Girl On

We’ve been kissing and petting for some time now, and I can feel the hard evidence of your arousal pressed up against me. I run my hands down along the front of your jeans, relishing the feel of you – hard and straining under the material. I place my hand on the front of your jeans, closing it around you, squeezing softly as a pull my hand slowly downward. You groan and press up against me. I scrape my nails along the denim over your cock…softly, slowly…up and up until my hand is at your zipper…and then undo the button. I kneel down in front of you, then slowly, slowly pull the zipper down…listening to the rasp of the metal as it opens. I tug your clothes gently off your hips and let them drop to the floor, exposing your throbbing cock. I watch it twitch as the cool air hits it, and then lean in ever so close, and let my warm breath wash over it.

I put a bit of flavored lubricant in my hands, rubbing them together to warm it, and then take you in my hands, marveling at how something so incredibly hard can be so wonderfully soft. I explore you with my fingertips, learning your flesh. I lean in close again, and trail kisses along your upper left thigh, tracing little patterns in the flesh with my tongue, letting Sakarya Escort you feel the hot moistness of my mouth, and then blowing softly on the skin to cool it. I’m still rubbing your cock with one hand, gripping loosely at the base, and just slightly tighter when I get to the tip.

I kiss and lick my way down one thigh until I get to your knee, and then move across to the other knee, and work my way up again, with slow lingering kisses…sucking on the skin and teasing it with my tongue, until I’m at the crease where your right thigh and hip join…by now, I’m rubbing circles over the tip of your cock with my thumb, thrumming it, playing with it, feeling the first drops of pre-cum as they appear…

Then, and only then do I bring my mouth in close…slowly…closer and closer…I can feel you straining…you feel my hot breath on your cock, and you push forward…I torture you for a minute…letting my breath arouse you more, before slowly, lovingly, taking the head of your shaft into my mouth, and swirling my tongue around it – first one way, then the other…and then a quick flick with the tip with my tongue, tasting you.

I take as much of your hard cock into my hot mouth Sakarya Escort Bayan as I can…getting it nice and wet, and then slowly pull back, until the tip is just barely in my mouth, and then pause there, sucking on the head. While my mouth creates suction, my hand is moving slowly towards the base of your cock. My other hand has reached underneath to slowly caress your balls, and further back, rubbing that smooth patch of skin that’s ever so sensitive. I move my head forward again, this time taking more of you in, and my hand moves forward from the base to meet my mouth. I do this over and over, my mouth going one way, my hand in the opposite direction. Each time I reach the head of your cock, I suck on it, flicking my tongue against the ridge of skin found just underneath.

I can feel you pushing forward, straining to get more of your throbbing flesh into my mouth. I look up and into your eyes, smiling around the cock in my mouth, inviting you to take over. Your hands come forward and around to the back of my head, holding it in place, and I can sense the hesitation in your movements as you begin slowly thrusting into my mouth. My hands come up behind you, rubbing the backs of Escort Sakarya your thighs before reaching your ass…I knead your flesh, and softly pull your hips forward, encouraging you to let yourself go. Throwing caution to the winds, you begin fucking my mouth in earnest, and it’s all I can do to try and keep up. Finally I just relinquish all control to you, concentrating instead on sucking hard as you thrust in, and rubbing your ass and thighs. I slide one hand down to play with your balls, rubbing them, caressing them. You’re thrusting harder and faster now…I lift my eyes and see your head thrown back…I feel your balls tighten, your body tenses up, and you thrust forward one last time, pouring your hot cum into my mouth…I swallow, trying to get every drop, but some escapes to drip down from the corner of my mouth.

You’re holding my head loosely now, spent, and breathing hard. I’m rubbing the backs of your thighs, slowly, softly…I pull my head back gently, sucking again on the head of your cock before taking you completely out of my mouth. I sit back, resting my butt on the heels of my feet, and tilt my head back to look up at you. You’re watching me, your eyelids at half-mast…I can see your eyes focusing, and I know that you’re staring at the few drops of cum that escaped earlier. Keeping my eyes locked on yours, I reach out with my tongue and slowly lick the cum up, and then run my tongue over my lips, grinning mischievously all the while. Your eyes darken, and I laugh, knowing that I’m in for it now…

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