Mike’s new girlfriend – part 2


The following Monday couldn’t come round soon enough. It had been a long, difficult and very confusing seven days at home, with my wife, Amy. I had been so distant and argumentative with her and I could see how upset she was. However all I could think about was Mike and how much I wanted to be back in his arms and have him make love to me again. Again, the morning started in the usual way. I guiltily waved Amy off to work and rushed upstairs to run my bath, shave and cover my body in baby oil, ready for a morning of cross dressing and, hopefully, another fucking from Mike. I hadn’t seen Mike all week; although I was sure he would be paying his ‘chick with a dick’ girlfriend a visit this morning. I lay in the hot bubble bath and started to think back to the previous Monday, when Mike made me his girlfriend. I instantly got hard, started to pull on my soapy cock and finger my arsehole, when I heard the front door close shut. I instantly jumped up, “Hello? Is that you hun? Have you forgotten your phone’?””Sweety, it’s me, Mike” Holy shit! My heart started beating ten to the dozen. I really wasn’t expecting him to actually come inside Çukurambar escort my house. “Er, yeah… Gimme a minute,” I replied, I climbed out of the bath, towel dried and thought about what I should wear to go downstairs, to see him. I opened the laundry bin and found a pair of Amy’s dirty panties, as well as her silk nightgown and kimono. I quickly pulled the cream lace panties over my hips and slipped the silk nightgown on. My cock started to grow, as I could smell Amys pussy and perfume on her dirty laundry. I wrapped the kimono around me and nervously walked downstairs, where Mike was waiting for me, with a big grin on his face. “Hi Sweetie,” I blushed, as Mike unzipped his jeans and his cock flopped out from his underpants. His cock stood semi erect, as he gestured for me to come over to him. I smiled seductively, as I walked over to him. I knew exactly what Mike was looking for. I obeyed and dropped to my knees, in front of his semi erect cock. I started to kiss the tip of his cock and then lick up and down the shaft. His cock was now rock hard and throbbing in front me. I demetevler escort bayan took his big cock fully in my mouth and started to suck him softly, while cupping his big hairy balls. His big musky cock felt great in my mouth and I was enjoying how turned on I was making him. My cock had also come to life and was now fully erect, in my wife’s dirty panties. I looked up at Mike, whilst I was sucking his cock and he rested his hand on the top of my head. “Oh god! I have missed you, sweetie!” I started to suck him hard and work my tongue around the head and foreskin. I could sense that Mike was about to come, as he started to push back on me and fuck my face. He held my head with both hands, as I sucked hard on his cock. Suddenly, he let out a moan, as he shot his warm sticky load into my mouth. His cum filled my mouth and started to trickle out of the side and down my chin. I swallowed what I could, as I felt his dick go soft in my mouth. I was starting to realise that I had just sucked my next door neighbour’s cock in my own dining room, whilst wearing my wife’s knickers and Escort dikmen nightgown. A wave of guilt washed over me. I thought to myself, “Jesus! What the hell is happening to me?” I stood up and Mike pulled me towards him and hugged me tightly, “You’re so sexy, Danny.  No one has ever sucked my cock like that. Why don’t you come round to my house in about an hour and we’ll spend some more time together?”  I couldn’t say, ‘no,’ as Mike put his big hands down the back of my knickers and squeezed my arse cheeks. His finger ran over my arsehole and my whole body relaxed as he held me tight. He knew I was putty in his hands, as I started to whimper “Oooh Mike! This is so wrong!” “I know it is, sweetie, but you’re my girlfriend now, aren’t you?” Mike slipped a finger inside me. “Yeah, Mike. I’m your girl now.” Mike kissed me on the lips and whispered in my ear, “See you soon then. Come round to the back of the house, so nobody will see you come in.” He pulled his finger out of my arse and patted me on the cheeks, as he left the house. I stood and watched him leave. My cock was still hard in my panties and my head was spinning with sexual frustration. I really wanted my boyfriend to fuck me hard, right now. I rushed upstairs excitedly and thought about what I was going to wear to Mike’s house. I rummaged through Amys lingerie drawer and found her red satin Basque, with black lace trim, matching thong panties and garter belt. “Perfect!” I thought.

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