Lucky Me Ch. 03


I’d enjoyed one of the deepest most relaxing sleeps I think I had ever had. Still half asleep in fact, semi-dreaming as images filled my head, along with some very pleasant sounds. I was still struggling with images that now began to fade like vaporous ghosts, while other things became gradually sharper in my mind. Sounds…movement, giggling. I woke up.

As my eyes popped open, I felt movement on the bed next to me. I didn’t have to do much of anything but lay there taking in what I now saw.

“Morning sleepyhead,” Kathy said grinning at me, as mom then did. She was laying on top of my Aunt, the two of them pressed together, grinding against one another quite obscenely. “We thought this might eventually wake you…get a rise out of you,” she said as she looked down at my crotch having pulled the sheet away. I’d slept naked as I usually did, aside from the somewhat itchy cast on my leg and arms. I now looked down at myself and saw my typical morning woody. At the moment however, it was rapidly becoming a bit stiffer than a normal pee-hard. I was enjoying this unexpected wake-up call, watching my Aunt and mom basically clit-fucking one another.

“That’s…nasty looking!” I grinned at them excitedly.

“Very nasty,” mom responded back, humping herself against my aunt’s cunt, the squishy sounds of their very aroused cunts slipping and sliding against one another, which was very apparent.

“Would you like to join us?” My Aunt asked.

“Eventually…sure. But right now, all I really want to do is lay here and watch the two of you, this is pretty fucking hot!” I told them both, reaching down to gently fondle my prick now as I continued doing so. Having a free hand however, even with my wrist-cast on, I managed to reach over, tweaking each of their respective nipples as those too occasionally rubbed against one another.

“Just like his father isn’t he?” Mom stated. “Once a tit man…always a tit man,” she added. “I swear, sometimes Jeff can just sit there jerking himself off and enjoy it just so long as he’s fingering my nipples while he does. Though one of his favorite past-times is to tit-fuck me too, which I rather enjoy seeing myself admittedly. But I’ll say this Kath…as nice as yours are, don’t be too surprised when he soon asks if you’ll let him fuck yours too. Especially now.”

Aunt Kathy laughed, though she arched her back a little, giving mom a different angle to hump against perhaps as she pressed herself even more fully, now gyrating in slow sensual circles against her.

“Well, now that the proverbial cats out of the bag so to speak, I suppose we should be prepared for just about anything. I know how Jeff can be…no doubt, he’ll come up with a few wickedly naughty things we’ve never even thought of,” she giggled…though moaning at almost the same time.

“What about you honey?” Mom said including me in their conversation once again. “How would you like to start out your day?”

That was a no-brainer. “What you’re doing now is perfect for the moment. Though I am soon going to need to pee here, stiff cock or no. I won’t be able to have an orgasm any time soon until I do. But I’m currently not in any real hurry either. Watching the two of you doing this for a bit yet…is perfectly fine with me.”

I watched for several more minutes as they both managed to get one another off, humping away excitedly, rubbing clits, cunts and tits together until they both exploded, laying there breathlessly for several minutes more until the need to finally pee…took over from the urge to keep stroking myself on the way to an orgasm.

“Ok you two…I really do need to pee now, so you’re going to have to move so I can get down into my chair.”

“Tell you what…rather than do that, your mom and I will help you walk into the bathroom, you really do need to start putting a little weight down on that foot according to what the doctor said. We’ll help you get there, and then you can pee standing up.”

The thought of my naked Aunt and mother escorting me on either side down the hall into the bathroom seemed like a great idea. Just having the two of them do that, feeling their firm full breasts brushing and pressing against me as I placed my arms around their necks was a wonderful way to go about doing that. We walked slowly and I savored each and every sensation as we did so, finally reaching the bathroom door as even then they helped me inside.

“Ok, thanks,” I said pulling my arms away from them both almost reluctantly. “I’ll let you know when I’m finished here,” I added expecting them each to leave.

“Oh, we’re not going anywhere,” my Aunt then stated. “Don’t want you toppling over or anything, why take the risk?”

Suddenly I was pee-shy. Weird. Weird how I could lay there on the bed only a few minutes ago, stroking my own hard dick, and yet…stand here with a semi-flaccid cock, trying to take a morning pee, and having a difficult time with someone standing there watching me try to do that.

“I’m sisli escort not sure I can go…not with the two of you hovering over me like a pair of vultures,” I tried joking around, hoping they would see my dilemma and take pity on me and leave. That didn’t happen, though what did…surprised me even more.

“Here, maybe this will help,” mom said suddenly reaching over, grasping my cock…holding it and pointing it towards the bowl.

“Help me what? Help me get hard again so I can’t pee?” I said slightly frustrated as she stood there waggling my cock, which immediately began firming up once again.

Aunt Kathy laughed. “Maybe we should run some water, perhaps that will help,” she stated.

“I know!” Mom said. “I have an idea!”

Once again I was a little confused as she suddenly reached over pulling the toilet seat back down, and then sat down herself. The next thing I knew, she was spreading her legs apart. She giggled slightly.

“I’m not pee-shy…just gonna take a second here,” she informed us. And then seconds after that, she began to tinkle into the bowl. “There…how’s that? That help?”

It did…as I now felt like I could pee. New problem however…mom was in the way.

“It does yes…but hurry up, or I’ll end up peeing all over you, like I said earlier, I really do need to go now!”

“Then go!” Mom said spreading her legs even more. “Help him out Kathy! Take his prick and aim it for him…down between my legs!”

“Holy shit…you want me to…”

Kathy held it…indeed aiming it. “Go on sweetie…go ahead and pee now. Let’s see your stream join your moms,” she urged me.

I couldn’t believe this. I mean this wasn’t exactly something I would have ever considered doing before, not exactly my cup of tea so to speak. Even some of the porn I’d seen or stumbled across when it came to “golden showers” and the like, had never really turned me on very much. But now suddenly…the thought of actually standing here taking a piss while my Aunt held my prick, and me…pissing between my own mother’s legs while she did…was suddenly fucking hot!

“Thar…she blows!” Mom quipped as a very forceful stream shot out of the end of my dick, Kathy quickly adjusting her aim with me now peeing between mom’s legs. It was weird…though strangely exciting to stand there doing that. Watching my stream intermingling with mom’s as she sat peeing herself. “Well…looks like I’m going to need a different kind of shower now after all,” she laughed. “Though I’m willing to bet you’d enjoy having one too wouldn’t you?” She said asking me.

“Yeah…I would,” I said grinning. “Especially after all that hot sweaty sex we had last night. Though I wouldn’t mind feeling a nice soapy-slick hand or blowjob either.”

“Like I said…like father, like son,” Mom added to that.


The one really nice thing about mom and dad’s shower was that they’d had it custom made for the two of them. It was large enough to fit four people comfortably, also having two really nice showerheads on either end of it. On one side was a small ledge one could also use to sit down on, which mom enjoyed doing whenever she shaved her legs. But it also made it a lot easier for me too, being able to sit down rather than trying to stand there and balance myself. Though it had taken a while to wrap, and thus waterproof my casts against getting wet, it had been worth the additional effort. Especially when all I had to do was sit there while my mother and Aunt both saw to washing me from head to toe. Needless to say…they saved the best part for last. By the time they got around to washing my prick, it was stiff as a board, and in much need of attention by now.

I was basically expecting a simple, yet pleasurable hand-job when I noticed my Aunt suddenly pouring a goodly amount of soap into her hands, and then began applying that to my dick. She surprised everyone…especially me however, when she suddenly turned around, lowering her cunt over my cock…soon after impaling herself.

“Nice way to wash us both inside and out don’t you think?” She chuckled to herself as mom stood there looking on, though her own hands certainly weren’t idle either. She had placed one leg up on the sitting bench, thus spreading herself as her hands likewise spread her pussy lips apart even more so. Her free hand thus encircling and teasing her hard little clit while she stood there watching the two of us fuck.

“Oh yes…and as soon as you’ve had a turn cleaning out your cunt with his cock…I think I’ll give a shot at doing that myself,” mom quipped.

“Roto Rooter at your service,” I sighed pleasurably as my Aunt rode me in a slippery reverse cow-girl, sliding up and down my cock for the longest time, though it became obvious mom was growing impatient having to wait her turn.

“Alright Kath…think it’s time to have Jim’s prick wash my pussy for a while,” she stated finally exchanging places with my Aunt, though Kathy sat down beside şişli esc me in order to watch it as mom took up the same position and slowly lowered herself down onto me.

“Here…try fingering my cunt while you’re doing that,” she told me. “I’m so fucking close now…it won’t take but a minute!”

She was certainly right about that, she was already well on her way to having a rather intense, nice little orgasm. Already starting to pant as it was, she now told me to start slap-patting her clit for a moment.

“That’s it Jim, slap it…slap my clitty…harder. A bit harder! That’s it! That’s it! Now…fuck, grip it between your fingers…pull on it, hold it there. Harder Jim Harder! Pull on it…don’t…fuck, don’t be afraid, stretch it…pull, oh fuck…yeah, yeah…that’s it! That’s it! Right there! Make… me… come!” She screamed out at the top of her lungs.

Hearing that perhaps, released an avalanche of mom’s pussy juice as well, as she too began climaxing with my dick buried inside her. But admittedly, even feeling it when she did that, I was still mesmerized by the little spurts of clear liquid that suddenly shot out of my Aunt’s cunt…little tiny geysers that seemed to pulsate with each and every contraction of her cunt as she sat there climaxing, over…and over…and over again.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She was screaming out, just as mom now was…both of them saying the same thing almost simultaneously. And then I felt my own pleasured release begin to boil deep within my balls, the first jettison of my spunk already racing up the length of my shaft, which I knew in moments, would be filling my mom’s sweet succulent pussy.

Which is also the same moment the bathroom door suddenly opened, and dad came walking in.

“Damn…wha’d I miss?”


Ok, so maybe mom and my Aunt knew everything was cool with dad. I mean obviously they had discussed something over the phone about all this…though I still wasn’t sure where exactly I fit into things, or if dad was even ok with that. So far…it really hadn’t been discussed in any great detail, which maybe by this time at least…it should have been. Point being…dad comes home a day earlier than expected. (In hindsight, I learned several days later he had done so because he was too damned excited to hang around another day when he really didn’t need to!) But…at the moment, I didn’t know that. All I knew was…I was sitting there with mom sitting on my dick, my first pleasured ejaculation already leaping from the end of my cock into my mother’s pussy. My hand still working and fingering my Aunt’s clit…and dad, now standing there in the bathroom looking through the shower enclosure at the three of us.

Plain and simply, it seemed all too surreal. Though once again, perhaps had I realized what mom then said, I wouldn’t have been quite as nervous or as confused as I found myself being at that precise moment. I mean after all, I had my dick in my father’s wife’s cunt. My mother…which I was also at the moment, loading up with a rather goodly amount of my own fuck-batter. Which is when I finally heard mom speak, acknowledging dad’s presence.

“Well, you’re home early,” she stated still sliding up and down my shaft, her hand now cupping my balls in fact, milking them, realizing I was at that very moment shooting off a rather impressive load inside her cunt. “Hang tight for a moment…your son’s giving me his load,” she then said, and went right back to fucking my cock as my Aunt reached over, frigging mom’s clit, causing her to suddenly begin to orgasm herself for the second time now in as many minutes.

In the meantime, dad stood there watching the three of us, but then he suddenly began taking off his clothes. “Take your time,” he then said. “I don’t think any of us should be in any big hurry here. I’ve been looking forward to this all the way home!”


The only really frustrating thing for me had been…I hardly remembered my own orgasm, only that I sort of even had one. Even more frustrating when it became quickly obvious…dad already knew all about what had been going on, and was totally ok with it. Though once again, I should have realized he had been…and was, or I seriously doubt mom and my Aunt would have continued doing what they’d been doing with me in the first place.

Live and learn as they say. Though I was about to do just that.

Seeing mom and my Aunt naked together was one thing. Seeing dad naked was something else entirely. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that for one thing, seeing him aroused, seeing him now suddenly desirous of participating and enjoying himself along with the three of us felt so weird…and not at all comfortable admittedly. Though I later realized, I was perhaps a little jealous of the fact he would now most likely, be joining us. Gone were the days so to speak. But…even knowing and understanding that, I wasn’t sure I could personally handle watching dad enjoying himself the same way I’d escort sisli been doing. Not at first anyway. I felt really awkward, once again a bit “shy” and unnerved sitting there, my prick making quick evidence of that as it immediately grew soft, plopping out of mom’s cunt just seconds after I’d deposited my semen inside her. And she didn’t help matters much either, soon after standing up, cupping her pussy with her hand, stepping out of the shower and then sitting down on the toilet. I heard the “plop” of my cum dripping into the toilet bowl as she suddenly leaned over taking dad’s quickly growing cock into her mouth, sucking it.

“Ah…home sweet home,” my father moaned happily.

By now, Aunt Kathy had turned off the showers, now helping to towel me dry, and then herself as mom continued to sit there sucking dad off.

Ok, so that was a little weird too. But then the really weird thing was…I was actually finding it interesting to watch that. It took me back a few years seeing her doing that in fact, the few times I had snuck in to see what was going on, having heard what sounded like moans and groans coming from their bedroom. Much of my early information had come from that, though never once had it been so blatantly performed right there in front of me the way mom was doing it now.

Fully hard and erect, mom removed her mouth from dad’s cock, and then as nonchalant as she could possibly be, turned to my Aunt.

“Hand me that towel so I can dry off,” she asked her. “And while I do that…I’m willing to bet Jeff would enjoy feeling what it’s like while you’re sucking him.”

“Yes, indeed I would!” Dad said turning to face my Aunt Kathy, though not before smiling at me, actually winking as he did that. And though I caught that when he did…admittedly, my own attention was now forcefully drawn down to his dick as he stood there. Sure…I’d seen his penis before, standing side by side at a urinal or two…but I had never once seen it hard. Hell, I’d never actually seen much of it even when I’d spied on the two of them having sex. After all…it happened to be inside mom at the time when I’d actually looked in on them, so I obviously hadn’t seen it hard then, even though it obviously had been. Now…here I was, actually looking at it…looking at dad’s dick!

The first thing I immediately noticed, making this sudden mental comparison of myself to dad. Was the fact that I really didn’t look anything like him in that department at all. We were completely different than one another in a lot of ways. For one…even has hard as he now was, which he was…I was at least an inch or so longer than he was, even a bit thicker around perhaps, though that one would have been a pretty close call. The biggest, and most obvious difference being, I had more of a slim, tapered cock-head than he did. Dads to be perfectly honest, looked like a fucking doorknob. No wonder mom said she’d never allow…or had ever allowed dad to fuck her ass. Now I could see why. He’d never get it in her for one thing, though I’m sure she most certainly enjoyed it up inside her pussy, which I almost felt jealous about when sitting there looking at it. Up until my Aunt showed a little difficulty in trying to actually suck it, not accomplishing that nearly as well, or as enthusiastically as she’d done with me. She mostly just licked and lapped at it like a fucking ice-cream cone, as she knelt there on the floor in front of him. And though dad certainly seemed to enjoy getting his prick sucked by my Aunt for the very first time, I suddenly found myself glad that I didn’t have a fat fucking mushroom sitting on the head of my dick the way he did.

But I guess sitting there watching this had a profound effect on me too, something I wasn’t as fully aware of yet as I soon after found I was. Which is when I also found out, I wasn’t nearly as weirded out as I had been. I actually had an erection again.

“Ah…what I wouldn’t give to have my own youth back again,” my old man stated looking over towards where I remained sitting, my youthful prick standing up proud and excited again. Mom finished toweling off and turned chuckling at me.

“Maybe so…what youth makes up for in the ability to bounce back quickly, you on the other hand have the stamina that comes with experience and age. Both of which have their good…and their bad points,” mom said smiling at us both. “And speaking of which, I’d much rather take this someplace a bit more comfortable than remaining here,” she then added. “How about…we take a breather, have a bite to eat, and then see where things go from there?”

Dad agreed, though none too happily I might add. It was obvious he was hoping for, and expecting an orgasm of his own. But mom made it pretty clear, that was going to have to wait for a bit.

“We need to get Jim dressed and fed,” she told him. “Can’t have him sitting there in the nude waiting for you to toss a load now can we?” She asked, not needing…nor expecting a reply to that. And even Aunt Kathy had stood up by then, helping me to stand up out of the shower where she’d already begun removing the waterproof wraps they’d earlier placed around my casts.

“When does he get those damn things off anyway?” dad asked.

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