My Boss, My Valentine?


Valentine’s Day – Bah, Humbug! As far as he was concerned, it wasn’t a real holiday. It was invented just to sell Hallmark greeting cards and to make unattached people feel less than complete. He had honored the tradition while he was married but now he didn’t feel it was necessary to keep up the illusion. Besides, he didn’t have a lady friend he wanted to impress.

He turned into the parking lot of the office complex and found a space near the door between two huge SUV’s. He shut off his engine and let out a huge sigh, then sat back in his seat and thought about what he was about to do.

He had interviewed for this job the second week of December and was offered the position just before Christmas. He knew he had the education and the skills but the real question was whether or not he could take orders from a woman after having worked on his own for so long. There were 12 employees of this firm, including him, and only 2 of them were men – Jim Thompson, the owner, and himself.

Finally deciding that it was now or never, he got out of the car and walked to the front door. The reception desk was to his right behind a partial wall.

“Good morning, I’m Pete Peterson. I’m reporting for work.”

“Good morning, Mr. Peterson, we’ve been expecting you. Please come in thru the door on your left.”

When he stepped thru the door, he found himself in another hallway. Kyla, the receptionist, was waiting for him.

“The office is really a series of small offices connected by hallways, sort of like a beehive. You’ll get used to it pretty quickly. Follow me and I’ll show you to your office. We have it all ready for you.”

I’d follow that ass anywhere, he thought, as she wiggled her way down the hall. Maybe this won’t be so bad. Turn right here, then left, then right again and hey, they even had my name on the nameplate! Not too shabby.

“As you can see, this is your office. The coffee room is just a few doors down and the restrooms are across the hall from the coffee room. If you’d like to hang your coat up, I’ll show you the coffee room, and then take you to Jim. He’ll want to speak to you first.”

He smiled politely, he hoped, and removed his coat. He found an old-fashioned coat rack just inside his door.

“I brought my lunch today. Is there a refrigerator in the coffee room?”

“Yes. Bring it along. It’s just a few steps down the hall.”

When he stepped into the coffee room, he stopped and stared. On the walls, each employee’s names was pasted in red ribbon. A space was marked for each of them with some of the spaces already sporting small hearts. Valentine’s Day in spades! He suppressed a groan as he put his lunch in the fridge.

“We are really separated from the rest of the world here so Jim lets us go a little wild at times. This year we have decided to hold a Valentine’s Day Decorating Contest. Jim has even offered to be the judge and award $100 to the winner. You can have a space if you’d like since you’re an employee now.”

“I think I’ll pass, thank you. Valentine’s Day is not really my idea of a holiday.”

“That’s ok, Jim doesn’t like it much either. Here’s a coffeepot, a microwave, various utensils in the drawers and cabinets, and that’s the supply closet. Jim will tell you about that. Ok, if you’ll follow me, we’ll go thru the maze again and find Jim’s office.”

He followed her thru another series of lefts and rights. She stopped and knocked politely on Jim’s office door, then announced him.

“Jim, Pete Peterson is here.”

“Good morning, Pete, please come in. Thank you, Kyla. I presume she’s given you the mini-tour?”

“Yes she did. I’ve seen my office, the coffee room, the restrooms, and now your office. I didn’t have any chicken feed to drop on the floor as a trail so I hope you have a map of this maze.”

“Ha ha, it’s a maze, all right. The builder didn’t expect his project to expand as much as it has so we’ve added on and added on and now we have this. It’ll take you a day or two to get used to it, but it’s really not that bad. Your office is on one side of the coffee room and Stacy Bright’s office is on the other side. Stacy is one of my tax managers and she’ll be your direct boss. I think you’ll like each other.”

“Kyla said you would explain something about the supply closet in the coffee room, almost like it was a secret. What’s the deal?”

“No secret. It’s an emergency supply closet. Come on, we’ll take a walk and I’ll show you, then I’ll introduce you to Stacy.”

He continued to talk as the walked back to the coffee room.

“We occasionally get lots of snow here, mostly because of the open field across the highway from us. It blows in and stacks up against the buildings. Usually at least once a year, some of us get trapped here in a snowstorm. We keep food in the cabinets, as you’ll see, and other storm related things in the closet. Here, take a look.”

On the top shelf of the closet were candles and matches. The next shelf held pillows, followed by blankets. On the bottom bahçeşehir escort were several round balls tied closed. He recognized them as blow up mattresses, the kind he had at home for guests.

“Looks like survival gear, all right. I’ve got a mattress like those at home. They’re really pretty comfortable when they’re fully inflated.”

“Exactly. In these cabinets, below the sink, you’ll find space heaters in case the power goes out. They’re kerosene so don’t close your door if you use one of them. The fumes are dangerous. We haven’t had to use them since I bought them because most of our power lines are underground. The upper cabinets contain a variety of canned soups and other foods so you won’t starve but in a real emergency, you can always break into the vending machines.”

“I suppose Kyla explained about the Valentine’s Day contest. The only rule is that you can’t use any commercial products like Hallmark cards. Everything has to be hand made except for pictures of your significant other. Are you going to join the contest, Pete?”

“I’d rather not, if I have the choice, Jim. I don’t have a significant other and I’m not very good at decorating. It would really be a waste of time and effort, I think.”

“That’s ok, participation isn’t mandatory. In that case, maybe you could help me with the judging since you don’t really know any of the other employees yet. Come on, then, and I’ll introduce you to Stacy, your new boss.”

After only a few steps, Jim turned into an office with Pete following right behind.

“Stacy, I’d like you to meet Pete Peterson. Pete will be your tax specialist this season. I’m sorry you haven’t met before now but I’m sure you’ll work things out. Pete, this is Stacy Bright, my tax manager. She’s been with me for nearly 11 years now. You can ask her anything and I’m sure she’ll give you the right answer.”

She walked out from behind her desk and extended her hand. Wow, even her eyes were smiling, he noted. When he took her hand in his he felt a mild electric shock. Not the kind you get from static electricity, but the emotional kind. They held hands slightly longer than was necessary. With a sigh, he released her hand and was glad to see that she seemed to have the same kind of reaction.

“I have a couple of things to do right now, Pete, but I’ll be with you in about 10 minutes and get you started. From your resume, I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with our system. See you shortly.”

“Thank you, Ms. Bright.”

“Stacy, please, we don’t stand on ceremony here, Pete.”

“Ok, Stacy it is. Thank you.”

Jim walked him back to his own office and chatted with him for a moment to insure he was comfortable. Then he was alone. His small office held a desk, his chair, a visitor’s chair, the coat rack, and a waist basket.

The walls were plain, with a photo of a sailing ship on one wall and a golf course on the other. There was no window. So this is my prison, he thought. Not too bad but a window would have been nice. Stacy arrived a few minutes later and they started to review their proprietary tax system.

Pete found it to be simple and fairly straightforward. In less than an hour, he was quite comfortable with the system and completely uncomfortable in Stacy’s presence. She looked great, she smelled fantastic, and she was smart. What a dynamite combination. He hoped to see more of her but not sitting next to him or he didn’t think he could concentrate on his work. It was all he could do to keep his hands to himself this past hour.

“Are you going to get into our little contest, Pete?”

“I don’t think so, Stacy. As I told Jim, I don’t have a significant other and I’m not very good at decorating. Jim said it wasn’t mandatory so I think I’ll just observe.”

“That’s too bad. We could use a male influence in that room, don’t you think? Anyway, I think you’ll be much too busy to really decorate a space that could win the prize. For now, I’ll give you this folder of practice returns so you can get used to the navigation of the system. We should have some real work for you tomorrow. I’ll see you later, Pete.”

“Thanks, Stacy.”

He began to wonder if she was challenging him to decorate a space or if she was just making conversation. He would have to consider this for awhile. He surely didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot with this boss.

The week rushed by in a flash. He and Stacy had warmed to each other quickly. They each realized that exposure to the other was detrimental to their work but they couldn’t keep away from each other for very long. Several times that day, Stacy stopped by to make sure he was doing ok and each time his cock got hard and he remained behind his desk. When they ate lunch at the same time on the second day, he almost touched her.

On the third day, she touched him and that electric shock was stronger than the first time. He saw her eyes glaze over as she was touching him and he thought she bakırköy escort was feeling the same sensations.

On the fourth day, he touched her and she nearly fainted. His touch was so gentle she could scarcely breathe. The color rose in her face as the effect of his touch went straight to her pussy. When she returned to her office, she felt moisture in her panties and realized the effect he was having on her.

On the fifth day, Friday, the invitation was on his desk when he arrived. A short note decorated with little red hearts. It was an invitation to lunch and not a valentine as such, but he couldn’t miss the obvious clue. He had better seriously rethink his part in the contest. He still had the weekend and Monday to come up with something for a space on the wall.

They went to a nearby café and sat in a booth alone. It was like a date and he treated her as such, allowing her to be seated first. When he sat down, she immediately moved closer to him so that their legs were touching, leaving half of the booth unoccupied.

The conversation was fairly personal that day, each of them explaining their lives to each other. Stacy told him she had been divorced seven years ago and now lived in a condo a few blocks from the office. Pete related his story in turn as they ate, with easy touches along the way.

When the coffee was refreshed at the end of the meal, she laid her hand on his thigh and he thought he was going to die. She turned her head to look at him and he closed the distance quickly, capturing her mouth with his own.

Lightly, boy, lightly, just a hint of tongue. Now slide it along her lips, then back off, that’s it. Great job!

When the short kiss ended, Stacy sighed and closed her eyes for a moment. Pete was in heaven. He actually kissed Stacy without getting slapped. This was indeed a glorious day.

“Do you have any plans for the weekend?” she asked.

“Unfortunately, I have tax returns booked for most of both days, Stacy. I do returns at home and I have a bunch of small business people, Schedule C stuff, that I’m doing. If you are available, we could have a late dinner Saturday.”

“That would be great. That will give me a chance to get out of the house for one night. I’ll give you directions to my place when we get back to the office.”

“Great. How about the Country Inn? The food’s pretty good there and I think they have a band on the weekends.”

“Terrific. Thank you, Pete. Oh, my, we’d better get back to the office or they’ll think we’ve deserted. I’ll get the check, this lunch is on me. You can pay Saturday night.”

There was an impish grin on her face as she said the last part. They rode back to the office in her car in silence. When she parked, she leaned over and quickly kissed him.

“No hanky panky in the office. I have a reputation to uphold, you know.”

“Yes, ma’am. Strictly hands off in the office.”

Saturday night, he picked her up at 7 o’clock. They kissed lightly when she let him in and he complimented her on her outfit. Her form fitting silk blouse allowed her nipples to poke out and he smiled. He drove the short distance to the restaurant. The food was good, the music was lively, and they thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.

At the end of the evening, she offered to split the check but he refused, citing that he had asked her on this date and didn’t say anything about going Dutch.

She held his hand on the way back to her condo, thinking about what to do when she was at her own door. Should she invite him in? How far should she go on the first date? What was he expecting to happen? So many questions, so few answers. When he parked at her condo, he immediately shut off the engine and began to get out of the car.

He came around and opened her door for her, then helped her out of the car. With his arm around her, he walked her to the door and stood slightly back as she fished in her small purse for her keys. With the key in the lock, she turned to look at him.

“Would you like to come in?”

“Yes, but just for a moment. I’ve still got to drive home and get ready for tomorrow.”

Her heart leapt initially then dropped as she realized he wasn’t going to stay. Somehow, she wished he had been more aggressive but then quickly decided that he was right. He probably saved her from making a big mistake on their first date. She turned the key in the lock and pushed the door open.

He stepped in behind her and closed the door. She took off her coat and dropped it over the back of a nearby chair, then turned to him. She raised her arms to surround his neck and kissed him. This time, her tongue pressed against his lips until he opened his mouth to let her in. Her hips were grinding against his and her hard nipples were stabbing into his chest as her tongue invaded his mouth.

She felt his arms surround her to press her closer to him and she sighed into his mouth. For a long time, they kissed and breathed, başakşehir escort then kissed some more. His hands were all over her body but not on her breasts, which ached to be touched and pinched.

Her pussy was awash with her juices and still he had his coat on. Finally, he pushed her away just slightly.

“I have to go, Stacy. Thank you for a most enjoyable evening. We’ll have to do this again very soon, ok?”

“Must you go, Pete? I know this is only our first date but I really don’t want you to leave.”

“I’m really should go, Stacy. I’ve got a long ride home and clients coming early in the morning.”

“I understand. Drive safely, Pete.”

“I’ll call you tomorrow, ok?”

“Yes, please, I’ll be home all day.”

They kissed again and this time her tongue ravaged his mouth and her body pressed against him invitingly.

“You’re making this very difficult, Stacy.”

“That’s the idea, Pete. Work will always be there but life goes by much too quickly. You shouldn’t pass up a sure thing when it’s offered to you.”

He took his coat off then and laid it on top of hers. Then he walked her to the couch and sat down, pulling her onto his lap. He kissed her neck and she purred like a kitten. When his hand captured her breast, she drew in a huge breath and held it, waiting for his next move. He rubbed his thumb over her hard nipple and she expelled the breath, moaning as she did so.

He continued kissing her face and neck as he began to unbutton her blouse. When he pushed the garment off her shoulders, she shrugged it off. She drew back from him letting him gaze at her pert tits.

In a moment, he captured one of her tits in his mouth and the other in his hand, pinching the hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Stacy moaned and clutched at the back of his head, arching her back to feed him her breast. Licking, sucking, and light biting of her nipple left her gasping. When he finally stopped, she was anxious for him to continue to the next step.

He pushed her back gently onto the couch, moving to sit beside her. As his mouth once again caressed her breast, his hand caressed the top and inside of her thigh. Stacy bucked under his light touch. She squirmed wildly as his fingers caressed her pussy lips through the flimsy material of her thong.

In seconds, he had her skirt and thong off and was lightly rubbing her naked pussy lips.

He stopped for just a moment to remove his own clothes and Stacy moaned and writhed on the couch. Finally naked, he moved between her legs and leaned in to kiss her pussy. Stacy sighed and held his head, pressing his face against her wet, hot pussy.

Pete lapped upwards with his tongue, being careful not to touch her clit, which was standing out proudly. Stacy moved her ass up and down, from side to side, intent on feeling his tongue everywhere. Finally, he licked her clit with the flat of his tongue. Stacy’s hips leapt off the couch and her hands pressed hard against the back of his head to keep him there.

After repeated licks, he caught her clit with his teeth and lightly scrapped it, sending the writhing woman in to a fit of frenzied movements. She screamed as she reached the crest of her orgasm and stiffened her body for several long seconds. When she finally began to relax and allow her hips to drop back to the couch, Pete raised his head and took a deep breath. Except for breathing through his nose, Stacy had almost suffocated him between her creamy thighs. Not that he was complaining, mind you.

While she was recovering, he moved up her body until his cock touched her pussy lips. Stacy spread her legs wider to grant him access to her steaming pussy and added her voice to the festivities.

“Yes, Pete, put it in. Right there, yes, fuck me. Come on, don’t tease, shove it in there, I’m so ready. Please.”

He shoved his hips forward and the head of his cock breached the entrance to her pussy.

“Oh, God, Yes, more, Pete, give it all to me. Now.”

He pushed forward again and several inches of his cock moved inside the moaning woman. He drew back slightly and pushed again, burying himself fully inside her steaming pussy. It was almost magical as her internal muscles began to grasp and release his cock almost like a hand.

“Oh, you’re splitting me, Yes, It hurts so good. Oh, Pete, fuck me with that pole. Yes, yes, make it hot. Now, Pete, now.”

Pete began fucking her in earnest, shoving his cock as deeply into her grasping pussy as he could while she surged against him with every thrust. Faster and faster, harder and harder he plunged into her until he heard her squeal and felt her hot juices flow over his cock. The heat was incredible and he shot his load of cum deep within her pussy in response.

She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him as they came down from their respective highs. He kissed her face, raining light kisses all across her forehead, her eyes, her nose, and finally finding her mouth. She moaned the whole time and captured his mouth with hers, shoving her tongue deeply inside his mouth as they lay together.

“Oh, Pete, that was incredible! I’ve never cum so many times or so hard in my life! You are amazing!”

“You’re the amazing one, Stacy. I think I would have been very happy to be sucked completely inside of you forever. I never felt anything like your sweet pussy in my life.”

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