Long Hot Summer


Beth was bored out of her mind today. It was a hot summer day and the air conditioner was acting up again. Her husband of fifteen years, Roger, was out of town and had the car so Beth had nowhere to go. She was glad he was gone because he’d become a bore and had become intolerably fat for her, and yet she loved him, but they had stopped having sex several years ago. She fanned herself, but it wasn’t much help so she went outside to the backyard to see if pulling weeds from the garden would get her mind off the heat.Squatting by her roses she noticed movement on the opposite side of the high wood fence, but paid it little mind, then she saw bare skin which did attract her attention. She leaned slightly to look through a knot hole and there was Donny, her friend Helen’s boy, but Donny was no longer a boy. Beth had known him since he was a toddler and didn’t pay much attention to him, but now Beth realized like a school girl she was peeping at his lean, hard body as he lay on his back on a bench pushing a bar of iron skyward. His tight arms rippled as he thrust the bar up and his broad chest was soaked in pearls of glistening sweat. Beth’s eyes followed across to the big lump in his soaked shorts and she nearly fell over as he finally finished, stood and stretched his arms sideways to loosen up more. His bulge was wonderful and his body to die for.After Donny went inside Beth sat gasping, feeling Kartal Escort her heart pound realizing how horny watching him had made her then she felt embarrassed and silly, but God, he was gorgeous! He was tall, lean and rock hard. His dark eyes made her want to melt, but she collected herself and stood to realize she’d been sitting on an ant hill and they had covered her legs and were beginning to bite. She jumped up to brush the insects off, but tripped and lost her balance, dropping her right into the sharp thorns of roses.”OH SHIT!” she yelled, then her arm trapped itself between two thorny branches bringing a loud screech from her. The gate flew open and to her rescue was Donny.”Hey, are you OK?” He was still covered in the beautiful sheen of sweat as he approached.”Oh, Donny, I’m stuck and I might have busted my ass falling. Be a love and help me please.” Beth glanced quickly from his hard, rippling stomach to her arm that was still jammed into the thorns and was now bleeding. “I’m bleeding too.”Donny stood, not knowing what to do. Beth was the lady all the guys in the neighborhood joked about wanting to fuck because even at thirty-five she still had the body and looks of a movie star. She had big, firm breasts, a tight, round ass and long flowing auburn hair, but Donny was a bit shy and never had a girlfriend, much less ever fucked one. Here was the woman Kartal Escort Bayan of his fantasy laying on the ground bleeding asking him for help.”What should I do? You’re bleeding.” His eyes darted from her long, tan legs, to her tits, then her face to her bleeding arm.”I know that. If you can move this fucking branch off me so I can move. It really hurts.””Yes ma’am.” He very gingerly stepped over her body and pulled back the branch, freeing her arm and giving Beth an up close and personal inspection of his goods. Her heart raced at breakneck speed and she had to force herself to look up into his scared face.”I think I hurt my back falling,” she lied. In fact she was fine, but she decided to fake it. “Help me up love.”Donny felt frozen in space unable to speak. He slowly reached her warm, soft hand to pull her up. He flinched back, but not in time for Beth to grab his leg then hand to pull him toward her. She had both of his strong hands in hers and he began to pull her up when she twisted in feigning pain. She laid flat on her back with her tits bouncing slightly to the rhythm of her pounding heart then looked into his scared eyes.”Donny honey, you’re going to have to carry me. I’ve hurt my backside.””Maybe I should call for help.” His voice was week. “Mom’s not home. I can call an ambulance.””Nonsense Donny. You’re a good, strong man. Just pick Escort Kartal me up. I saw you lifting more than I weigh.””I…I don’t know. I might hurt you.” Beth thought she might scare him off so she pulled him gently toward her and looked up at his panicked look. His eyes averted hers so she touched his face and turned his face toward her.”Look at me Donny.” He did hesitantly look. “I won’t bite you. It’s hot out here and I’m getting my ass chewed up by ants. Please carry me inside. I’ll make it up to you. I promise.” She fully intended to keep the promise.”OK…What do I do?”Beth pulled his trembling hand under her back and the other under her curvy legs.”Just lift me up sweetheart.”As he stood, taking her body with him, she wrapped her arms around his neck feeling his hard, slippery muscles, inhaling the pungent scent of a young buck. He didn’t seem to strain in the least except for his fear.”You’re fucking strong, Donny. I bet your girlfriend loves those big, strong muscles of yours.” He grinned, but didn’t answer, then carried her like a feather to the house. He opened the door with the hand under her legs then looked blank.”Where to?” He stood in the kitchen with her clinging tightly.”Take me upstairs to bed honey,” she cooed in his ear, then watched his eyes widen and could feel his heart race and his breath gasp. “You don’t mind do you?””Uhh, umm, sure,” was all he could muster as Beth stared dreamily into his worried face.He carried her through the big, old house as she pointed him in the right direction then effortlessly up the long, dark stairs and down the hallway to her bedroom.”What now?” he seemed dumbfounded.”You can lay me on the bed.” She meant it literally and figuratively.

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