Mermaid Lesbian Sex


**Author’s Note: My first lesbian erotica. Please be kind…


She was a mythological creature. Sex shouldn’t be possible with something imaginary but there she was. A mermaid sun bathing on the rocks of the shore line with her large yet perky breasts bare before the sun, her green fish tail glittering in the golden summer sun.

I’m 31 years old. Still a bit young and still very attractive. I have been married for 8 years and love my husband. I’ve experimented with a few women in college but then you fall in love you know? Joe was the perfect guy: nice and hot. But imagine my shock to see an unearthly half-human half-fish beautiful woman lying on the shoreline of our beach house.

I was close enough to see her pale skin that had a green-bluish tint, her small gills on her neck, her emerald green tail gleaming in the light. She even sat up and looked at me with a Mona Lisa smile that held a suggestive tone and I was struck dumb. Her long blue black hair cascaded down her elegant back.

I can’t explain it but a warm tingly sensation erupted in my pussy. I bit my lower lip the way I do when I’m aroused as we locked eyes. I thought I would drown in those sea-glass eyes. But then I heard my husband call my name.

I turned for only a moment but when I looked back she was gone in a splash leaving me to wonder if the summer sun was playing tricks on me.


That night Joe and I had incredible passionate sex as we often did. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the mermaid. Her eyes haunted my soul. I’ve heard stories about mermaids luring sailors to their death, ensnaring them with their otherworldly beauty and song. Did the same go for women?

I drifted off to sleep into a dream where I was a mermaid. I was swimming in the dark blue ocean without a care until I heard a beautifully haunting voice singing. Sure enough it was my mermaid smiling at me with her mysterious suggestive smile.

She swam up to me then without a word wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips softly to mine. We stayed like that for a moment and then the chaste kiss turned seductive with my mermaid’s lips sucking on my lower lip.

I gave in to the kiss as our tails entwined together and I wrapped the mermaid in an amorous embrace, our breasts pressed firmly against each other. Her tongue slithered into my mouth like an eel in a cave and I sucked on it. She trembled with longing and we began rubbing our bodies together.

The rubbing sent pleasurable electricity through my body as we groaned into each other’s mouths. My orgasm came in waves. We didn’t break our passionate kiss but held each other letting the current take us.

I woke up in the middle of the night, my pussy soaking the sheets, my nerve endings electric. I listened to the waves crashing on the shore as my heart pounded. That was the most erotic dream I’ve ever had. I could hear a faint humming of the song coming from the beach and wondered if I was going crazy.


I love swimming. It helps me think. While Joe went into town for groceries I decided to go for a swim that morning. I put on my favorite yellow string bikini, the one that izmir escort Joe loved to take off me when we liked to have spontaneous sex in our neighbor’s pool whenever she’s out of town.

I swam close to the shoreline against the currents. I made it to the rocks where I first spied my mermaid. I rested there, my upper body exposed while my other half sat on a stepping surface.

I lay back letting the sun warm my tired body. I licked my lips, the salt bitter on my tongue but I loved it. My thoughts wandered to my mermaid. I felt myself smiling as I wondered what it would be like to have sex with a mermaid? Besides it was every guy’s fantasy why can’t a woman fantasize about it too?

I must have drifted off because I didn’t notice my bikini bottom was gone until it was too late. Suddenly I felt a pair of lips on my exposed pussy. I jumped with surprise but a mouth latched onto my cunt like a barnacle on the bow of a ship.

My body tensed then relaxed as I felt a tentative tongue run up and down my slit. Heat crawled up my spine as the mystery tongue licked the inside of my labia lovingly with long slow strokes.

I looked down to see none other than my mermaid, her sea glass eyes enticing me to give into her advances. I was frozen in shock that soon melted into lust as the mermaid’s tongue pierced my molten core. I sighed in bliss as she sucked on my swollen clit like a little cock. Thank God I had a bikini wax done before we came to the shore house.

My breasts firmed and nipples stiffened through my bikini top as I played with them just as I always liked to do when masturbating or whenever Joe would go down on me. Joe was skilled but this creature didn’t need to come up for air.

She teased my clit, tickled my g-spot with evil delight as I moaned with desire for her to finish me off. The mermaid grabbed my wriggling hips as I fucked her face. I grabbed onto her head to force her further in.

My pleasure became more vocal as I approached my climax that I was afraid someone would hear me all the way from town. The mermaid tongue fucked me until my orgasm washed over me like a wave crashing on the rocks.

Even after my shuddering had passed my mermaid continued to kiss and lick my quivering pussy. She nibbled a bit on my engorged clit like a minnow causing me to whimper. I looked down at her, staring into her enchanting sea glass eyes and I bit my lip I was so turned on.

Finally my mermaid surfaced, rising out of the water like a sea goddess. Her body pressed against mine I could feel her nipples like hard pebbles run across my skin until our breasts were pressed against each other. Her gorgeous globes seemed to dwarf my modest C-cup as our faces were inches apart.

“Hello…,” the mermaid whispered seductively, her sea glass eyes sparkling with mischievous lust.

“Hi…,” was all I managed to get out, my throat was so dry I was almost speechless. My head was swimming as I saw that she was even more breath taking up close. She had a round white face framed with bluish, green scales that sparkled in the sun light. Full lips like Angelina Jolie that I wanted to bite, kiss, alsancak escort and suck all day.

“My name’s Coralee,” she said as I felt her hips move, grinding her fish half into my mound. It set my loins on fire and I could also feel something small and hard brush against my swollen clit. Another clit?

“Yes we mermaids do have a clitoris like you human women,” she answered my question as if reading my mind.

“Oh…?” Yes I could feel it but it was a bit longer than a normal clit. It was like a tiny cock.

“You liked the dream I sent you?” Coralee asked sweetly as she ground her fishy mound into my human and I wrapped my legs around her to hold her there.

“YOU did that?” I flushed but my body was already taking over as I placed my hands on her scaly butt and began moving my hips in sync with Coralee’s. Coralee leaned her head back, her luscious lips slack as moans spilled from her mouth like a fountain.

“I like humans,” Coralee sighed as she pressed her forehead against mine as she increased her pace. “And… uuuhhhhnnnn… I especially like the pretty ones… uuhhnn… Like you for instance.”

Suddenly in a fit of passionate lust I crushed her mouth possessively as we ground our mounds faster. We groaned in sonorous communion as our pleasure mounted. Nothing else seemed to exist like in my dream. I let the lust carry me like the currents as raw passion burned in my loins.

Our tongues danced in a sensual courtship as I felt Coralee’s clit rubbing against mine. I sucked on her tongue as she cried out in passion. I held her close to me as we trembled in the aftermath of our orgasms. I forgot all about Joe in that moment. But how often do you forget to have sex with a mythological creature?

Coralee collapsed against me as we waited for the shock to subside. Her wet hair was like silk, her body slick like a dolphin I was surprised I was able to hold onto her.

“That was amazing…,” Coralee whispered into my ear sending a hot thrill to my pussy again.

“You weren’t too bad yourself,” I countered with a tired laugh.

“This isn’t your first time with a woman.”

“My first time with a mermaid,” I chuckled as Coralee moved down to my breasts. Her mouth clamped onto my nipple, sucking the puckering nub through the fabric.

I sighed as Coralee’s hand made it to my other breast. I untied my bikini top to give her better access. I wanted to feel her mouth on my bare breasts and I wanted to do the same to her. I was more of a giver especially when someone gave me this much pleasure.

Coralee’s hot mouth almost sucked in my entire breast. Her tongue licked then flicked my sensitive nub. Her other hand tweaked my other nipple hard playfully. I loved getting my nipples pinched. Coralee pinched and lovingly suckled me, going between each breast as I tangled my fingers through her wet black hair.

Coralee came up then licked my dry salty lips. I decided it was my turn. I turned Coralee over so that I was on top now. Our lips locked and I played with her gorgeous large breasts. They were perfect heavy globes in the palm of my hands.

Coralee sighed buca escort and cooed as I rubbed her pebble hard nubs gently with my thumb and index finger. I could have played with them all day but I remembered that Joe would be back home in a half hour or so.

I licked her marble-hard tip, tracing a circle around her areola then sucking on it as she held my head, pressing me closer to her beautiful bosom. Her breasts tasted of the sea. My mouth took in as much of the breast as it could and I traveled kisses between Coralee’s lovely globes.

Then I descended and there it was. Her long clit standing at attention. You wouldn’t notice it when it was flat as it blended with the scales but when aroused it stood out (pun intended).

Now unlike Coralee I need air so she heaved herself further up on the rock platform and guided my head. Her mermaid clit was coated in slick juices. I gave it a tentative lick. Coralee whimpered and sighed. I felt her shudder as I began sucking on her long clit.

I tasted my cum, her cum and the salty sea. Mermaid cum is actually sweeter than a human’s. I’ve gone down on women before in college as well as men. Both taste different but I wasn’t sure I would go down on anyone again because mermaid cum is so damn delicious! It’s hard describe the taste but trust me on this.

Coralee placed her hand on my wet head as I worked her little shaft. She wriggled about as she groaned, “Yeah baby… just like that… suck it just like that ahhhhhhhh YES! YES! OH BABY!”

Wow mermaids were sensitive. Her erotic juices increased as I gave her long clit on good suck. Coralee gripped my hair and arched her back. I could feel her muscles constrict then relax as she cried out to me.

As she collapsed I climbed on top of her still stiff clit. I looked into her haunting sea glass eyes as I lowered my dripping pussy onto her cock-like clit. Coralee held onto my hips as I moved back and forth, feeling the tiny mermaid cock inside me. It felt so good and right.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned. I watched my mermaid’s amazing tits bounce as we humped against each other. Coralee held onto my lower back as her other thumb rubbed my still sensitive pink pearl. I called out her name begging her not to stop.

My excitement mounted as sea gulls laughed over head. Coralee sat up as I moved my hips more rapidly. Her face buried in my breasts, kissing them, holding onto each other tightly just like in my dream as we came together.

“Oh my god, baby…,” Coralee sighed kissing my neck. My pussy muscles spasmed as we kissed with such sensual passion I thought I would melt. I had never experienced such pure erotic lust. We collapsed on the rock, embracing each other. Coralee ran her fingers through my hair as I rested my head on her soft bountiful bosom. They were like dirty pillows. Then I drifted off to sleep…


I woke up in shock to see that I was back on the shore, my bikini lying right next to me. My body still felt raw from making love to that mythical creature. I heard Joe calling my name. He sounded worried.

I rushed to get my bikini back on and ran to Joe. My body was electric even Joe noticed. He smiled at me knowing that he was going to get laid that night. After we had sex I thought back to the afternoon before. Was it all a fever dream? Then I heard the faint singing of Coralee and smiled.

Maybe tomorrow I should go swimming again. Send Joe on an errand in town…

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