Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 13


Amy had a goal now, and it was to win. The more she thought about touching Emily’s body, the wetter she got. It was no longer about pleasuring herself to get to orgasm; it was about being the first to do so. Winning meant she would get to play with Emily, and she wanted that very much. Emily merely focused on her own pleasure, as she only meant the bet in jest.

Amy was rubbing with her right hand up and down at a medium pace on her already-wet vagina; the other hand played with a nipple.

Emily was slowly teasing herself on the outside of her panties. An outside observer would think of the fable of the tortoise and the hare.

Amy was already fantasizing about what she wanted to do to Emily, imagining what it would be like to run her tongue over Emily’s nipples, and if she’d allow it, to touch her pussy.

Emily was thinking about Ted, and what they had shared earlier in his office.

Both girls had their eyes closed, and were in their own fantasies.

Ted was home now, and was happy to find his wife had already gone to bed, because that gave him privacy on his computer. He no longer searched for porn to entertain himself, but he did enjoy doing research. He wanted to find as many ways as possible to enjoy Emily, and give her pleasure. He had found several sites that focused on discussions of light BDSM, as well as some that were exhibitionist in nature. Ted had no desire to show himself to strangers, but some of his darker fantasies about Emily involved being in control of her; making her do anything he wanted, without question.

One of the ways to do that, he had decided, was to make her show herself to others. He had found a site that was full of galleries of shared photos of women, and the visitors were encouraged to rate the pictures and post comments. Ted got very aroused at the thought of sharing pictures of Emily on a site such as this, where he could read what other men thought of her young body. The important element to Ted was not that Emily was exposed, but that she was doing it to be submissive to him.

The internet was full of sites where men posted pictures of wives and girlfriends, mostly out of revenge or without their knowledge.

Ted wanted Emily to be a willing partner in the sharing. If possible, she would take the pictures herself, and she would do the sharing, but all under Ted’s instruction.

Amy was close. Her fantasies had fueled her arousal so well that she would probably finish in half the time she would usually take. All she could think about now was touching Emily all over.

“I’m…gonna…win…” she whispered.

Emily was so relaxed and into her slow self-touch she had almost forgotten she wasn’t alone, and was momentarily startled to find someone was in bed with her. Then she realized how much she had been into her thoughts.

She didn’t reply, but did open her eyes and turn to look at Amy. The only light was from a street lamp outside the window, which gave just enough illumination for Emily to see the silhouette of Amy’s face.

Her mouth was open and her head was tilted forward. Emily thought she could make out some perspiration on her friend’s face.

Ted was deep into reading a post on a BDSM forum when his Yahoo Instant Messenger blinked. He kept it logged in by default since he liked the instant notifications when he Ankara escort got new email, and he sometimes used it to counsel with youth if a live meeting wasn’t practical.

It was an IM from Sierra.

Every youth group had at least one instigator, one troublemaker, the one who reveled in the making of mischief. This role was filled with great zeal by Sierra.

If anyone could be considered Emily’s opposite, it was Sierra. Her MySpace page included that she considered herself a “Future Suicide Girl”, referring to the popular site of tattooed fetish and goth models in suggestive poses.

Sierra did indeed have three tattoos already, the most interesting being the colorful full-back image that was a duplicate of the cover of one of her favorite albums. Pale and slim, with deep green eyes and long, straight brown hair, she would fit in perfectly with the other SGs, if she should ever decide to apply.

Ted had counseled privately with more than one boy who had become smitten with her, especially after she had demonstrated her oral skills on the inexperienced boy. Ted always had to work hard to convince the boys that Sierra was not typical, and that they shouldn’t expect such things to happen every time they dated a girl.

BlackRainbow: Hey Mister Ted, are you on?

Ted hesitated to answer, as he was enjoying what he was reading in the fetish forum post, but he also still had a loyalty to his kids, so he responded.

TedCar: Hi Sierra, what’s up? Just working on some lessons, I can chat for a bit.

BlackRainbow: What did you think of the music tonight? XD

Ah, her song. Yes, it caused quite a stir. Sierra sang a song to a backup CD. It was one that hadn’t been out long, and the original lyrics were totally inappropriate.

Ted told her the only way she could perform the song was if she altered the lyrics, and she complied, but the song was still risque. The lyrics included frequent use of “bitch” and “fuck”, but Sierra changed those to “witch” and “love”.

Fortunately, the adults in the audience were turned off by the style and loudness of the music so much that they pretty much tuned out the lyrics, but all the youth immediately recognized the song and cheered her on.

TedCar: I assume you’re talking about the Buckcherry song you did?

BlackRainbow: Yeah XD

TedCar: It was…interesting. I’m quite sure I will hear about it from the deacons in the morning email. Thanks for that.

Ted couldn’t admit he got somewhat turned on watching her sing the song. She sang it with energy and passion, and it was as if she wrote it herself.

BlackRainbow: You’re welcome! Well, I have a rep I have to keep up, hahaaaa. 😀

TedCar: Of course, dear. Suicide Girl, and all that.

BlackRainbow: Yeah! You know I’m totally serious about that, right? I’m going to apply in a few months. I already have my portfolio set ready.

Ted tried his best to remain clinically disinterested, but the thought of Sierra posing nude for a Suicide Girl shoot stirred his member enough to cause a twitch.

TedCar: Really? Well, I wish you the best.

BlackRainbow: I can show them to you if you want to see! 😀

TedCar: That’s not necessary, dear. I’m sure they’re quite fetching. Remember, I’m a married man.

Sierra didn’t wait, she had already sent the first Ankara escort bayan file. All Ted had to do was click the link to see the image. He hesitated. If he clicked it, she would see it had been received.

Ted got up and looked into the living room. His wife, as far as he knew, was asleep in bed. He went back to his desk, which faced the door. He didn’t ever want his wife to walk in on him when he was looking at porn. He clicked the link, accepting the download, and opened the picture Sierra had sent.

It was actually a very tasteful picture. Black and white, and definitely showing plenty of skin, but none of the naughty bits. It was a full-length photo of Sierra laying on the floor, hands crossed over her breasts, looking sideways at the camera. Her right leg was flexed in such a way as to hide her privates, and it was very sexy without being crude. Ted was impressed. It reminded him of his youthful days of peeking at Playboy magazines he would find stashed in the woods.

TedCar: That’s actually very well-done. Did you pose and shoot it yourself?

BlackRainbow: Yes! Used the self timer. You like it? 😀

Ted loved it, but thought it wise to praise the technical aspects of the photo, rather than the arousing effect it had on him.

TedCar. It really is a good shot, they just might hire you if that’s typical of what you can do.

Without being prompted, Sierra sent five more pictures, and Ted hesitantly opened each one. They appeared to be a set, as the style and poses were similar.

Much to Ted’s relief (disappointment?), none actually showed much of anything, although it was obvious Sierra was totally nude in each pose.

The last shot showed just a bit of one nipple, as she was looking over her shoulder, holding her hair up to show off her back tattoo.

TedCar: Those are really nice, but I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone that you shared them with me.

BlackRainbow: Hahaaaa it’s cool. I trust you and I know you won’t share them with anyone. 😀

TedCar: That’s very true. I won’t even keep them myself. I’ll be deleting them after we’re done talking. My wife wouldn’t be happy if she knew I had seen naked photos of one of my youth group students, no matter how tastefully posed!

In reality, Ted would normally love to keep such pictures, but his new relationship with Emily was so strong he felt he would be betraying her if he enjoyed another girl now, so he did indeed intend to delete the pictures.

BlackRainbow: Awwwww okay, haha. 🙂 Well I’ll let you go. See you!

TedCar: Goodnight, dear.

Ted was relieved to be done with the chat, and looked through the pictures one more time before deleting them. They were very well-done, and definitely arousing. He briefly considered masturbating to them before he deleted them, but suppressed the urge by thinking of Emily.

He wondered if he could get Emily to do a set of similar poses for him soon.

Thinking of that scenario, he succumbed to his urges and began stroking himself through his trousers. He fantasized about having Emily so well-trained and obedient that she would send a nude picture at his command at any time.

Amy had won, and was quick to tell Emily. Emily sighed, not from defeat, but from the pleasure she was feeling from her own self-touching.

Amy Escort Ankara caught her breath, then rolled on her side to face her friend. Emily had slowed, but not stopped, her pleasuring of herself.

“So now I get to help you finish,” she whispered.

That made Emily pause. “Huh?”

“We said the winner gets to help the loser finish,” Amy reminded her.

“I thought you were joking…” Emily admitted.

Amy put a hand on Emily’s bare stomach. Emily didn’t flinch, but she wasn’t expecting it. “Nu-uh, it was for reals. You have to let me help you finish.” You cold hear the glee in Amy’s voice.

“What are you gonna do?” Emily was nervous, but not totally against the idea.

“Just keep going,” was all Amy said.

Amy’s hand slid slowly up Emily’s belly as Emily began playing again. She still hadn’t gone past touching the outside of her panties, but they had gotten quite wet.

Amy put a hand on the nearest of Emily’s breasts and inwardly squealed at the experience. It was softer than she had imagined it would be. Warm and inviting to her touch, Amy gently grasped the globe and cupped it in her hand.

She circled a finger over Emily’s nipple and felt it respond slowly.

Letting go for just a moment, she pulled the covers back so Emily’s breasts were no longer covered, and then returned her hand to holding the nearest one. Emily closed her eyes again and slid her hand into her panties. She gently circled her clit with a fingertip. She was still thinking of Ted, and imagined it was he who was touching her breast.

Without asking, Amy leaned over and kissed the breast that she held. It was a quick, little kiss, testing the waters to see what Emily would do. Emily didn’t object, so Amy did it again, and a third time, this time lingering and running her tongue along the side of the pale shape she held in her hand.

Emily sighed, and Amy took this as permission to go on. Leaning closer, she positioned herself over Emily’s breast and parted her fingers to reveal the now-protruding nipple. She kissed it, then flicked her tongue over it to see what Emily would do. Again, Emily didn’t speak, but her body language invited Amy to go on. Emily was still pretending it was Ted, so she was enjoying it all. She had spread her legs and was now alternating between circling her clit and probing below with two fingers.

Amy began kissing and sucking Emily’s breast in earnest, cupping it to her with her hand, and she slid her other hand under Emily’s back and hugged her close. She also slid one leg over Emily’s nearest leg, so that it was between hers. She resisted against doing what she wanted to do next, which was to climb fully on top of Emily and grind on her. Maybe next time, she imagined. This was new to Amy, but it felt quite nice, and she savored it.

As Emily approached her climax, she whispered, “Close, really close,” and Amy sped up with her tongue on Emily’s nipple, alternately licking and sucking.

When Emily came, it wasn’t as big as most of her orgasms, but it was a long, slow, satisfying one, and she let it wash over her and enjoyed it.

Amy knew from the change in breathing and her sighs that Emily had finished, and she released the nipple, kissing it one more time, and slid her hand back down to Emily’s belly.

“That was fun,” she whispered into Emily’s ear.

“Yeah, it was,” Emily agreed, and turned to face her. The girls hugged each other, and then they fell into a deep sleep, naked breasts pressed together, arms and legs wrapped around each other.

End of part thirteen.

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