Lilli and I: Cape May


It’s been a long day on the beach in Cape May, and the sun’s beginning to go down behind us as the last of the vacation crowd heads back to their hotels for the evening. But you and I have decided to stay, to soak in the last faint rays before it’s time to start thinking about dinner.

We couldn’t be any cozier sitting in our chairs under a huge striped umbrella, a radio in the sand beside us playing some old eighties station. We’ve been in the water five or six times and we’re fairly exhausted, except we both seem to have a little excess energy just from eyeing each other all day. At first I just thought it was me who’d been having adventurous thoughts from watching you walk and splash around in your blue bikini, then stretch out for a tan and a nap. I almost went a little nuts when we kissed in the ocean and then a wave from nowhere overtook us, flinging one of your shoulder straps completely off and exposing almost all of your luscious left breast….and I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

Smiling, I reach across the short distance between our beach chairs and give your hand a little squeeze. You smile at me and lean in for what supposedly is our last kiss of the afternoon, but we swap two or three more, not quite able to let go of the day quite so easily. I tell you I’ve been thinking about your body all day, and you laugh and tell me you had an inkling of such thoughts once or twice….especially out there in the water when you pressed yourself against me and could feel my erection pressing into the soft fabric of your bikini bottoms.

Just the mention of that moment makes me hard again, and I’m surprised when you suggest that we lay down on the silly Lowenbrau blanket we bought from some tacky souvenir store to celebrate our mini-vacation. We get out of our chairs and lie beside each other, close, maybe a little bit too close for propriety. After all, there are still beachcombers scattered about here and there, and people walking back and forth along the little boardwalk about a hundred yards in the distance. The closest sun-worshippers are about two hundred feet away. It’s amazing to us that so few other people would want to remain on the beach as the sun goes down. I guess not everyone has a sexy partner to cuddle with.

I look into your eyes and smile and rub a hand along your side. You’ve got quite a nice tan going. I give you a soft kiss and you return it fully, pressing your lips intently into mine and letting out one of those gentle moans I love so much. It tells me you’d like more, but I don’t know how much more we can realistically get away with. Maybe we should be heading back to the hotel….but being with you here is so very nice. I could just lie here and listen to you breathe for hours, watch you toss the hair from your face, adjust that skimpy bikini….I just want to admire the slope of your neck, your eyelashes, every little thing about your body. I let myself slip into a five-second mind movie of a time when we were together last week, in bed with the lights out, you lying naked on top of me and the way you slowly lowered your breasts so that they brushed my face….

“What’s wrong, babe?” you ask me, a sneaky grin forming on your face. “A little bit too turned on?”

“You could say that,” I say. The front of my swim trunks is definitely strained. “I’ll be all right as long as I don’t gaze at a certain area, I suppose.”

You know exactly what I’m talking about. Lying on your side, your breasts are squeezed together provocatively. You glance down at them and shift your weight slightly to give me an even better look. The thin necklace you’re wearing clings to your cleavage in an extremely sexy way. I can see beads of water still trickling down that slope, and I envy them, thinking of how a few must find your nipples and rest there comfortably.

“Too bad this isn’t a topless beach,” you say. “I’d really give you something to look at.” You’ve started to draw one light finger across my stomach, back and forth, maddeningly just a couple of inches above the drawstring of my trunks.

“That would be agony enough,” I reply. “Imagine if it were actually a completely nude beach. The entire world would know what kind of daydreams I was having.”

You quickly lower your hand to my crotch, just for a moment, giving something there a brief squeeze, unseen by anyone else because of the way are bodies are snuggled together. Funny how just a minute ago we were farther apart; now our hips are touching and I can feel your full breasts against my chest.

“Feels like some nice daydreams,” you say, and then idly finger the loose drawstrings of my trunks. “I’ll bet I can make a few of them come true right here.”

I laugh. “You’re crazy,” I say. “We’ll get arrested.”

You press your lips against mine again, and I’m almost overwhelmed. Your tongue ventures inside my mouth and I meet it with my own. We french kiss for a whole minute, all the while your fingers on my trunks, and now my cock has become so hard it’s pressed against your bottoms, Sinop Escort like it was in the ocean. Our suits are still a little wet from our swimming and it’s an incredible feeling. I know that tonight we were planning on climbing into bed and sharing a long, slow, gentle lovemaking session, but suddenly that seems too far away.

“You really are too turned on,” you say, stating the incredibly obvious. “Would it be easier on you if this wasn’t so strained?” Looking into my eyes, you pull the knot on my swim trunks completely loose. I take a glance around the beach. No one’s really paying any attention, I suppose, and their view is blocked off almost totally by our bodies. The only sounds are the surf lapping the beach and the distant voices of the boardwalk folk.

“Yes, maybe I could concentrate on more constructive issues if I wasn’t so confined,” I joke, and without any hesitation you tug the front of my trunks down. You reach in with your left hand, giggling a bit because of the way you have to maneuver your body on the blanket, and daintily lift my cock out. Blessedly, you don’t touch it any further at the moment; you have the decency to simply free it and let it rest against the blanket in its aroused state.

“That’s much better, isn’t it?” you ask, and I agree. We both laugh and share another kiss. This time I place my hand on the back your head and press you to me, running my fingers through your damp hair.

When we break our kiss, I note how lovely you look when you’re slightly wet all over from the ocean, and what a nice smell you have. Then I ask you if all of your moisture is due to our swim, or if there might be something else going on here….

“I seem to be a little wetter in some areas than in others,” you inform me. “Seems to be due to other factors than the swim.”

“Well, let’s see here,” I say softly, and place the tip of my index finger squarely on the darkest patch of your bikini bottoms. You shift your legs slightly to give me better access. I rub the area in question just a little, and you sigh and shift your thighs again, almost lifting your right leg entirely a few inches in a pose that will get us kicked off the beach in the next thirty seconds if we’re not careful. My finger slips easily into the specific indentation I’m searching for….I’m able to press my fingertip a good half inch in, a sign that there’s a lot of warm moisture down there indeed, allowing me to feel your bliss through the thin fabric.

“Wow,” I say wonderingly. “Glad to see I’m not the only one fantasizing.”

We hold each other for a moment, exchanging very light kisses, knowing that anything more serious will send us over the edge. Of course I’d love for you to fondle my cock, and I’d love to move your bikini bottoms aside and perhaps guide just one finger into your wet opening, but as long as there are still people about….well, I see now that really, when you consider it, there’s almost no one around, just one or two groups left on the beach, and even they’re packing up, since in the time we’ve been lying here having such fun the sun has descended even further, and it’s full dusk, just a few warm red run rays touching our shoulders. The people on the boardwalk can’t even see that far over here….we’re not much more than silhouettes to them, I’ll bet….

The sense that we’re technically more alone than ever emboldens me a little bit, and I ask you what you’d like me to do to you, if only we could, right here on the beach. Just the asking of the question turns me on deeply, and I’ve turned my hips enough so that my naked cock is touching your belly. You can feel it. You’re so turned on that my question just elicits a sigh and a closing of your eyes. Your right hand is resting on the blanket, so close to my penis that if I were to move all of two inches your sweet fingers would be touching it, encircling it, gripping it. But I can wait.

“I’ll tell you what I’d do if the last of these people were gone,” I whisper in your ear. There’s no real need for me to whisper; no one can hear us, but it gives me an excuse to snuggle closer to you. “I’d slide your bottoms off and plunge my tongue into your pussy so deep they’d hear your cries all the way in Atlantic City.”

This makes you grin from ear to ear, your eyes still closed, and what a coincidence, the moment my words are out I feel your fingers dancing casually on the head of my cock, making it slick. Your swirl the pre-cum around playfully and then, sweet agony, you wrap your full hand around the length and hold it lovingly. We may be past the point where we can realistically stop….I’m beginning to think it would be worth putting on a show for whoever might be watching us just to feel what it would be like to go down on you right here on the blanket, under the gorgeous sky, with the stars beginning to come out overhead….what would it be like to have my face between your thighs, licking and sucking every bit of wetness from you that you have to offer….all these nights I’ve tasted your pussy, Sinop Escort Bayan what would it be like to inhale not just your incredible juices but the lingering scent of the ocean….

To stem these insane thoughts, I wrap my arms around you for the first time today and kiss you long and deep, not caring that everyone who can still see us must know exactly what we’re doing. Two people locked in a passionate makeout session on the beach. Two lovers who just don’t care what anyone else thinks of them just now.

Our tongues connect and swirl, and I break the kiss to nuzzle the nape of your neck. Your hand begins to move up and down my cock, moving the slickness from the head down along the shaft. I bury my face in the place where your hair meets your neck and I kiss it and tongue it. With my left index finger I push aside the fabric of your bikini bottoms and feel the swollen lips of your sex, slippery and inviting. Oh, the things we could potentially do if we just threw caution to the winds….I tell you again, softly in your ear, how hungry I am for your luscious pussy, how badly I want to eat you, and if I’m not mistaken I believe I hear the words, “Do it, sweetheart” emerge from your lips. That sort of invitation is not to be taken lightly, but we’d have to be crazy to try such a thing….

In the midst of kissing you, I become suddenly aware that a tiny sliver of the moon can be seen in the part of the sky that is full blue now….not that my mind can really focus on such things, with your hand where it is and your invitation–well, more like a demand–to take our intimacy much further than sane people would dare. The moment for such a thing seems so right…in the twilight, the aura around you is a reddish gold and you’re unbelievably beautiful. Half of me is somewhat lost in how you look, and the other half is consumed with lust.

Your hand on my penis works up and down, up and down, more and more urgently, and you bite my lower lip playfully, and once again you dare me to take things to the next level right here on the beach. “I’ll make it worth your while,” you say in a sultry voice, as if it wouldn’t already be worthwhile to spend whatever time I could steal with my face nestled between your thighs. “I’ll tell you what,” I say, the glimmer of an idea taking shape in the small part of my mind that’s still working coherently. “People can still see us from the boardwalk a little, and if I really do what I’d like, they’d be able to tell instantly what’s going on. But how about I, ah….give you a San Antonio, darling?”

You answer with a nice little moan and squeeze my cock, then release it so I can move. I invented the ‘San Antonio’ just for you many months ago, when we first began exploring each other and found ourselves on your sofa wanting to end our first real makeout session with something memorable. The only reason what I did to you that night is called a ‘San Antonio’ is because whenever someone mentioned that random place in conversation from that point on, I wanted you to smile inwardly remembering what I did.

It wasn’t much, really, but you seemed to like it then–after a series of intense, passionate kisses (all we’d promised to do that night since we were trying to tease each other relentlessly), I dipped my head down to your waist, where you were wearing only filmy white panties below a tight T-shirt, moved the fabric aside, and gave you exactly one long, slow, careful lick from the bottom of your soaked pussy all the way up to your clit, where I let my tongue dance for just a moment before lifting my head back up to smile at you and say goodnight.

It was the first time I had tasted you. Of course, the very next night we went much further than that….and I remember just a month or so later when we were at a dinner party and the host mentioned his possible transfer to….you guessed it. We held hands under the table and had a great time later on revealing to each other how nice it was to have the image of my first taste of you rise into our heads in the middle of dinner. My secret as we lie on the beach tonight is that I’ve lied about just wanting to give you a San Antonio….I really want to hear what your voice does when you discover this little game…..

“I’ll just pretend I’m looking around for something,” I tell you, and shift down the blanket so that my face nears the level of your waist. “No one will be able to prove we’re doing anything untoward.” You turn from your side onto your back for just a moment, looking down at me in anticipation. I sit up halfway and look around. I couldn’t swear it, but I suspect there are a few people strolling on the boardwalk who have their heads turned toward us. Surely they see little more than two silhouettes, and even if one of the silhouettes seems to have maneuvered into a very interesting position, nothing can be really seen.

You spread your legs just a bit to allow me access, and I lift my left hand again to nudge aside just enough bikini fabric to expose your soft fur and your moist Escort Sinop lips. Then I move my head between your thighs and place my tongue just where I did that first night we tried this….and it’s so slippery down there that it enters you a bit, just a fraction of an inch really, but enough to make you quiver. I feel your right hand touch the back of my head, pressing me into you and making my tongue sink a little farther in. Then I draw it upwards, letting it become drenched in your wonderful juices, the smell of the ocean in every breath.

When I reach the top of my arc, I circle your clit without actually touching it, then give it one flick to let you know how much I’m enjoying myself. And then I’ve withdrawn, and I look up at your face. Your eyes are closed and you’re smiling. You start to pull your hand from the back of my head and close your thighs, but I hold your hand still, kissing each of your fingers in turn, and say, “Not so fast, sweetheart.”

Before you can say anything, I’ve nuzzled my head between your thighs again, and when you realize what I want, you let out a delighted gasp. I see you crane your neck to look around. As luck would have it, there are a couple of people walking down the beach near the tide line, strolling in our general direction, no more than seventy-five feet away or so. You say my name, half in warning and half in hard lust, and I’m aware of this little obstacle, but I’m more aware of the taste of you, because my tongue is already inside you and I have no intention of stopping now.

“Yessss….” you say, trailing off to nothing, as I run my tongue up and down your slit, pushing it inside your pussy here and there, reveling in the moist sounds this makes, more evidence of your intense arousal. I place my hands under your buttocks and lift them ever so slightly, and you take this as a cue to lift your legs off the blanket and rest them on my shoulders. Perfect. This makes it easier for me to reach up and, removing my mouth from your sex ever so briefly, I pull off your bikini bottoms. I crush them in my right hand and drop them to the blanket and begin to really indulge myself.

Up and down, side to side my tongue goes, and I place a few gentle kisses on your clit. This is really the best place in the world to be….I have no idea where those people near the tide line are now. Probably fairly close, passing by, undoubtedly knowing that a man and a woman are engaging in oral sex very near them. Maybe it’ll give them a few ideas. I glance up at you and see that your head is turned to the water, watching them pass by.

You have a hand pressed against your mouth to stifle the guttural sounds of pleasure that you can’t stop. I decide to draw a nice one out of you by moaning with desire myself and pushing my tongue as deep into your pussy as it will go, then rubbing my face between your thighs blissfully, getting it wet with your juices. My cock is absolutely throbbing now. When I move the slightest bit it brushes against the blanket and sends small shock waves through it.

You can’t help but start to laugh a little in the grip of your desire, what we’re doing is so comical. The couple you’ve been watching has passed by and later you’ll tell me the woman pointed at us and the man turned and they both slowed and stared, causing you to giggle. In an instant, though, the laughter is gone, replaced by more moans. Your hand grasps my hair and forces my mouth harder against you, my tongue swirling your clit now, painting it with moisture, first softly, then more firmly. When I begin to lick it in short bursts your thighs squeeze together and your ass lifts off the blanket.

You’ve begun to squeeze your left breast through your bikini top to give yourself a little extra boost. I stop everything for a moment, for five seconds or so, and then plunge back into heaven again. Your legs have opened quite wide now in a totally raunchy pose, not caring what it looks like. I suck on you and swirl, loving the feel of your pubic hair and amazed by just how wet you are. In another minute you’re coming.

I reduce the pressure on your clit just a little and drink up your pussy, wanting to swallow it all, drown in it. I insert a finger into it and move it in and out as I suck your clit wholly into my mouth. You buck and moan, twisting on the blanket, exhaling hard, and then you settle. I keep my mouth where it is for a moment, kissing you down there, again and again, like a lover would kiss the mouth of a girl for the first time, with less passion and more tenderness, and then I’m done. I lift my mouth, my entire face moist, and smile up at you.

“I can’t believe you did that,” you hiss at me, grinning from ear to ear. “Get back up here so at least the cops will find us in a normal position.”

I scoot up the blanket close to your face again. You have no bottoms on and my cock is still hard as a rock, resting between us. I lean on my elbow and take a look around. It’s clear that we’ve gotten away with it. The lights of the boardwalk show people passing by idly in ones and twos, and absolutely no one is on the beach except for a few people gathered around a bonfire a long distance away. I place a finger under your chin and draw your face to me, kissing you on the lips.

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