My First Male/Male Affair


I was looking for something to do with my spare time and meet some people. I had just graduated from college and I got a job in a small Kansas town, but I had nothing to do with my evenings. I decided to get involved with the community theatre group. I had worked with theatre groups before and knew they were a fun and diverse group of people.

I interviewed and got the stage manager position for the next production, which was a joint effort with the local college.

The first rehearsal rolled around and I was handing out paperwork to the actors when I caught one actor staring at me. When our eyes met he looked away deliberately. He was a handsome Hispanic young man, slender and slightly petite in stature. He appeared to be a college student rather than a community member. I couldn’t resist looking at him and our eyes met repeatedly. I didn’t understand my attraction to him. I had been with multiple women so I didn’t understand how I could be so infatuated with a man?

I wouldn’t have let it go any further, but when rehearsal was over I heard a voice coming from behind me.


I turned around and there he was standing behind me.

“I’m Tomas but everyone calls me Tom,” he said.

I introduced myself and we began learning about each other. Tomas was from California and was a junior. His major was theatre. I told him about myself, that I had just graduated and was beginning my career with my first full time job. We really had a good repoire. The conversation came easily, which was unusual for me, I usually came off nervous when meeting people.

Over the course of the rehearsals we developed a friendship. Tom was a real flirt and his intentions were poorly disguised. I played along even though he knew I had only had straight relationships.

Tom lived in the dorm so we had only short discussions before and after rehearsals. I flirted back and was fantasizing, when I was alone, about what a sexual relationship would be like with him.

I was hosting the closing night cast party at my apartment. When Tom heard this he was very forward and told me he was going to stay after everyone else had left so we could have some private time.

When the last performance ended I rushed home as soon as I could wrap up my responsibilities to prepare for the party. I had done all the cleaning (and changing the sheets) earlier in the day so all I had to do was clean up and change my cloths. I stripped down and jumped into the shower. I was nervous anticipating spending the night with my first man. I scrubbed and put on my best glad rags and my best cologne.

I had barely finished when the first guests arrived. My apartment filled up quickly and the music and alcohol began to flow. I avoided spending too much of the evening with Tom for fear others would guess our plans.

A few hours passed and I escaped down the dark hall to the restroom. I enjoyed the quiet and wished people would start to leave. I turned off the lights and exited the hall. Suddenly I felt an arm push me to the wall and a body press against me. It was Tom, he placed one hand on my face and I felt lips press against mine with a passionate kiss. My mouth opened accepting his tongue. I felt him groping my jeans with his hand, opening the front. His hands pressed against my rapidly responding cock.

“Ah, commando. You are anticipating a hot night too aren’t you?” “When everyone leaves you won’t be able to avoid me the way you have during the party.”

He stole another kiss and disappeared into the bathroom leaving me breathless against the wall, Ankara Escort my cock hanging out fully exposed. It took me a second to realize my exposure and I rapidly tucked everything back in, collected my thoughts and went back to the party.

My heart was pounding like a school girl’s. What was I getting myself into? I looked up and saw Tom across the room flirting with some other guys from the cast. Our eyes met and rather than look away I lingered until he winked. I must have blushed because I felt a warmth come up from my stomach filling my entire body. I hurriedly busied myself emptying ashtrays and picking up debris, anything to keep me from staring at Tomas.

It was well after midnight and once a group took their leave it wasn’t long before everyone had gone. Now all that were left were Tom and I. I began to nervously busy myself gathering up the food. Tom offered to help. He knew I was avoiding the inevitable so he was patient. I ran some dishwater to wash up and he brought in dishes etc. from the front rooms. When I finished the last dish I felt Tom’s arms come across my chest from behind.

His head rest on my shoulders and he whispered in my ear. “Relax, I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do.”

His hands slid down to my waistband and up my t-shirt. His warm hands felt good moving over my chest and abdomen.

“Did I surprise you in the hall? I just couldn’t resist watching you in those tight jeans and twitching your cute ass.”

His hands slid back to my waistband and he unbuttoned my jeans and slid his hands down grasping my erect cock.

“Uhm! Your cock is so hard! ” He stroked me a couple of times and stopped. Tom took my hand and led me to the bedroom turning off the lights behind us.

The bedroom was darker than I ever remember it being. I could barely see shapes. Tom stopped, turned and pressed his body into mine, taking my face between his hands he kissed me.

“God you turn me on.” He said as he slipped my shirt off over my head.

Doing the same thing to him I slid my hands over his taut torso. I loved the feel of his muscles and his smooth skin. This time I kissed him, passionately letting my inhibitions disappear into the darkness. I hadn’t made out with anyone since I was in high school and I was surprised at my own passion as we nibbled and sucked on each other’s necks, shoulders and chests.

I began to kiss down his chest to his flat abdomen. I went to my knees and unfastened his jeans. He too was commando, which was a huge turn on. I gently grasped his penis and guided it to my lips. I relished the taste of his skin as I ran my tongue over the tight skin that stretched over his erection.

“Oh, my god!” Tom exclaimed. He grasped my head holding it where he wanted it as he gently began to thrust in and out of my eager mouth. “I thought you were straight, you are too good for that to be true.”

I grabbed his ass cheeks tightly and held him in my mouth as I flicked my tongue under his helmet bringing him to near orgasm. He suddenly stopped me, lifted me to my feet and rapidly went about removing my jeans. He threw me to the bed and threw himself on top of me. We began to make out and bit and suck each other. I could feel his cock against mine. His hip thrusts felt awesome as they slid together.

We were so enraptured we rolled around on the bed exchanging top position, Kissing, sucking and biting each other all over. Tom wrestled me to the bottom on my stomach and lay across me pressing his cock between my but cheeks. Sincan Escort Grinding until I could feel his length against my opening. He rubbed his length up and down leaving me short of breath. I was used to being the alpha with girls but I easily let Tom take that roll. He sat up and slid down to my knees and took my ass in his hands. He kneaded my cheeks, pressing them together and spreading them apart. He ran his fingers slowly through my crevice until he reached my anus. His finger circled the opening, he reached up onto the headboard and took a small satchel he had brought along and hidden when he arrived. I heard him unzip it and remove something before tossing it back on the shelf. I felt something cold and wet on my backdoor and then his finger once again as it spread his lubricant around and then he plunged his finger into my passage.

“Oh, God! What are you doing?” I blurted out.

Tom leaned in by my ear, “Just relax and enjoy.” He eased his finger in and out of my lubricated opening.

The sensation became comfortable and then arousing as he fucked me with his finger. He pushed it in leaving it this time and I could feel his digit begin to massage my prostate.

“Oooh,” slipped from my lips.

“Do you like that?” Tom whispered.

“Yes.” I pushed my ass back to meet his thrusts.

With that he rolled me over roughly removing his finger leaving me feeling the void. He grasped my cock and lowered his mouth over it. The feeling of his hot mouth on my cock made me gasp. He began slowly taking me in deeper into his mouth and then withdrawing. He pumped up and down gradually gaining speed and pressure. I could feel a build up inside of my body. It was very deep and made me tremble like I had never trembled before.

“Oh, Oh, Oh,” I murmured involuntarily. The trembling became more and more intense, my entire body was shaking. With that Tom thrust his finger into my ass again and I erupted. It felt like my body was having an earthquake. My cock felt like the end was being blown off as it spurted again and again filling Tom’s mouth with my hot fluid. It seemed my orgasm would never stop as his finger stroked my prostate and his mouth sucked and held my cock. I had never felt such intensity and as it stopped I was high with the adrenaline rush.

I was like an animal. I wrestled him to the bottom because I wanted to eat him like a lion eats meat. I threw my body on top of his and pushed my tongue into his mouth, sucking his tongue back into mine and biting his lip, neck, nipples and eventually took his cock roughly and thrust my mouth down onto it.

I loved the feel of his hot cock in my mouth. I wanted his cum in my mouth so badly I sucked him with a vengeance. With my hand I felt his balls, running my fingers between them. I felt down to his taint and found his ass hole. I stuck my finger into my mouth to lubricate it and eased it into him.

“Oh, God, Yes, Harder, Suck that cock!” Tom shouted.

I was emboldened by his words and sucked and licked harder until he exploded in my mouth. I could feel his opening tighten around my finger as he pumped his precious cum into my mouth. Again and again it spurted and I swallowed eagerly not wanting to let out a drop.

As his orgasm subsided I gently held his cock in my mouth gently massaging it with my tongue until he took my head and nudged me away.

I lay back on the bed, still drunk with lust for Tom’s cock. He put his arm around me and pulled me close. We spooned and I could feel his subsiding cock nestled Etlik Escort in my ass. He drifted off to sleep as I ran the entire scenario of the experience through my imagination, which gave me another erection. Eventually I drifted off to sleep too.

I awoke first the next morning. I looked over to see if Tom was really there or was it all a drunken dream. Now, in the light of dawn I was embarrassed. How did I let him seduce me?

I slowly eased myself out of bed. Naked I went to the bathroom for my shower, to wash off some of the residue from the night before. I stopped at the sink first to brush my teeth. When I looked in the mirror I saw evidence of the wild time. My neck and chest were covered with hickeys and bite marks. My cock twitched, excited remembering the lust from last night.

I stepped into the shower and let the hot water run over my body. I felt the renewal of morning and took the soap to lather up. Before I could even apply it to my body the curtain was drawn back and there was Tom. His body was stunning in his nakedness. I noticed the definition of his muscles and, also, the same evidence of our encounter on his neck and chest.

“Good morning stud!” “You were quite an animal last night. It looks like you tried to eat me whole.” He said with more energy than I had awakened with.

Tom then stepped into the stall joining my shower.

“Here, let me help you wash up.” He grabbed the soap bottle and sponge and began to caress my body with his hands, feeling every muscle and crevice with his soapy fingers. “Turn around so I can do your back.” I complied and he began to rub my back with his soapy hands working his way down to my ass. Then I felt his erect cock press against me and I instantly became breathless again. He pushed my shoulders forward and I braced myself on the wall. Tom poured a handful of soap and worked it between my cheeks and worked a finger into my ass. In and out he worked it.

“Relax. I won’t hurt you. I’m only going to do what you want me to do.” Then I felt him ease out his finger and replace it with his hard cock. Slowly he pushed against me until he broke past my tight opening. He pushed deeper and deeper until I could feel his pubic hair on my ass.

“I can’t believe this.” I whispered.

“Do you want me to stop?” Tom asked.

There was a long motionless silent pause. The only sound was the water. “No.” I whimpered.

“I didn’t think so.” Tom said as he began to slowly move in and out of my opening.

My heart was pounding harder than the cock that was pounding in and out of me. I watched my cock, already at attention bounce from the force of him going in and out. I had never felt so full and completely sexual. I loved being used by his penis, I was there only for his pleasure.

Just like the night before I felt the quaking begin deep inside and quickly work it ‘s way to the surface and my cock began to convulse, shooting my cum all the way to the wall of the shower. Squirt after squirt and then I felt his cock in my ass begin to pump his seed. I could feel his hot cum inside as his cock pumped and pumped making me cum even harder or was it again? I couldn’t tell as my body trembled like it had only one time before, it was last night.

Tom fell forward, his chest on my back and we enjoyed our union. Eventually he withdrew. I felt his sperm running down the inside of my leg. I felt so joyously used.

I stepped out of the shower and let Tom wash himself. I was too weak to help.

We didn’t even bother to get dressed. I brought coffee to the bedroom and we sat and talked and laughed as he teased me about my reluctance. We didn’t get dressed the rest of the day. We fucked and then recovered then fucked again.

Our lust filled affair lasted another 3 months until he had to go to California for the summer. When he returned that fall he had some ideas for how to add some more excitement.

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