Mandi’s Fantasy

Big Tits

Finally my dream is coming true. Tonight at 6 I meet the woman that I have been talking to for 3 weeks. I met her online and her name is Alexis. She is 23, 5’6″ 120 pounds, size 38D breasts and hotter then hell.

To give you some more information on me my name is Mandi, I’m 22 years old and very bi-curious. I’m 5’4″ 115 and my breasts are 36C. I have had a boyfriend for 3 years now but I have wanted something else for a long time but never admitted it until I met Alexis.

I met her online in a lesbian chat room and we hit it off right away. After talking for 2 weeks online we finally agreed to talk on the phone. Well after a week of that, she suggested that we meet. At first I was kind of scared to but then I realized that this could be fun. We both are curious but are scared to be with someone konak escort that is more dominant and stuff so we decided to try it with each other. So we have agreed to meet tonight and I can’t wait.

6 p.m.

As I pull up into her driveway I get butterflies in my stomach and almost chicken out. Then I realize I have come this far let’s go on with it. I am really excited about meeting her and am getting very wet as I walk up the path to her house. I ring the doorbell and as she opens the door my mouth drops to the floor.

She opens the door and is wearing a white see threw teddy that is a thong and just looks so hot in it. She grabs me and starts to kiss me hard on the mouth as I wrap my hands around her waist to pull her into me. I can feel her nipples getting very hard manisa escort as mine do the same thing.

As she pulls away she smiles and says “hello nice to meet you.”

“Hello sexy how are you?”

“Better now that your here.”

I grin at her and pull her in for another kiss as I start to rub her nipples through the fabric of the teddy. She starts to unbutton my shirt and pull it off. I’m not wearing a bra so she starts to massage my boobs. Which in turn makes me moan into her mouth. I slip the straps of the teddy down so that I can suck on her nipples, which get harder as I run my tongue over them.

She pulls me away and leads me into the bedroom where we lay down on her silk covered bed and continue our playing. She slides my pants off to reveal my thong. And menderes escort I slide the rest of her teddy off her body, including the matching thong. She slides her finger inside me as I do the same to her and I continue kissing her lips and moaning and rocking in rhythm with her fingering me and me fingering her.

I start to convulse as she hits my G-spot. She claps her mouth down on my pussy as she licks and nibbles and sucks away at my clit. I turn her around and do the same thing. I dart my tongue in and out of her pussy making her scream and moan for more as she teases me the same way.

“You like that don’t you baby?” I whisper into her pussy and she moans and bucks against my mouth.

As an answer she just sucks harder on my clit. In response to that I moan and suck harder on her clit.

As both of us start cumming I shoot out some cum and she drinks it all up as I do the same for her. I lick up all her cum and she cleans me off.

Then I turn around and we hold each other till we both fall asleep knowing that later there will be more fun to cum.

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