Lust Letters Ch. 2



I really wish you could have come to work with me today instead of leaving me all alone until god knows when…we would have had the studio all to ourselves with NO interruptions like before. I want so badly to make love to you honey. I had this whole scenario all planned out…

I would have started by undressing you slowly and passionately, first with your shirt and then down to your pants. As I started to unbuckle your belt I would have nudged “Copper” ever so gently to feel his response to me.

When I had your pants around your ankles, just where I like them! 😉 I would have gotten down on my knees and leaned in toward your body, kissing “Copper” softly, slowly….making him want maslak escort to touch my lips without the barrier of your underwear…

As I start to remove your underwear “Copper” springs to life in front of my very face almost begging to be kissed in the way only I can kiss him. So of course, I oblige him.

I start with the base of your cock, tracing an invisible line all the way up to the tip, moving around to a different place to start with each stroke of my tongue until your whole cock is moist with my saliva. When I have completed that task I kiss him softly directly over the tip of that rock hard cock.

No more teasing now, he’s getting kinda sarıyer escort feisty, twitching at my every move. So I let my mouth envelop his whole head and hold you there for just a second, just long enough to make you want more…so much more…

I want to taste you and feel you explode in my mouth so badly, I want to know that I can make you cum, and cum hard, with my mouth. Making love to you orally is so intimate to me, I could never just do it for anyone.

I know you love how I lick your balls and tickle you with my fingers in that sensitive area under the sac while I suck that gorgeous cock off. You tell me how much you want to just explode in beyoğlu escort my mouth and have me swallow your hot load. Tell me again baby, I love when you tell me how you like it!

I maneuver my body so that we are in a 69 position, I know how you love to lick and suck on my hot wet pussy. I love cumming for you just as much! As we make oral love to each other our passion and desire to have you inside of me grows stronger as we both get closer to our climax.

We have timed our rhythms just right and we both explode into ecstasy simultaneously! Now that’s a wonderful feeling!

We pause for a second to compose ourselves while we cuddle and sigh in complete and utter satisfaction. But wait, there is still more to cum. I won’t let you get away that easily…;) I still want that cock inside this wet pussy, I’m just getting ready for ya darlin…but you will have to wait to see me in person to play out the rest of this scenario baby…until then…

*kisses* and sweet dreams sugah!

Your Sweet Strawberry

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