Loving My Wolf


I grunted and caught myself as he pushed me down. The soil felt cold beneath my palms as I tried to push up. I felt his weight press against my back and smiled slightly. His scent mixed with the fresh earth was intoxication at its best. “Stay down love,” he murmured into my ear. I nodded and felt his hands creep up my shirt. My mouth fell open, letting a soft moan trail. His callous grated softly against my skin and I arched my back instinctively, moving his hands back down. “Little witch,” he muttered playfully. I turned my head and gave him a cocky grin. “Don’t you know it?” I replied. He let out a soft growl as I bit my lip, and he lifted me up gently. My shirt was over my head in seconds, and then my bra thrown along side it. “This isn’t fair,” I said. I stuck my lip out in a pout and sat on my knees, turning to him. He gave me a confused look then shut his eyes as my hands ran up his Ankara escort shirt. His body felt so good against my hands. He wasn’t all muscle, but he was nowhere near fat, the perfect in-between of toned body. He took my jaw in his hand and I was to my knees, our lips almost touching. I let out a soft gasp as his fingers started playing with my earlobe, my eyes meeting his gray-blue ones. “Stop teasing me,” I growled. He chuckled. “I don’t think you’re really in the position to be making demands love,” he whispered. But to my surprise, he pushed my hair to the side and started kissing along the length of my shoulder, slowly working his way to my neck which was oh-so-sensitive. I gripped his shoulders in my hands and yanked on the shirt. He quickly rid himself of it and I leaned to his chest, kissing gently. His teeth scraped gently across the place where Ankara escort bayan my neck and shoulder meet and I accidentally bit him. He froze and let out a soft growl. “Sorry,” I groaned. “It’s fine,” he replied tersely. He had explained many times to me how he, as alpha, really hated to be bitten, and usually I didn’t bite, but sometimes my mouth had a mind of its own. I rubbed his chest gently and started kissing down his body, bending in half to reach his waistline. God his body looked delectable in nothing but jeans. “What?” he asked as I gave him puppy dog eyes. “You know,” I replied. I felt a little irritated at how he always made me ask. “Tell me what you want little witch,” he said huskily, bending down. I was yanked to my full kneeling height and he bit my neck hard. I cried out, the pain releasing pleasure, which began coursing throughout Escort Ankara my body. “Oh god David,” I moaned. He held me close and started biting up my neck. My body wracked with shivers and was overcome with the need to do something, anything to keep my mind busy while he did this. I reached down and fumbled with his pants, the button seeming to want to keep me at bay. “David,” I whimpered. He chuckled and I felt his hands push mine out of the way. His mouth never left my neck as he did this, and as soon as I heard his pants hit the ground, I pushed him to stand up. He allowed me this and leaned against a tree. Quickly I scrambled over and grabbed a hold of his hard cock. I almost touched my finger tips around but couldn’t reach. “I love your dick,” I said, taking one last look at him before leaning in. I let my mouth cover him and started sucking gently. I felt his body shiver and one hand came to my head, delving into my hair. I allowed my throat to relax and gently started taking him deeper. He let out a growl and suddenly I was thrown off onto my hands and knees. “That’s the second time tonight tha-” I was cut off and my skirt was thrown up and suddenly he was in me.

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