Mic Drop Ch. 01


Cypher was the name on everyone’s lips. The lyricist that knew his way around a mic. From the underground to the mainstream in under two years; his voice, lyrics and persona took the world by storm. He stuck to the classic looks of 90’s rappers with oversized hoodies and sweats, baggy jeans, gold chains and whatever new sneakers were popular. Meanwhile, his music ranged from club bangers to lyrics that spoke to the soul.

His long black hair was always tied into a ponytail under the toque that never left his head and an XXX mask that covered his mouth which completed his persona. It never came off during interviews, video shoots, live performances and any public outing in-between. All you could ever see were his deep brown eyes that every woman that fell in love with whenever they saw him.

The story that circled around was that, after an accident in 2012, he was almost burned alive at 16 years old. Most of his body was destroyed and, because of it, he would never wear things that showed his body. The most women ever got from him was no hat, a baggy long sleeve, baggy jeans and a zipped-up vest. The 23-year-old rapper Cypher Hayden Jonston had a back story and an aesthetic that swept across the nation.

The woman that followed Cypher around was his manager Tylia Costella. A 25-year-old 5 ft 7 light-skinned goddess with legs for days and stunning hazel eyes. Her deep brown hair ran down to her waist and, whenever she turned her head, every man would be whiplashed. Her breasts sat at a perfect 36 E cup that sloped down to her slender midsection and gained hold on her wide and voluptuous hips. The woman was a perfectly thick hourglass. Besides her star stunning looks, she could truly command a crowd, grab attention and most of all have her voice heard in any boardroom across the world. The tabloids loved her.

Everyone had no idea how this woman was so powerful. But everyone asked the question. Was Cypher sleeping with his manager? On previous interviews with BET, Entertainment Weekly, MTV, Vibe Music, Rolling Stones, Billboard and even GQ, the rapper stated over and over again that their relationship was strictly platonic and that they were just really close. Guys wondered if he was gay…

Girls wondered if Tylia didn’t have a chance with the rapper then how did they…?

… But the world wondered…

Was Cypher hitting that?


As the concert came to an end, Cypher stood Center Stage. The audience chanted his name.

“Cypher! Cypher! Cypher!”

“Thank you everyone! I ‘preciate you. To my fans…. I love you. To my haters… I love you. To everyone in this crowd…. I love you. Now, get home safe and I’ll see y’all on instagram later tonight!”

The audience erupted with applause and cries while loud voices, music and whistles filled the air. Tonight, Cypher brought his A Game and was feeling on top of the world for the first time in a long time. As he walked back stage, he was accompanied by his manager Tylia and his crew of bodyguards.

“Cypher, great show.” She smiled as her hand caressed his shoulder.

“Thanks Ty. I appreciate that.”

“Cypher! Can we stop you for the moment? We just wanted to ask you some questions…” A young woman who was clearly in her mid-twenties came up to him. Her hair was in a short red bob, contrasting with her naturally tanned skin and brilliant blue eyes. Her cup size was sitting at around a C cup but were clearly being held up by a push up bra, judging by the way they bounced around in her white tank top that had Cypher’s name bolded cross her breasts. Her waist was trimmed and her perky tight ass was cupped nicely in her denim miniskirt. Her long legs were showcased by her 5-inch stilettos. Clearly, she was here for more than just an interview.

The two men behind her were her crew, holding a boom mic and a camera, while she held the microphone. The man holding the mic was stumpy, a little over 5’5 with a buzz cut and a husky build. While the man holding camera was standing at 6’1 but he was tall and lanky. A slender build masked by the baggy clothing draping over his body.

Tylia snapped her fingers and, in a second, the leader of the guards stepped forward, planting himself near the front of the group. The man was 6 feet tall. He had a lean but muscular, athletic build. His skin was the colour of caramel and deeply tanned. His eyes, shaded behind Ray-Ban sunglasses, were a striking green and his hair, a dark brown crew cut, was stylish and framed his face nicely. His jeans were loosely fitted and strapped on tight with a black Italian leather belt while his black v-neck tee fit his build as if it were sculpted onto this man’s body. On the side of the shirt, a small silver plate was pinned.


The woman’s eyes ran up and down the bodyguard’s chiseled features and well-sculpted form. A lustful glow was already beginning to ruminate.

“Mr. Jonston, are you okay with this?” escort otel

“Yeah Ryker.” Cypher replied. “No worries, anything for a fan.”

As Ryker stepped to the side, Cypher’s eyes caught full view of the woman in front of him. Cypher’s eyes roamed her body, drinking in her form. She was beautiful but, by her demeanor, she was here for work. Though, she looked as if she was here for cock.

And Cypher…

Well, Cypher was extremely entertained by this prospect.

“We are coming to you live and I’m Christine Moore from The Vibe. And let me be the first to say…What an amazing show you had tonight Cypher!”

“Thank you Christine.” Cypher smiled under the mask, and though no one could see it, they could definitely hear it. “But sadly you weren’t the first to say that to me tonight.”

“I wasn’t!” Christine gasped with flirtation dripping over every word that oozed from her red painted lips. “Then who?”

“My beautiful manager, of course.” Cypher took Tylia’s hand, guiding her forward before putting his hand on the mid of her back. “Tylia Costella.”

“Of course she did.” Her voice was collected and excited, but the hint of jealousy flowed underneath it. “Anywho, the public wants to know, when are you going to release a new album?”

“A new album, huh?” He laughed. “It’ll come soon. Don’t worry about it.”

“Soon? What are talking about here? A month? Two?”

“Soon.” Tylia stated. Her voice was sharp and demanding. Some may even say protective before flashing a sharp smile. “Just wait for the video.”

“Ou! Exciting!” Christine turned to her camera. “You heard it first, folks! Watch out for a video and it may hint the release date of Cypher’s next album! Hey Cypher, is there anything you want to say to the people at home?”

As Cypher turned to the camera, he pointed his finger straight at the lens.

“Be true to who you are! And never let anyone stop you from your goals. No matter what.”

“Annnnd Cut!” Christine got the men to cut the camera before looking back at Cypher.

“Cypher, why are you so fantastic?” She asked as her hand drifted to his arm. “You’ve become such a star over such a short amount of time and I just have to say… I’m amazed with you and everything you’re about…”

“Ya know… I do it cuz not everyone gets an opportunity like this. Gotta make the best of it.”

“Yeaahhhh…” Christine’s body language softened as she began to push her tits out at him slightly, while batting her eyelashes. “It’s just so amazing…”

“Yes. It is.” Tylia cutting herself into the conversation. Her eyes glared over at Christine before looking to Cypher and tapping her watch. “We gotta go.”

“Of course.” Cypher responded. His gaze shifted to Christine. “Sorry that our times up. Maybe we can continue this interview another time…”


Cypher reached his hand under Christine’s chin and caressed her jaw slightly.

“Keep your head up. You’re more beautiful that way.”

And with that, Cypher, Tylia and the guards walked through the corridor. The group traveled through the building, sliding past fans and paparazzi until they finally were able to get to the backdoor. The team stayed in while Ryker followed the two beyond it. Ryker escorted them to the black Bentley with heavily tinted windows and blacked-out license plates. Alongside, there was a white limo parked with the windows up.

“Mr. Jonston. Miss Costella.” The chauffeur said as he opened the door of the Bently for the two.

“Thank you, Axel.” The two said in unison before entering the car one at a time. Axel was a six foot three man with broad shoulders and rippling muscles that could not be hidden by the dress suit jacket. He had dark brown complexion. The colour of dark chocolate, with a lightly stubbled face. He was devilishly handsome and the definition of dark and dangerous.

The head of Jonston’s bodyguard team looked at the chauffeur.



The two of them exchanged an understanding look before he headed off back into the car. Ryker, the head of the bodyguards, walked over to the limo and tapped on the glass before watching it pull off. After seven minutes, the Bentley followed and pulled up from behind the building.

As the car pulled off around the building, it drove into the traffic-packed streets and watched as the limo got attacked by fans. Their screams could be heard inside of the Bentley even though the fans were nowhere close to them.

“Look at the mob tonight.” Tylia laughed, placing her hand on Cypher’s lap. “That could have been you.”

“I know… Thank you for everything.”

The two of them looked at each other and, as they did, a small smile crept across Tylia’s lips.

“No problem. Anything for my sister.”

“Step-sister. But I’ll take it.” Cypher laughed. “Not every day you can convince your best friend’s dad to date your mom.” Cypher thought about her mom. After losing her husband, she needed to be happy. And Tylia’s dad was all too eager to escort gecelik pick up the slack. Especially after his divorce. She tapped on the glass divider separating the driver from the two of them. The screen went down.

“Yes, Mr. Cypher.” Axel said as he tried to hold back his laughter.

“Shut up, stupid.” Cypher said, leaning over and smacking Axel in the back of the head. “Can you pass me my bag while you get us through this goddamn traffic?”

“No problem, CeeCee.” With one hand, Axel reached into the passenger’s seat, grabbing the black duffel bag before he tossed it back at her face.

“Telling Ryker to meet us at the house.” Axel yelled back with a laugh as he raised the dark tinted dividing-window as soon as possible. Tylia laughed as Cypher tumbled back into her seat.

“Fuuuck you asshole.”

“You know this is still very impressive. How you managed to keep this up and not get caught. In what, like two years?” Tylia smirked.

“Well…” Cypher unzipped her oversized hoodie and ripped the voice modulator taped down to her chest off. “It’s a hard job.”

Cypher’s voice changed from this deep, raunchy, masculine voice to her much lighter, softer normal tone. Her voice was soft, but strong and had an underlying seductive tone. Tylia handed her the little box from the duffel bag that Cypher kept this modulator in. Cypher placed it in the case before tossing it back in the bag. Dropping the sweater completely off, she then began to take off layer after layer. The long-sleeve, the t-shirt and the tank top. Which left Cypher’s torso bare besides the SHIT TON of bandages compressing her tits.

Roll after roll, she stripped away the bandages to reveal her 36 DD tits sitting in two sports bras. Already exhausted, she unhooked the sports bras one at a time.

“Like this… I could never do this.” Tylia laughed.”Have you seen these?” She pointed at her own giant breasts. “I’d fucking die.”

“I know. If I ever went up one more size, I might as well tell the world I’m a fucking woman. It gets harder and harder to breathe every time I do a show.”

“Speaking of shows… let’s talk about what happened back there with little Miss Christine from The Vibe. Kay?” Tylia peeled off her blue blazer, leaving her in the pink tank top and blue skirt she wore.

“What about it?” Cypher asked as unlatched her belt and began to shimmy her thick thighs, and plump rounded ass out of the baggy jeans she has been wearing for hours.

” ‘Keep your head up, you’re more beautiful that way’ Give me a fucking break!” She laughed. “What the hell was that?”

“Tylia, Tylia… Sweetie, you know I gotta sell the act. People gotta believe they’re buying the right product.”

“You mean dick?” Tylia said softly. Her hand slowly grazed up Cypher’s thick thighs. And quickly found their way through them. Before long, Tylia’s index finger was running itself up against Cypher’s clit over her panties. Cypher’s body began to feel chills run down her spine as Tylia began to massage her clit.

“You want to make people believe a long, black nine-inch cock hung where your tight pink little cunt is?” Tylia fingers stroked her clit softly, letting Cypher’s pussy drench her panties. Without a second thought, Tylia’s hand slid around the fabric and entered Cypher’s soaked and throbbing pussy with her middle and index finger. She then slowly began to thrust her fingers in and out of her.


“You want to sell the idea that these titties don’t exist?” Tylia allowed her free hand to roughly pull at Cypher’s nipple, letting Cypher’s head fall back into the seat with a harsh moan leaving her lips. Cypher was extremely close to an orgasm. Her body was quivering at each touch and thrust Tylia did to her. She needed to cum and cum soon.

“You want to make every girl out there want you… and every guy out there envy you…” Tylia’s hand then slowly grazed up Cypher’s cleavage and found its way to pull down Cypher’s mask, exposing her juicy lips. Tylia pressed her lips against Cypher’s for a kiss. A gentle peck for now, to curb the taste of her.

Perfect in size and shape. For cock and pussy.

Hidden from the world because if they saw them, or knew what they could do… She would be seen in a much different light. From rapper to full-on sex symbol. But, no one could ever know her secret but her friends. As her lips pulled away, her eyes met Cypher’s deep brown ones with lust.

“Hey… I swing both ways. I always want the guys to want me too…” She moaned.

“Damn right. I know I do.” Axel’s voice rang through the speaker.

“AXEL!” The two of them yelled out in the back of the car.

“Why are you spying on us?” Cypher spat, glaring at the divider, knowing he couldn’t see her. Her orgasm was interrupted and now she was pissed.

“Because I’m your driver, CeeCee, and because you asked me to set the mic up here, and because you still owe me.”

“Whatever, Axel.”

The three of them bickered back and forth for the rest of the car ride while escort türbanlı Cypher got dressed and packed the bag. By the end of this trip, she was wearing an XXL Raptors Jersey that ended right above her knee, fitting her like a dress, a pair of white knee-high socks finished off with a pair of white and black Air Max sneakers. Her long black hair was pulled from the ponytail and fell past her shoulders. The soft curls framed her face while the jersey attempted to hide her figure. But, even though she did not wear something that hugged every curve, you could easily tell with one look that she was someone to watch for. Meanwhile, her dark skin illuminated under the sunlight from the sun roof and her right arm, which was laced in a black tattoos, was a stunning visual of everything she had ever been through in art form.

Tylia, on the other hand, was changed as well. From her navy blue and pink dress suit and hot pink heels, into a light blue, denim strapless top with a zipper down the middle, that vainly attempted to suppress her large tits. It squeezed them together and almost lifted them even. They looked as if they were ready, and willing, to pop out at any second. But the shirt was so tight that they didn’t even have a chance. A matching pair of denim pants graced her thick thighs and hugged her hips tightly. It perfectly showcased her fat ass and curves that could kill. Her red bottom Louis Vuitton stilettos graced each foot and her long hair was middle parted, and graced each shoulder with half of the luscious locks.

“CeeCee, honestly… Sometimes I forget how hot you are…” Tylia said as she looked her best friend over. “I mean… you’re so covered up. Like all the time. But damn, it is impressive.”

“Appreciated, my love.” Cypher replied, jokingly brushing off her shoulders. “Ya know, it’s what I do.”

“We’re here.” Axel announced through the speakers of the car.

With duffel bags in hand, both girls got out of the car and stood in front of the beautiful beach house that was spread out before them.

The beach house had five, very comfortable, queen-sized bedrooms. Each was fully furnished, with a full washroom in each room and connected to the main house by an external undercover walkway. The kitchen was recently renovated with white cupboards and granite counter tops, with an island sitting in the middle and four barstools sitting prominently around it. The kitchen had a clean look and with every new appliance you could tell that these people had money.

The house had a large open living space with ceiling-to-floor windows that made the place feel spacious but had cherry-brown, engineered, hardwood flooring, and celery top-pine timber on the internal walls that gave the house a cozy feeling. The house had a very modern look but one that felt comfortable, youthful and reflected the feeling of beach living. Almost as if was a vacation every day. On the outside, there was a BBQ grill on the high rise patio, and a gated off pool that was accompanied with lounge chairs, a small fire pit and a bar. And though there was pool gated off by the house, the beautiful island living home sat highly perched on the hill overseeing the water from an undercover balcony and a literal 5 minute walk to the beach.

“I never fail to fall in love with this place.” Tylia said as she took a deep breath of fresh air.

“Agreed.” Cypher replied. She stopped in her tracks and looked up at the house. This beach house was the first place she bought for herself with the money she made in her first few months of her career. After paying off her mother’s house and both her and her twin older brothers’ school loans. This place was her quiet place and her hideaway when needed.

Cypher watched as Tylia walked to the house with her duffel bag slung over her shoulder. Her ass swayed side-to-side and her body bounced as she walked up the stairs and into the house.

“She’s so… hot.” Cypher sighed to herself out loud.

“I mean… she’s ‘iight.” Cypher’s head snapped next to her to see Axel standing there, next to her. Axel’s head tilted to look over at Cypher. “On the other hand, you are beautiful.”

“Oh shut up, stupid.” Cypher threw a playful punch at Axel’s shoulder as they headed up the stairs of the house and to the front door.

Axel chuckled under his breath and, after opening the door for Cypher, he sent a hard smack against her ass, making her yelp loudly.

“Axel!!” She yelled with a flirtatious smile in her voice.

“What?!” Axel replied raising both hands in the air. “I did nothing. There’s no proof.”

“No proof, eh?”

Turning the corner to the third room on the right, Cypher grabbed Axel by his tie and pulled him into the room. Flinging the door closed behind them, Axel’s hands gripped Cypher’s hips, slamming her body against his and planting a hot kiss against her lips. The two of them fought ferociously with each other, lips kissing and biting, looking for an opening whenever they could. His tongue darted into her mouth and the two of them fought each other for dominance. From against the wall, they pushed and pulled each other from wall-to-wall until they stumbled onto the bed. Cypher’s back pressed against the mattress as she looked into the eyes of Axel.

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