Megan’s Milk and More Ch. 02


*** Disclaimer: The events portrayed and actions in this story are purely fiction. Characters however, may be inspired from the reality of the author’s life. All erotica and sexual fantasies are once more, just fantasies for the pleasure of the reader. Enjoy!***


Megan was dying of boredom in the living room. She swore she watched the same SportsCenter about 3 times repeated, all the shows featured on MTV and anything else on was just stale. It was her day off from work. Both jobs to be fair. She worked part time at the mall in town and the other job was babysitting. She had picked up babysitting/wet-nursing soon after she had been induced by her own brother in-law, John, whom she’d been enjoying a fantastic sex life with.

Of course, to anyone else it may be completely odd that John was married to her older sister Madison and all three were involved into each other explicitly and sexually, but to them they were happier that way. John had two beautiful and sexy sisters to fuck and suck delicious milk from. Megan loved being able to induce her milk after seeing how much John had enjoyed it from her sister, and she treasured the fact that John had told her in secret that he preferred her milk to Madison’s.

Normally she’d be open-breasted with John suckling away, but today he was off working and her sister Madison was out of town. She picked up her phone and scrolled through funny, sad, and idiotic Facebook posts until she came to the idea of inviting her friend Chelsea to the mall where she normally worked.

After a series of texts, and a quick drive, the two young ladies arrived and met at the Victoria’s Secret to fantasize about the thousands of lingerie combinations they could wear. Chelsea was a red-head, cute, a little taller than Megan, slender, but had meat in all the right areas. Chelsea was Megan’s closest friend so she knew everything within the household and had no judgement against the love triangle. The two took a break after a series of store-to-store blitzes.

“So, you must have been bored to death without your boyfriend there huh?” Chelsea teased Megan.

Megan gave her an embarrassed smile. She hated when she called John her boyfriend but loved it at the same time. It was almost like she wished John had ended up with her to begin with.

“Basically.”, she answered after a brief silence.

“Your boobs must be hurting then, considering that he can’t be there and you’re not babysitting!” Chelsea added nonchalantly as she scrolled through her phone.

Come to think of it, Megan hadn’t realized that she had not pumped once at all that day and that her breasts were getting full as presented by their larger appearance. She lightly brushed her chest while no one was watching to feel if her nipples had gotten tender yet.

“Well, unfortunately, yup.” she said as she looked down at her cleavage.

The pale veins that were almost not visible to sight were becoming slightly more prominent.

“Those two would be crazy to drink those puppies up right now I bet. Lucky, you!”, she added as a form of an aloof signal to the fact that Chelsea would have loved to be in her shoes.

“You know, ever since I told John about you having a tiny crush on him, he’s admitted that he’d fuck the shit out of you.” Megan responded to smack right back.

Chelsea giggled and added, “trust me it’s likewise, but aside from that I’d love to be able to have him suck my tits like he does to you”.

Megan rolled her eyes and then said, “oh believe me, he’s wanted to suck on them since he found out that you are a D cup.”

Chelsea’s eyes widened along with a smile and exclaimed, “Well, yeah, but I’d also want to give him some titty milk… I think it’s insanely sexy, and that’s why I love and respect your family.”

Megan’s brows rose in interest and added, “I mean I can talk to him about inducing milk in you if you are serious about it. It took me a good while to get my milk, but it was worth every time my nipples were in his mouth.”

Chelsea loved the idea and continued smiling until she answered, “Yeah do it. Ugh, my nipples are super hard just thinking about it right now.”

Megan was feeling the same, and the state of her erect nipples wasn’t helping the fact that she was filling up fast.

After some silence and pondering Megan giggled at an ironic memory and this caught Chelsea’s attention.

“What’s so funny dairy queen?” she said mockingly.

Megan scowled at that nickname but then slowly asked Chelsea, “Can I confess something really awkward to you?”

Chelsea gave her a leer with a facial expression of ‘Duh’.

“Okay, just please don’t tell anyone. Anadolu Yakası Escort I mean it, not a soul, and certainly not my family.” She hesitated a little before silently confessing, “John isn’t the only guy to have had my milk.”

She was looking around and then down as if she’d just revealed top secret Pentagon information.

Chelsea dipped her mind into this thought but then came back up with, “oh dumb, you’re talking about the baby you sit. Yeah, the one you’re getting paid a whole lot to breastfeed. Geez, I feel dumb. That’s where I’d make money if I had milk like you.”

Megan smiled at her and shook her head slowly.

Chelsea looked puzzled but then asked, “Megan you breastfed another dude? Who, what, when and where? But why?”

Megan placed her hands on the table before them and continued, “It actually took place here in the mall…”

Chelsea’s eyes widened as she interrupted her with, “No way you nursed hot Ryan that works with you?!”

Megan shook her head in response, even though the newly introduced though was one she found intriguing.

“I was coming here for Sarah’s gift for her party a few weeks ago, and I had not pumped that morning. In turn, I was forced between fighting engorgement in traffic or hand pumping in the parking lot in my car. I couldn’t get more than a few drops because I was far too stressed and in pain. So, some guy just slightly younger than us notices me crying and engages in conversation with me after embarrassingly seeing me with my tits out, and well long story short, I let him suck them.”

Chelsea’s puzzled look was more of disbelief but also of peak interest and let out, “So did he suck on them like playfully or did he actually like, you know?”

Megan cut her off with an answer, “no he actually knew what he was doing, and drained me pretty well so I did him a favor and emptied his balls in my mouth. You know, a suck for suck.”

“Holy shit! That’s incredibly risky, why?” Chelsea reacted.

“He was a virgin. I could easily tell that my breasts were the first he’d ever seen and touched so I didn’t want the poor guy to go home with blue balls” Megan answered.

The silence was a bit longer than expected but then Chelsea perked up again and asked, “you going to see him again soon?”

Megan hadn’t thought about it since that day that it had happened and she recalled storing Tim’s number on her phone just in case. Today was one of those ‘just in case’ days the way her breasts were filling and she knew she could use a natural mouth.

Megan smiled and said, “soon.”

Megan drove back home briefly as she got into more comfortable clothing. In the meantime, she laid in just black leggings in bed completely topless with a pump bedside in case plans would not fall through.

She found the contact number to Tim, and shot a quick text.

“Hey Tim. It’s Megan, don’t know if you remember me. I have more milk if you’d like some” — Megan.

She caressed her breasts as she waited for a response. A few minutes went by and she felt the buzz of a text message arrive.

“Hey Megan. Of course, I remember you, why wouldn’t I? I’d love some more milk please.” — Tim.

She wrote back rapidly.

“Great. My breasts are really full right now and I could use the help. Send me your address.” — Megan.

Within half of a minute the address was sent back and she was gathering her things to get ready to head out to him. She kept on her leggings and got on a white Nike sports bra that did a terrible job of concealing any vision of her areolas and nipples. After wards she zipped up a hoodie and slipped on some shoes to head on out.

The drive was nothing more than a five-mile transit between their two houses. His neighborhood had little street light though so it was harder to find the numbers on the houses. She stopped the car on the side of the street and texted one more time.

“I think I’m here.” — Megan.

She saw to her right, the silhouette of a young man standing by the door to a large house. She parked and made her way up the steps to the door where Tim, her familiar friend awaited her excitedly.

She remembered his blue eyes and messy brown hair. He seemed a bit more confident than last time when they first met as he greeted her with a smile and a hug.

“My dad’s out on a date so he won’t be home tonight”, he said as he let her in.

He was also in comfort clothing in just a tee and shorts. She glanced and saw that it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to contain his excitement as his shorts slowly tented without notice.

“Wonderful, let’s head up to your room to get started. I haven’t pumped all day.” Megan added with a smile.

She watched his shorts tent up completely and his cheeks get red as he proceeded to lead them upstairs.

The house was dark except for a little hallway light and then to the very end of the corridor was his room. Not too bad, had plenty of room for two brothers if possible, had a full t.v. and video game system set-up and a desktop computer in the corner.

He had set up the bed for max comfort as he had perhaps three scattered comforters on top with a series of pillows. The t.v. displayed dim lighting to the room and cut-scenes from the matchmaking lobby of the latest Call of Duty game.

Tim sat on the edge of his bed waiting for her as he said, “please get as comfortable as you need to.”

She smiled and said, “of course.”

She slowly brought her hands up to the zipper of her hoodie and smiled as she watched Tim’s excited gaze. She knew he was anticipating more the fact to have her breasts in his mouth than anything else, but she trusted that he would be gentle enough to properly suckle.

Megan unzipped the hoodie and let it fall to the floor. Tim’s jaw was almost completely to the floor as he gawked at her sexy body and most especially at her nearly transparent sports bra. He stood back up and came closer to her, eyes glued to her areolas. He was still a geek but after their first encounter it seemed as if he’d embraced his balls a little as he came close and grabbed a palmful of heavy breast.

Both hands were now cupping around her beautiful breasts as she gasped in pleasure and surprise. His thumbs rubbed over the nipples like Dualshock joysticks and leaned in to kiss Megan. Megan appreciated his courage and accepted his kiss, though he wasn’t very good. She took control and taught him orally on how to make out while his hands began to scavenge under her bra. His hot palms were now taking full possession of her breasts as she broke away their kiss.

“C’mon I’m super ready to feed you”, Megan breathed out heavily as she began to retreat.

She brushed his hands out of there and walked past him to sit upright on the bed while kicking off her shoes. She noticed Tim licked a few small traces of milk off his hands that he managed to squeeze out as he settled next to her preparing to lay in her lap. Megan lifted her bra above her breasts and removed it completely. In no time, Tim sunk down into her lap and proceeded to move his cheeks across her right breast to firmly latch her nipple into his mouth.

“Ohhhh….” she let out instinctively as the hot, wet, and hungry mouth met the tender flesh of her breast.

She felt the air pressure in his cheeks firmly place her nipple and most of her breast on top of his tongue and sitting the farthest possible into the back of his throat. He began to softly suck while performing a chewing motion with his jaw. This was sending Megan’s breasts over the edge. His saliva and tongue had given life to her let-down as she felt the stiffening of her breasts to loosen.

Tim sucked a little harder as he received the quick rush of delicious milk. The small streams were quickly becoming big torrents of liquid that quickly filled his cheeks before swallowing. Megan’s eyes rested close as she concentrated on the release of her body’s nourishment. She felt sexy and irresistible as she felt consumed by this young man. After all, he almost couldn’t get his hands off her at first.

She grabbed the breast he was nursing from and squeezed a little. She whispered in his ear, “drink it up Timmy, it’s all for you.”

Tim placed his right hand on her free breast and played as he nursed some more. The milk was coming in huge amounts. He almost had trouble keeping up with it. It tasted sweet, like love in a cup, or a tiny thin hint of a coconut paradise.

Megan’s clitoris tingled with every tongue brush he was giving her nipple and her breathing was struggling between the relaxed rush of her let-down and the increasing adrenaline from her sex.

“Mmmmmm…yeah baby suck it; drink it all up” she whispered some more.

She checked the time and noticed that she wasn’t even close to being all the way empty on her right after almost fifteen minutes, but she urged him to switch sides.

With a wet ‘plop’, Tim readjusted to settle and dine on her left breast; a renewed rush of creamy deliciousness. Megan’s breathing continued to rise a little as she held him close with breast in his mouth. His tongue was really giving her left nipple a work out and his left hand now toyed with the breast he had just suckled from. She couldn’t resist seeing him in any discomfort and slid her right hand down his shorts to play with his cock and balls as he ate some more.

“MMMMmmmm…” was all that was audible from Tim as he swallowed a mouthful of milk and felt waves of sensation from the contact of her hand to his crotch.

She would softly caress, grip, and jerk him slowly as he drained her nectar. It was becoming increasingly hot for the two of them and Megan knew it wouldn’t end like last time if they kept it up.

Almost another ten minutes were about to go by but Tim began to softly nibble and bite her nipple as he suckled. Megan fought back by exposing his cock and pulling it completely out in the open. He let go of her nipple with another wet ‘plop’ and a final swallowing of milk to see that she took her body and set herself on top of him. She slid down and pulled his shorts and underwear completely off as she engulfed his cock in her mouth.

Tim’s neck bent back as he fell into ecstasy as he felt her hot tongue wrestle with his head. She pumped her neck up and down his shaft slowly as she secretly pulled down her own leggings and panties. She gave his cock on last full suck as she slid back up with her breasts pressing up against his face. He felt skin and a little wet patch of fuzz near his crotch. He took in a nipple into his mouth once more as he felt the wet skin slide against his cock.

He let go as he looked down while his entire cock slowly disappeared into Megan. Her vagina felt as if it had swallowed his cock entirely and once she hit base Megan let out a long awaited audible and soft moan. Tim’s eyes were wide with shock and surprise as he gawked at his luck. Megan had a full on sexy body, flat tummy, trimmed pussy with of course her incredibly sexy breasts. She began to rock and ride him slowly enough to where both were getting accommodated to each other.

The only sounds in the room were the small squeaks of the bed and the slightly suppressed releases of heavy breathing that concealed any moaning in case anyone was coming home.

Megan was enjoying herself fully as her bucking became faster and stronger. Her palms rested on his stomach and chest as her nipples slowly began to dribble white pearls of milk. Tim joined in with a little bucking and grinding of his own, naturally learning how to fuck for the first time. He got up off his back and brought both large breasts to his mouth, sending both over the edge.

“Oh fuck, yes please suck on them baby, ohhhhh…” Megan let out with loss of control, completely in the wavelength of ecstasy.

He suckled her some more, bit by bit on both sides, while his hands explored her ass. Her brown hair falling over both as they matched a rough riding rhythm and sought to beat each other to pleasure. Her vaginal muscles were beginning to constrict his shaft as she was rapidly approaching paradise. His head was receiving dangerously good waves of ecstasy and he too was not too far from coming.

Megan turned her bucking into bouncing and thrashing as her clitoris rubbed and sparked at every chance with his shaft. She just needed to ride a little longer.

Her bucking was coming to an incredibly fast pace as Tim returned the assault, feeling like a knight with sword. Her nipples were very hard and leaking drops at a strong rate as she felt a fire build up and down her spine and into her sex. She felt as though a rush of excitement and power was surging through her, almost as if she was going down a roller coaster drop. Her vaginal muscles tightened as she felt her orgasm. She moaned without hesitation, her nipples still dribbling streams of milk. It was as if Megan’s orgasm surged through Tim as well, almost as if her vaginal muscles choked the orgasm out of his cock.

The two held hands as they rode the roller coaster drop down and Tim yelped out in pleasure at the same time as her moaning. His cock shot loads inside of her and she rode every single one as well.

Finally, they both collapsed next to each other on the bed. Rested for five minutes until Megan excused herself to clean herself up in the bathroom.

She came back to his bed and rested some more engaging in small talk about when Tim would be leaving off to college and what he was planning on studying while there.

All in all, her trip was worth it and she had been craving not only a good mouth to feed but also a strong orgasm like she had that night.

She was almost fully clothed before Tim stopped her as she continued to sit back on his bed. He leaned in again and pulled out her breasts from her sports bra.

He retained his latch and began to nurse some more. Her milk didn’t seize to provide or produce so she didn’t fight back. She laid back comfortably nursing her friend, feeling him peel her clothing back off… feeling his legs part hers, and feeling him enter her once more…

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