Moving Karen’s Bed

Public Sex

It was a brisk fall day. I pulled the zipper on my jacket up as far as it could go, right up to my neck. Even with a big sweater on underneath my windbreaker, I was still pretty damned cold. It was 10:25 am and my sole class of the day started in 5 minutes.

As I entered the building my class was in, I noticed a few familiar faces. You know, other people in your degree or program, people you could recognize and probably knew their names, but you didn’t really know them. Sure, I had a few close friends in my year, but not very many. That was when I first noticed her, entering the lecture hall shortly after I did. She was about 5’6″, clad in jogging pants and a big, comfortable looking sweater. Her long brown hair was done up in a pony tail, and she flipped it back over shoulder as she readjusted her book bag on the other. She glanced around, looking at the room numbers for her class, I supposed. She was wearing a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, her bright green squinting from behind them. Obviously she was having trouble finding her classroom. Luckily I was a third year student here and knew my way around. So I drew up my courage and went over to offer her the benefit of my expertise.

“Hi there,” I said. “You look a little lost. Need some directions?”

She looked at me and smiled. “I’m looking for room ST-36, can you help me?”

I explained to her the lettering system of the rooms, and that this was in fact Sanderson Hall. ST stood for Stewart Hall, which luckily wasn’t too far away. She thanked me and rushed off, as her class started in a few minutes as well. I silently cursed myself for not being able to at least get her name, but reclutantly headed into class myself.

An hour of calculus later, I headed back to my apartment complex. On the way, who else was walking toward the same building but the girl from this morning? She saw me first and came over to introduce herself, thanking me again for the directions.

“I’m Lisa, this is my first year here.” she said, offering her hand. I shook it, feeling how soft her skin was, and wondering if the rest of her was just as soft.

“My name’s Pete, nice to meet you.” I asked her where she was staying, and she just happened to be moving into the same complex I lived in, a floor below me. “Wow, that’s great. So, have any roommates or is it just you living there?” I asked.

“I’m in a double, my friend Karen is moving in later this morning.” She stopped, glancing at her watch, then at me. I’m no athlete by any standards, but I had an average 6’4″ build. She paused, then asked me, “I don’t suppose you’re free now for a bit? I know Karen’s got a lot of stuff to move in, and we don’t really know anyone here yet.”

I leapt at the opportunity, if for no other reason than to get into Lisa’s good graces. We got back to the apartment and parted ways. I changed into some old clothes, just jogging pants and an old t-shirt, and headed down to meet Lisa. She stayed in her same outfit, joking about how tired she was this morning before class and knew she’d be moving anyway,s o she decided to dress like a bum anyway. I began to tell her she looked perfect the way she was, when a moving van pulled up to the curb.

The van door opened and out came Karen. She was a little bit shorter than Lisa, standing around 5’2″, but her curves were out of this world. Even though she was wearing baggy old clothes for moving like we were, I could definitely make out her huge breasts, my eyes glued to them as they bounced upon her exiting the van. Her hips were nice and wide too, not too big but definitely the perfect shape to grab onto. Karen’s hair was short and blonde, and her eyes were a beautiful shade of brown. Her and Lisa hugged, chatting a bit amongst themselves Lisa introduced me. I took this time to re-examine beşiktaş escort Lisa: her breasts were definitely not as big as Karen’s, but they were definitely nice. Her ass was a lot smaller and tighter looking than Karen’s, a fact I’d get a whole lot more familiar with later.

Lisa broke apart from Karen, turning and introducing me to her friend. I shook her hand, and after a few small pleasantries, we began moving the stuff into their apartment. It took aboout a good two hours, stopping for a quick lunch of sandwiches Lisa whipped up for us in my apartment. While we were moving things, I noticed how friendly and intimate the girls were. They seemed to brush up against each other quite often, and once when Karen was passing by Lisa to grab another box, Lisa playfully smacked her on the ass, both of them giggling. Perhaps, like most guys, I was reading too much into this, looking for something more than friendship between them because I wanted to believe they were into each other. I just shrugged it off, adding it to my bank of fantasy material.

WHen everything was upstairs, I collapsed on their couch. I was exhausted, not used to such a workout. The girls went about unpacking things immediately, rearranging the smaller things in the living room and then began to sort out their own rooms. I went ignored until Karen came out to the fridge to grab a soda, bringing one to me as well.

“Here ya go Petey, you’ve earned this much.” she said with laugh. I quickly downed it, still thirsty and sweaty from the moving.

“Hey, can you give us a hand with one more thing? I just need to move my bed around, I like to have it facing a certain way.” I let out a mock sigh of frustration, walking by Karen towards her room. She just giggled and followed behind me.

Pointing to the corner into which she wanted it moved, I got behind the bed and started pushing it in that direction. She inspected my work, telling me an inch this way and two inches that way, until she told me to stop. She stood between me and the mattress then, hand on her chin and thinking, then bent down and tried pushing it a bit one way. It was too heavy for her, and I bent down to help. As I bent over her, she fell onto the bed, and her legs tangled with mine, pulling me down on top of her.

“Well now, aren’t we getting comfortable?” she said playfully. I blushed, as I was now straddling her from behind, my crotch directly resting on her full, round ass. She grinded her butt back against me, causing my member to stir a little. I started to say something, not wanting her to be offended, but she cut me off.

“I think you need to push it in a bit more, dear.” She continued to rub against my quickly hardening erection, and I clued in on the situation and rubbed back. Even though we were both wearing jogging pants, my cock immediately sprung to its full eight inches.

Karen stopped, lowering herself and turning so that she lay on her back, pulling me down to her. She pulled my mouth toward hers, hungrily seeking out my tongue. I didn’t resist, meeting hers with equal fervor and letting my hands sink to those luscious tits I’d been drooling over since I first laid eyes on her.

She broke off our kiss, pulling her sweater and t-shirt over her head, revealing her lack of a bra. She had to have been a D cup, and I greedily pulled one of her mammoth breasts to my face, clamping on its nipple and gently nibbling it until it was erect. Her nipples easily were an inch long when erect, and I switched to the other, tonguing it like mad while caressing the rest of her bosom with my free hands. All this while she wrapped her arms around my head, pulling me to her chest.

After a minute or so of this, she pushed my head away. I took the cue beşyol escort and stood up, removing my shirt and pants as well, standing before her in only my boxers. My aching manhood stood out, straining to be freed. She walked toward me on the bed, while I was still on the floor. I brought my hands up to her hips, tucking my fingers into the waistband of her pants and roughly tugging them down to her feet. She stepped out of them, kicking them to the corner, and I noticed she was wearing a sexy red thong. Obviously she kept her pubic hair well trimmed, as there was no trace of any to be seen.

Karen grabbed me by the hair, lying back on the bed and pushed me down toward her crotch. I knew what she wanted alright, and I playfully kissed her mound through the thong’s material. She began moaning and I was afraid Lisa would hear us, but way past the point of caring. I slid the material to one side, revealing her drenched pussy. She kept a small patch of hair above her sex, shaved in the shape of a heart. Very sexy. I inhaled her strong aroma, then rubbed around her netherlips with my nose, teasing her.

She was wimpering now, so I spread her labia with my fingers, then slowly slithered by tongue out and lapped once her succulent pussy from the bottom to the top, intentionally slurping loudly. Karen’s mouth opened wide, no sound emerging from her mouth. Her response was to roughly thrust my face into her crotch. I let loose, ending the teasing and began licking her hot cunt in earnest. My fingers still held her open, letting my tongue whip around inside of her. My other hand rested on her stomach, close enough to her clitoris so my thumb reached down and rubbed it in a constant, slow circle. Every now and then I darted my tongue out of her hole and sucked on her clit hard for the briefest of moments, then dove back into her wetness. Karen was moaning loudly now; there was no way Lisa couldn’t hear us. Her hips were also bucking madly, banging the bed against the wall as I ate her pussy.

Just as I was thinking my cock was going to explode, I felt another pair of hands at the waistband of my boxers. Lisa was there behind me, naked herself except for a pair of bright pink, frilly panties. She yanked my boxers off and knelt down between my legs, engulfing my shaft in one gulp. I buried my mouth even further than before into Karen, the incredible blow job I was getting was driving me hornier than I’d ever been in my entire life! Lisa skillfully deep throated all of my 8″, pulling me out of her warm mouth periodically to rub the lower ring of my cock’s head around her tongue, flicking and sucking at it like an ice cream cone. And my dick was leaking pre-come not unlike a melting cone. My balls were swelling up with cum, just waiting to blast a load down Lisa’s inviting throat.

I thrust two of my fingers inside of Karen, madly fingering her cunt and sucked on her clitoris for all I was worth. This pushed her over the edge and she came with a load roar, wildly thrashing against me. After she was done, I rolled over onto my back and looked down at Lisa, whose big green eyes were transfixed on me as she gave me the best head of my life.

All of a sudden Lisa stopped, pulling my dick out and, still rubbing its bulging pink head, said “It’s my turn to have some fun now.” Grinning devilishly, she turned around and pushed those pink panties to the side. Her fingers rubbed her pussy for a second, spreading her own juices around her, then she expertly slid onto my throbbing cock in one swift motion. Her velvety snatch was so warm and tight, it was all I could do not to come then and there. I reached up to grab her hips, admiring her beautiful ass as she slowly and sensually rocked back and forth on my rock hard cock.

Karen beykent escort got up now, slid out of her thong, and walked forward to Lisa. She lowered her huge breasts, offering them to Lisa, who hungrily sucked on the huge nipples.

“Yeah Lise, suck my tits! Ooh, it’s been almost a month since we last fucked, I’ve been looking forward to moving in with you so much! And I’m glad you’ve found us a nice big cock to play with too.” she added, reaching down and pulling me out of Lisa, stroking my hardness.

Lisa readjusted herself, sliding her torso over the edge of the bed. Karen gave my cock a hard tug, yanking me over by Lisa. She kept her hand on me, reaching for a tube Lisa must have brought into the room when she entered. Without saying a work, Karen unscrewed the cap and poured some of the substance on Lisa’s ass, then on my cock. She then turned to me and in a rough voice said “I want you to fuck her up the ass.” Karen then rubbed her finger around Lisa’s outer ass, then slowly but steadily shoved her finger up the hole. Lisa moaned, then began squealing with delight. Karen spread the material over my cock some more, then lowered her mouth to give my cock’s head one more kiss before angling it over Lisa’s ass.

I looked down at Lisa’s incredible behind. If her cunt had been tight, imagine what this would be like! I slowly eased my head toward her hole, rubbing it around like Karen’s finger had done moments ago. Then I slowly but firmly pressed my cock into her. Lisa squealed once more, letting out a deep, gutteral moan once the head was fully inside her tight, tight ass. I then began to work as much of my throbbing member into her as I could, inch by inch. When I was in as far as I could go, I rested for a moment. Her ass was so hot and tight, I’d never felt so hard before. With each throb of my cock I could feel her ass squeezing back at me, massaging me toward that inevitable orgasm. Lisa began bucking back and forth on my rod, so I started to thrust against her, fucking her sweet ass. She squealed with each thrust, her tits jiggling as my balls slammed against her.

I reached one hand in front of her, roughly grabbing a breast and tugging on her nipple. My other hand reached beneath her, seeking her hot pussy. I found Karen’s mouth there too, and she stopped her oral assault on Lisa’s clit long enough to suck in one of my fingers, then placing it inside Lisa’s pussy. I looked up and saw that Lisa was madly fingering Karen’s cunt with three fingers and was rubbing away on her clitoris as well. Then Karen reached her hands up, wet from Lisa’s vaginal secretions, and began to work her middle finger up my asshole. This was driving me mad and I slammed as hard as I could into Lisa. She collapsed onto Karen from the pounding, her fingers still dancing wildly over Karen’s snatch. Karen’s probing finger rubbed me the right away and I reached the point of no return! I pulled out of Lisa’s tight ass and blew a blast of cum right back into the gaping hole, then another onto Karen’s tits. Karen was stoking my cock furiously, pointing it to her face as I released load after load. I’d never come so much in my life and Karen’s face was coated by the time I was done. Karen scooped up my cum and rubbed it all over Lisa’s pussy, then licked it madly. This dropve Lisa over the edge and she too came, groaning madly and thrashing he rbody on the bed.

We lay there for a few minutes, recovering from the wild sex that had just taken place. My cock was still almost fully erect, which amazed me. It amazed Lisa and Karen too, who both ran their hands over it, using their mouths to cleanse the remaining cum from it.

“Thanks for helping me move my bed in.” said Karen with a wink. Lisa nodded too, giving my cock and appreciative stroke.

“No problem.” I said. “Anything else I can help you with?” I added.

“Well, there have been some problems with the shower head. Maybe you can come in and help me get wet next?” Kared added, standing up with Lisa and taking me arm-in-arm toward the bathroom. I just grinned, anticipating what was coming next. But that’s another story…

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