Massage Leads to First Time


I settled onto the massage getting ready to relax for the next hour as I was to receive a deep tissue massage. I had been working out a lot recently after a bad break up, trying to get back into my old shape so was very sore. While I normally get a massage from one of a couple of attractive girls at the local salon in my town I had changed it up a bit this time do to how sore my muscles were. For the first time I would be getting a massage from a guy, one whom some friends swore by. I felt like the added strength of a guy would help to relieve me muscles more than usual, which I desperately needed. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about having a guy’s hands all over me for the first time, but since he was a professional I was able to calm those nerves.

I was laying face down on the table completely naked with just a towel covering me waiting on him to enter the room. After a couple of minutes I heard a soft knock at the door and heard him poke his head in, asking if I was ready. I confirmed that I was and in he came. Immediately I could see why my female friends loved him so much as he was built like an athlete. The first thing I noticed was that it seemed like his shorts and shirt were a size too small, probably by his design to show off his body. As usual he asked about problem areas that I wanted worked on and told me to speak up if it started to hurt. Then he turned on some soft, mood relaxing music and started to get to work.

I could hear him open a bottle of lotion and rub it into his hands. Then I felt his hands touch my body for the first time. He started at my feet and it felt so damn good with the amount of pressure he was able to apply compared to what I was used to. For the next 30 minutes he worked on my feet, legs, and arms. I was feeling very good by Ankara escort this time and was really relaxed. He had moved around to in front of me to work on my shoulders. I could feel him moving his hands down my back from the top to the bottom and I knew that each time his body got close to my face when he did it, but my eyes had been closed most of the time. After a couple of minutes I opened my eyes and saw just how close he was getting. Each time he moved down my back his crotch would get within a couple of inches of my face. The more alarming part was that I could clearly see the outline of his cock in his shorts and each time he moved toward me I was convinced the head was going to pop out. I could tell that it was a big cock and the shorts were straining to hold it in. I had always wondered what it would be like to be with a guy but had never acted no that curiosity. I had wondered what it would be like to have a guy’s cock in my mouth.

I lay there and watched this guy’s cock move toward me and then back over and over again. After a couple of minutes the allure of it got the best of me. I strained my neck forward to push my face toward him and the next time he moved forward his cock bumped into my mouth. He jumped back apologizing greatly but I assured him that it was alright and partly my fault, practically begging him to get back to work. I asked him to work farther down my back as well. He started up again. With him going farther down my back and onto my ass he was reaching farther away. My eyes were glued to the outline of his cock in his shorts when I finally saw the head of his hardening cock start coming out of them. I worked up the courage and again strained my neck forward to bump into his cock but this time stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of his cock when Ankara escort bayan we bumped together. I heard an ever so slight moan from him and I could tell that he knew that it was no accident. He just kept on massaging my back and each time he thrust forward his cock would bump into my mouth and just come a little bit more out of his shorts. After a few times of this his cock head was sticking out and this time instead of gently licking it I sucked the entire head into my mouth. He stopped and moaned deeply. I pulled off and asked him to continue the massage but not to be shy about what he wanted.

He went on with the massage but now instead of trying to hold his pelvis back each time he moved forward he instead would push his cock forward further into my mouth each time. He never fully pulled his cock out of my mouth when moving away from me. I was very turned on at this point and my cock was as hard as it had ever been. We were in such a good rhythm that I was very disappointed when he pulled all the way out and moved around to my side.

He removed the towel that was covering me and started to massage my ass. It felt really good due to all of the nerve endings down there. Then I was surprised when mentioned that he was going to get on the table with me so that he had better leverage to continue massaging my back. He got up behind me and straddled me with his knees on either side of my ass. He started working my back and I immediately felt as relaxed as I had in a long time. He was bending over massaging my back up and down with his forearms when I realized what was happening down below. His cock was pressing up against my ass and each time he moved forward the head would go a little deeper between my ass cheeks. After a couple of minutes I felt the head of his cock Escort Ankara up against my asshole. Having never been fucked I knew that my ass was very tight but could also feel it getting slick from his pre-cum. I knew he was trying to enter but my ass just wouldn’t part for his cock. He kept trying and when he finally pushed down on my back forcing me to arch my back and release all of the air from my lungs I felt the head of his cock pop through into my ass.

It hurt at first but he held it there for a minute before he started pushing in a little deeper every few seconds. I felt like he was ripping my ass apart with that big cock. He was struggling to get very far in but started to slowly pump his cock in and out of my ass. Each time he thrust forward my ass would stretch a little bit farther and take more of him into me. He started picking up speed until he was at a slow rhythm and I was so turned on by what was going on. It didn’t take long until my body shook and I started cumming onto the table below me. This encouraged him and he picked up speed to where he was fucking me pretty good. I was just holding onto the table trying to take as much of his cock as possible while also not screaming from how full my ass felt. After what seemed like an eternity I felt him slam into me and hold there then felt his cock twitch and knew he was filling up my ass with his cum.

When he started to soften he pulled out and informed me that our session was over. He informed to drink lots of water so that I wouldn’t be sore from the massage and then left the room. I dropped my legs to the floor and wobbly tried to stand. It took a couple of minutes but I finally got my bearings. I dressed and went out to the front desk to pay. When paying the young girl asked me if I would like to book another massage at a later date. It caught me off guard as I was standing there with cum running out of my ass and unable to think clearly. When I was finally able to answer I was thrilled to find out that he had an opening for next Friday.

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