My BFF is a Lesbian Ep. 01



Mary and Gabby were at their lockers during the period change before Games, on the first Wednesday afternoon following the Easter holidays. They chatted briefly as they dumped their book bags in their lockers and pulled out their PE bags. As usual their conversation was hurried and breathless as they scurried to the changing room for the sports lesson.

“Are you coming round after school?” Mary asked.

“Yes please,” Gabby grinned, “Is that OK?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t it be?’

“I know, great,” Gabby linked her friend’s arm as they walked. “Will your mum be there?” Gabby leaned in so her head was almost touching Mary’s.

Mary and Gabby had been friends right from their first days at primary school. They were close and even had birthdays just a few days apart. Gabby’s was the 16th of December and Mary’s on the 18th. At 5’5″ Gabby was taller than Mary by a couple of inches. Her womanly frame and heavy mane of crimson, red hair gave her a look of greater maturity in comparison to the relatively smaller and slender Mary. Gabby often teased her friend about being younger, calling her Babygirl, especially when she was being affectionate. Mary’s black hair and pale, alabaster complexion contrasted with Gabby’s cute freckles and ruddy colouring. Also, Gabby’s hazel eyes differed from Mary’s sapphire blue. Although both were captivating and seemed to shine when they laughed, which they did often when together.

Mary gently pushed Gabby away with her shoulder and teased, “You know she won’t be. And don’t think I don’t know why you are asking.”

“What?!” Gabby giggled and acted innocent.

Mary drew her back in close and looked up to whisper into the taller girl’s ear, “You just want to get me alone again.” She shoved her away and ran ahead with Gabby chasing her. They were careering down the corridor to the Sports Hall when a shrieking voice brought them to a halt, “Mary Quinn and Gabrielle Dwyer, what have you been told about running in the corridor?!”

Both Girls immediately switched to a fast walk and Gabby caught-up with Mary and took her arm again, pulling her close, “Mary Quinn and Gabrielle Dwyer.” She gave a subdued impression of the teacher’s voice, grossly exaggerating the squeakiness.

Mary snorted with laughter and the teacher called again, “Don’t you give me any cheek you girls!” But this last was lost as they crashed through the double doors to the Sports Hall.

PE was the usual drudge; neither girl is particularly sporty and they just spent 90 minutes being ordered around by their teacher and the more athletic girls. They didn’t care though, and just used every opportunity to enjoy a joke together, or with their friends at the expense of the girls who they thought took it all a bit too seriously. The shower after was the usual rowdy affair of teasing and shouting. Gabby and Mary showered then dressed quickly, eager to connect with their friends.

Mary and Gabby are part of a wider group of girls who are less into sport and more into music. They all play in the school orchestra; Gabby on guitar and Mary the flute. They love the music and the camaraderie of the orchestra.

After school that day the girls remained behind for an hour to practise. After which they made their way from Our Lady’s Grammar, along Chequer Hill to catch the bus that would take them near to Mary’s home.

Mary’s parents are both successful lawyers and so they live in a very grand house. Mary is their only child. Mary’s room isn’t so much a room as a suite. It’s on the third floor of their spacious home and occupies one whole side of the house. She has a large bedroom with a huge king-size bed, beautiful furniture and a large walk-in closet. There is a spacious en suite bathroom with a shower and twin vanity basins. There is also an adjacent sitting room where Mary has a sofa and armchair, many large, colourful cushions, and her own TV, study desk and laptop.

Gabby loves visiting Mary’s and they spent many afternoons there and Gabby was also a regular overnight guest at her friend’s. Although Gabby only lives a short walk away, her home is not so grand. Not that her family isn’t well off too, her dad is a successful builder; but that her three brothers, herself and her parents fill up their four bedroom home. At least she has her own room. Only she and her older brother have their own rooms, her much younger twin brothers have to share a room, as, of course, do her parents. There is constant noise and chaos with the boys and she loves the relative calm and girlishness of Mary’s room.

They entered by Mary’s sitting room and dropped their bags. Mary flopped down on the sofa and Gabby landed next to her half turning to face her friend. Mary had her eyes closed and Gabby took a moment to scan the face of her friend. She really is beautiful Gabby thought. Pure unblemished skin, an elegant neck, her school tie loosened slightly at the collar. It was only just the start of May and the summer term so Mary was wearing just her white blouse and the regulation below-the-knee şişli escort length blue plaid school skirt, navy socks and flat black shoes. Without opening her eyes Mary kicked off her shoes and wiggled her toes.

Gabby leaned over and kissed Mary lightly on the shoulder. Mary looked at her and made a quizzical face, “What time will your mum be home?” Gabby asked pretending the question was without motive.

Mary smiled at her, “Jesus, not for another couple of hours. You know that they never get back before 7,” she reminded her friend of her parent’s predictable routine.

There was a silence that hung between them. Gabby was looking at her friend hoping not to have to ask. She was afraid to ask. They had played this little game for over a week now since Gabby had confided in her best friend. But so far Mary always seemed to make her ask.

Gabby kicked off her shoes too then took Mary’s hand in hers. As she entwined their fingers Mary opened her eyes and gave a small smile.

“So can we go lie on your bed?” Gabby’s voice was soft and earnest.

“Why?” Mary looked at her, opening her eyes wide to imitate a blank look of enquiry.

“Stop it!” Gabby shook her hand in mild frustration, “You know I love you, please?”

Mary rolled her head to the side to face Gabby, “I love you too. But I don’t have a one track mind like you?”

“I know, but will you let me kiss you again?” Gabby’s confidence faltered slightly.

“Just kissing?” Mary made a haughty face to tease Gabby. Then sat up and faced her, “But why do I think it won’t just be kissing,” she grinned which reignited Gabby’s confidence.

The previous week… the first kiss

It wasn’t planned. Gabby was at Mary’s one day during the recent Easter holidays in late April. They were watching Netflix on Mary’s TV. They were side by side on the sofa. The film was boring and Gabby was distractedly browsing on Mary’s laptop. Mostly she was looking at music videos with one headphone bud in one ear. But then, feeling mischievous she did a search for ‘girls kissing’. This turned up numerous You Tube movies of kissing, instructional ones, short films, spoofs and various unrelated miscellany. Your typical You Tube play list in other words.

Gabby watched a couple in which girls were kissing girls. She had performed this search many times before on her own laptop and had watched some of these same movies. She was drawn to the sight of two girls kissing. She felt excited by the images and the thought of another girl’s soft lips. She had kissed boys loads of times, of course. Although she was still a virgin she had already let a boy touch and kiss her boobs. He was clumsy and rough and it wasn’t what she had hoped for.

She had also repeatedly met one boy at a local bar where she and Mary were frequent visitors, despite only having turned 18 just before Christmas. His name was Kieran and they usually ended up slow dancing on Saturday nights. He was very good looking, but not a very good kisser – too much gnawing action Gabby thought. But still she did let him take her out to his car a couple of times. What curious girl wouldn’t, she supposed? They’d sit in the back seat and she let him play with her boobs and even finger her pussy. He never really excited her. He just shoved his fingers into her pussy and didn’t seem to know about the clitoris!

Mary had a regular beau too, Pete. The two girls would compare notes and giggle at how clumsy and ineffective the boys were. They would joke about the boys’ smelly fingers and acknowledge to each other, in fits of giggles, that they could do a better job for themselves. But they never went beyond joking about it.

They would often talk about one day meeting older boys who would know better what to do, and they both agreed to tell each other about everything. They had a half-baked plan to lose their virginities in the summer holidays. But they had no real idea how this might happen. So it didn’t seem that likely to either of them. But it was fun to talk about it like it was a plan. They agreed it was important not to be virgins when they went to university in the autumn.

Assuming they were successful in their exams this term they planned to go to Queen’s University. Gabby wanted to study law, but Mary thought that having two lawyer parents made it totally boring, so she had opted for English Literature.

Gabby enjoyed hearing Mary talk about sex. She would imagine her with her boy and try to picture him fingering her pussy. Sometimes in her own bed Gabby would play with her pussy and think about Mary with a boy. But in her reverie she would imagine it was her kissing Mary and fingering her. These thoughts would always make her cum hard.

She was more and more drawn to looking at images of girls kissing. It became somewhat of an obsession. She hadn’t planned to bring it up with Mary that day; it had just started out that afternoon as a giggle.

“What are you looking at you perv?” Mary exclaimed seeing what was on the screen of her laptop on Gabby’s knee. mecidiyeköy escort “Why are you looking at girls snogging?”

“I don’t know,” Gabby responded defensively.” “But I think they are better kissers than Kieran,” she ventured.

Mary laughed and Gabby felt relieved, “Let me see too,” Mary went on, “They’re probably better than Pete too.”

The two giggled and huddled together, heads touching with one headphone bud each and watched a few short videos. Each with pretty teenage girls kissing.

“See they are so soft and gentle,” Gabby said in a hushed voice, “Better than the boys.”

“Maybe we should get them to watch this.” Mary joked.

“I’m not sure they’d get the idea.”

“They might get the idea we’re lesbians,” Mary grinned.

Gabby felt a rush of love for her best friend. She could smell her perfume and shampoo, feel the heat of her body next to hers. She could even feel her hot breath on the side of her face she was so close. Gabby wanted to kiss her. Impulsively she turned her head slowly to the side. Mary was still watching the video. Her perfect face just an inch or so from Gabby’s. Her lips were slightly parted. They looked soft and inviting. Gabby’s heart was pounding. Her head was yelling at her to kiss Mary. ‘It’s just a kiss. She won’t mind. She is watching the girls too. She likes it. She is probably thinking what I’m thinking.’

Gabby’s lips made contact with Mary’s. For an instant it was heavenly. She pressed closer as Mary turned to face her. Gabby was just thinking how she was finally kissing her friend when suddenly Mary reeled back. The ear bud popped out and fell between them.

“What are you doing?” she asked, not sharply, more like she was confused.

“It’s OK, it’s just a kiss. I thought you liked the videos.”

“Yeah, but for a laugh. I’m not being a lezzy, especially not with you.”

Gabby was embarrassed and slightly hurt by this, why ‘especially not with her?’ Why would she say that?

“I’m sorry,” Gabby felt upset. “I’m sorry, don’t be mad at me.”

“I’m not mad. Just surprised. Why did you kiss me?”

Maybe it was the emotion that drove her but she confessed her feelings before she really thought about what she was doing, “I love you.”

“I know, I love you too.”

“But I think I love you like that,” she raised her lap slightly to indicate the laptop.

Mary glanced briefly at the screen still showing girls kissing, “You mean, you…” she didn’t know how to put it.

“Yes, I love you, like that. I want to kiss you, I’ve wanted to for a long time.”

Mary thought about this for a moment, “Just kiss me, or…” again she didn’t know the words.”

Gabby’s heart was pounding again, “Other things too.”

“Are you…?” Mary trailed off but somehow Gabby understood the question.

“I don’t know. Maybe I am, or maybe I just love you.”

“Oh…” was all Mary could say.

“I mean, we’ve been friends forever and we talk about everything, and…,” she trailed off, then, “Will you let me kiss you, please?”

“I don’t know. I don’t fancy you, you know. I mean I love you; you’re my best friend. But not that way,” she flicked her hand and glanced at the screen.

“I know, but I think if I can kiss you I can learn if I like girls or not.”

“I suppose. But I don’t want to kiss you that way,” she indicated the video again.

Gabby thought for a moment then offered, “Maybe we could lie on your bed and have a cuddle. If you feel comfortable, I can try a few little kisses. You don’t even have to kiss me back. I’ll just kiss you. OK?”

Mary thought for a moment, her brow wrinkled, then she nodded just once, very slightly. Slowly Gabby moved the laptop off her knee and set it down beside her. She took Mary’s hand and gently drew her up and led her to the bedroom.

Awkwardly they arranged themselves on the bed side by side. There was a lot of shifting and self-conscious tugging of clothes. Both were in just jeans and t-shirts. But Mary seemed particularly anxious that her skimpy top would not show her bare midriff. She tugged and held down the hem of her t-shirt. Suddenly feeling unusually self-conscious in front of her best friend.

When they were side by side Gabby asked,” Ready?” she meant it innocently.

“Jesus, for what? What are you going to do to me?” Mary exploded with laughter and Gabby suddenly felt relief. That was her lovely, funny best friend. Gabby laughed too.

“Sorry, OK, right,” this said through giggles. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

“Fine. But, y’know, weird.” Both girls exploded again, hoots of laughter.

“Jesus Babygirl, you have to let me do this, OK?” She slapped the pillow next to Mary’s head in mock frustration.

In a serious voice, “OK, I’m ready,” Jokingly Mary closed her eyes tight shut then spluttered with laughter again.

Gabby gave her a light slap on the arm this time, “Stop it!”

“OK, sorry I’ll be serious,” but then suddenly sitting up she exclaimed, “Seriously though, this is really weird. I mean you are going to kiss me. Like a boy. Shit,” she lay down again, then immediately raised up on her elbows, “You’re not going to try any funny business are you, you know, feeling me up or anything?”

“I might.”

“Shit!” she rolled her head back looking at the ceiling as if for inspiration.

“No, I’m joking. I just want to kiss you.”

“And I don’t have to kiss you?” Mary confirmed laying down again.

“No. Not if you don’t want to.”

Mary sprang up again, turned to face Gabby, “OK, just to be clear, I don’t want to, OK?” she waved her hand in an emphatic, ‘no way’ sign.

“Yes, now lie down before I go off the idea.”

“Please do go off the idea, PPLLEEAASSEE!” Mary clasped her hands in mock prayer, as she rocked onto her back again.

They were both laughing but also hugging. As the laughter subsided Gabby leaned in and planted a tiny kiss on Mary’s lips. It was barely a second long. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“Is that it then?” Mary wriggled to get up.

“No, I’m going to be a while,” Gabby felt a little more empowered and pushed Mary back down. She moved around and sat astride Mary’s lap and leant over her. Her lush red hair fell over their faces and she swept it away.

She leant in close to Mary who looked up into her eyes, “Shit.” She repeated quietly.

“Shoosh,” Gabby whispered as she closed the distance between their lips. At the same time her hands swept up along Mary’s arms to rest gently on her shoulders.

Gabby began by repeating the gentle kiss on Mary’s lips. Just soft pecks, her lips barely brushing Mary’s. Then she planted tiny kisses around the circumference of her lips. First along the bottom lip, three or four kisses right to left to the corner of her mouth. Then left to right along the top lip, pausing to pinch her cupid’s bow between her lips. Just the briefest pinch for a few seconds. Then she completed the journey to the other corner of Mary’s mouth.

All the while Mary lay still and impassive. Not resisting, but not offering any response. Her lips closed but not tightly. Just relaxed. Allowing her friend to kiss her softly and repeatedly. Gabby’s hands continued to rest on Mary’s shoulders, gently holding her in place. An unnecessary insurance as Mary made no move to escape.

Gabby moved back and looked down at Mary. Mary’s eyes opened and Gabby smiled. Her heart gave a little leap when Mary smiled back.

“This is really weird,” Mary said quietly in a low throaty voice.

“You want to stop?” Gabby asked hesitantly.

“Yes,” was Mary’s quick response.

Gabby was disappointed but decided to push her luck, “Please, just a little more, please.”

Mary pursed her lips to one side, making a quizzical face, after a brief pause she just said, “Fine.” She closed her eyes again and sighed giving a rapid small shake of her head, as if to say ‘Whatever.’

Gabby didn’t need any more encouragement. She leaned back down and planted another soft kiss on Mary’s lips. This time she pressed just a little more firmly, just for a moment. Then she released the pressure and just allowed her lips to rest on Mary’s. She brushed her lips from side to side. Just small movements, but enough to sweep across Mary’s top lip followed by her bottom lip. Mary’s lips remained slightly parted but immobile. Gabby repeated her sensual sweep a few more times before pressing down again to pinch Mary’s bottom lip between hers. She drew back a tiny fraction before releasing her hold on Mary’s lip, which sprang back parting her lips a tiny bit more.

Gabby moved down to Mary’s chin. Landing soft kisses as she went. She followed the jaw line left. Kiss by kiss until she reached the tender space between Mary’s jaw and her ear. As she landed the first kiss on that spot Mary gave a little gasp and shuddered slightly.

Gabby was pleased by this but pulled back to ask in a breathy voice, “You OK?”

“Yes… It’s actually nice,” Mary responded very faintly without opening her eyes.

Gabby didn’t hesitate to resume her exploration of her gorgeous best friend. Encouraged by this positive response she gave Mary another soft kiss on the mouth. This time slightly fuller with her open lips briefly savouring Mary’s still parted lips. Then she made her way down and to the right along the opposite jawline to the equally sensitive spot on the other side.

As she pressed this kiss home Mary rotated her head very slightly to the side to facilitate the access. Gabby was greatly heartened and nuzzled the spot and pinched Mary’s earlobe between her lips.

But suddenly Mary brought her shoulder up sharply as if to protect her ear and rolled away from Gabby, “Stop it, it’s too much.” Gabby was disappointed by this but stopped as instructed. Mary heaved up to push Gabby off her body. Then she sat up and wiped her ear with her hand, “Too weird.”

“Sorry, I thought you liked it.”

“Jesus, why would I like having my best friend licking my ear?” Mary acted annoyed.

“So I’m still your best friend?” Gabby asked sheepishly.

Mary turned to face her, “Of course you are,” and after a pause, “Even if you are a pervy lesbo.” They both giggled at this and fell together in a platonic hug.

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