Lust in La Jolla Ch. 02


Chapter 2 Sapphic Sis and Sara (FF, titillation, mast)

Big sis enjoys Jake’s visit, and so does her lover.

Friday Aug 29

Jake felt more than a little dazed as he finally made it through JFK’s customs. He struggled with a large cart piled high with his possessions, second-guessing his decision to travel with the belongings rather than ship them halfway across the world. Oh well, too late to change that now. He came out through the security exit, and thought again about how long it had been — 4 years! – since he had seen his sister Gina. There she was, right in front of the waiting crowd, a big smile on her lovely face as she saw him. She hadn’t changed much — still a knock-out beauty in her slinky low-cut red top and short white skirt.

Gina was 3 years older than him and, since she had just finished high school and was attending college in the US, she had not moved to Europe with his parents and himself ten years ago. That last year had been a strange one, he recalled. Gina had been one of the beauties in her school: her classic California blonde looks together with a Playmate-like body — long legs, wide hips, narrow waist, and firm D-cup tits – made her the subject of many a boy’s jerk-off fantasies. In her senior year, however, she came out of the closet and told her family she was a lesbian. After the initial shock and confusion — she had dated many boys — her parents accepted that as long as she was happy, so were they.

As a freshman at the time of Gina’s revelation, Jake had his own issues — he was somewhat overweight and in poor physical condition, wore thick coke-bottle glasses to correct his poor vision, and was terribly shy. As a consequence, he was essentially a social outcast, with only a couple of friends. He spent a lot of time at home in his room, which got a lot more interesting when he discovered he could peep into Gina’s room from the shared bathroom between their rooms. In that last year, Gina would often bring a girlfriend to her room before his parents got from work, and he would watch them have sex through his peephole, masturbating like crazy. He wasn’t sure, but he thought that Gina might know he was watching, because she often seemed to deliberately position her partner so that the view from the peephole was unimpeded.

As soon as Jake was clear from the exit way, Gina was there to give him a big hug. “Hi, little brother” she said affectionately, “except you aren’t so little any more. You really look fantastic!” She ran her hands over his shoulders and down his muscular arms. “Wow. You’re built like a … like a .. I dunno, but I’m going to have to keep you away from so my gay guy friends, or they’ll be hitting on you like you wouldn’t believe!” she giggled. “You must be exhausted from the trip though — let’s get going, it’s already late.”

Jake explained that he wanted to store most of his baggage here in a locker at the airport, so it took them a while to arrange that. Then they caught a cab back to Manhattan. Gina lived with her partner, Sara, in a one bedroom apartment in Midtown, and like many New Yorkers, did not own a car. The ride was uneventful, and Jake was really feeling the fatigue when they finally walked through the front door a little after midnight.

“Shhhh” whispered Gina, “I’m sure Sara is asleep — she had a tough week at work. There’s an air mattress on the floor of the living room for you to use .”

Jake took a quick shower, pulled on a pair of running shorts to sleep in, and went to bed. The room was rather hot — the temperature outside was still in the eighties and the air conditioning was not highly effective — but Jake was used to the heat and drifted off quickly.

Sat Aug 30

Having gone to bed early the night before, Sara woke up before 7 am the next morning, but was careful not to wake Gina up since she knew Gina had been up very late. Not really thinking though the implications of Gina’s late night trip to the airport, Sara slipped on the flowery pink nightie that matched the thong panties she had worn to bed. After using the bathroom, she walked quietly down the hallway towards the kitchen, eager for her morning coffee. To get to the kitchen, she had to walk through a corner of the living room, and she immediately noticed Jake sprawled on his back across the air mattress occupying the center of the room. So, this is the little brother, she thought at first, but then did a double take. The male body lying nude but for a skimpy pair of running shorts, the sheet pushed aside in the night, was breathtaking: darkly-tanned, tall and perfectly proportioned with precisely sculpted musculature.

It had been quite a long time since Sara had been sexual with a man, and her few relationships with men had been spectacular disasters. There was no doubt, however, that she was still very much bisexual even though she was in a long-term, committed lesbian relationship with Gina. She felt a little guilty staring, however, at the body of Gina’s brother, and was about to turn away. She then noticed the unmistakable shape under his shorts, and her guilt was overruled by a sudden strong surge of lust kocaeli escort and arousal. She softly crept into the living room to get a better view. Now just a few feet away and with a side perspective, Sara could see that Jake had a huge erection that was straining against the thin fabric of the running shorts. She took in a sharp breath and stood there without breathing, staring in wonder at the size of Jake’s hard penis.

Finally, she let her breath out and looked at Jake’s face. Sara saw the family resemblance to Gina then, and realized that she shouldn’t be surprised by Jake’s physical beauty — it clearly ran in the family. His eyes were moving rapidly under his closed lids — she wondered if he was having an erotic dream that led to the erection. What if he suddenly woke up and found her staring at him? In her growing arousal, she wondered if he would look to her to complete what the dream had started. She could now feel her nipples brushing against the fabric of her nightie, so sensitive to the slightest touch. That familiar needy ache low in her belly was strong and demanding, and she could feel the wetness begin to seep out. Omigod, she thought, I am so hot for this guy. Gina gave me no warning that he was so gorgeous. Plus this is one of my horny days! What am I going to do?!

Suddenly, Jake shifted in his sleep, and Sara froze in fear that he would wake up and catch her. In fact, he didn’t, but roused just enough to adjust his hard-on, which was undoubtedly uncomfortable in the too small shorts. Terrified but more aroused than ever, she saw him adjust so that his cockhead now emerged from under the waist band. It was thick and swollen and glistening with pre-cum in the early morning sunlight filtering into the apartment. Completely entranced now, Sara slid a hand down her panties. She wetted her fingers by slipping two between her pussy lips, then she began rubbing and stroking her clit, biting her lip to keep from moaning. Her other hand was at her breasts, pushing and squeezing the sensitive flesh. It was all she could do to keep from dropping down beside Jake to take his beautiful hard cock into her mouth. Her fantasizing continued to escalate for the next couple of minutes, and Sara was rapidly approaching an orgasm. Abruptly, a loud beep-beep-beep came through the window, shocking Sara back to reality. Oh damn, it’s the fucking garbage men, she realized with dismay.

It was a Saturday morning ritual that she should have remembered — every Saturday morning at about 7 am, the trash truck backed into the alley next to their apartment with that beeping sound and then proceeded to make a terrible racket as it emptied the dumpsters. She quickly retreated to the kitchen to wait for the clanging that would almost certainly wake up Jake, and possibly Gina as well. As the noise began exactly as expected, Sara was measuring coffee into the filter, taking quick sidelong glances towards Jake to see if he was rousing. The clatter associated with loading the dumpster onto the lift didn’t fully rouse him, although he turned to his side restlessly. Then the bang! … bang!… bang! of the dumpster being shaken empty above the truck rang out, and he propped himself up on his elbow, fully awake. It took a few moments for him to remember exactly where he was, and then he rose and staggered sleepily towards the bathroom without looking into the kitchen at all.

Five minutes later, he came back and this time saw Sara standing against the bar counter in the kitchen, sipping the freshly brewed coffee. He was still wearing only his running shorts, and he looked just as good standing up as he did lying down. He noticed Sara staring at him with a strange intensity, so he smiled and said “Hi, as you probably guessed, I’m Jake. And you’re Sara, I imagine. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“I’m happy to meet you too,” Sara replied. She noticed that her heart was beating fast: his smile was extremely sexy and his blues eyes were incredible. She was also acutely aware that she was standing in front of him wearing just a short nightie and thong panties, which were quite damp from her earlier activities.

As they stood there in silence, Jake matched up what he saw with what Gina had told him about Sara on the cab ride last night. She was very beautiful: short straight dark brown hair framing a very pretty face with dark brown eyes, a perfect nose, and full lips. She was not as tall as Gina — Jake guessed about 5′ 3″. She was wearing a pink flower pattern nightie that came just below her ass that did nothing to hide her curvy body. It was all he could do to keep from staring at the firm tits filling out the top of her nightie, nipples pointing forward under the fabric, or the tops of her smooth thighs that were revealed by her short nightie.

Sara could feel his eager gaze on her body, sending tingles from her hard nipples to her pussy. Finally, she felt compelled to break the silence, “Would you like some coffee? I just brewed a pot.”

“Yes, thank you. That would be great.” He walked into the small galley kitchen to help himself, then asked “Ummm … where are the cups?”

“They’re over kocaeli escort bayan here — I’ll get one for you” She turned around, opened a cupboard door, and reached up for a cup on the second shelf. This had the effect of pulling her nightie high up on her ass, exposing it to Jake’s eager gaze. At first, he thought she was bare and pantyless, but then noticed the thin thong strap. She glanced back over her shoulder before bringing the cup down, and another thrill coursed through her as she saw he was indeed looking at her exposed ass.

He poured himself a cup and sat on the stool at the end of the counter, and Sara came around and took a stool on the living room side of the counter. They made small talk, but Sara noticed that Jake’s eyes were roving over her body every so often, almost as if he could not control them. In particular, he seemed drawn to the tops of her crossed legs, where she imagined rightly that he could see a bit of her thong. Old memories came back to her: in her straight teenage years, she had often enjoyed teasing the guys — seeing the effect just revealing her body could have on that mystery in his pants — more than the actual clumsy petting that often followed.

She had finished her coffee, and made a point of sliding the empty cup across the counter, uncrossing her legs to lean forward to do so. When she finished, she did not cross her legs again, but put her feet on the rung on the stool so as to raise her knees a bit. Her legs were now open a bit, and she spun a little on her stool so she has facing Jake, knowing that he now had a direct view of her crotch. The game was now on, and she felt her pulse quicken. She looked intently at him and smiled coyly, raising her eyebrow. “So, are you up …” she paused to look glance meaningfully at his shorts, “to see some sights today?” She opened her legs a bit more, daring him to look even though she was watching his every move. “What would you like to see … the most?”

Jake was completely confused. Was Sara intentionally displaying herself to him? It didn’t make sense, why would his sister’s lesbian lover be teasing him? He couldn’t help himself — he glanced down to where her thong hugged her pussy mound. There was a large dark spot right over her pussy that looked for all the world as if it were wetness. He couldn’t tear his eyes away, and was further amazed when Sara opened her legs even more, now obviously spreading them for him to see. Her eyes were glued to his shorts, where his cock had quickly responded and was bulging obviously.

In the silence, they both heard the door of the bedroom open, and a few seconds later, Gina had appeared in the hallway, yawning first then saying “Hey there — good morning.’ I’ll be out in a minute.” and she ducked into the bathroom. Both Jake and Sara fought to compose themselves before her return. Jake was afraid Gina would see his erection, so he quickly went over to his bags and put on a t-shirt long enough to cover his groin. He also took a few deep breaths, using his meditative conditioning to calm himself. Sara was less sure of what to do. First of all, she was having a hard time shaking the arousal. Secondly, she thought Gina might be able to sense her arousal just by looking at her, and if Gina got a good whiff of her, there’d be no doubt. She didn’t know what would happen if Gina figured out that she was hot for her brother, but figured it probably wasn’t going to be good.

Gina came out of the bathroom and walked into the kitchen “Ahhh … the coffee smells great.” She poured herself a cup and stood at the counter. “So, I see you two have met”. She took a couple of sips and then continued, “You know, Jake, I just can’t get over how much you’ve changed since I saw you last. You put on a lot of muscle, and you really look fantastic. Don’t you agree, Sara?”

“Ummmm …. Sure, yeah.” Sara mumbled, her face flushing.

Jake didn’t notice Sara’s reaction, but Gina did and wondered what was going on with her.

“Hey,” Gina continued, “I just realized — you must have put on a shirt while I was in the bathroom, you weren’t wearing one earlier. Come on — off with it, I want to see all of the new and improved Jake.”

She came over and playfully tugged at his shirt. Jake thought he had “calmed down” enough so that he didn’t have to hide anything anymore, and besides, his sister was flattering him and he liked her attention. Still sitting on the stool, he pulled the shirt off.

“Oh come on … stand up and let us see.” Gina encouraged, “and give us, you know, one of those bodybuilder poses where you, like, tense all your muscles.”

Jake smiled and said, “OK — but I feel silly”. He stood and did a classic Charles atlas pose — his hard muscles rippling under his tan skin.

“Wow!” Gina exclaimed, “that’s incredible. I really will have to keep you away from those gays I told you about last night.” She starting laughing, “Hell — I might have to keep you away from my lesbian girlfriends too, or you’ll turn them straight.” She looked at Sara to see if she appreciated the humor but saw that Sara was staring at Jake with her lips parted slightly, izmit escort and her face was even more flushed than before. She also could not help but notice that Sara’s nipples were visibly erect and showing through her nightie.

All of a sudden, it all clicked for Gina — Sara was hot for Jake. It was so obvious now. Gina was fully aware that Sara could be as strongly attracted to men as to women, especially to muscular builds like Jake’s. She was also aware that Sara was in her mid-cycle horny days, as they cycled together and had just talked about it yesterday. For Gina, it was a relatively subtle thing, where she felt a bit more sexual than usual, but for Sara, it was dramatic: she got extremely horny and was up for multiple-orgasm sex almost continuously over a 2 or 3 day period in the middle of her cycle. Surprisingly, Gina did not feel any jealousy, but rather sympathy — poor Sara had probably been overwhelmed by arousal before she knew what hit her this morning, based on the way she was looking at Jake. And she couldn’t deny it, she felt a little excited by the whole idea as well. She wasn’t sure where that was coming from, but there was a definite tingle there.

“OK” she said, abruptly deciding to reveal her understanding, “maybe you should put that shirt back on, before you drive my poor Sara crazy.” Sara then jerked to look at Gina, a look of shock and fear on her face. Gina smiled warmly back and at and mouthed “It’s OK babe.” Sara’s look of shock now turned to puzzlement.

“You see, Jake,” Gina continued, “Sara isn’t like me. She is also attracted to men, although she’s chosen not to be with them, you know, for a long time. Let’s just say that the new and improved Jake caught her by surprise this morning.” She looked back at Sara, and could see relief in her eyes. “Come on, let’s get dressed and go out for a real breakfast at Vinnie’s. Jake, I’m sorry, you have to use the bathroom for changing.” She went around to Sara, took her by the hand to lead her to their bedroom. “We’ll be ready in a little bit”.

Once the door to the bedroom was closed behind them, Sara whispered, “Oh Gina … I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to …”

“Hush” Gina quickly replied, bringing a finger to Sara’s lips. Sara sighed a bit at the touch, and Gina lightly ran her finger around Sara’s lips, eliciting a low moan. “Ohhhh, you’re really in a bad way, honey. Let me help you.” She traced her hand downwards over Sara’s chin and neck, then running her hand over the surface of her nightie, lightly brushing the hard nipple of Sara’s left breast. She continued lowered, reaching the hemline and then under, bringing her hand directly between Sara’s legs until she reached the thong covering her mound. The contact brought a gasp from Sara, and she moaned “Ohhhh gawwdd …” Gina was amazed at how wet Sara was — her thong was soaked.

Gina was now getting very aroused too, and she used both hands to quickly lift Sara’s nightie up over her head and dropped it on the floor. Sara stood in just her thong, her chest heaving as she anticipated what might be coming. Gina stepped to her and kissed her hard, driving her tongue deep into Sara’s mouth and driving her backwards towards the kingsize bed with her body. When Sara had been backed against the edge of the bed, Gina’s gripped Sara’s forearms, and guided her back to a seated position. Then she hooked her fingers under the waist band of Sara’s thong and pulled them down and off in one smooth motion. She pried Sara’s thighs apart, knelt between them, and pulled Sara’s ass forward to the very edge of the bed as Sara lay back flat. Gina saw that Sara’s pussy was swollen and dripping with juices — she was incredibly aroused. They had little time, so Gina dispensed with any preliminaries and simply dove in with her tongue, thrusting it deep between Sara’s cunt lips to taste her nectar, and then up and over her swollen rosebud. Sara let out a long wordless moan of pleasure.

Vaginal penetration was only an occasional part of their lovemaking, and almost always it was Sara who wanted it. Gina’s instinct told her this might be one of the times, and she slid her two middle fingers slowly into Sara’s slit. “Is that what you want? Gina breathed.

“Uhhhh yessss … more … want more” Sara groaned. Gina pumped her two fingers in and out of Sara’s tight hole a few times, and then added a third finger. Sara exclaimed “Oh shit yes!” and raised her head to look Gina in the eyes, “I want … uhnnn… all of it …uhnnn … please baby, fuck me with your hand!” Gina had never seen Sara quite like this before, and it really stoked the fire in her pussy. She curled her hand up and slowly slid it all inside Sara’s hungry cunt. Sara arched back as she did, groaning loudly now. After she had inserted all the way to her wrist, Gina worked her hand back and forth a couple of inches with increasing speed as Sara writhed on the bed. She was getting close now, and Gina leaned forward and began flicking Sara clit side to side with her tongue, knowing that would take her over the edge. Sara let out a low guttural scream, “ohhhhh yessss … don’t stop …. Ohhhh FUCK! UHHHHNNN!” Her whole body tightened and Gina felt her pussy clamp down on her hand. She continued licking Sara’s clit, knowing that it would send aftershocks through her. Finally, Sara could take no more, and pushed Gina’s head away.

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