw that day you are huge.” She placed her hand on my thigh as she was telling me this. I was frozen as I listened to her. My cock however wasn’t. It was slowly growing down my pant leg. She scooted closer and her hot breast touched my arm. “Will, ever since that day I can’t get the memory of you huge member out of my head. When I am alone and need some relief I rub myself and think of it. How would it feel? How would it taste? Would it fit? I know this is wrong, but I can’t help myself.” she said. “Lin,” I said “I saw you getting dressed one day.

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