My Daughter’s Sex Buddy


My name is Andrea, I’m 43 and I’m a MILF. I love that fact, truth be told. I have a one daughter named Courtney, who is 19. We both have brown hair and eyes, and live in the house she grew up in. Her dad left us, when she was young, so it’s really just been us for the most part. Although, I have been with more than a few guys in past few years. Some guys just like being with a MILF, and I have found quite a few of them. Courtney never liked me hooking up with so many different guys, but I told her something though. I told her, when she was ready, she could bring home a guy to have sex with. I told her that when she turned 18, and it didn’t take her long to take me up, on that offer. Since then, she has been with a number of guys too, but not as many as me though. Anyway, she had been seeing this one guy named John for a couple months.

I had asked her a number of times, if they were exclusive, and she always said that they were just hanging out. I caught them having sex a number times, around the house, like in the bathroom and the living room. Although, she still maintained that they weren’t exclusive, and they just had sex whenever they wanted to. John also had brown hair and eyes, but he was a little taller than Courtney and I. One night at about midnight, I awoke and was a little hungry, so I went to get a midnight snack. I put on a pair of panties, and a long shirt just in case someone just happened to be out in the hallway, at the time. I opened my door, and as I walked by Courtney’s room, I noticed the light was on. So of course, she had a visitor. I went to the kitchen and found a pudding cup, it was perfect. A snack for my stomach, plus I had a big sweet tooth to satisfy too.

As I was done, I walked back towards the bedrooms, and this time I heard noises coming from Courtney’s room. I heard some slight moaning, and all of the sudden, my pussy got wet. I certainly liked the sound of that. I couldn’t resist, but to take a look at what, ‘just hanging out’, meant exactly. I opened the door just a little bit and I saw John laying down on his back, as Courtney was giving him head. He certainly seemed to be enjoying the feeling, and I was enjoying the sight. Somehow my hand went down into my panties and I began to masturbate. This was something I had never done before, but that wasn’t making me stop. For the first couple minutes, I guess I was concentrating on John and his reactions to the pleasure. Although, a couple minutes later, I looked over at Courtney, and it appeared that she had very little enthusiasm, if any at all.

“Courtney, you are giving him head, you aren’t getting surgery,” I said in my head.

I had no idea, if John was seeing anyone else, but sense they weren’t exclusive, maybe he should have been. I lost my attraction I first had, it seemed disappointing, as I saw looked over at Courtney. I looked back at John, and he seemed to be loving his blow job, but Courtney still seemed like she rather be in a dentists chair, getting a crown put in. He still encouraged her and tried to make her feel good.

“Oh yeah Courtney, suck that cock and make me cum a river for you,” John said.

He was even giving her some sexy talk, and he got nothing in return. When she asked me, if she could bring him over, she gave me the impression she’d be taking him around the world, but that was clearly not the case. Even with her barely sucking his cock, eventually, John still had to cum.

“Courtney, I’m gonna cum,” John said.

“Just make your mess in the trash can,” Courtney replied as she laid down.

John just got up in a hurry, and went to the trash can, in the corner of her room. He shot his load right in there, and I thought that was bullshit. She wouldn’t even look at him, as he came. I didn’t know if she was just being a prude or what, but that was beyond disappointing. I had seen a lot of pornos, and that scene, between them, would rank way down at the bottom. I couldn’t gaziantep bayan escort numaraları even finish masturbating, I just went back to my room and thought about what I just witnessed.

“Damn, what the hell is wrong with her? I would have thought, she’d at least show him a little love, but no,” I said.

I just laid there, for a couple of hours, thinking about it, and I came to one conclusion: he deserved better. I had seen him, listen to her bullshit, do this and that for her, and do about a million other things, he didn’t wanna do. After I saw that, I came to yet another conclusion. There was no way, I was gonna just let him, just stick with a prude like her. So, I kept track of their sex sessions, over the next few weeks. I wanted to find out, if that was a trend, and unfortunately it was. I saw them in the missionary position numerous times and just saw her just eyeballing the clock. She obviously didn’t wanna be with him anymore, regardless of what their relationship was called. So honestly, if she didn’t want him, I thought maybe I’d take him off her hands. I saw his big cock quite a few times, and every time I saw it, I wondered, how the hell was she not satisfied? Anyway, one Saturday night, he came over looking for her, and she was out, with other friends. It was time, I was gonna make a move. He knocked on the door and I answered in a silk robe. It was open, so he could clearly see, my bra and panties.

“Hello, John,” I said in a seductive voice.

He looked away.

“Hello, Mrs. Stone, is Courtney here?” John asked.

“You can look at me, I don’t mind,” I replied.

He actually did look at me then, maybe I did peg his interests a bit.

“She is out tonight, but I’m guessing she didn’t tell you that,” I said.

“I guess not. Well, don’t tell her I came by, I’ll see you later,” John replied as he began walking away.

There was no way, I was about to let him just walk away. I just walked outside dressed like that, and grabbed his arm as we were both halfway down the sidewalk.

“You can call me Andrea, John,” I said in that same seductive voice.

We stood there for a minute and said nothing. I lived in big neighborhood, so people could see me if they looked out there, right then.

“Mrs. Stone, what are you doing?” John asked.

As I was still out there, I dropped the robe. He couldn’t help, but check me out. Even as it was a little dark out, he had no problem getting turned on.

“Do you like what you see?” I asked.

He just nodded.

“Would you like to come back inside with me?” I asked.

Again, he just nodded. I leaned down and grabbed my robe with one hand. With the other, I grabbed his right hand and brought him inside. I brought him to my room and we both sat on the bed. He looked mesmerized by my rack, my bra covered my nipples, but still left little to the imagination.

“Do you like having sex with my daughter, John?” I asked.

He couldn’t answer, he just kept starring at my tits.

“You know, I’ve seen you two have sex, and I think, you definitely deserve better. Someone that loves sucking on this huge cock, you have here,” I said as I put my hand on his cock.

It was very hard, and he still had his eyes glued to my tits. So I did something for him, I was sure, in his head, he was screaming for. I took off my bra and threw it on the floor. I put my hands right under my boobs, and lifted them up, just a bit. I started playing with them, and I saw a small wet spot, on his pants. I knew what that was, so I did something for his pleasure. To really make him go nuts, I licked one of my own nipples. It looked like his eyes were about to pop out, so he loved it, but yet, he couldn’t tell me that.

“Is there something you wanna say to me, John?” I asked.

“Can I… feel them?” John asked.

I took gaziantep escort bayan reklamları his right hand, and put it on left tit. I held it down, and just watched him go nuts. It almost seemed like he was hyperventilating. I leaned over, and kissed him very softly right on his lips. After that, I backed away. He still seemed a little out of it, so I went to his ear.

“Fuck me, John. Fuck me in the ways, you wish my daughter would let you fuck her. Fuck this MILF, and fuck her hard,” I whispered in his ear.

I got down on my knees and undid his pants. I immediately pulled out his cock, which was a lot bigger and thicker, than I thought. I took his cock right into my mouth and I made sure to put in a lot of enthusiasm too. He knew right away, I wanted his cock in my mouth. He let out a big moan, and it certainly sounded a lot more satisfying, on his end with me, than it ever did with Courtney. I went down all the way on his cock, so I had the whole thing in my mouth, and he fell back. Obviously, I was giving him some really intense pleasure. I went up and down on his cock, and my very soft lips were rubbing on his cock with each passing stroke. That just seemed to make him feel very good, very fast. He felt so good, he was already, about to shoot his load like a cannon.

“Fuck, Mrs. Stone, I’m gonna cum,” John said.

“Cum on my face, John,” I replied.

He did just that, he shot probably four good shots right onto my face. It felt really good to have a younger guy shoot it on me, and it was even better, because it was him. As my face was drenched, I climbed up on top of the very sexually attractive man. I kissed him once, and then he actually put his hands onto my butt, as I was still wearing my panties.

“Now, you have to take those off me,” I said.

He slowly pushed my panties down, but I took them off myself completely. I laid on him completely naked and we made out for a few minutes. I definitely noticed, that even though he just ejected a lot of his cum, his cock was still very hard. I put my hands down onto his cock, and guided it into my pussy. Once it was in, he pressed it in there as deep as he could get it. We were officially having sex, although he wasn’t officially cheating. After all, they were just hanging out. He put his hands onto my butt once again, and I began moving around slightly. Eventually, I leaned up and rode him cowgirl style. He certainly, never gotten such a view of tits before. They were real, and right in front of him. They weren’t on a screen, or in a magazine either. He put his hands onto my tits once again, as I began bouncing up and down.

“Oh, Mrs. Stone, your breasts, are so great,” John said softly.

“John, please call me Andrea,” I replied as I put my hands right over his.

I never fucked anyone as young as him, and I found myself, wanting to fuck him all night long. I kept bouncing up and down, making both of us feel like we were on the top of the world. I did know that he wasn’t wearing a condom, I didn’t just forget that, but I wasn’t too worried though. I guess, mostly because, I wouldn’t mind having another baby, even at my age. After a few minutes, he leaned up with me, and began kissing my tits. He kissed them all over, from top to bottom. Courtney only had A-cup breasts, and I had C-cup breasts, so he got quite an upgrade. I wasn’t surprised by how much he seemed to be in love with them. He couldn’t resist but to lick my nipples too. They were a little big, but that didn’t stop him from having a field day. That made me feel good too, because my nipples weren’t always a big hit with the guys I slept with.

“Oh yes, my young lover, get this MILF’s big nipples and make her cum,” I said slowly.

He didn’t say anything to that, he just kept going at it, and he couldn’t stop to save his life. The evidence was really piling up, he missed gaziantep escort kız telefonları having great sex, and he certainly wasn’t having great sex with Courtney. I guess once his tongue, just couldn’t move anymore, he asked me something.

“Can I fuck you doggie style, Andrea? Courtney never let me do it to her,” John said.

“With pleasure, young man,” I replied.

So I got up off him and got onto my knees. He wasted no time, he just got right behind me and just stuck his cock right inside me as he inhaled. As he had the entire thing in there, he exhaled, and it sounded like he was relived. He finally got to stick it to a woman, and he wasn’t about to waste this chance to fuck her hard.

“Show me how kinky you are, John,” I said.

And with that, he began thrusting his cock. It felt so wonderful inside my pussy, it made me feel like when I heard Bon Jovi’s album Slippery When Wet for the first time. I actually lost my virginity when I was listening to that album, so this was something spontaneous and special at the same time. He put his hands onto my smooth butt cheeks yet again, and caressed them as kept the slow thrusts consistent. When we started, he was very nervous and speechless, but by then, he seemed confident and sexy. I turned my head a bit and he kissed me once. It was a hell of lot more passionate, than the kisses, I saw him give her. He put his arms around my stomach, and held me quite tightly.

I was feeling his big sausage inside me, and I literally tried to figure out what Courtney didn’t feel with him. He made love to me, this wasn’t just sex, even though we didn’t love each other. Maybe, it wasn’t so much me, he just needed another woman to stick it to. I wasn’t sure, but I was enjoying the ride though. With his head right next to mine, we were very close together, so close, you’d say we were in love, as we were on our knees. As I was trying to figure out why he seemed so into this all of the sudden, there was something I wanted to know.

“Did you like the way I sucked on your big and juicy cock, John?” I whispered in his ear.

He just nodded yes for a minute, then he pushed me back down. He rammed me as hard as he could, I knew he couldn’t last forever, so I moaned as loudly as I could.

“Yes, fuck me!!” I Screamed multiple times.

Both of us were probably as turned on as ever. With him fucking a very well experienced MILF, he wouldn’t be able to hold off forever, no matter how hard he tried.

“Now that’s my man, my big and strong man. Use that cock to shoot all of your hot cum inside me, do it now!” I yelled.

He did as I commanded, and he just shot every single drop of cum he could shoot out. I just felt it oozing inside me for a few seconds. I stayed down there for a minute, then he actually pulled me up with him. He turned my head, so he could make out with me. In that moment, I didn’t care at all, that I just fucked him, whether they were exclusive or not. I also really didn’t care if he did just impregnate me either, but someone that would care, just came into my room all of the sudden unexpectedly.

“Mom, what the fuck are you doing with John?” Courtney asked in an upset tone.

We were both completely nude, and she seemed upset.

“What? You wouldn’t fuck him the way he deserved to be fucked, so I did,” I replied.

John just said nothing, obviously he could have gone either way in the moment, but I knew he was sold, on me.

“We were never exclusive, plus, when we had sex, you just laid there and it seemed like you’d rather just jump off a cliff. Your mom came on to me, so we fucked each other,” John said.

What could she say, nothing.

“Fuck you both,” Courtney said as she slammed the door.

So she didn’t like it one bit, but John and I loved it though. We had sex a few more times that night, and continued to for the weeks to come. She hated it, he came over to see me and not her. We would have sex, and had a meaningful relationship, so I guess she was jealous. About at our 9 week anniversary, I found out I was pregnant. Let’s just say, after we hooked up, I made it clear we were exclusive, so I knew it was his baby. So by time he was 21, he was a daddy and before then, he moved in with us. Eventually, Courtney came around and began to love her little sister. I don’t know if John and I will ever get hitched though.

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