Mirabelle and Me Ch. 02

Female Ejaculation

Continued from part i

As it turned out, Mirabelle lived only a quarter mile away from me so with a plan in place she and I went our separate ways. She went home to take care of her groceries and I went home to shower and wrap my ankle. An hour later there was a ring at the door.

Opening the door took my breath away, again. She was standing there with her hair tied back in a long flowing pony tail which reached halfway down her back. She was wearing an emerald green silk blouse and it was damned obvious that she had abandoned her bra as her nipples were creating an incredible erotic dance as those huge breasts danced freely. Fresh but subtly applied makeup highlighted her already beautiful face, and a light perfume filled every part of me. I couldn’t stop looking at her when she abruptly brushed past me. “You seem to get tongue-tied when you leer at me” she grinned. She shut the door behind her and gently pushed me against the wall pressed her lush body into mine, wrapped her hands around my head and kissed me full on – a tongue-dueling five minute kiss that was both soft and sensual and urgent at the same time. Her enormous chest was pressed into mine and my cock immediately sprang to full life again rising up quickly to press hard against her pussy. This big woman had a full on sexual effect on me that no other partner had ever had.

She pulled back and looked down grinning. “I wanted to get that out of the way and see if it was the shopping cart or me who got that monster going” she said laughing. “Guess it really was me” she grinned as she reached down and gently grasped my cock, stroking the length of me slowly. She held me through my slacks and purred appreciatively, seeming to judge everything about me by what was in her hand.

I looked down at her chest and saw her two huge nipples jutting out and doing some tenting of their own. “Looks like I’m not the only one with an erection issue at the moment” I grinned. She did nothing except thrust her chest out a bit further. “Yes, they seem to like you – quite a bit” she grinned back. I decided to return her boldness and reached up, cupping both of her huge heavy breasts in my hands and gently ran my thumbs over her nipples. That sent an electrified shock through her – damn I love a woman with sensitive nipples. She arched her chest further into my hands for a moment and sighed, smiling and backed away standing before me flushed with her breasts slightly heaving. We both took a moment, looking at each other and regaining some composure.

“So my injured Mr. charming… where are you sweeping me off to?”

“Never mind… I hope it will be a nice surprise. You like wine?” I asked.

“I love it when I taste something good but never have taken the time to learn much about it. For me I’m afraid it is usually a glass of house red or white which I normally wind up regretting because I just don’t know what to order” she replied.

“Oh good! That means I get to look worldly and smart and cultured” I laughed.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she shot back.

“I have a secret weapon to wield with you” I laughed. My face was hurting at this point because she had me smiling so much just having fun bantering back and forth.

“Ok wine boy… are we going to stand here staring at each other and wondering what the other is like in bed or are we actually going to go somewhere and ‘get to know each other’ like you said?”

My goodness this woman could be direct. I gulped and sidestepped her to grab my keys off the hall table.

“This way then – I want to know everything about you. Consider that a first” I laughed. I gently spun her around and directed her movements to the garage with a bit of body steering.

Stepping into the garage, I pressed the opener and led her over to my weekend toy. A fully restored British-racing green Triumph TR6. Great for sunny days with the top down and not good for much else, but it sounds so sweet and really is a blast to drive.

“You’re going to take me out in that?” Mirabelle asked. I was crushed! I had spent 3 years rebuilding my toy to a mirrored perfection and she hated it.

“Well, yes… I was…” words failed me.

She immediately grasped that she had hurt me and became really embarrassed. “No you silly boy… I absolutely love your car; it’s beautiful what you’ve done with it… but with your ankle – I know that is a manual transmission because my ex had an old MG and they are quite similar… you won’t be able to walk by the time you get us to any seduction spot you have planned.” She purred – looking at me with sympathy running an open palm hand along the side of my face.

Now I felt the total idiot. Of course she was right. “Well it’s either that or we can take the boring Explorer… your choice” I responded.

“How about if we take mine and if things work out and we hit it off more than we seem to be, you can take me out in your little green seduction toy next time when your ankle is healed?” she Sinop Escort asked. She then leaned in and whispered directly in my ear “Besides – you really won’t need your cute car to seduce … consider me a done deal unless you turn out to be an asshole this afternoon…” and with that she turned and started to walk towards her car – a beautiful old Benz 600 also nicely restored – rare, powerful and expensive as all hell. I whistled appreciatively – especially since she had obviously wanted to impress – this was not the car from the market lot.

“Deal… so doc, my only request is that if I do anything or say stupid things that start endangering a second date, just tell me so I don’t head down a path I can’t turn around from..” I replied.

“Ok – you just entered that realm. I never, ever go by the name doc.” She laughed.

I followed behind her to watch the stunning big globes of her ass sway and of course she caught me. I was lost in the view of her obvious exaggerated sway when she looked back and grinned. She didn’t say a word.

Off we went in her car and as I gave directions out to my favorite place. My place. I couldn’t help but stare at her. How was it this truly stunning, smart, witty and accomplished woman was both really cool and available. I knew there must be some story there but decided to let it come out on its own as I knew it would someday. As I kept looking at her I marveled at the size of her – her chest as I mentioned was truly magnificent. Her legs were powerful but smooth and toned and her hips that flared out met a belly that while not flat, was certainly erotically sexy and curvy. And then there was that V. Hidden from view when we were in the store by a skirt, she was now wearing elegant khaki shorts that clung to her curves in a really appealing way. I had noticed when we were still at my place a tight outline of her pussy and the broad split between her lips that just begged indulgence.

It was all so distracting that I didn’t hear her question about where to turn now that we were stopped at a t-intersection. “Cat got your tongue Aaron or were you thinking about other things… like sex?” she grinned. Totally busted! “Yep – you’re right – I was completely lost, daydreaming about you sprawled naked in the sun on a blanket somewhere. Truth be told I was wondering how you taste?” I grinned at her.

“Oh my – and I thought I was kind of forward… what am I to do with you?” she laughed that beautiful laugh.

“Well – for starters, we could go somewhere and make love all afternoon and night…” I sighed.

“We’ll just see about that…” she said and placed the tip of her finger on my lips, then pushed it in my mouth. Excited would not really be the word to describe the flood of energy that coursed through my veins at that moment. I responded to her intrusion by swirling my tongue slowly around her fingertip while gently sucking away at it. “Mmmmm” was the only response I got from her. At that moment we got blasted from behind by a horn that sounded as if it belonged on a fucking train. We both exploded in laughter….

“Take a left here” I directed and within a mile we pulled up to my secluded place… romantic yet fun, with incredible food and a wine list that embarrasses many other establishments.

“Wow – I’ve heard and read all about this but never had any idea where it was” Mirabelle stated. “Kind of over the top for a glass of wine isn’t it?” I had pulled a ringer in choosing the location. I was a part, but mostly silent owner. The two other partners involved were very old friends – both of them passionate and extremely competent in their respected roles of executive chef and general manager. I was the wine guy on the side – not my profession but my lifelong passion and when the chance came up to be a part owner of a project that had zero chance of failure because of the people involved, I had jumped at the chance. That was over 15 years ago but I didn’t tell Mirabelle any of this. I had made a call before she arrived at the house to warn them I was coming and to play it cool.

We drove up to entrance as I directed and as is custom to the restaurant, from out of nowhere a young man came over to open the doors even though we were early, and whisk her car away to the lot. As he was nearing my side he spotted me through the glass and with a wink I knew word had spread to treat me just like any other guest.

The place is beautiful and secluded but is always booked solid for months in advance so even I was taking a chance showing up last minute. It was ownership rules that guests always came first no matter what. Luckily it was still early so the dinner shift was still mostly in final prep mode but the back patio would be open and peaceful. As we walked in the door I got kind of busted. “Aaron.. what the hell are you doing here?” came a shout from the office just inside the main old beam and iron door. The GM Jerry though it would be fun to pull a couple of punches and see where they Sinop Escort Bayan landed.

“Hey Jerry… just thought I would show this beautiful… um, Mirabelle, one of my favorite places and grab a glass of wine or 10… and maybe some food if there is anything available before your customers show up tonight” I winked so that Mirabelle couldn’t see.

He caught on and reeled it back in. “Sure… park yourself out back – it’s really awesome out there this afternoon and quiet… should I send out a wine list?” he smirked. Yeah buddy … back at me in spades!

“That would be fantastic Jerry… thanks!” I responded. Yes – I know the 78 page wine list and inventory down to the bottle.

I guided Mirabelle through the west dining room to the French doors that led out to the patio. The place had been run down when we took it over and the first thing we did was work our asses off for a year – called sweat equity – to create a Garden of Eden out back. Custom wrought iron trellises and bowers were home to climbing roses and jasmines, a couple of lovingly tended Tempranillo grape vines and some hops. About 40 raised beds past the four secluded tables grew all of the salads, flowers and herbs the kitchen and dining room uses every day. Everything in the garden was in full vigor and the sound of a hidden fountain behind a wall of some sort of clematis leant this little tucked away spot an air of magic.

“You’re terrible” Mirabelle laughed as she punched me playfully in the arm. “How’s a girl supposed to escape your clutches with this all around? Is there a hidden bedroom out here too for when the girls get too crazed and just have to be ravished?” she smirked.

“She’s not supposed to escape… you’re doomed!” I grinned.

Jerry came out shortly with water, fresh brioche and a wine list being every bit the professional he is, not betraying a thing. I knew exactly what I was going to order but made the pretense of perusing the list for a moment anyway.

I placed the order and Jerry – the kidder – did his best Monty Python faux British snob accent… “very good sir, and will there be anything else?”

“No, thank you… now please hurry along… the lady’s thirsty” I teased. Jerry rolled his eyes at that one – I knew he’d get his own back.

“So – I take it you come here often?” she asked.

“Not as much as I used to” I honestly replied.

“What is that supposed to mean?” she asked.

“It’s kind of a long story and I’d rather hear something, anything about you – your life, what you do, what you like, what you don’t like… anything and everything – I’m all ears!” I replied.

“Hmmmm – a good looking man who doesn’t want to talk about himself? Either you’re every woman’s fantasy or you’re a serial killer in cognito!” Mirabelle responded.

“Definitely not the later and I think you’ll get tired enough of hearing about me sooner rather than later. Now spill the beans…. What is such a gorgeous woman doing alone in this life? Please Mirabelle – if you feel comfortable, tell me who you are.”

Just as Mirabelle was literally opening her mouth, Jerry came back with the wine and two beautiful highly polished Riedel stems. Mirabelle cocked an eye and said “it’s pink.”

“Yes… and…?” I replied.

“I hate to tell you this but I don’t really like pink wine. It’s too sweet. Kind of surprised you do…” she said.

I just grinned while Jerry poured her an ounce. He looked at me with that ‘you really should be the one doing this’ look. She took a tentative sniff and then a little sip. Her eyes lit up and she swallowed the rest instantly. “Oh my god – that’s fantastic” Mirabelle gushed. I just smiled as Jerry poured the glasses perfectly.

“Welcome to the world of southern France in a glass and real rosé Mirablelle; may it serve as a magic carpet to lands undiscovered, flavors new, and romance never before imagined” I said as I raised my glass in toast. She stared into my eyes as our glasses chimed and Jerry made a discrete exit.

We spent the next hour talking about everything under the sun. Mirabelle captured me in that hour and I felt emotions that I hadn’t felt for anyone since my first serious love. She told me she was an oncologist and professor at the local med school and about her divorce and much more. As our sun started to go down and our bottle emptied, Jerry came out and said our table was ready.

“Really? I don’t remember anyone making reservations? How did you…?” Mirabelle looked at me questioningly.

“I got us covered – if it’s ok with you? I guess I may have overstepped here but I though since we both need to eat …” I realized that I may have totally overstepped my bounds. “Oh damn – I never asked if you had plans… I guess I assumed…” I was quickly turning into a blithering idiot right in front of this woman. “I’m so sorry Mirabelle – if you need to, or want to go…”

She leaned over, took my hand in hers and pulled me forward until we Escort Sinop were about an inch apart. “Thank you – I can see you’re sort of torn up over just being a guy and just doing things without asking. How’s this for an answer?” She leaned in and gave me a slow, soft and very sensuous kiss, squeezed my hand and then backed away with a smoldering look in her eyes and said “let’s eat!”

As Jerry led us through the dining room Mirabelle whispered to me “My friends and I have tried to get in here but every time I tried they said it was a 9 week or more waiting list – how did you…?” she trailed off as we went through the kitchen doors and led to the chef’s table. Mirabelle looked around kind of timidly and asked “is it ok to be in here?”

Jerry smiled and said “nothing but the best for yourself and Aaron my dear.”

“I never knew that you could eat in a kitchen!” Mirabelle laughed as she took in the busy world around her. Line cooks finishing their prep and mise en place, dishes of all sorts being racked for plating, the busy work of a kitchen doing their final chores before service. All of a sudden a flame erupted from the line, shooting up the hood and there was Eric, head chef extraordinaire grinning like a fiend, jumping something in a pan as he laughed at the shock on my date’s face.

“This is too much… Aaron, you’re a dear! But now I need to find the ladies room… for more reasons than one” she winked. I gulped for more reasons than one. I knew the game would be over now. Down the hall there were pictures; a lot of pictures – of the three partners and the progress of rebuilding the place over the years, awards and articles, etc. Oh well. I hadn’t told her anything about me so I guess it was about time. I swallowed hard and stood, taking her hand in mine and said “right this way…”

As I led her down the hall to the restrooms I watched her face as she took in the memorabilia. She stopped at one with me holding an international magazine grand wine award and surrounded by several very famous faces. “Just a lucky guy who happened to be buying mangoes huh?” she smirked. “Guess you forgot to tell me something? I’ll be back in a bit and then we’re going to talk a little bit about you for a change.” She eyed me with a look that was a mixture of suspicion with humor and curiosity.

I went back to the table and Eric came over with two shot glasses of calvados. “Courage my son” he laughed and as soon as they had appeared they disappeared.

I took about twenty minutes before Mirabelle finally showed up again, with her arm draped through Jerry’s. They were laughing. I was sunk!

“So Mr. Aaron, owner, wine guy, business guy, author, chef, gardener, bricklayer, all-around great guy, this and that and what else Jerry? Oh yeah, heartbreaker? All true?” she asked with a touch of teasing to her voice. “When were you going to tell me anything at all about any of this?”

Jerry shrugged his shoulders and winked … “balls in your court pal” and walked away. Yep – he got me back.

I sighed and gently took both her hands in mine across the table. “Let me ask you this Mirabelle. What would have happened if I started blurting out what I do, who I am, and everything I’m involved in? I would be just another egotistical, overbearing, conversation-hogging bore. Just another windbag too stuck up to do anyone any good. I used to be so high on myself, my head was so far up my own ass that even I couldn’t stand to be in the same room with me. It took a few very hard knocks, some soul searching as to why I wasn’t happy with everything I’ve accomplished and a couple of really good friends – namely Jerry and Eric here and a couple of others – to turn me back into what I hope is a decent guy who can share himself with someone special without having to be the center of attention just because I’ve had some successes in life. Guess I should have taken you somewhere else for our first outing eh? I could have enjoyed a little bit of anonymity before this happened. Pretty dumb of me I but I wanted you to like me for me – not for this.” I said as I cocked my head about at a three star kitchen.

She was quiet and sat there just looking at me. For a few moments I thought she was going to get up and leave. Instead she leaned over and still holding my hands, said “I would have said, wrongly mind you – you’re full of it. Are you going to order more wine or do I need to look at that phone book you call a wine list and pick wrong?” I burst out laughing harder than I have in a very long time. I stood and raised her up and kissed her hard. She kissed me back harder. The kitchen erupted in cat calls and various lewd suggestions.

“Shut the fuck up you deranged hippy fry-flinging degenerates and get us something to eat” I laughed. Eric came over and gave me a big hug. “Guess the cat’s skinned eh? Jer said you were hiding out back – man – we were going to mess you up good if you two had started getting too hot and heavy out there. He turned to Mirabelle and swept her up into his arms as way of introduction and said “you break his heart and you’re on the next menu hot stuff” he laughed his crazy laugh and went back to sending amazing smells into the room.

“Any more surprises in store for me?” Mirabelle asked.

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