Massaged by Marc

** Caution, this story contains both straight and homosexual events, if either or both of these are not your thing or these offend you, then you may do anything else beside continuing. Otherwise, enjoy! **

So I’ve recounted several experiences at local AMPs (Asian Massage Parlor), but this one is different. I’m firmly bi, maybe the kids today call it pansexual, whatever name you like to use, I have interest in men and in women, and for me, there is no difference in my sexual attraction to either. In our world, massage is 99% females, so to have this kind of experience with a man, requires a little more effort.

I searched on a well-known massage website, and located a man in my area. It was some 50 miles away, but was also on my route to visit my elderly father, so I can combine these two trips. This man was well-reviewed, and it was clear that he was not just a gay dude that likes to service men, but his massage skills were very very well reviewed as well. His name is Marc, his last name is listed on the site, but of course we don’t need to discuss this here.

I texted Marc, and he replied in five minutes. I didn’t expect this quick reply, and only saw his reply after three hours. I replied, apologizing for not replying quickly. We got to chatting, and I told him that I had read reviews, and saw his pictures, and that I was interested in a session that was half and half, both full massage and then playing. Without asking him to, he texted me a photo of himself, with his Apple watch next to his face and my most recent message appearing on that screen. Well done, this fellow was definitely a professional.

After our talk, I told him that I was not ready for a visit soon, but that it would be in two weeks, due to the distance involved. He offered to come to me, but of course this isn’t possible, and then he also offered to meet at a hotel he liked that was halfway between us. Again, this was not ideal for me, and I explained that for me it was best that we meet at his studio and he can be comfortable in his normal environment. He texted me the location, and I confirmed the date. I told him that I would chat with him frequently during the intervening two weeks, so he could be sure that I was going to keep the appointment. For me, this kind of chat also breaks the ice, and cuts down on both the awkwardness of the actual session, and also cuts down on the chatter during the session.

I waited patiently through the two weeks. I had a planned trip to my father that week end. My normal operation for a visit to father was that I would leave my plant early on Friday, and then go visit one of the many AMPs in his city, stay overnight at a casino, and then visit him Saturday morning. We would have our visit, often returning to same casino I had secretly stayed at the night before, or visiting some place in his area. I would stay overnight with him Saturday, and then I usually left sometime Sunday. If I had a planned AMP or Indy visit Sunday, I may leave after breakfast, otherwise, was usually after lunch. For this trip, my appointment with Marc was at 0900, and he was about an hour from my father, so that meant Sunday morning breakfast with father and then off to “home”.

That two weeks was not easy. At my age, and given my life circumstances, with my family and business, having a homosexual experience was not as easy or common as it was in my thirties or twenties or earlier. I’m almost fifty now, so cruising is not as easy. I’m still attractive, or so everyone says, and I’m still built like a linebacker, but my silver hair is a giveaway that I’m not a young man anymore. During that two week period, I still visited my usual AMPs, five visits during that time.

As usual, I left my plant that Friday early, and drove the two hours to my father’s city. I played a few hours at the casino, and picked up one of the cigarette girls. I guess now they call them waitresses or something else, but I remember them as cigarette girls. You know, pretty young things in tiny skirts and tiny tops, lots of jewelry, and they bring you cigarettes or drinks. Today, I don’t drink or smoke, so for me these would be useless, except that I enjoy having one of these young dolls facesit me in my hotel room. I found three who were obliging, but I selected one who was nearing end of her shift as I was nearing end of my gaming time.

She joined me in my room. She asked to use the shower, after having spent ten hours walking the casino floor and carrying drinks. I asked if she minded to skip the shower until after, I enjoy a lady who has her natural scents on her. She gave me a strange look, but smiled and took my hand. We went into the bedroom of the suite, and she pushed me down onto the bed. She was a tiny little thing, very tall, but very skinny, and with very small boobs. She had told me earlier in the evening that she was 21, but I was dubious that she was that old yet.

She facesat me, and I enjoyed eating her out, sniffing her rear and pussy, and pushing my tongue into her starfish. I had arranged with her, that we would play in this escort bursa way, but that she would not touch my penis at all during this. When I had tired of licking her, then I would go sit in the chair in the living room of the suite, and while I watched the news, she would suck my cock until I cum in her mouth.

After an hour or so of eating her pussy and butthole, my face was glazed with her juices. If none of the other reasons, one of the things I enjoy most about very young ladies like this is that they get really juicy. This girl was even the exemplary case of this. She came several times, grinding into my chin and nose and tongue, then relaxing for a while, and then again, and then again. When finally I pushed her off of me, she had this smile from ear to ear. She even suggested that she ought to be paying me, after that performance. I giggled, as I have heard this a few hundred times before.

I took her by the hand, and led her out to the living room of the suite, and sat myself in the large plush chair, and pulled her down to her knees. I reminded her that we had a few hours, so she could take her time, and there was no rush. Usually young girls rush a blowjob, either because they are inexperienced and not very good at it, don’t understand how to do it correctly, or because they think we want to cum immediately. For me, I enjoy edging.

I had the news on, overnight there are only re-hashes of the day’s financial news, but I had missed all the aftermarket reports at 4 and 5 and 6, so for me this was all new-news. As she blew me, I watched with interest, there was a story about a company I had been doing business with. She was pretty good at fellatio, but I was imagining my Sunday morning meeting with Marc. I imagined that man’s mustache tingling my crotch, and his thin beard touching my balls and thighs. I got very hard during this fantasy in my head, and had to hold back a few times while this young girl blew me.

I played with her hair as she fellated me, and as I enjoyed the news. I pushed her head down hard at one point, and she kind of fought a little to pull off my penis. I’m not long, mostly average, so I didn’t poke her throat, but my abnormal girth choked off her oxygen. “Breathe through your nose, dolly,” I whispered to her. She did this, and continued sucking and licking, even while her entire mouth was full of penis.

I stopped with the choking thing, it was not my usual, but sometimes I like for a young girl to get the full experience of giving oral to a girthy man. Maybe they never find a penis like this ever again, but always they may like to have this one time. I played with her hair some more, and once the news hour was over, I relaxed from my edging. I pulled on her head once more, and I came deep into her stomach. She had no chance to spit, it went all down her throat. I released her little head, and she looked up at me. Her smile had never faded from the previous hour, and I liked this.

I pointed to the kitchenette table, where my donation for her was lying. I offered her another hour’s worth if she wanted to have some room service, but she lamented that she was very tired and had to get home to her daughter. I love these punchlines, when you find out the cute doll you were just defiling is someone’s mommy. I smiled at her, and we exchanged numbers, I told her I would be back in town in a month, and that we could meet again if she liked. She smiled broadly now, and kissed me on the lips, licking between them, as I did not open up for her. I did hug her around the small of her back, which is a bit of a reach down for me, but ladies enjoy this hand placement, it cements a personal bond.

I went to sleep, since it was now 0300 and I needed to be at father’s at 0800. The next day was a great visit with father, but all I could think of now was Marc. I texted again to Marc, to let him know how excited I was to see him on Sunday morning. I had asked him that when we texted, he not show me any nudity, I wanted it all to be a surprise, and he obliged this request. He offered to send dick pics or butthole pics, but I thanked him all the same. For me, half of the hobby is the surprise. When you go to a FS place or to an indy, the surprise is basically gone, you know you’re going to get full service, but there is still that surprise of what their body may look like, smell like, taste like.

Sunday morning came, and I had my breakfast with father and his two roommates slash tenants, and then I got on the road. An hour drive to a town I had driven past several times on the highway, but had never been to. It was actually the next town over from the town that I took my father to last summer when he was having his cancer treatments.

I pulled into the driveway of Marc’s home. There was no car there, but I assumed he was parked in his garage. While I sat in my car listening to the last of the song that was playing, I saw Marc’s front window’s curtains move. He had been looking out for me. As the song was finishing, he opened his front door, and came out to greet me.

He joked bursa merkez eskort with me a little, and took my hand, leading me into his home. It was definitely a home, it was clean and well-kept, but had the adornments of a home, as opposed to a studio or a fuckpad or an AirBnB. When not disgusting, I enjoyed very much when providers operated in their home. I felt like that it was more intimate, and that they could be more relaxed with no noise or time restraints.

The deal was simple. Marc said that his arrangement was that we would play until I am satisfied, so there would be no clock watching. I hate clock watching. Sometimes, at my age, and with my edging experience, it could take five minutes or five hours to cum. So I liked this way he planned to operate. I told him that I enjoy butt play, but that I am absolutely, ah what do they call it, a power top? I think that’s right. He knew what I was talking about anyway, even if I used the wrong word. I wanted him to be clear that I don’t accept penis in my butthole, but that I will enjoy everything else. I have been buttfucked before, but it doesn’t always do it for me, it has to be in the right moment. Since I had just met this guy, I was fairly sure such a moment wouldn’t happen.

So Marc. He is older than me, I’m 47, and he claimed to be 55 in the website, and his appearance matched that. He is athletic looking, but much shorter than my 6’7″, he is more like say 5’10”. Built well, athletic as I said. He wears a thick black mustache, and a thin black beard. He wore sport shorts, and a tank top. I could see that his body would be very hairy, but that he trimmed it with a clipper. Hairy is not specifically my type, but I certainly enjoyed him. I was getting tingly in my pants from the first moment.

Marc smelled nice, of various massage oils and scents. He was definitely a hot dude, I feel like most gay guys would like him if they like “bears”, I think this is the name for this kind of guy. He asked me if I wanted to shower. I had showered at my father’s house just two hours ago, but I always take up on the offer of shower at massage, you never know how that will go.

He led me to his shower, and ran the water. He undressed me, carefully opening my shirt, and hanging it on a cherry wood hanger. He pressed his large hand on the middle of my chest, and I could feel the heat of his hand, it was very erotic. I looked him in the eye, as is my custom, and he met my eyes with his. He kept looking at my eyes, as his hand went down, to my belt. He undid my belt, and unbuttoned my pants, and slid my zipper down. He let me pants drop to the floor, and then broke the eye contact. Marc crouched down, with my still covered penis at his eye level. He pulled at my knee, prompting me to step out of my pants. He picked these up, and stood up, smoothing the pants and then hanging them on their own cherry wood hanger.

I appreciated this touch, it was clear that he was not a trashy hooker, but a very upscale provider. Now, I was standing in front of him in just my briefs and socks, while he stood in front of me with his shorts and tank top. He tucked his fingers into my waistband, and slipped my briefs down until they dropped. My penis bobbed and tapped against his leg, not quite hard but halfway. He again went down to his knees, prompting me to step out of my briefs, and as I lifted each leg, he pulled my socks off too. He folded these neatly, and placed them carefully on a chair that was in the dressing room between his massage room and the shower.

He returned to me, and pulled his own shirt off. Yes, he would have been very hairy if not for the trimming he surely does. He was well-tanned, and was athletic in build, well cut too, I could see each muscle in his chest and shoulders and his abs. Not bodybuilder type, but he certainly gave a fuck about his appearance. He wrapped his arms around me, the only thing separating our naked bodies now was his gym shorts. As he hugged me, he nestled his mouth in the crook between my neck and shoulder, and I did the same to him. I felt his hands moving, and I felt his shorts slip down to the carpet. Now our cocks were bare, and he pressed his into mine. He was not erect either, but I could feel the swelling of his against the swelling of mine. He released his hold on me, and turned quickly, not letting me have even a glimpse of his penis. He took me by the hand, and led me into his shower.

This was a nice shower, it was big enough that two wheelchairs could park side by side in here with room to spare. The tile was well done, very patterned, for sure done by hand. I complimented Marc on this, and he said he had done it himself. As we got into the water, he turned toward me, and I got a good look at him. He had a nice penis, it was now sticking up a little, and he was uncut. I haven’t seen an uncut cock in a few years. His foreskin completely covered his head, and there was some even hanging longer past the tip like a sock. A very pretty cock for sure! His balls were tight against his body, bursa sınırsız escort and small, and he was completely bald from his navel to his knees. Like he may have waxed this morning. Incongruous with the rest of his body, but I did like it. His tan was complete too.

He soaped me up, and used the shower poof on me. It was a very thorough shower, she soaped every inch, every millimeter even. He rubbed the magic area between my balls and thighs, and my balls instantly started to tighten up, and my cock got up to its maximum. He reached around between my cheeks, and touched my asshole. His soapy finger poked around the rim, and then poked inside. Marc cleaned me very well. After this play, he soaped my chest, my arms, my neck my belly, and in my axila. I was all slippery now, and he dropped the shower poof and put his own arms around me. We were now chest to chest, cock to cock. I throbbed my cock against him, now my cock was upright, and rubbing on his belly. His cock was underneath my balls, and he throbbed his, I enjoyed feeling his shaft lifting my balls up and even separating them over his rod.

He kind of thigh fucked me, sliding his shaft under my balls and between my thighs, occasionally touching the tip in my crack. Despite telling him that I didn’t want to be fucked, I was melting at this contact. I felt like maybe if the rest of the day went as this was going, I might enjoy being fucked in my ass by this hot dude.

He released our embrace, and he rinsed me off. He rinsed himself off too, and then he hit the knob of the shower. Marc opened the door of the shower, held up his finger for me to stay. He stepped out and grabbed a large towel. It was very soft, like one of those super plush ones. He toweled me off, and for the first time took a hold of my entire cock, balls and cock, pulling on them as one item, and I got very hard for him.

He toweled me off the rest of the way, kneeling down in front of my penis while he dried my legs and feet. He motioned for me to go into the massage room, which I did. I heard him messing around with the shower, I guess he was rinsing the soap off the walls.

I went into the treatment room, and climbed onto the table, laying face down. I waited about five minutes, enjoying the heat of the table, the soft music, and the scents in the air. This guy really had a great presentation. I would have to remember these details for the review.

Marc came into the treatment room, and placed his hand on the small of my back. He started telling me about the massage, asking me if I wanted hard or soft, and if he minded if we move from the table to the floor mat. Not many places have the floor mat, so of course I took advantage of this. It lets the customer spread out, hands and feet can go at any angle instead of restrained by the table, and it allows the masseur to apply more pressure and from more varied angles. Plus, knowing this was going to be also a sex session, being on the floor mat would bring the two parts together seamlessly.

He again took my hand, and led me down to the mat. He was still nude, which I appreciated, but his penis had become soft again, as had mine. His foreskin sock was very pronounced now, it had to be more than an inch longer than his cock. I had seen this kind in photograph on the internet, but had never seen one with this much skin in real life. This was going to be exciting!

Marc applied the oil right away. For me, I prefer a full skin massage before the oil, but I was in his hands, so I relaxed and enjoyed. I asked for “hard” massage, I rarely take “soft”, whether from masseuse or masseur. I have big muscles, and I need big pressure to get them feeling right. Marc is strong, for sure, I could feel already that he would be really beating my muscles up right. And he did. His routine was one I am very familiar with, the basic order of his motions was a very common one.

The massage was a ten out of ten. Even halfway through I felt completely relaxed, like a pat of butter. He stroked along my sorest muscles, the rhomboids and traps and lats, feeling through the fibers and to the nerves, and gently massaging these in the direction of the grain. When he finished with the top half, he climbed on top of me, straddling my back, facing my feet. I could only feel his thighs on my side, but just that warmth started tingling my cock a little. He oiled my legs, and began a similar massage to the back.

His bodywork continued down my thighs, backs of my knees, calves, and then back up again. When he reached my butt, he got to serious work. He sat down now, and I felt the heat of his balls on my spine, and felt the tapping of the tip of his cock at the top of my crack. Each time he stroked my buttocks, and slid his hands down the length of my leg muscles to my knees, his cock slid into my crack a little, and each time I felt him getting a little bit harder.

As his work reached back up to my butt, he began touching my anus with either or both thumbs each time he worked the muscles of my glutes. Each squeeze at the connectors at the base of the glutes, he would then tap my butthole with his thumb, and then go with deep pressure in the muscle again. This pattern repeated many times, sometimes harder or lighter, and the touching of my hiney hole was incidental one time, and deliberate the next. I was getting extremely turned on now.

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